Billick: Jameis Too Extreme

October 14th, 2016
Talkin' Jameis.

Talkin’ Jameis.

In some games, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, looks every bit the part of a quarterback drafted No. 1 overall.

Then there are times Jameis reminds Bucs fans of leaky, sleepy Josh Freeman all too well.

For Jameis to be the stud quarterback so many people think he can be, Jameis has to knock this crap off, Super Bowl-winning coach Brian Billick told Tom Krasniqi and Ronnie Lane this week on WDAE-AM 620.

“It is extremes,” Billick bemoaned of Jameis’ play this season. “He has to even those out. It is four touchdowns to start then three interceptions the next game. You know, it is the back-and-forth, the back-and-forth. He knows that. He knows he has to minimize the turnovers yet still be the guy willing to take those shots.

“So, I think the growth curve for Jameis is good. I think by midseason if we can see [his play] even out a little bit and cut down on the turnovers, I think that will bode well for him and the Bucs.”

It’s hard for a team to win when the quarterback is inconsistent. An, no, it is unreasonable to believe a defense can go out and secure three turnovers a game to help an offense.

When Jameis gets the ball in the red zone, he must finish and punch that damned thing in the end zone for touchdowns.

To hear the full interview, click below. Audio courtesy of Joe’s friends at WDAE-AM 620.

41 Responses to “Billick: Jameis Too Extreme”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Even when Jameis is consistent and moves down the field he has to throw it in the endzone to get a TD…..none of our WRs have the breakaway speed to score after the catch…
    I think Louis Murphy’s return could help some.

  2. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    When we are in the red zone, our height is our advantage. That is where dumbarse ASJ could have helped more (double TE sets). Martin coming back will give us the threat of pounding it in, for play action, too.

    Jameis is only in his second year. There are going to be ups and downs. Heck, Luck still has his ups and downs. It is frustrating, but patience is needed. We have our franchise QB

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    I’ll tell ya one thing and I’m not making excuses for JW.

    Those false starts on 3rd and 1’s CERTAINLY don’t help in the red zone. Moves to 3rd and 6. Then what JW gets sacked and they miss the FG. The penalties at the wrong time do NOT help at all. They are just part of the problem. JW’s errant throws on the wrong side of the 50 don’t help either of course.

  4. shouldhavedraftedefiert Says:

    Give the young man a break. These pundits nitpick too damn much.

  5. D-Rome Says:

    Boomer Esiason talks about Jameis Winston briefly in his CBS sports minute which can be heard
    here. The selection for the sports minute can be found on the bottom right. Basically Esiason likes Winston but openly wonders if he’s being coached properly.

  6. pick6 Says:

    we’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t feel there were lots of areas for Jameis to improve, but he could still be elite despite his rough edges if he:
    1) cut back on the forced throws (aka gimme turnovers)
    2) converted throws to open guys in red zone situations

    #2 alone would probably add 4 wins to his career total

  7. Destinjohnny Says:

    How do u fix accuracy?

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    Destin…I don’t know, but he did use to go on 7 for 7 and 9 for 9 clips at FSU. So the accuracy is there. Is it still there? I don’t know.

  9. ndog Says:

    Destin it is not accuracy as much as it is the game slowing down for him. Right now he is seeing things late so he tries to rush his throws instead of using his natural motion. The difference in a perfect pass vs a miss is very minor and a rushed throw can look horribly off but in reality once he sees those throws sooner and starts to trust his what he is seeing the ball comes out on time and the accuracy goes up. Also when you are trying to avoid pick you start aiming the ball which will lead to inaccuracy, QB’s are at their best when they are just letting it go with full confidence in what they are seeing and where they are throwing.

  10. gotbbucs Says:

    Redzone efficiency has been the biggest problem with this team for two years running. Koetter is great at calling plays between the 20’s and then he puckers up in the redzone. We have a pair of WR’s that are 6’4″+, give them a chance.
    I can handle kicking a field goal if we at least try for a TD.

    I think Jameis is gun shy right now also. He took some shots against Arizona and got burned and now he’s trying to be a QB that he isn’t used to being. For this team to be good, Jameis is going to need more weapons like Mike Evans that can bail him out when he’s not perfectly on target. Catch radius is going to have to be something that this team looks for in the upcoming offseason. Humphrey’s is a good slot reciever, but Jameis isn’t accurate enough to take full advantage of what Hump could do for this offense.

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    Jameis needs help.. No wr after Evans weak running game. He is pressing because he has no help..

    Tampabaybucfan breaking out jokes this morning with a Murphy reference hilarious. . How is a washed up, broken down has been that never was number 5 receiver coming off a ACL going to make a difference…. Let me help you. It won’t.

  12. DB55 Says:


    Esiason likes Winston but openly wonders if he’s being coached properly.
    Ty ty ty, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been asking for months, who is coach B and why? I’m told he’s a bonafide coach but you could’ve fool me. In the preseason our QBs looked like the least prepared in the entire league. For god sakes, Terrel Pryor looked better prepared.

    Last night I’m watching Peyton Manning working with his QB coach from Ind. and I’m thinking we need that coach for Jameis. We need a qb coach like Gruden. Someone who’s been in the league for decades training the best of the best. Right now we got a champagne taste with a kool aid budget.

  13. iamkingsu Says:

    Again redzone efficiency has always been the knock on Koetter! Just ask a Falcons game about Julio TD numbers and why he always stayed between 6-8 TDs a year? I don’t know where this offensive guru came from.

  14. Tampa Tony Says:

    He’s Freeman 2.0 until he improves his accuracy and decision making

  15. Scurvy Dogs Says:

    JW was making all the throws pre-game and Aguayo was making all the kicks…it’s the pressure of the game with both of these guys. Once they’re out of their own heads they will be just fine.

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    Jameis Winston is taking our team to the Super Bowl next year.

    I’ll keep saying it and reminding you all who said it.


  17. iamkingsu Says:

    Anybody with two eyes can see he doesn’t have a friggin clue on the sideline. He’s has no feel for clock management at all. Forget what happened with the Rams game and Broncos punt.

    3rd and 8 backed up inside your territory and you go jumbo with one receiver?? Thank gawd that the panthers DBs are terrible. Again on that drive same drive he was running the ball with 17 seconds left and a timeout to give Aguayo a chance from 53 after he missed 2 field goals already.

    But thanks for that personal foul 15 yards face mask penalty.

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    his accuracy his off because his throwing motion is too long….he still has that big wind up…he’s still dropping his elbow which causes the ball to sail high…once someone coaches that out of him, he’ll become more accurate…until then he’ll continue to be off the mark and sailing balls high….GO BUCS!!!

  19. OAR Says:

    Will he be paying coach or first class tickets for the team to go to Minnesota? Hopefully he can get all the game tickets in the same section too.

  20. Mike Johnson Says:

    Nothing new here. Same thing everybody has been saying..Consistency hopefully will come with time as NFL game slows down for him.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    OAR…I like you disbelievers.

    This is going to be grrrreat. Enjoy!

    Who wants Glennon in there? Besides BigStinky, and tickrdr? Cause that’s our option right now.

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    TB vs NE in 2017.

    The Swami has spoken!

  23. ndog Says:

    So 813 what happened to that throwing motion on the throws to Brate and Evans deep? It has nothing to do with his motion. Again I will say it, look at the throws that are poor and they all have one thing in common, his first read is not there and then things get fast and he rushes the ball then he losses accuracy. On plays that work perfectly and his first read is there very rarely are his throws inaccurate.

  24. OAR Says:

    …..and the easiest way to get holy water is to boil the hell out of it.

  25. OAR Says:

    BTW I’m no disbeliever. Every time Winston drops back I always believe…. I’ll have another beer!

  26. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I hope you’re right 87. I’d be happy with just a 10 win season.

  27. Buc-a-Noles Says:

    I always thought JW had a lot of room for growth, he only played 2 years of college ball, and he also played baseball. I think we won’t really know how good he can be (or not) until the end of his fourth season.

    With them working on his footwork and passing technique we are going to see some growing pains, and we already are. His footwork is better already. But I am wondering if his passing is being affected by what they are trying to teach him. And now he has to learn and adjust his throws and timing to that.

    Going back and watching the 2 years he was in college he wasn’t as inaccurate as he is now. Although when he did miss he did miss high, so that part is still there. He also had a better tendency of “throwing the WR open”, but that could be also the product of the game still being to fast for him.

  28. Karen Says:

    Jameis Winston is going to be fine. Why all the criticism by the analyst and coaches? This is his second year with a offensive line and defense line in progress. Did you see Manning choke in the Super Bowl with Seattle Seahawks? He looked like a rookie out there. In his first year the defense lost games for him. They were up 2 or 3 touchdowns and the defense gave it back to the opposing teams. He has had a lot of interceptions because the receivers tipping the ball.
    You are trying to do what everyone did to Tebow. I read many post that said he can’t make it the NFL. Jameiswill fall apart like Josh Freeman or various other former quarterbacks. Let me add they were all African American quarterbacks. I can call out of few who everyone said would be great. They are still in the NFL with mediocre teams and underperforming. Why are you not talking about them?
    What needs to happen the coach strategy for him does not work. Why not develop the offense around his ability and strengths. Let him be Jameis Winston and play his game. Check out FSU film and see what he has done. He is not a pocket passer. He is a prolific student of the game and read defenses well. Guess what with all the criticism he was the Rookie of the Year. It was well deserved. Maybe Tampa changed coaches to soon. I think so. It was a owner decision. This in my opinion was a bad decision. All you grown men with children think about if it was your child. Jameis is only 21 years old. Give him time. When they bring great players to help him. Don’t count him out yet? You will lose.

  29. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Excuses, excuses

  30. Kobe Faker Says:

    I like them to bring in a long time nfl quarterback coach/coaches.

    we have too many green college coaches teaching him nfl QB skills/mechanics

    **It doesnt help when koetter the clown tries to teach Jameis timing, accuracy and good pocket awareness running for his life at the end of worthless blowout games

    “Stupid is, stupid does” Jason Gump

  31. DB55 Says:

    Cheat sheet dot com posted an article today suggesting Winston can be the next Peyton Manning. I think he’s going to be more like Steve Young but nevertheless.

  32. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    If we MUST make comparisons I go more with Favre…another gunslinger who wasn’t known for his running ability but like #3 could keep a play alive and could throw on the run.

    I think what’s ultimately going to happen….is ten years from now there’s going to be a young QB come into the league with the Favre/Winston skill sets and people are going to say…he’s the next Jameis Winston.

  33. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    @Buc a Noles

    Agree completely! #3 is 22 with just two years of major college ball and that was messed up IMHO by his baseball career. As you suggest he’s working hard now to clean up mechanics that were certainly not helped by baseball.

    This is what should be exciting to Bucs fans…our two most important players…our offensive leader and our defensive leader have 1 1/3 years of NFL experience.

    Kwon is just beginning his career…#3 is just beginning his career and we already depend on them. It’s all good which seems to upset the helll out of the trolls who want to come here and trash all things Bucs.

  34. Buc believer Says:

    All of you who are posting about what Jameis doing right or wrong need to apply for a head caching job.

  35. BigStinky Says:

    @ Buc1987

    You flatter me. Sometimes I would rather see Glennon in the game instead of Winston, but ONLY if he got the offseason with the starters. All it would do at this point is put another QB in the game with the same numbers. I will admit that I think MG8 would do a better job of protecting the football but wouldn’t be that different. Like I said, their numbers are SO close it’s scary. I just hope Winston gets better this year because he’s been given EVERY opportunity to improve and hasn’t to this point. I don’t want the pick we used on him to be a wasted pick, that’s ALL. We ALREADY had a QB that could put up the numbers he is putting up AND didn’t have to use a #1 pick to get him. We could have traded that pick and gotten more picks the last 2 years to build this team, and that is what we need more than 2 of the SAME QB’s. I would shut up if Jameis would just play better, but why use a #1 pick to get a QB we already had? Do I have to compare their stats to prove my point, or what? Because I would be happy to if you like. I want to see improvement this year, NOT have to wait 4 years to finally decide that we made yet another mistake. If this is the BEST he is ever going to be then we are going to lose for a couple more years until we FINALLY start to look for another QB. I just don’t understand why the hell Lovie didn’t try to see what he had in MG8 both years he was here? I am glad he lost his job because he deserves it. Not only did we waste 2 years on Lovie but MAY be wasting another 2-3 years on a QB he brought in. Go BUCS!

  36. BigStinky Says:

    Jameis looks good at times but is inconsistent and has NEVER won more than 2 games in a row. Glennon won 3 and would have won 4 if the defense didn’t give up a 21 point lead against Seattle. After seeing how good Winston can be in the Atlanta game (or Philly last year) I would love to see more out of him. Trust me, I want him to succeed because we are stuck with him and Koetter’s job depends on him playing good. Heck, I don’t even think that DK has much confidence in him at this point, he knows he’s stuck with him too. Let’s just hope that JW can beat the 49’ers and win another 2 in a row, or more. Will he EVER live up to the expectations Bucs fans have of him? Don’t think I would hold my breath on that Super Bowl next year though, WAY too soon.

  37. SOEbuc Says:

    @Kobe Faker

    “I like them to bring in a long time nfl quarterback coach/coaches.

    we have too many green college coaches teaching him nfl QB skills/mechanics”

    Faker thats the first time I’ve ever heard you make a rational statement

  38. 813bucboi Says:

    ndog….that throw to brate he had no pressure….same thing with evans….when he’s faced with a little pressure he gets antsy and that’s when you see that long wind up….GO BUCS!!!!

  39. Bob in Valrico Says:

    agree with Bucboi on the long throwing motion.Look at the quick slants he has thrown, some of them have been up to two yards behind his receiver.
    I think he throws the intermediate pass the best.He was pretty good on the outroutes,seams,and deeper crossing routes.He is forcing passes to Evans into cover two down the sideline and has been pretty inaccurate on this throwand lucky not to get INT’s.

  40. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    I am with you all the way!
    It’s not Jameis who is inconsistent it is these fair weathered so called fans . He is dmnd if he do and dmnd if he don’t. As the talent around him improves he will excel. As I stated before it was Jameis in the trenches helping ME when you fair weathered fans was ready to throw ME aside. It amazes me how it is expected that a young team should be perfect. This is not fantasy football this is reality. Just wait 4 it!

  41. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:


    It is not enough to be the perfect, accurate, or that fictional QB that you all have created in your minds.
    You need a LEADER, with talent, heart and a whole lot of WANT TO…Jameis IS that QB…he is NOT the problem. He needs a supporting cast who resembles him like Kwon and a few others and you will see him light it up!
    You can’t be all things to all people. I personally believe the Bucs are about to turn it up, that does not mean they will WIN every game but they will be gelling.
    Aguayo and Jameis under proper coaching will light up another team and then you guys will be shoulda, woulda, coulda….whine…and more whine!