Vincent Jackson Has Knee “Evaluated”

October 18th, 2016
Another knee injury

Another knee injury

One of the worst fears for the Bucs may come true today if exam results are bad.

It seems Bucs No. 2 wide receiver Vincent Jackson had a knee injury last week in the win over Carolina and his knee is being examined, per Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

This is just horrible news but really shouldn’t be surprising. Jackson had two knee ligament issues last year and missed half the season as a result.

Jackson, 33, isn’t getting any younger.

If Jackson does miss time due to his knee, or is hindered in his play, it just underscores what a terrible miscalculation the Bucs’ front office had in not addressing the wide receiver position in the draft or early in free agency. Seems like the Bucs placed a whole lot of hope and prayer into both Jackson’s health as well as Louis Murphy being able to return from knee surgery (not to mention complete wishful thinking with misplaced Calgary Stampeder Donteea Dye and Kenny Bell).

Now, that hope and prayer is on the cusp of blowing up in the team’s face.

53 Responses to “Vincent Jackson Has Knee “Evaluated””

  1. Scottasaurus Says:

    Geesh. One minute, VJAX isn’t producing. The next, it’s the end of the world because he might not be available. A little R.E.M. anyone? I believe in this coaching staff and GM. They’ll find a way.

  2. micronole Says:

    Bucs got 3 solid years on his 5 year deal. Last year he broke down and really began to show his age.

  3. The Real Malloy Says:

    Hump moves to 2 and Murph goes to 3. We’ll be fine..

  4. The Real Malloy Says:

    *Actually, we should leave Hump in the slot and make Murph the #2 once he is ready. Haven’t seen anything from VJAX this season. Murph can only be a step up at this juncture.

  5. Getaclue Says:

    Humphries is not an outside wr

  6. Getaclue Says:

    Not sure if Murphy or shorts are ready to play yet. We could see Jeremy Butler out there this weekend

  7. DB55 Says:

    Shep > Vjax (as of today)
    Dye > Murphy

  8. SomeGuy Says:

    Replace him with Cecil Shorts, if he’s healthy.

  9. canadian bucsfan Says:

    What’s the word on Cecil shorts?

  10. Getaclue Says:

    Never mine Jeremy butler is with the jets now lol I missed that

  11. Tampa Tony Says:

    So everyone saying to surround Jameis with weapons looks smarter by the day. Damn this franchise can’t catch a break

  12. Brian Says:

    Like Scott said above, VJAX has been a pretty much no show this season and now if he isnt on the field its scorched earth? There is nothing lost without him this season since he hasnt done sh1t anyway.

  13. Neo Bucs FAN Says:

    Honestly this shouldn’t be that big of a drop off considering he’s had a quiet season thus far. Now we can see if the Bucs can workout some players and or promote within.

    Side question, how come we haven’t made any trades yet?

  14. Lord Corn Says:

    Cecil or Murphy at #2 with hump in slot

    This isn’t a big deal imo cuz Jackson is clearly not the same guy he once was

  15. tmaxcon Says:

    You Murphy folks are absolutely adorable… Lol dude could not play before he got hurt AGAIN… now coming off ACL s he is magically good enough to be a 2…. Hilarious

  16. DB55 Says:

    Trade Vjax to Cinn for T. Boyd.

  17. Strider ....Sec 147 Says:

    It’s fine well just keep shuffling WRs in here till we get one that clicks with jaboo

  18. Kobe Faker Says:


    wish we still had jeremy butler, but anybody is better than keyshaun jackson


    we have kids here that think murphy can still run a 4.4 like he did at 21 years old at the draft combines. At close to 30 years old and after a major knee surgery, the old gator can probably lucky to run under 4.8

    i dont even think vjack can run under 4.8

    the stupidity in the sports media is abundant. you know why teams cant have mandatory 40 times and other skill times? wouldnt that be great info for the GMs and teams? …the union/vets will strike within 24 hours

    after 2-3 years of body wear and tear/age/injury, 99% of all rbs,wrs,corners and every position, their 40 time is 2 seconds slower. not even close

    people dont think!!!

  19. R.O. Says:

    Its not a point of #1, 2, or 3. It’s in or out X, Y or Z. I always thought we should have moved VJ inside ala Larry Fitzgeralad in AZ. But we need more quick twitch WRs rather than tall and slow.

  20. JMN Says:

    This should have been expected. But hey, we have no viable backup receivers rookies ready to contribute cause, oh right, we got a kicker in round 2.

  21. The Buc Realist Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    August 9th, 2016 at 11:13 am
    VJ83 ( who turns 34 at the end of the season) Just has a lot of miles on those tires!!!! We also need some explosive, speed WR and will be top priority!!! Why have JW3 without the weapons??????

    Bucs NFL draft 2017 Wr, Te, and safety!!!!!!

  22. "That guy" Says:

    Tmax you are a negative nancy. Murphy isn’t a game breaker, but he is a guy who will step in and do the job. From your perspective a team can’t win unless it’s loaded with hof players.

  23. shouldhavedraftedefiert Says:

    Sure wish that #2 pick was a WR. We could be celebrating a chance for our stud rookie WR to step in. Donte Dye might shine here though unless they put Hump at #2. Get well soon VJAX!!!

  24. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Who in FA was available? Some other older over the hill dudes. The draft is a crap shoot with a less than 50% success ratio league wide.

    The Bucs had multiple major holes to fill. Given the structure of the draft you’re lucky if you can get three starters a year.

    This is akin to asking a homeless person why he didn’t address the issue of transportation by purchasing a car! Uh because first he needs food…then clothes..then housing…and then perhaps transportation.

    Again take any franchise and make them surrender the top two picks from two consecutive drafts and see what kind of hole they are in. Add some horrible drafting after those two wasted years and it takes awhile to catch up.

    We’re getting there. I agree with Realist…Bucs NFL draft 2017 Wr, Te, and safety!!!!!!

    I’m not as concerned about TE as WR and Safety but we clearly need a stud safety and another great WR to take some heat off of ME.

  25. teacherman777 Says:

    Alston Jeffery next year!

    Plus Terrel Pryor.

    Sign them both to 5 year deals.

    Extend Mike Evans.

    Boom….The Triple Towers!!

    Then draft a speedster in the 2nd round.

    James needs better receivers. Fact!

  26. "That guy" Says:

    Wr, SS, fs, rt, fb. These are team needs. Were you guys keep saying te I just don’t see it. The te group has played solid. And not one person has said rt, while in the last 3 games it has Ben an obvious need. We have Dodson and cherilos and there both over 30. They have played average at best.

  27. Q Says:

    Welcome to active roster Louis Murph

  28. Chris Says:

    Buc draft needs 2016, wr, whoops make that erratic kicker 2nd round. We’ll be fine, fine , just plug the guy who’s never had more than 20 receptions as a number two, coming off a major knee injury. Negstive nelly, what a stupid ass term for people who point out the obvious . Leave tit to our great GM and coach, they’ll figure it out.

  29. Chris Says:

    Uh huh Teacher, because Cleveland will just let go the only good thing they have, same with Chicago. And than New England will let go of shrink, we will nab him too, and Houston lets go Watt, we’ll get him too, yeesh.

  30. Negative Jeff Says:

    Time to move on from this broken down ride. He’s was done before his knee acted up. Put Murphy or Shepard in his spot and play on. The Bucs need to address WR in free agency AND in the draft. The weakest position on the team becasue you need three good ones available at a time. We have 1 right now that is good. V-Jax has lost it and will miss the rest of the year. Mark the tape.

  31. Chris Says:


  32. pick6 Says:

    Cecil Shorts, Louis Murphy, your time is now

  33. Lord Corn Says:

    You Murphy folks are absolutely adorable… Lol dude could not play before he got hurt AGAIN… now coming off ACL s he is magically good enough to be a 2…. Hilarious”

    It is what it is. Hump is staying in the slot. My post wasn’t a “wow Murphy is awesome!” post and not seeing that much here.

    Shepard / Shorts / Murphy most likely #2 outside

  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    @DB55- I was calling for the Bucs to draft Boyd. He hasn’t done much with Cincinnati that I know of yet though.
    This is NOT ground-breaking news! We all KNEW that VJax’s time here was limited. The Bucs didn’t feel the need to address it and now we’re looking for another WR.
    Incidentally, I think that JW’s inconsistency and VJax lack of production are directly related. You can say what you want about an aging WR but Jameis has been inaccurate to put it mildly. The 2 ARE related.

  35. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I’ve got news for the “we need a WR, TE, S” guys: we also need a RB, DE and T like nobody’s business. That’s 6 positions of need but only 4 rounds, max, in which to maybe get starters. Licht better stop the 2nd round whiffing and start getting better in free agency, too, if this team is going to fill all its holes in one more offseason. No more damn kickers or retarded TE’s.

  36. orlbucfan Says:

    @Lord Corn,
    You are an idjit. Lewis Murphy is medically cleared and practicing. It will be real interesting if Famous has as his receivers: Evans, Brate, The Humph, and Murphy. Look at how the field is spread. How about all 4 of them being in a spread formation in a down? No defense can guard against it. Go Bucs!!

  37. BucFan20 Says:

    Watching the Huston game I saw Oswiler doing exactly what I see here. Jameis is targeting one receiver. Evens. So no matter who you put on the field it won’t make a big difference. Unless he actually throws to them and hits them nothing will change.

  38. salish_seamonster Says:

    Blah blah blah… We’ll play with what we’ve got. Cecil Shorts, if healthy, is not a bad option. It’s too bad that Jeremy Butler got picked up by someone else.

    Joe talks about serious miscalculation in not drafting a WR. Well, didn’t we need defense? I mean, even if we had not drafted a kicker, the picks would’ve been better used at safety or DT. Free agency wasn’t going to solve our WR problem either. Unfortunately, the reality is that it takes a good number of drafts and a few smart free agency additions to build a solid roster. We’re not quite there yet, at a number of positions. And, from what we’ve seen at safety, DE, and DT, it looks like we’ll need to draft defense heavy again in the next draft. I guess I could see a high pick at WR, or a free agent.

  39. Rojas Says:

    Should of never got rid of Butler.

  40. Buccfan37 Says:

    Apparently it’s a short trip from the penthouse to the outhouse. Jackson once a respected contributor meets the what have you done for me lately Bucs crowd. Uh, catch some passes that’s what. Someone took a dive at his knees recently, I saw it. Accuracy issues are a factor also.

  41. Ocala Says:

    We do have more cap space than any other NFL team for 2017.
    So the Bucs should be very aggressive in Free Agency.
    If the Bears don’t hit Alshon with a cost prohibitive second franchise tag and he hits free agency we should be all in for him.

    The Bucs made a mistake in not addressing the WR and Safety position during the offseason of 2016.

  42. Joe Says:

    Who in FA was available?

    Joe suggested as a reserve Darrius Heyward-Bey, who can both stretch the field and return kicks. He’s good enough to be a valuable backup for the Steelers, he sure as hell is good enough to be a backup for the Bucs.

    Joe’s readers went mental with the suggestion. 🙁

  43. Kobe Faker Says:

    get some players to replace russel shepard on the special teams

    shepard at number 2 is good enough. He has elusive hips for very good route running. Jameis will clearly see target windows bigger than with oldie vjaxs. shepards acceleleration is very good and can run away to paydirt

    he has good chemistry already with jameis and should loosen up evans on the 2nd and 3rd levels

    without sims, sheppard will be the new receiver with the yac yards. slants and crossing routes all day

    DAMN, if we had sims back catching out of the backfield, Kobe would say we could have been playoff bound

    not sure if evans,shepard,and Quizz screens is enough weapons for jameis to destroy defenses

    MARK MY WORDS, if shepard is our new #2(martin still injured), ….



    Kobe has posted, and it shall be

  44. Issic Haggins Says:

    Getting close to a great time to pluck a 5 or six year vet off a team for a seventh and sign em to a three year deal !! Jason should already have a list , his QB needs it !!! His QB deserves it!!! His job is to do it !!! Besides its a great value gamble for your QB if your scouting dept is good !!!

  45. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Hey Licht

    Lets draft a punter next year in the first round…

  46. SOEbuc Says:

    Hump is definitely not an outside receiver. I think sheppard is good and I hope they put him on the outside so he can possibly prove himself as a good wr

  47. DallasBuc Says:

    …also known as injured reserve.
    Thanks for the memories Vincent Jackson.

  48. D-Rome Says:

    His season is officially over and his career is unofficially over.

  49. SOEbuc Says:

    If it’s and butts were candy and nuts. All the bucs fans talking about last year’s draft and free agency, shut it. You never know whats gonna happen with rookies or free agency players. In the words of the great Garth Algar, “LIVE IN THE NOW!”

  50. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Sign WR – Terrance Williams (2017 Free Agent)

  51. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Or make a trade for WR Brandon Marshall (Jets)

  52. unbelievable Says:

    I like where your head’s at LUV

  53. LUVMYBUCS Says: