Not Ready For Prime Time

October 2nd, 2016

Charles Sims has been a non-factor running the football through the last three games

When Doug Martin went down midway through the Bucs’ Week 2 game with a hamstring injury, it was showtime for third-year running back Charles Sims — except Sims hasn’t shown up.

Sims averaged 2.7 yards per carry in the desert and 2.3 yards per carry against the Rams. Today in the (pending) home loss to the Broncos, Sims had 15 carries for 27 yards, an average of 1.8 yards per carry.

Keep in mind Denver entered the game allowing 4.7 yards per carry. Yes, you read that right.

There were holes there for Sims today, he just couldn’t capitalize. Is it too much pre-line-of-scrimmage dancing? Maybe.

Whatever it is, Sims is proving he can’t cut it as a No. 1 back. The quick-cut style of Jacquizz Rodgers seems much more effective behind this Bucs offensive line.

Sims just isn’t ready for prime time. Speaking of prime time, Joe suggests Sims avoid SportsCenter tonight. He’ll no doubt be a star for his mind-numbing, game-changing and moronic first-half lateral attempt to Jameis after getting stuffed on 3rd-and-1 with the Bucs in field goal range.

Joe hasn’t seen a play that dumb in a long time.

Heal up, Muscle Hamster!

17 Responses to “Not Ready For Prime Time”

  1. wesley Says:

    Why do we think they’ll win, its the same crap every year!

  2. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I never felt Sims was good enough as a RB.

    We’ve got zero chance to win next week with all the injuries we have.

  3. Pit Says:

    Martin is not any better anyway…..

  4. Mike Says:

    Please remember this when you are asking on the radio, how can fans possibly give up on this team? This stuff is ridiculous, they are incredibly hard to watch and have been for years. I’m in the military OS and watched them for years and years everywhere, Vietnam, Loas, Japan, Guam, etc.. waking up at crazy times, giving up precious sleep. Your website is great and appreciate the insight.

  5. sho nuff Says:

    Martin is an opportunist…don’t get hustled by his shy demeanor….I bet he would have played through a broken femur last year…NOT after he got paid…you should have franchised that bust…

  6. sho nuff Says:

    @Mike…it’s because you have NOTHING better to do…don’t compare your life and yearning for anything “back home”…even it’s a gutless loser like the Bucs

  7. Mike Johnson Says:

    The 1st 14 Denver points? jameis Winstons fault entirely. meanwhile Denver starts a 7th rd QB. And then brings in there 3rd string QB to…start running up his initial numers with..our Bucs. Long season Buc fans. Grab some wood. Cause you got a lot more losses coming with your savior..Koetter. That Denver Defense is something else huh? I told you all…..

  8. wesley Says:

    LOL are you outta your mind? Martin finished 2nd last year in rushing yards.

  9. San Francisco Joe Says:

    @Sho buff you need to grow up. Injuries are a part of the game. To call Martin a bust for being hurt is totally ridiculous.

  10. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Sundays make my crappy saturdays feel alittle better”

    Lovie smith

  11. Buccoon Says:

    Fire the head coach.. hire Willie targget!!!!! I SAY THIS because he is a proven head coach in college usf has a team full of players that would run threw a wall for him.. this defence won’t never be right until they bring in that dungy type coach.. that’s gone get the most out of his players.. Willie targget is the key!!!!!!!!!! Just watch usf progress over the last three years… thats because the head coach can really coach..
    hire Willie targget

  12. mike10 Says:

    Your “Americas QB” called for him to pitch it… if your leader says jump, what do you do?

  13. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Leave it to me to pour on some optimism. Yes, we might lose at Carolina Monday night but then again we might not. Then we have the bye week. Injured playees return, more practice and rest. Then we get to the easier part of the schedule. NO – twice, Atl – again, Chicago, San Fran. Very winable games with all starters returned. Admittadly when you all saw the schedule wasnt 1-4 or 2-5 by the bye week not the likely record?

  14. Destinjohnny Says:

    I think we can all say that Jason’s first draft was not very good

  15. BucTrooper Says:

    They should have never promoted Sims to starter. They should have kept him where he was and let JR carry the rock.

  16. Gt40bear Says:

    Come on man, they aren’t ready for ANY time!

  17. Miko Says:

    He’s horrible….a high school coach wouldn’t put up with the dance routine…what does this version of the bucs see in this guy running…boggles the mind…