The Raiders “Can Be Had”

October 28th, 2016
Raiders doubter.

Raiders doubter.

Joe doesn’t often post predictions from the BSPN crowd because, frankly, they are boring if not predictable.

Joe’s not going to tip off the prediction in the video below, but let’s just say BSPN analyst Tedy Bruschi isn’t exactly jumping on the Raiders bandwagon.

The Raiders, Bruschi said, “Can be had.”

Click on the BSPN video below for the details.

17 Responses to “The Raiders “Can Be Had””

  1. Tampa Tony Says:

    They do have one of the worst defenses for a reason

  2. Dave Says:

    The bucs defense needs pressure. They do that they can win.
    The offense should be able to get points.

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    You know who else can be had? The Bucs. Let’s not pretend a 3-3 team is a guaranteed winner over a 5-2 team, okay? Perspective, people.

  4. gotbbucs Says:

    Should be a good game to decide which of these teams is ready to really compete in this league.
    I think the Bucs need to win their next 3 games to have a chance at the postseason. A lose in any one of these next three will put too much pressure on them once the schedule stiffens up again.

  5. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Not to be negative, but expecting a team to win 4 in a row (last Sunday and the next 3 games) when they were 2-3 prior to last Sunday is just not realistic. But I don’t see any reason they won’t be more than ready to play the Raiders this Sunday. It will be ATL or CHI that I will be more concerned with their effort.

  6. Tampa Tony Says:

    Raiders haven’t beaten a team with a winning record and have 2 wins by 1 point let’s not act like they are a dominant team

  7. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Perspective, people.

    We have perspective FlBoy. You’ve switched allegiance to the Cowgirls since moving to Texas. Otherwise you’re just blind.

    Tampa Tony nailed this one!!! How did the Raiders look against the Chiefs one of the few decent teams they’ve played. We started our schedule on the road against Atlanta, the division leaders, then played 3 of the top four teams from last season. With the exception of the Ram’s game we have beaten the teams we should beat. We are simply not in Denver’s class yet..and I”m the blog optimist!

    It’s the NFL so I’m not going to say this is a game the Bucs “should” win. It should be competitive but I like the Bucs chances.

    Vegas opened with both teams at -1 a pickem game. I think that’s about right.
    And so I”ll pick the Bucs thank you. GO BUCS!

  8. gotbbucs Says:

    @ Harry

    First of all, I never said they would win these next three games, second, the Chiefs started off last season 1-5 and made the playoffs. It’s not unheard of, in fact it happens almost every year that some team starts off strong the first few weeks and then sputters out (vikings will be this year’s team), and there’s almost always a team that gets counted out that comes on strong late in the year.
    The schedule is set up right now for us to make a strong mid season push to put us in shape to contend for a spot. Not saying they’ll answer the call and do it, just saying if their going to then this is the time.

  9. Architek Says:

    The game will be won or loss by TOs period. Everything will happen as expected. Explosive plays, scoring and Bucs will run the ball but the game will come down to turnovers.

    I’m not going to pick because I also expected Tampa to beat Rams and they made Keenum look like a All Pro and Carr is a beast. I’m gonna hold my breath and see what happens.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    if the Bucs can run the ball effectively, control the clock and limit/eliminate offensive turnovers they likely beat the raiders.

  11. pick6 Says:

    a fast start would be a huge help sunday. the raiders have been on the road for 10 days, maybe if we frustrate them early and put them in a hole some guys will have their minds on just finishing the game and getting back home

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The formula for us to win is the same as it was the last two wins……run the ball and don’t turn it over….if we can do that we will win.

  13. Buccaneers Says:

    Our team is coming off two road wins and coming home to a fan base thats ready to explode………If they can’t get up for this game they are a bunch of sorry sacs imo……….Weve played very soft at home and really need somebody to man up and set an early tone on defense. Let us fans get into the game and keep that home edge.

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    they can be beat….I think we match up well against them….it should be a great day…..28-24 BUCS….GO BUCS!!!!

  15. FLBoyInDallas Says:


    I actually can’t stand the Cowboys or their owner, so you’re wrong on that one. I only moved to Dallas for business reasons. I do admit, though, that I liked them back when Jimmy Johnson was coaching but that’s only because they had quite a few coaches and players with Florida connections and they were a fun team to watch back then.

    And no, I’m not blind either. I see in the Raiders a team that has a QB who is currently better than Winston, and two WR’s that are total beasts to defend against. Their defensive line won’t be pushed around as easily as the 49ers so Rogers won’t be running wild this week, that’s for sure. On defense they have two talented OLB’s in Mack and Irvin, plus they run a 3-4 defense which always gives Winston trouble.

    So be my guest if you want to believe the Bucs are the superior team or that this is a probable win. As for me I’ll keep a more level head on this one.

  16. Ocala Says:

    It’s a game the Bucs have a great shot at winning
    Doesn’t mean they will win but they have a great shot to do so
    Raiders are the 32 ranked defnse in the NFL for a reason

  17. Jim Says:

    Winston will yell at the refs a lot and they’ll get scared and gift the Bucs a win.