Jameis No. 23

October 4th, 2016
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Still shows youth.

If very recent history is a barometer, and to use a statgeeky term “small sample size,” getting immediate impact from a young quarterback means you better draft a guy in the middle or late rounds.

That seems to be the consensus from Dan Graziano of BSPN. He has America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, as the No. 23 signal-caller in the NFL.

Confident enough to allow Jameis Winston to throw a league-leading 177 passes so far, the Bucs can’t draw much confidence from the fact that he completed only 103 of them, or that eight have been caught by opponents. Long term, the Bucs have confidence in Winston as their franchise quarterback. But he’s young and he looks it.

Yes, if Jameis has more picks after four games this year than in his rookie season, when folks were in a meltdown mode for his early interceptions, it is fair to say the sophomore slump is real.

Joe’s quick research shows it’s not a coincidence that guys with a lot of picks both have a lot of attempts and play for garbage teams. Since the Bucs are 1-7 in their last eight games, it is more than fair to call the Bucs a garbage team.

Dan Quinn must be snorting Drano at the thought of having lost to the Bucs.

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  1. DB55 Says:

    Unless that’s a reference to Michael Jordan I don’t wanna hear this mess. This is what you need to be sharing Joseph.

    Of 8 current starting QBs that were drafted No. 1 overall, Sam Bradford is only 1 w/ winning record this season. Other 7 are combined 9-19.

  2. thegregwitul Says:

    Unless the article was just updated, I’m seeing Jameis at #22. The Bears at #19 is ridiculous but for the most part the list makes sense.

  3. Mike Glennon Mob Says:

    I know this will make the Joes cry but if you look at Pro Football Reference Mike Glennon’s numbers as a starter through 19 games are slightly better than Jameis’s numbers through 20 games. The only stat Jameis has a clear advantage over Glennon is total yards thrown. Other than that Glennon has better numbers.

  4. Buccaneers Says:

    This team is falling apart at the seams gentleman. They play with no fire heart or intensity. Our defensive line has dropped like flies. We have no running back on the active roster that can run through the tackles. Art receivers can’t get open. We can’t turn the ball over. We can’t manage a game. We have no tonesetter on defense. Our special teams are a pure disgrace. Our offense line can’t finish games. We have the worst quarterback in the league. We are going nowhere fast and it’s not much fun being a fan. Again

  5. Buccaneers Says:

    Oh and one of our biggest weapons on offense had to be fired because he’s a tool bag. And of course just like every other position the depth on this team shines as one of the biggest reasons we annually suck

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    Does this mean Joe will have to ask everyone how the Bucs are supposed to win the division with the 4th best QB in the NFC South???

  7. Buccaneers Says:

    Half our starting roster would have problems even finding a job in this league if they didn’t play here in Tampa Bay. That’s why most of our roster Has Come From the Bottom of the barrel and other teams cut players. Our general manager has been here for three years now and every position that was a problem when he got here it is still a problem now. You may also add the four or five other positions that have become problems in his time

  8. Chris Says:

    Exactly Realist . We had the fourth best with Mccown and Glennon, picked the” franchise” and still have the fourth best. I think Jameis is shaken, I believe he will become gun shy with pics and unwilling to pull the trigger, leading to more sacks, leading to the apologists saying our line sucks, can’t anything ever, ever, be Jameis fault.

  9. Joe Says:


    ASJ = “tool bag.” 🙂

  10. Buccaneers Says:

    Meanwhile our rookie head coach has proven to be hot garbage. He’s taken a quarterback that played with confidence and the ability to drive the ball when we needed to. Now that Koetters calling the shots Winston looks like a lost fool out there. Dirk has been nothing short of a complete and utter disappointment. Screw it I don’t care if we change coaches on a carousel anymore. We need a true caliber NFL head-coaching hair or are these problems will just remain

  11. Chris Says:

    Meanwhile, Brady can pull baggers in from Publix and make them 70 catches all pros. The truelly great ones do that. They make average players good, good players great.

  12. Chris Says:

    When was ASJ a weapon, must have missed that in his 3 year 40 catch career.

  13. Joe Says:

    Now that Koetters calling the shots Winston looks like a lost fool out there

    You know, that run/non-run on the last play of the game against the Rams springs to mind.

    Jameis sure looked like he wanted to run, but was scared too. Last year there is no doubt Jameis would have run on the final play of the game when no one was open.

    Jameis denied he was told not to run but he sure looked like a scared puppy who wanted jump for table scraps but was scared of getting a newspaper whacked across the nose.

  14. Kobe Faker Says:


    I was persecuted and crusified for stating those exact words

    No coach can have success with the lack of talent and depth in this roster

    We need a new old school gm

  15. Buccaneers Says:

    The truly sad thing here is that us Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans didn’t expect anything crazy from this team. Sure there were a few weirdos trying to predict Super Bowls preseason. Not sure if they were serious but I like to think they were kidding. Really though, most Bucs fans only wanted to see a bit of progression this year and a team that looks like they’re building to compete. For the 11th straight year all that we have gotten is one of the worst looking teams in all of the NFL. No good to talk about and no hopes again. My prediction is that in two weeks time we will all be talking about the 2017 draft. How deflating

  16. Chris Says:

    Damn, can anything be his fault? Can it be the his confidence is shaken because of his s…ty play? Can that be why he’s indecisive? The speed of the game is too much for him right now. This isn’t FAMU s corners he can sling it by.

  17. Buccaneers Says:

    Ask was used as a primary target and weapon in Dorks offense. He didn’t always get the job done but he was a guy that the defense had to account for and if not they would pay

  18. Buccaneers Says:

    Yeah something is definitely a mess with Jameis this year. He is not playing with that same confidence and Instinct that he had last year. The second interception to Aqib Talib is another fine example. That guy was open and he was extremely late on the throw. Last year’s Jameis did not get picked because he was wildly late on a pass

  19. Chris Says:

    Pay with what? His four career tds? This isn’t Tony Gonzales or Kellen Winslow sr we’re talking about. He makes one great catch in his career, a couple of garbage time tds and he’s someone teams game planned for?

  20. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Man four games and Koetters is “hot garbage”. Some of you guys are starting to post not just hyperbole but absurdity.

    Our special teams are a pure disgrace.

    Damnnn…are you guys actually watching the games or just thinking up new insults?

    In fact Anger has been an excellent punter and the punt team has played well.
    They’re currently ranked 5th in the league.

    Where and when is it going to stop. What about our cheerleaders. Wouldn’t Donald Trump be calling them fat and ugly. How about our concession folks…don’t they always serve hot beer? Our new jumbotron has bad color.
    Gene Deckerhoff is getting old…so is the Big Dog.

    Hey there are potholes out on Dale Mabry, The Mons is no longer as famous,

    Everything sucks doesn’t it. I feel sorry for some of you guys. The team has a bad start with some really costly injuries and a killer first five games.

    So let’s not just be upset by a young QB and young D let’s just throw the entire freaking franchise into Tampa Bay since we all know the NFL season ends after game 4…that’s what determines the success or failure…where are you after game four.

  21. Buccaneers Says:

    Agree Chris. Winston is struggling. A great head coach could find a way to call plays and get him out of this slump. Unfortunately Dirk has proven over the first four games to be a bad head coach.

  22. Buccaneers Says:

    Are you saying that dirk cutter has not been hot garbage? Exactly what has he done that’s been any good to start the season. The team has a lot of unprepared in every loss. And Dirk hasn’t made a good call all year. He’s been garbage and it’s been pretty easy to see actually.

  23. Dan the fan Says:

    I still love ×Jameis! He is a sharp guy, he will figure it out. Ya’Lloyd are a bunch of quitters. Root for Jax or Miami. You too Joe!

  24. Kobe Faker Says:

    I just want to see just 1 game with jacquizz be the feature back with 20 carries and 5 screens

    The kid has the skills to do it

    It is absolutely amazing koetter the last 2 games trying to force sims in the middle over and over again. Doesnt this fool know the strengths and weaknesses of his own players? Its taking him this long to see this?

    I really over estimated this clown. This modern game is all about matchups and exposing your opponents with the skills of your players

    I really wonder if monken can have a bigger role in the playcalling/planning

    Was there any uptempo no huddle vs denver? At least it will be very quiet at rj stadium. Damnnnnn

  25. Dom is gone... Licht? Says:

    I was lambasted by this site when I simply asked the question, what had Koetter and Smith done since being fired from Atlanta to make us think they are the answer in Tampa….. Still waiting. Team looks worse than last year. Got to ride this out for a few years. Hope Winston is the answer.

  26. cmurda Says:

    Winston got no help from Licht this offseason/draft and quite frankly, it shows. Dougie will never confuse people for A.P. The guy has been injured about as much as he’s been healthy. I don’t have any angst, this is football after all and I love #22. With that said, Sims has been a disaster. An absolute disaster. 2 of Jameis’s picks I blame him for. He took up a stupid blocking position which resulted in a JW fumble and he has 3 fumbles. 4 games only folks. Also love one of the better FA pickups in VJAX but the guy is a shell of his former self. Hump is young and has potential to be a solid #3/slot WR but he isn’t going to be able to take over games when the opposing defense takes out Evans like the Broncos did. Nevertheless he and VJax were open quite a bit and JW was too locked in on getting M.E. the ball. This all results in our offensive struggles, particularly turnovers. No free pass for Winston but there is much more contributing to the turnovers than simply JW.

  27. Chris Says:

    Well on another note, just to add to our already crappy reputation in the league. According to ProFootball, several Bucs picked on a employee trying to get balls that the Broncos kicked onto our side of the field. Gomer Cheriluss and a cast of idiots knocked the guys hat off. Wow, way to go tough guy, why don’t you take it out on the other team? Oh, that’s right, they hit back . This team gets harder to root for by the day.

  28. Buccaneers Says:

    Koetter hasn’t made a good call all year. I don’t know where he has looked like anything but garbage. And our special teams have missed three times as many points as they have actually made.

  29. cmurda Says:

    Regarding Sims: I meant to say and he has a fumble not 3 fumbles.

  30. Chris Says:

    I do agree, some of us were screaming for wr help in a draft loaded with receivers, but, oh yeah, we picked a DE that can’t play every down and the kicker. They really screwed Jameis in this draft.

  31. Chris Says:

    And to agree with the podcast, we are really really slow. Our team speed is horrible.

  32. Buccaneers Says:

    Kobe our last head coach did the same thing and Koetter is doing it too. He is repeating a losing formula………..he is starting players who have been proven ineffective………….Sims has never been a good runner in between the tackles. He’s never gotten the job done as a runner and yet gets the ball. Running Back depth is one area of strength on this team yet he won’t use it in favor of running Sims who has proven only worthless. Bad call by Dirk proving he’s a bad coach.

  33. Chris Says:

    Koetter bad coach, Licht worse GM . How the hel can you draft a QB # 1 and not get him weapons. I believe they’ve overestimated the talent here. Evans, not great speed, finesse receiver, Vince Jackson, done. ASJ wishful thinking. Looked at Wil Fuller with the Texans, man that guy can fly. We have no elite players. Not one game changer on this roster .

  34. Yungry Says:


  35. Buccaneers Says:

    Don’t know if the drafts have been that bad. But for right now it is sure looking that Jason Lichtsworst Move has been hiring the Dork.

  36. Buccaneers Says:

    We have a nice running game for our quarterback which is always a great weapon for them to use. Of course when you put the worst runner of your available guys to go through the tackles and stunts that weapon. Our receivers have vastly under achieved including our Tight End who was good for all of one game.

  37. Kobe Faker Says:

    Buc i agree and disagree

    I beleieve sims is great and there is not that many bettet

    Not you but we have fans now think sims suck! Wtf!

    There is no one better than sims in the catching passes and dork has him running in the middle and fans want him benched!

    I ask you and chris. Is sims messing up now even some of his catches because there is too much in sims plate?

    Put sims in his rightfull position and place. Smirk should know this better than anyone but he still doesnt do it…

    Jacquizz didnt get in the damn 2nd half of the damn game.wtf

    In new england every player has a skill and he only is used with his skill

    This is comical

    And smirk says at the pr when asked. “Maybe, maybe we should”

    Lol amazing

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A lot of what we’re feeling is unmet expectations…..perhaps they were too high in the first place.
    Lets give it a couple more games before we go into full-panic mode.

    Some of you guys are so full of negatives……perhaps you also need to take a huge dump like ASJ…..You’ll feel better!!!

  39. Buccaneers Says:

    Vincent Jackson is a great argument. It seems that our HC is clueless how to use his $10,000,000 man since he is insisible out there……..And of course it was an option to cut VJax but they kept him with no apparent use for him aside from blocking…………Dirk is looking more and more clueless by the weeks.

  40. Buccaneers Says:

    My expectations were never even that high to begin with which makes it worse!! All I wished to see was a team show marked progression. A team that was building to compete. To me is that they are one of the softest teams in the league. 18 that’s not progressing and not building.

  41. Buccaneers Says:

    I don’t think Sims sucks but I think he is a very poor runner between the tackles……..perhaps the worst on our roster. I like Sims a lot but he is a pass catcher and only good if he has some space to make a play.

  42. cmurda Says:

    I disagree with many of you. I’ve listed personnel issues but I still have confidence in Koetter. I hated him punting. There’s no way to justify it. No answer he can give that will make that logical. Nevertheless, he’s going to learn what will work as Head Coach. He’s already got a great offensive mind. We had 2 clunkers against Super Bowl Contenders and we scored over 30 in the other 2. We should have won the Rams game. We lack the swagger and killer instinct to finish a team when we have them. Up 10 and moving and then we fell apart. Watching the preseason was all I needed to see to know we have no depth. Lots of injuries to us and our depth is showing. Let’s see how this team as our schedule gets much lighter for now. This Carolina game is must win. Simple as that.

  43. Yungry Says:

    Our qb is a loser

  44. Buccaneers Says:

    We should have won the Rams game? Seem to me like a well earned loss. I would never watch a team continually crap themselves with tirades of mistakes and say they should of won.

  45. Kobe Faker Says:


    I think we win this game

    We play better at away

    They play mostly zone

    There pass defense is full of young unproven rooks

    No josh norman

    I actually like it better if cam plays

    And i repeat no josh norman

    Game ball…jacquizz rodgers

  46. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A nice giant dump is still prescribed…..

    I’ll give Koetter a pass for now…for 2 reasons.

    He’s a rookie HC and will make some mistakes.
    We absolutely, positively must stick with him for at least 3 years…..we cannot jettison another coach after 2 no matter what the record.

  47. LakelandBuc Says:

    This team SUCKS from top to bottom, end of discussion.

  48. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Some of the Koetter hate is obviously coming from the #3 walks on water crowd including Joe.

    Perhaps the punt was a deliberate signal to #3. It certainly did not change the outcome of that game which was decided by two quick ints.

    Koetter did NOT throw those picks. Joe you’re getting inconsistent in your evaluation because of your Jameis love.

    If #3 did not run it in when everybody thought he should and you suspect that Koetter told him not to run…why would you not also believe that Koetter told him NOT to test Talib ESPECIALLY early in the game.

    There is plenty of blame to go around. But again those who make total predictions based on four games are at minimum PREMATURE!

  49. Dom is gone... Licht? Says:

    Still waiting on all of you who thought Koetter/Smith were the saviors to chime in? What nothing….. No talent on this roster take off the pewter colored glasses. We’ve been “rebuilding” for 10 years.

  50. DB55 Says:


    Tell us how you really feel. Lmao lololololol

  51. BennyBucs Says:

    Meanwhile, Brady can pull baggers in from Publix and make them 70 catches all pros. The truelly great ones do that. They make average players good, good players great.


  52. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I agree with StPete that the punt call was a signal to Winston. He was basically telling him to get his head out of his a$$. I’m starting to think Koetter is a one and done. I hope not.

  53. Sadbucsfan Says:

    I think that we need to have small crossing routes. Get the ball out of jameises hand and we will do better. He will learn in time how to drive the ball effectively.

  54. Defense Rules Says:

    @Buccaneers … “Yeah something is definitely a mess with Jameis this year. He is not playing with that same confidence and Instinct that he had last year. Think back to the first game last year Buccaneers. How much confidence & instinct did Jameis show in that game? He improved steadily though and had a decent season for a rookie. Personally I think because of 3 reasons: (1) his OLine did a much better job protecting him than I’m seeing this year; (2) he had Martin AND Sims to spread the ball around to; and (3) Koetter didn’t try to over-extend him.

    This year our OLine isn’t doing a particularly good job of protecting Jameis (of course, we have played 3 outstanding defenses the last 3 games). He’s lost Doug Martin AND Luke Stocker (Luke doesn’t get enough credit for what he does as a blocker). And Koetter I think has been feeling the effects of being both an OC AND HC. I still believe though that he’s the right guy for the job, but face facts man … he doesn’t have nearly the tools to work with that some other coaches have. This roster is paper thin. Makes it really tough on a rookie coach, especially when injuries start mounting.

  55. Conte Piscateli Says:

    Hey can we discuss the important stuff. The Bucs worked out 2 safeties today. Obviously the staff isn’t blind to the glaring weakest link. I guess I’ll need to get my résumé together.

  56. JarvisMoss Says:

    I don’t care if it’s Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, or Tom Brady, playing QB for the Bucs right now–NONE of them would have a winning record–and those are 3 of the best of all-time.

    This Bucs franchise is horrific, from its ownership, to coaching, to scouting, you name it; worst of all? the fanbase and the media that covers Tampa.

  57. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Wow Buccananeers has gone off the reservation with his rants.Truth be told
    Jameis is reverting to some bad habits.Innaccurate and forced passes. He has put his team in a hole for the last three weeks.Last week Jameis started throwing INT’s long before it was apparent that Sims was struggling.Maybe Koetter should have used Rodgers more but that is no excuse for Jameis
    to have 8 interceptions in three weeks.. He has to be smarter with the ball.
    I credit Jameis for correcting his mistakes immediately last year after Tennessee.He still struggled against better defenses last year,but he improved greatly.
    Now this current trend is troubling,jameis has good coaches and they try to coach him properly.But at the end day Jameis has to be smarter and more
    accurate with his passes.It is qute possible this would have been a 10-7 game without Jameis’s 2 interceptions.

  58. Bob in Valrico Says:

    forgot that backyard lateral attempt,make that 13-10.that would have been progress against this defense and superbowl champs.

  59. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Sims and Martin both had 4.9 yard average last year.Sims and Martin both had 3.4 yard yard average going into Sunday’s game.Agree Sims is not looking good up the middle but the blocking is not as good either.Pass blocking is probably better overall with the exception of late in Denver game when we were forced to pass.
    maybe Koetter wanted to evaluate Sims because of how he did last year,but now its time to try Rodgers.hope he can hold up to increased carries.

    Hope we get last years version of Doug Martin soon.

  60. Kobe Faker Says:

    Justin forsett??

    ***Peeps forget how hard it is to convert on 3rd and long. Without a run game and always dealing with 3rd and long is tough on any qb

    ***playcalling is also hard for koetter this year compared to last year

  61. BigStinky Says:

    Jameis has thrown more INT’s than ANY other QB (23) since the beginning of 2015. Funny that he ranks at that same number, but fitting. Winston is just another turnover machine like Trent Dilfer or Vinny Testeverde and there is NOTHING that is going to change that. Maybe once we start playing weaker defenses he will have less INT’s but he will STILL throw them. He’s not that accurate and that will lead to more of them this year. It’s a shame that MG8 didn’t get a chance to compete for the job last year and NOW everyone just wants him gone. He WILL be the NEXT Talib, Bennett, or Blount and we will miss him when he’s gone and we FINALLY figure out that JW is NOT who we thought he was. Just because he was drafted as the #1 player in the draft does NOT make him a franchise QB, no matter how much you guys want it. Just remember my name because I will be here to say I told you so when the Bucs FINALLY figure it out. CANNOT wait until next year so I can watch MG8 play again and see if Winston finally does get better, like I hope. No matter what happens I still WANT Winston to succeed, but Glennon too. You just can’t make someone accurate if that is NOT one of their traits. Go BUCS!

  62. Not there yet Says:

    Sad day in Tampa when someone makes a claim about the back up quarterback using the name Mike Glennon mob and is really pathetic. Players aren’t evaluated by their states when being coached. Glennon is garbage and if could beat out josh McCown Winston might not be here but as it is the world could see how bad he sucks. Winston is doing what everyone expected he’d do last year. He’s officially proved he’s talented but extremely careless and thoughtless with the ball. He’s smart so I thought he’d be relying more on his intelligence than the strength of his arm but he’s still figuring that out it won’t take long though because he’s costing his team wins

  63. Buccaneers Says:

    Sorry Bob, I don’t do excuses. I’m not ranting when I say Winston has been awful. He’s the worst QB in the league right now. Debatable the worst player on his team. NFL is a performance based league. Habits and trends mean nothing, either youre performing or you’re not. Winston flat out sucks right now and the team is sucking because of it. I believe he is good enough to be able to turn it around but until then he is how he’s shown on film which has been pretty damn awful. Now if he ever turns it around we have a long list of other problems that will lose this game. But for right now I’m mostly worried about our best player being our worst player to date. Also somebody tell the Bucs to bite me

  64. Eric Says:

    America’s nightmare quarterback is right here in Tampa. His name…. JAMARCUS LEAFWHICH!
    I never hated FSU and their fans, but I sure do now. Stop blaming the rest of the players and coaches, the real problem is 8 INT’S in 3 games, the most interceptions thrown since last year, and multiple missed field goal and extra points. One more thing FSU tards, take your equally crappy kicker back to Tallahasse along with your boy Leafwhich beacuse we dont want them!!!!!