Koetter Pleads With Bucs Fans To Stop Selling Tickets To Raiders Fans

October 25th, 2016
Dirk Koetter wants a house cleaning

Dirk Koetter wants a house cleaning

The Bucs’ passionate head coach is leaning on fans, and he understands people are going to tell him to shut up.

Dirk Koetter has mentioned previously that it irks him to see enemy-colored jerseys in the lower bowl of Raymond James Stadium. But Koetter has now jacked up the rhetoric. Perhaps he was further sickened by the sea of Denver orange supporting the Super Bowl champs in Tampa three weeks ago.

Speaking on the Buccaneers Radio Network last night, Koetter said the Bucs must start playing winning football at home, but fans need to step up their support.

“We as a team have to do our part, making RayJay a place that opposing teams don’t want to play,” Koetter said. “So we need the crowd’s help on that. We do our part; we got to play better at home. The other thing is, we got to keep the opposing fans out of the lower bowl. I mean, let’s keep those Raiders jerseys out.

“I keep beating that drum. I know I’m going to get criticized and [hear] ‘Hey Dirk, your job is to coach the team.’ Yeah, it is. I promise you I’m going to do my part to the best of my ability.

“It’s just not a good sign for us to have that many opposing jerseys in the lower bowl. Hey all you fans out there, tell all your neighbors selling your tickets to Raiders fans, give’em away as Christmas gifts to somebody who’s a Bucs fan.”

The Bucs have the worst home record in the NFL since Chucky was fired, and Tampa Bay is a mind-numbing 3-15 at home since Lovie Smith was hired.

Joe can’t blame the percentage of faithful ticket holders who sell some of their tickets on the free market. Sometimes, $300 back in your pocket and a seat at Hooters is welcome relief from losing.

Just win, Dirk, and Bucs fans will return en masse. And those enemy colors will thin out considerably.

71 Responses to “Koetter Pleads With Bucs Fans To Stop Selling Tickets To Raiders Fans”

  1. Coder Says:

    As noted, the mind numbing 3-15 since Lovie was hired. I have had my tickets for 11 years. I have seen a lot of losing, I have supported a lot of losing ! I don’t think it’s my job to avoid selling to the highest bidder, just like we got VJAX and Revis by being the highest bidder, that’s the way the NFL works from all angles.
    Win some at home.
    (Only not going because I have other obligations).

  2. Buccoon Says:


  3. Tampa Tony Says:

    Fans are a direct reflection of the team. Team has broken even the most faithful of fans. Win coach and it will be all red continue to suck against good teams and everything will remain status quo

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    This team will need every advantage it can get this Sunday!!!! A huge advantage would be a rocking RJS!!!! Kudos to the Head Coach to try to get every advantage to win at home as well!!! One day we will “Protect the Ship” and maybe it starts this Sunday!!!!

    Go America!!!

    And Go Bucs!!!!

  5. D-Rome Says:

    In the words of Al Davis, “Just win, baby.” Win and Bucs fans won’t sell those tickets.

  6. LargoBuc Says:

    I love that the coach wants more red and pewter in the stands. He knows winning will do the trick and it’s clear that he will give everythimg to make this team a winner.

  7. pick6 Says:

    if the bucs routinely pound visitors like they did when the stadium was first built, it’ll be a rowdy sea of red and pewter again like the old days. all crappy sun belt teams have the same problem – when it’s nice outside and your team is garbage at home, your ticket is more desirable to the guy coming from somewhere colder and more miserable to watch his team win than to the guy down the street to watch his home team lose

    Personally I have given my tickets away or even let them go unused before selling them on stubhub to visiting fans. how do i know visiting fans would be the buyers? because no tampa-based bucs fan has had to (or wanted to) pay anything close to face value for game tickets since 2011

  8. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’m not in the area and certainly am not part of the group that Koetter is talking to here, but isn’t this the same community that struggles with attendance issues for their baseball team even when they’re deep in playoff contention?

    Granted, we won’t know the answer until we’re actually winning and there hasn’t been enough of that for a long time, but could it just be that the Tampa community isn’t one that is keen on the local sports teams? I mean, if the community was passionate but just not willing to spend the money, I would think that they’d still be dialed in to coverage of the teams. Seems like that’s not the case with radio and print mediums pulling out on their coverage due to lack of revenue/interest.

    Just saying, maybe it’s not as much about them being a winner as it is that the community doesn’t care anymore.

  9. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    Lol I couldn’t find anyone to go the Broncos game with me. It was the same crap last year for the Cowboys game. Find a way to win at home and the fans will come.

  10. 813bucboi Says:

    I never sold my tickets but i’ll admit after the 2-14 season I didn’t renew and said they have to finish the season at least 8-8 before I my a purchase….I have been to a few single games but im not buying season tickets just yet….

    with that being said, I do enjoy waking up early, washing the cars, throwing some meat on the grill and pre gaming before watching the bucs in the man cave on my new 60inch….I can drink as much as I want and don’t have to worry about a thing….inviting friends and family over…talking trash…but I agree with dirk….last year I attended the green bay and cowboy games and I was embarrassed….GO BUCS!!!!

  11. Cannon Says:

    @ Patrick in VA

    Once upon a time, Raymond James stadium used to be sold out, every game. Packed with an endless sea of red and pewter jerseys (I miss those days).

    Tampa is a football town.

    However, a decade+ of losing has simply beaten down the fan base, and it will take a significant improvement to turn that around.

  12. Brandon Says:


    I live in VA as well and have personally gone to two games in Tampa as well as caught the Bucs in DC and Carolina countless times (once in AZ as well)…but if you flashback between 1997-2005 or so… there was a long waiting list for tickets to Bucs games… not so coincidentally, the Bucs were still really good then.

  13. Destinjohnny Says:

    It’s hard not to like Dirk.
    Great football weekend
    Bucs win
    Bama wins
    Ohio state loses!
    Perfect weekend !

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    @Patrick…..baseball is different….depending on were you live in Tampa going to a rays game may take you close to an hour….a lot worse if its a weekday game around 7pm….fighting threw that traffic crossing the bridge is a nightmare….if/when they start playing in Tampa instead of St Pete attendance will be a lot better….assuming they start winning like the bucs….GO BUCS!!!!

  15. jerseybuc Says:

    Coming down for the game from NJ with the family and fully expect to be sitting with as many Raider fans as Buc fans. It is sad. Raider fans travel well, and are not shy. I get it that not everyone has money to buy season tickets, BUT this team is sitting in a position to be in first place after Thursday nite’s game. Where are all the guys in their 20s and 30s who are football fans in this market? You can spend as much at a bar watching the game as you do for a ticket and bringing your own food and drinks to a tailgate.

  16. cmurda Says:

    Speaking of criticism, Dirk has had his share before these last 2 wins but I’ll tell you what. This guy is coaching his butt off. He and his staff did a masterful job against the 9ers by masking our weaknesses. We looked like a new team after the 1st qtr and Dirk deserves respect for that. I love that he is imploring Bucs fans to keep this a home field advantage. We may not be a playoff team this year or maybe we are but I see us going in the right direction and the one thing this franchise needs is consistency with the coaches.

  17. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Cannon/Brandon – I’m not disputing at all that once upon a time the place was rocking and the community was dialed in. I’m just wondering if we’re operating on assumptions that aren’t necessarily based in reality. I’m hoping for plenty of sustained success to come from this staff and these players, but even I’m regularly waiting for the other shoe to drop when watching this team. I have very little skin invested when compared to the local fans who are being asked to drop thousands in order to support the team. I can imagine that there is a great deal of skepticism and I wonder if that isn’t also coupled with a certain amount of people simply checking out due to consistent losing in embarrassing ways.

  18. cmurda Says:

    Let’s be honest here. The Bucs have put out an embarrassing product on the field the last 10 years. The fans are not going to be filling the stadium overnight. A winning team can change that in an instant but it’s going to take a full season of competitive football and a reason to believe for fans. The 9ers have stunk for about 3 to 4 years now. Did anybody happen to notice how many 9er fans attended the game against us. Let’s just say it wasn’t impressive and there was a pretty decent smattering of Bucs fans there. That’s a large market that maybe had half the stadium full. It isn’t that this market isn’t big enough to consistently fill that stadium. It’s all about winning. That’s true anywhere.

  19. BucFan20 Says:

    Let me say this. There was a time you could go out in this area and you would see fans wearing jerseys, tee shirts and hats. try looking now. Do that now and people look at you like your a fool. I wear mine a lot. Everybody in the free world knew Brooks, Sapp, Barber and Lynch as a household name. And now you say Tampa Bay Bucs and all you get is? That is how far this team has fallen. So to fill the Den of Depression you will need to win and start to get names out there again.

  20. Patrick in VA Says:

    @BucFan20 – I think your point goes a long way toward answering the questions of the fans who wonder why there’s no national coverage of the team. If we can’t even get the people in town to pay attention, why would they give any national coverage to the team? Just so they can tune out or turn their TVs off? Doesn’t make sense.

  21. BucTrooper Says:

    I know it’s real hip right now to somehow think rising health care premiums are just the cost-of-doing-business with your America-crushing Hillary vote and the concept of a free market is an outdated concept, but win some home games and you’ll destroy that secondary market.

  22. Brandon Says:

    I’m fairly certain the Bucs will reel off another win this Sunday. Statistically speaking, there’s only one run defense worse than the Raiders, and it was the 49ers…. but the Raiders are bad against the pass too. They’re the worst defense in the league. Offensively, the Raiders don’t do a whole lot to make up for their D other than NOT turn the ball over. Their O is ranked #11, one spot higher than the Bucs. If the Bucs can stick to the Pound the Rock gameplan, keep the Raiders O off the field, and the D keeps up its improved play, I see the Bucs being 4-3 after this weekend.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hats off to Koetter…..it probably will fall on deaf ears except for the players and Buc fans who do attend…..you’ve got to like a coach who makes a public plea for his team.
    When a Buc fan sell s to an opponent fan it is a multiple of two…..missing Buc fan and adding opponent fan….and it really hurt in the lower bowl.

  24. Frank Pillow Says:

    The team’s home record over the past decade speaks for itself. Going to RayJay used to be exciting and fun. Now it feels like an obligation and/or a chore. Sure, the new screens are nice and the venue good enough, but for the casual fan, it’s really difficult to compete with the comforts of home. Sunday Ticket is a fraction of season tickets, HDTV is an unparalleled viewing experience and the beer/food is better and cheaper. Plus is not a blazing
    100F+ outside.

    Joe, it would be interesting to see #’s run on attendance vs. viewership- are both figures decreasing this year? The reason I say that is that although the Bucs have been hot garbage at home, perhaps there’s another message being delivered league wide…that fans are starting to turn off of a game that has become less and less about good football and more largely rooted in two things: 1. Injury management and 2. Penalty management.

  25. Brandon Says:

    Patrick, Florida has always been tough on all of their professional teams. There’s very little loyalty there… except for colleges..there’s plenty of loyalty for UF and FSU… but look at their success. I think the success of UF, FSU, and UM have spoiled Florida sports fans into feeling that excellence isn’t quite good enough, only perfection is…that being said, I’m sure “really good” would suit most Floridians just fine and start getting butts back in the seats at Ray Jay.

  26. Buccfan37 Says:

    RJS has plenty of seats for sale from the look of attendance on the TV games. Only winning at home will bring the fans back. Throw in a depressed economy and it’s no surprise support is bordering on life support. You can’t stop Raider fans from coming in with all their ugliness.

  27. shouldhavedraftedefiert Says:

    Win a home game dood!

  28. kobe Faker Says:

    I guess Foot in Mouth topic of the week is….selling tickets

    last week was DO DD or not to DD


    i dont have faith in 4th down, No i do have the utmost confidence

    Interceptions wasnt jameis fault, no it was

    Vjax has to work harder, no he is doing everything possible

    we need culture change, no we are not losers

    wtf…just coach and put Shep as starter and give him +40 snaps

    we have to pick from trump or hilary, isnt that hard enough

  29. LargoBuc Says:

    The Trop will never get the corporate support/sponsorships that sell tickets, in part because if bspn making sure the nation is aware of what a crap stadium it is. Mix that with being away from the regions most populated area abd you got the Rays attendance issue. And it’s not so much a fan base issue as Boston based bspn wants you to believe, but more of an economic issue. And it dosen’t help when the national media tries to influence the supply and demand.

  30. GloryDaysRComin Says:

    CMURDA – good point. I looked at the game again and there were a lot of empty seats. More than 50% but definitely not more than 75% capacity, and this from a storied franchise, only 4 years removed from a Super Bowl and only two seasons removed from a 12 – 4 record!

    The fans have been burned by too many teases the past few years (6-6 start last year, 6-4 start in 2012, 4-2 start in 2011) to generate excitement and ticket sales at this point. If we’re in the hunt late in the season, you’ll see the stands packed for the Saints and Panthers games.

  31. Architek Says:

    My wife use to budget my annual trip to Bucs home opener and when they started losing and the apathetic turnover to Schiano and Lovie she told me no more flying to Tampa from Dallas until they prove they’re ready and deserving of our money.

    Luckily I was able to get the NFL ticket and still yell at my Bucs but man it’s time to build a contender. The Lightning is a great product but when the Bucs are contending Tampa as a city is humming. Tampa is a football town.

    I remember that stadium would be so intimidating because of the pewter and red and that defense just made opposing teams and fans pray to leave out healthy. Hopefully we get back to that but on offense!

  32. Kevin Says:

    Best invitation you can give Bucs fans to show up is to win at home. I cant afford season tickets but every year I get up the money for one game, and every year we lose.

  33. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I flew up for the bucs/niners game this weekend and was impressed with how many bucs fans showed up.

  34. ElioT Says:

    They really have to establish a winning record at home.

    The cost, time, heartache and risk is too much to have your whole day ruined at RayJay.

    Win and they will come!

    Go Bucs!

  35. Coder Says:

    Sunbelt teams also have to deal with transplants. NOBODY is moving up north whereas many people move to the warm states but they stick with their home team. We have many more New Yorkers who remain Giants/Jets fans, etc….. NY is not getting a lot of Tampa people moving there and rooting for the BUCS. Not to mention Green Bay, who in their right mind would move to Green Bay ??? G-d foresaken place !!!! They sure as heck move down here though !!!

  36. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    It’s not just the record, it’s the way we lost most of them. Opening day last year was a TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT. To see our team so clearly unprepared was just disgusting.

    Win for awhile and the fans will be back. Want proof…just look at the Tampa Bay Lightning. Does anybody believe this was a hockey town before the Lightning became good? Now they pack every game and have largely crowded out many of the away shirts.

    Baseball….813…call the freaking wambulance. It’s not the location it’s the boring sport that is so rigged for the big market wealthy teams. I’m happy for the Cubs fans but they literally went out and purchased a pennant and the best manager in the sport. This is something the Rays will NEVER be able to do whereever the stadium

    The location is fine…right off of a major interstate. No matter where you place it it’s going to be a drive for someone…either Pinellas….Bradenton…Sarasota or the whiny asss Tampa fans. I agree the best place would be where Steinbrenner stadium currently sits but even that would not save this franchise.

    I used to work in commercial real estate. I know how sites are selected. The Rays are not hurting because of their location but because of the sorry state of their sport…long…long…games..watching prima donnas adjust their batting gloves and cups is not all that entertaining.

    And I’ve seen one thorough market economic survey that pointed out there is only enough disposable income in this market to support TWO major league franchises. No real corporate headquarters based here to subsidize tickets.

    And so which team will be the odd man out. This is fundamentally a football town so the Bucs have time to turn it around. And let me assure you it’s now also a hockey town and not a baseball town. Baseball requires tradition like St. Louis…Cincinnati (I can still name the starting nine of the 1960 Reds) it simply cannot attract a new fan base from scratch as the hockey team did.

  37. Eric Says:

    The last two home playoff games, vs. the Giants and Skins were full of their fans.

    Dirk hasn’t been around long enough to know how what losers our fans are.

    It will sink in soon enough.

  38. DB55 Says:

    “Real buc fans” would never sell their tickets! Especially not all the real buc fans here at JBF who constantly announce that they’ve been fans since 1976. Never these guys, nope.

  39. uckinator Says:

    Soooo glad the Buc s handed “Mr. Ungrateful” his lunch last Sunday. Hopefully he and the Chipper will be gone from our sports world soon. He can kneel somewhere else. Can’t come quick enough !

  40. rriddler Says:

    813bucboi Says

    “@Patrick…..baseball is different….depending on were you live in Tampa going to a rays game may take you close to an hour….a lot worse if its a weekday game around 7pm….fighting threw that traffic crossing the bridge is a nightmare”

    This is simply not true. I live in St Petersburg, less then five minutes from Tropicana Field, and my office is in Tampa. I make this drive every day around 5:30pm. Yes, there is a small backup sometimes between Roosevelt and Gandy, but you get through that in 10-15 minutes. You also have Fourth Street and MLK as alternates.

    Traffic INTO Tampa on I-275 is backed up every night, even when there is no Lightning game.

  41. unbelievable Says:

    This has got be my favorite article title on JBF in a long, long time…

  42. Big HogHaynes Says:

    Treat it like it’s an AWAY GAME and produce a win against THE RAIDERS!

  43. AtlBucFanDan Says:

    Well, if anyone has a pair of tickets in the lower bowl for the season closer, I’ll be happy to drive down from Atlanta and attend. ;-D

  44. Buc1987 Says:

    Most Bucs fans that DO show up are quiet as hell anyways or they’re hanging out at some table somewhere eating nacho’s while the game is on.

    The truth.

    Pathetic fan base I tell ya.

  45. Chris Says:

    And then some of us here in JBF left the area for economic reasons, the honest truth is there are fewer and fewer true Floridians left in the Tampa area anymore.

  46. DB55 Says:


    Thank god, am I right?! Lol

  47. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    You know what?

    If you don’t like watching the losing, don’t buy the freaking tickets! It’s pretty simple!

    Tampa has the WORSE fans in the NFL.

    If you are tired of being embarrassed, then stop helping to fill our stadium with opposing fans, ya bunch of dweebs.

  48. Buc1987 Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says :

    “Tampa has the WORSE fans in the NFL.”


  49. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’ve visited many NFl team stadiums over the yrs. Dolphins, Jags, Falcons, Saints, Panthers Chargers, 49ers, Eagles, Giants and yes, even the Raiders. Raiders fans are the rowdiest and loudiest. Guys we do have the worst fans I’ve seen. BUTT….its hard to support losers at home. Dirks right..They gotta start doin there part and win. I’ve seen so conditioned to losing over the yrs, I line up like 10 shot glasses of my fav libation complete with cold beer. Its the only way I can watch my Bucs!! I just stop buying season tickets. Figure it was better to watch the Bucs on a 60 inch screen and get snockered..without the agony of driving home De-feat..ted!.

  50. DevinfromNY Says:

    I will be flying down from NY for the Thursday night game. I’ve never even been to Florida let alone a bucs home game. Always make sure to try to see them when they come up here to play the giants or jets but this time will be nice being surrounded hopefully by fellow bucs fans. So here is one fan doing their part coach!!!

  51. Josh Says:

    Haven’t been to a game in 4 years, and haven’t been to a game we won since the Gruden years. BUT I’m beginning to feel the tide turn and I will be going to the game. Taking Koetter’s words to heart and doing my part in the lower bowl, lets make it LOUD and start off the home stretch with a win against a good team.

  52. Phillybuc Says:

    Winning consistently and winning at home = less visitors jerseys in Ray Jay
    Simple equation, ask Jacksonville

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    Josh Says:

    “Taking Koetter’s words to heart and doing my part in the lower bowl, lets make it LOUD and start off the home stretch with a win against a good team.”

    Thank you cause being LOUD is what it’s all about. You mofo’s that DO go to the game do a few of things for me. When our DEFENSE is out on the field, don’t go get a beer, a t-shirt or what have you. Stay at your post, stand up out of your seat and be loud for criminiddly sake.

    Acknowledge for once that our D is out on the field, cause I’ve been to MANY games over the last 5-6 years or so and you fans that do go blow donkey balls. Too many fans texting when our D is out on the field and I’m talking the FIRST friggin quarter. Put your phones away. YOU, yes YOU are one of the reasons I can’t go to games as much. I’m TOO passionate of fan to watch you do it.

    So please for the love of all things Bucs, if you’re at RayJay, put your phone away, don’t go get a beer, hot dog, pretzel or whatever when OUR defense is out on the field. It does happen and it needs to stop, LOSERS!

  54. cmurda Says:

    Worst fans… Please!

    Mike J and Bonzai. Ever been to Philly? Case closed.

  55. Buc1987 Says:

    cmurda…I’ll take Philly fans and their passion for their team compared to what I’ve witnessed over the last few years at RJS. So to me they are right. Bonzai and Mike J. What I typed above is true. This actually takes place all over our stadium when our D is out on the field. I’ve complained about it multiple times in here and at the games. I make my presence felt at the games with my fellow fans, shocker I know.

    2 years ago I called it the quietest stadium in the NFL..worst fans in the NFL.

    See I don’t play that way. I’m loud from start to finish no matter the score.

  56. Buc1987 Says:

    BTW…I get what you mean though Philly fans are trash and I let them know it.

  57. Tony Says:

    Tampa just might have the worst fans in the country across all sports. Period. Rays home games are the laughing stock of all sports. Bucs are right behind them. At least we’re out of regularly scheduled blackout territory… and that’s thanks to the opposing teams’ fans. Just… wow. They have a great young nucleus getting better and the fans are like… prove it to me and I’ll come. Fine. But why the hell are you buying season tickets in the first place if that’s your attitudes?!

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    Tony…read my posts…these are the fans that DO go to the games and that’s sad my friend.

  59. Patrickbucs Says:

    Same ole same ole replies over the years from the know it alls who rarely ever travel, go to Bucs games or watch the ticket to truly comment. Worst fans in the NFL, etc. give it a break some of you. Read a lions, jags, raiders, or 49ers board over the last few years? I’ve been a season ticket holder since 98 and sat through a bunch of crap for the last 5-6 years. Sold 3 games last year to actually travel and go watch other NFL games in other towns like I usually do with the Bucs. I felt bad about it but enough is enough. Almost every home team outside of a few has a large opposing fan base or does not fully sell out. I’ve now been to 17 stadiums, outside of the Giants, eagles, packers, Steelers, Ravens, recently Seahawks, most other teams especially warm weather teams have a large fan base from the opponent. It’s been that way forever. Reverse that home loss-win record things will be a lot different with enthusiasm like 97-2007. Either way if the pack or Steelers are coming here or elsewhere they will have a ton of fans.

  60. Patrickbucs Says:

    Tony convenient forgot the Lightning I see? Ugh

  61. cmurda Says:


    Dude we need to go to a game together. I’m with you. I’m usually hoarse by the 3rd qtr. I’m either yelling for us or at us. And it never fails… Every time I let a bad word slip, I look up and see a child nearby. It’s that “want to get away” Southwest Airlines feeling.

  62. Buccos Says:

    Buc 1987. You are one of the fans that goes to the bathroom when our defense is on the field. I’ve heard you say so. Or now that Lovie is gone do you actually watch the defense play?

  63. Patrickbucs Says:


    Funny anaology, me 2:(

  64. cmurda Says:

    I’ve told this story before but it’s so cool and I never get tired of telling it. I went to the TB vs KC game in Arrowhead. We were 5-3 going into that game and KC was 1-6. Nevertheless, we were getting crap-stomped. Down by 21 at halftime and I was having to eat an insane amount of crow until we started making something happen in the 2nd half. We tied it up and win it in OT. It’s still our largest comeback win ever. That was amazing. I talked so much trash after we won that game. I’m surprised I didn’t get my tail whipped. I think I literally said something to every Chiefs fan on the way out of the stadium and I was tailgating with Chiefs friends which made it all that much sweeter. I do have to say that the stadium is the loudest I had ever heard and it was filled. Several Bucs fans but almost all Chiefs fans. They are great fans and they ate the crow like men when we pulled it off.

  65. cmurda Says:

    That game was in 2008.

  66. Eric Says:

    Same moronic fan base that ran Gru out of town.

    I notice you dont see to many Merlot Joe remarks either.

    Absolutely brain dead local media and fans.

  67. Patrickbucs Says:

    Eric the media and fans got Gru out of town? I was a huge fan of his and have seen your remarks but c’mon. Neither of us know, my best educated guess was he called out the Glazers for not giving him the necessary ammunition and $$$ he needed and they let him go. After that without a salary cap floor you saw what happened, low cap and bad players. Easy to pay off or the offset of $5 million a year to shut Gruden up and hire Raheem.

    Hopefully they lucked into this last hire. They still have yet to hire a President of FBO to run the team. Glazers are basically Jerry Jones without the fanfare

  68. Patrickbucs Says:


    That is a great fan base, been there many times best BBQ anywhere IMO. I travel a lot for work so fortunate enough to visit many great cities and towns. Not a lot of fans that relocated there though correct? KC Royals were dead for years won, and kind of went back.

    Nice comments by you, read the board go years just don’t comment very often like the regulars.

  69. Buc1987 Says:

    Buccos …I don’t care who the coach is.

    cmurda…yeah I’m pretty damn rowdy no matter our record or the score of the game. My wife? She’s a hoot too.

  70. Not Cool Says:

    Bad News Bucs Fans…. RAIDER NATION is coming very very hard. Over 2k Raiders fans have bought tickets since just a week ago. Raiders fans travel well and this game will be 80% Raiders fans

    [Not cool to gloss yourself after the guy who owns this site. May want to try a different username on your next post. — Joe]

  71. Kansas95Bucs Says:

    @curda dude I was at that game too!! The look on the chiefs fan faces after the game was priceless lmao! You’re right us Bucs fan were far and few but we were there no less and Arrowhead is loud. I was there when they beat Seattle for the the loudest stadium playing against the Patriots