Derek Carr Thought Tampa Was “A Real Choice”

October 26th, 2016
Derek Carr talks Bucs with Joe

Derek Carr talks Bucs with Joe

Coming to the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway on Sunday with the Oakland Raiders is, for many Bucs fans, the quarterback that could have been.

Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Carr leads the Raiders’ high-flying offense. In 39 starts, Carr has launched a stunning 66 touchdown passes versus just 28 interceptions.

He could have been a Buccaneer.

During a 2014 offseason in which the Bucs were desperate for a quarterback but didn’t seem to know it, Carr was drafted by Oakland with the No. 36 overall pick, just two spots before the Bucs selected clown tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

Carr had strong personal ties to then Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford. When Joe’s A-list video team caught up to Carr in January at the Pro Bowl, Carr admitted he thought Tampa was in the mix for him in the draft. (Video below)

Of course, Lovie Smith and Jason Licht somehow knew Josh McCown would lead the team admirably to victory in the Chase for Jameis. And the Bucs lived happily ever after — except for Lovie.

Enjoy the video. Carr also offered advice for Jameis.

20 Responses to “Derek Carr Thought Tampa Was “A Real Choice””

  1. Phil Says:

    How could you not live happily ever after with boatload of money the Glazers gave Lovie to leave?

  2. mike n Says:

    I remeber thinking that whole draft we would trade back to the end of the !st rd and get carr. Lovie was so high on Mccown and thought we were going to win in year one ( I did too, we were 6-10 the year before) he didn’t bother with a qb. I wonder if Lovie would have passed on carr… probably. In Lovies mind Mccown > than every other qb.

  3. Tampa Tony Says:

    Carr is quite possibly the best you qb in the league if Jameis can’t stop turning the ball over and can’t improve his accuracy the Bucs will regret not taking him

  4. Rrsrq Says:

    Bucs are somehow linked to da raiders. Chucky, SB victory, thought we would get Carr too, Warren Sapp, Donald Penn and the Dougernaut.

  5. Dewey Selmon Says:

    That off season I wanted Zimmer as coach and Carr as Qb.

  6. Tampa Tony Says:

    Dewey that’s what all logical thinking fans wanted but as always the Glazers showed their ineptitude in hiring coaches

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I had Derek Carr on my wishlist that year. Wanted him pretty badly.

    I remember almost EVERYONE here saying he would be a bust, but the few who studied film knew how good he would be.

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It’s no secret I didn’t want Winston in Tampa…so clearly I’m no expert.

    Since he’s been here, the kid has grown on me. Now, I know his current production has cast some doubts upon picking him, but I believe he can overcome his weaknesses in the long term.

    If that means holding him back a little to avoid mistakes, I’m fine with that. Make him a game manager…then when he masters it, cut him loose.

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    Big Carr fan here.

    About the only QB in the last 5 years outside of JW that wanted the Bucs to get.

  10. orlbucfan Says:

    Dumb ? time: is Jack Del Rio the Oakland OC? No snark.

  11. gilhealy Says:

    Head coach

  12. LargoBuc Says:

    Carr and Garopollo look legit. Bortles has potential too if he could get proper coaching. (Jags have too much talent not to be dominating AFC south. Im sure the other teams are praying that Bradley gets another year.)
    And for Winston vs Mariota, I prefered Winston simply because of his leadership intangibles that you can’t coach. But after watching Mccown try to play qb, I would have been fine with either.
    This year, I didn’t expect Dak and Wentz to be as good as they’ve been so soon. But the Rams gotta be kicking themselves. They had to go with the flashy move, and now they’re screwed.

  13. orlbucfan Says:

    Del Rio knows what he’s doing. Not sure why Jags let him go. This is going to be a good offensive game. DK vs. Del Rio. Jags are definitely better than their record. C’mon, DK, win this one. That will be a huge step forward for Bucs O.

  14. Mike Johnson Says:

    Tough dogfight comin up Sunday. Bucs Had better be ready. Del Rio will have his Raiders ready. How about about defending Raymond James Stadium for a change? A lot of the west coast feeds will feature this game. Would be nice to send the Raiders sad faced on that long long plane ride back home.

  15. Pickgrin Says:

    When Derek Carr was still available at the top of the 2nd round – trading up a few spots to get him would have been a very smart move. I think it is highly likely had Carr not been chosen where he was, that the Bucs would have drafted him with their 2nd round pick instead of ASJ.

    That said – I’m glad the way it turned out even though we had to suffer through 2-14 and McClown. Jameis will likely be a top 3 QB in the NFL in a few years and I don’t believe Carr’s potential ceiling is as high. Although David’s little bro has done really well for himself thus far in the NFL.

  16. Chris Rayner #RaiderFab Says:

    Just Win Baby 2close losses to undefeated halfway thru feeling it…….

  17. Alan Flores Says:

    Derek was everything I thought he could be and more for my Team GO RAIDERS

  18. Owlykat Says:

    I was pushing for Carr myself to be drafted by the Bucs but Dumb Lovie had no talent at evaluating any players!

  19. cegeto Says:

    “Of course, Lovie Smith and Jason Licht somehow knew Josh McCown would lead the team admirably to victory in the Chase for Jameis. And the Bucs lived happily ever after — except for Lovie.”

    Joe, that was very funny and somehow true.

  20. Issic Haggins Says:

    Is that Donald Penn telling Carr that he is some how cheating on his wife with a hot chick