“Hey, That Was The Dumbest Thing You Could Do”

October 4th, 2016

The NFL had a microphone on Aqib Talib on Sunday.

Arguably the dumbest play in Buccaneers history made quite an impression on one of the most moronic players in Buccaneers history: helmet-wielding, cabbie-slugging, Adderrall-popping, coach-cussing, referee-charging, pistol-friendly, granny-hassling Aqib Talib.

The play came Sunday, when Charles Sims ran up the gut and got stuffed on 3rd-and-1 and then attempted a lateral to America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston. It was a mindless move and a turnover.

Talib couldn’t believe it, and NFL microphones and cameras on him caught the aftermath.

Talib ran over to the pile after the Broncos recovered and twice barked at Sims. “Hey, that was the dumbest thing you could do.” After the second time, Talib slapped Jameis on the ass while saying,”Go talk to him Jameis.”

What a humiliating moment.

Nobody on the Bucs even responded to Talib with something like, “Oh, yeah, well at least my sister doesn’t date sex offenders,” Or, “You mean dumber than shooting yourself in the leg?”

You can watch the full “Mic’d Up” segment with Talib against the Bucs here.

37 Responses to ““Hey, That Was The Dumbest Thing You Could Do””

  1. Conte Piscateli Says:

    Well here isn’t wrong. At that point in the game we could have kicked a FG. I know not a gimme, but maybe built some momentum and kept the score in reach. That lateral attempt makes sense on 4th and one. They need to be aware of the situation.

  2. Doctor Stroud Says:

    This is from the same person who, as it turns out from the news just breaking, actually shot himself. At least the Bucs only shot themselves in the foot in the metaphorical sense.

  3. Chris Bucs Fan Says:

    Talib is an asshole. We get that.

    But all that shade is unnecessary, especially when we’re talking about a player we let go because we couldn’t rein him in, only to watch him become one of the league’s best corners, a three time Pro Bowler, and a Super Bowl champion….

  4. Brad Says:

    If we plan on somehow salvaging the season we should think about signing Justin Forsett. Twinkle toes looked like he was trying out for Dancing With the Stars.

  5. Rudy Schell Says:

    Ya know, it’s never good when a putz like Talib calls you a dummy.

    But he’s right.

    That lateral fiasco evokes memories of grade-school intramurals!

  6. BigStinky Says:

    I guess Talib didn’t see Jameis calling for the ball, huh? Why does Jameis have more turnovers than in his rookie season? When is it going to stop? He has cost us 3 games SO FAR, and next Monday will be another one. Wonder how many games he will cost us by the end of the year? It looks like we are ONLY going to win 5 or 6 games this year. Lost ALL faith in him though.

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    The horse is beaten.

    Beaten, bruised and bloodied.

  8. Jim Says:

    Well, if Jameis called for the lateral… Koetter said he did, but Jameis said he didn’t,..whom do you believe? Sims is not saying. Show of hands, please…

  9. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    Who cares we lost the game. We need to move on to the next. Go Bucs!

  10. Seminole Bill Says:

    I was at the game, and had an excellent view of the play. As Sims was stopped and then turned to lateral the ball I thought, ‘no, don’t do something stupid like that’, but he did. Talib may be all that you say, Joe, but about this one he was spot on. That is the second most stupid thing I’ve seen in pro football. For the first most stupid go to:


  11. DB55 Says:

    Looks to me like everyone still likes Talib expect for the TB football experts.

    Only an alpha can control other alphas and there’s not one alpha in Tampa’s entire org.

    Keep every Choir boy for the Christian folks. Keep it classy Tampa bay.

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    It makes no difference if Jameis called for the lateral or not. It’s still a stupid decision. That’s like saying it’s a receivers fault when a pass gets intercepted because they were calling for the ball. Sims knew whether or not he could make the lateral, and he did it, so it’s on him.

  13. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    That play happened in what felt like slow motion. I saw the openings to the rear…#3…and for a split second…then I thought..nah..do the right thing…and I saw Sims looking at #3 and I thought noooo…then the nightmare.

    Are we going to fire Koetter over it? #3? Sims? Nah. It’s just a horrible play along with the two early ints…it’s just time to move on.

    The milk is spilt…I’m not going to cry over it.

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I think there is some truth in what you are saying, especially if you take in consideration where we were when Talib was part of the team. We may not be a lot better in terms of wins and losses now, but I do think we have a stronger locker room. It also doesn’t hurt that Talib is older, and he is naturally going to mature a little as well. Of course we did have a great CB after Talib, one with no off the field issues, but we let him go too.

  15. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Here is what I do not get from some of our posters/fans.

    Everybody is happy to jump and down about how we “lost” Talib and how it’s just too bad.

    But Talib had a relatively successful stint with the Patriots AFTER us. And yet Belicheat decided to let him go.

    So why do you guys suppose that Belicheat who saw Talib AFTER all the dumb stuff down here…got some decent play from him but STILL decided to let him walk? What up with that?

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    SPBF…cause the Pats are the gold standard. They can pick you up, use you, then throw you away without skipping a beat. I’m sure Belicheat has no problem signing 1-2 year prove it deals, especially when the players around them have high expectations year in and year out. The gold standard, and players know this before they sign with them, I’m sure.

    I could be wrong, but that’s my figuring anyhow.

  17. dusthty rhothdes Says:

    a glaring thing from that is how crappy some of the bucs wrs run routes and then the lack of effort or wanto for the ball, i figured 7-9 but it looks like 4-12

  18. Chris Bucs Fan Says:


    Belichick didn’t let him go. He signed a big money deal with Denver, and the Patriots don’t do those kinds of deals.

  19. DB55 Says:

    Yup. Bellicheat don’t pay nobody except Brady and even Brady takes pay cuts.


    True he was young and would naturally mature. You ever heard ” tell me who you hand with and I’ll tell you who you are”? That’s the point TB doesn’t have foundation to develop men.

  20. DB55 Says:

    *hang with

  21. DanTheBucsFan(Atlanta) Says:

    No. Really, the dumbest thing one could do was to keep trying to run Sims up the middle.

    Hey Joes, can one of you tell Coach that it isn’t working?

  22. Defense Rules Says:

    Talib loves to get under folks skin, and he’s good at it. Bucs just set him up with the perfect opportunity. Color it a learning experience and move on.

  23. LakelandBuc Says:

    The dumbest thing was trading a 3rd and 4th pick for a kicker.

  24. Wes Says:

    For a reminder, go on YouTube, type in Josh Mccown fail, and rewatch that play where he fumbles and then throws an int. That was the dumbest play in Bucs history. But it’s quite amusing now

  25. James Walker Says:

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  26. JD Says:

    The sweetest revenge is to beat carolina monday night on big stage and jameis will be back in our good grace

  27. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The year the patriots didn’t resign talib, they signed Revis to replace him. who’s the dummy now?

  28. Eric Says:

    The first touchdown in buccaneer history was scored after a lateral by a running back stuffed at the one yard line.

  29. unbelievable Says:

    Watched the game, Jameis was clearly calling for Sims to lateral it to him.

    There was a split second right when Jameis approached him where sims maybe could have safely handed him the ball, but then what? No open receivers and there were defenders everywhere swarming. By time Sims saw him, it was way too late but he tried anyways.

    Dumb play by both guys. The fact that the refs didn’t cAll forward progress about 4 seconds earlier is almost as mind blowing.

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    One of the greatest plays in Buccaneers history was almost just like, Warrick Dunn was wrapped up and Shaun King called for the ball, Dunn hesitated then tossed it to him and he King ran for like 25 yards or something on a 3rd and whatever. If Simms had acted quickly then that play works. However he hesitated like twice. Also he didn’t pitch the ball, it was knocked out of his hand after his forward momentum had been stopped for like 2 full seconds. Since he made no pitching motion and didn’t toss the ball himself it should have been a dead play since his forward momentum was clearly stopped.

  31. BJ Rassam Says:

    I guess one can say that the point has been made.

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    Winston, rookie of the year coming off a pro-bowl, one of 3 passers ever to throw for 4000 yards as a rookie, coming off a week where he threw for 400 yards and 3 touchdowns and brought the team down from 2 scores with less than 4 mins to play to the 4 yard line and victory – he’s a bust because he put up the same numbers as everyone else this year has against Denver. Do me a favor and go F yourselves. When the team gets past the bye and the schedule turns easier and Martin is back – do me a favor and instead of jumping on the bandwagon go jump off the Skyway.

  33. Chris Says:

    Yeah cause we’ll have easy Seattle and easy Dallas and easy Kansas City , easy Carolina, easy Atlanta. We criticize because this teams been garbage for 15 years Munch. But you keep going through with your rose colored glasses and half the team injured and tell me how well we’ll do after the buy.

  34. orlbucfan Says:

    This guy (ahem) is a hot headed lowlife. Screw him and whatever hatched him. How come Beli-cheat got rid of him? Educated sources would like to know. Go Tampa Bay!! Warning: east central FL on full storm alert. Good thing Bucs are on the road Monday.

  35. JJBucFan Says:

    Too much talk on Talib, he has become one of the best corners in the league, if not the best. These guys talk crap all the time, so does my 8 year old to his friends on the soccer pitch, so did all you people (if you even played sports). What everyone is missing is the fact that it was our coach’s call to run Sims up the middle on 3rd and a half yard. Jameis goes and kills himself trying to get yards or escape the rush and for 2 years on whatever and 1 he refuses to have our giant strong QB just move the chains with a sneak. Was it a stupid play (the attempted lateral)? Of course, but both knew they lost yards and tried to make a play. I am a big Koetter fan, however, he seems to fall asleep on the sidelines on occasion. Those of us that have been watching football for more than 30 years knew twinkle toes was going to get that ball up the middle. If Koetter can’t fool us, how is he going to fool intelligent coaches and defensive players? C’mon coach, wake the hell up!! Show some ingenuity or we will revolt. BTW, if you give up on our team again, you should just quit because it shows “your true culture” and it ALL STARTS WITH YOU!!

  36. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Talib has more talent and skill in his pinky than our entire secondary does combined right now. Its pretty sad. Something about Tampa sucks the will to win out of players. Once they go elsewhere they seem to do well for themselves (well, except J-Fro). Its weird. The culture is bred from the top down. Seeing how there has been a revolving door of coaches in the past 7 years, my conclusion is that its the ownership that is creating/fostering this losing culture. How about you do an article on that Joe(s)? Do some digging and find out why the hell this team can’t be competitive even after landing ‘America’s Quarterback’ and good coaches.

  37. DanTheBucsFan Says:

    What it looked like to me was Jamis called for it and Sims thought about it for a split second but it got punched out. I don’t know if Sims was really trying to but the call should have been made that forward progress (or lack there of) was stopped. Why they thought Sims would bust through, especially when the Broncs stacked the entire team at the line, is beyond reason.