Del Rio: Bucs May Have “All-Star Staff”

October 27th, 2016
Sort of a family reunion this weekend when Dirk Koetter hosts his former boss Jack Del Rio.

Sort of a family reunion Sunday when Dirk Koetter hosts his former boss Jack Del Rio.

The jury is still out on whether the Bucs coaching staff can turn around this sad franchise — yes, when a team can only win 17 home games in seven years, that’s a sad franchise.

Already, however, there are signs that coaches are getting the job done.

Joe thinks it is fair to say defensive coordinator Mike Smith has been solid. Jay Hayes on the defensive line is doing more than OK, given all the injuries. George Warhop has helped construct a good offensive line and offensive coordinator/wide receivers coach Todd Monken has worked wonders with Mike Evans.

Speaking to the Tampa Bay pen and mic club yesterday, Raiders coach Jack Del Rio raved about the coaches on Dirk Koetter’s staff. Of course, many on Koetter’s staff was on Del Rio’s staff when he coached the Jags. So he knows them well, maybe too well.

“I think we had almost an all-star staff [in Jacksonville] if you really look at it,” Del Rio said. “We had Mike Shula, Dirk Koetter, Todd Monken, Mike Tice, Mike Smith, Mark Duffner, we had a list of really good coaches – Joe DeCamillis, then later Nate Kazcor, who’s now [Tampa Bay’s] special teams coordinator.

“So a lot of really good coaches were in that building. We knew that, we knew as a staff that we were doing everything we could to help that team be its best, and that’s what each staff should do.

“So, yeah I take great pride in knowing that we did a real solid job then. And I’m really happy for the guys because they worked hard and they are good people and good coaches, and I’m happy for them to get opportunities elsewhere now.”

Yeah, Joe likes a lot of the guys on Koetter’s staff and we are already seeing the results of guys getting coached up. What a concept!

Of course, this is all just shop talk and sports radio fodder. There’s a much bigger picture involved. As Koetter famously said last year, “The only thing people give a s(p)it about are wins.”

13 Responses to “Del Rio: Bucs May Have “All-Star Staff””

  1. Rrsrq Says:

    Any of those all star staffers from the days in the “ville” on JDR staff now in Oakland. Mmmmm?

  2. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Great start dude but you’re in a really competitive environment so I don’t know if I can award you the negative nattering nabob of the day award…lots of time remaining but that’s a strong effort.

    I mean it’s tough to turn a positive story from an opposing coach who respects our staff and spin it into something negative but good effort!

    Mmmmm indeed. Life must really suck for you unless you’re a troll deliberately trying to rile us up or perhaps a contrarian who takes the opposite position no matter how wrong.

    Damnn it you guys if you’re going to bring that weak negativity in here you better back it up with some facts….Mmmmmm is not a fact it’s just the reflection of a nattering nabob looking for the worst.

    Yep we can see from your perspective that the glass is half empty not half full.
    As the Zen saying goes you see what you place your attention upon so in your life you see the negative.

    And so in a franchise that has struggled mightily we finally assemble a staff that has the respect of the league but can we enjoy that fact? Why no! We have to put up with Buc fans who can’t wait to figure a way to diminish even our accomplishments.

    When we win a game it’s because the other team sucked. If our players are pro bowlers..yeah but they’re still soft and get injuries…

    Why doesn’t somebody post that our cheerleaders get all hot and sweaty during the games and have BO….how about the ticket taker who farted right as he was taking your ticket.

    It’s the Bucs baby! All doom and gloom all the time!

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    StPete you’re getting to be as bad as I am. Follows a chess philosophy I learned many years ago from a great teacher: “When in doubt … attack.”

    Dirk Koetter hit it out of the ballpark when he said “The only thing people give a s(p)it about are wins.” But it’s even more than that; Bucs fans need to not only win, but need to develop an ‘expectation’ that we will win. We seem to go into just about every game thinking that IF we win, we’re lucky. Perennial winners like the Patriots go into each game expecting to win and are bewildered if they don’t. We’ve now got the staff to create that expectation of winning. It might take us 2 more years to get all the pieces in place, but I’m now convinced that we’ll get there.


    WOW!!!!!! All one can really assume is that we all need more to do, or more involved hobbies and activities, to eat up some of the time and energy wasted on this “banter/blog/useless argument corner” of our lives.

    I come here to read, the article mind you, from one of the busiest and most updated BUCS website that I have found in 20+ years of being a devoted BUCS fan.

    I am always saddened as to how it can be so easily tainted, by the insane banter left here. It really is just a guy trying to share some info for “US”
    Hope you can all try to enjoy the game, and the fact the we have a common entity, that keeps us all coming back. Just for the steady flow of info made available to us by JOEBUCSFAN.COM
    Just read and move on, please….
    Its kinda like we teach the kiddos… If you have nothing nice to say……
    Good day, and GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!

  5. BucinJAX Says:

    SPBF, I love how efficient you are with words. Nice, concise post there. (NOT).

  6. Warren Says:

    St Pete with the kill shot!!

  7. Warren Says:

    You say nattering naboobs…I say negative nancies… I swear there’s a song there somewhere

  8. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Don’t know how your reading mobile or laptop.

    If it’s laptop the scroll wheel is your friend. If it’s mobile just use your finger to scroll down.

    I do not expect anybody to read my stuff. I’m always amused however when they do and gripe. It is after all America and everybody is still free to post or read what they wish.

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    SPBF…you’re so eloquent.

    I on the other prefer the more abrasive approach when dealing with the “nabob’s” lately. I like to go for the throat. 🙂

    Go Bucs!

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Damn – SPBF layin the wood up in here. Nattering naboobs, neggy Nancys, Debby downers, animosity amigos and all similarish “fans” are no longer allowed and will be not be tolerated anymore here on JBF. There’s a new sheriff in town.

    LOL – Or SPBF was already on his 3rd cup of coffee at 7:30 am and has had it up to here with all the negative political advertising lately and needed a place to vent at glass-half-emptiers. Well – you’ve come to the right place my friend…

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    Nattering nabobs of negativity, lol. I hated Spiro Agnew, that corrupt creep got what he had coming. He may have made that statement at an appearance at the old Curtis Hixon venue in Tampa. Look who replaced him, Gerald Ford who put the damper on the JFK assassination. Ford having been a member of the Warren Commission. I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine.

  12. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Not great yet! The jury is still out on that one! As it should be! Keep winning and the accolades will come! Go BUCS!

  13. Rrsrq Says:


    It was simply a question, are any guys from the staff on JDR staff now. I Ben a Bucs fan as long as you have, I grew up with Jimmy DuBose and Jerry Eckwood. Not negative, just a question. Joe put it out there. I’m the ultimate optimist until they do things that are just contrary to football sense and I am in know way as qualified as these guys. I was one of those ones giving DK a pass as a first year coach when he mismanaged time in the Rams game.