49ers Shouldn’t Fool Bucs

October 18th, 2016


It may be a case of gamesmanship. If so, it should be a failed case of gamesmanship.

Though Chip Kelly, chieftain of the 49ers, claims the Sideshow Bob of NFL quarterbacks, National Anthem-kneeling, history-challenged, Supreme Court Justice-sparring, Fidel Castro-loving Colin Kaepernick, will start Sunday against the Bucs, there is a real chance Kelly could go back to the immortal Blaine Gabbert, a truly horrid quarterback.

If so, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter said, fine. Bring him on.

In fact, in a sitdown with dangerous Dan Lucas of WFLA-TV Channel 8, Koetter said Gabbert may be more dangerous and suggested he is a better runner than Sideshow Bob.

What Koetter didn’t say was that few coaches know Gabbert like he does. Consider Gabbert was a first-round pick by the Jags when Koetter was offensive coordinator there.

Gabbert is one of the few quarterbacks Koetter could not turn around. That is, if you believe Gabbert had any talent to salvage.

Then there is this little tidbit: Prior to the game against the Stinking Panthers, the Bucs were practicing run options for quarterbacks expecting Cam Newton to start. He did not, but the Bucs, in preparing to face Newton, already got a head start practicing for running quarterbacks. The 49ers will certainly run their quarterback whether it is Gabbert or Sideshow Bob.

To watch the full Koetter interview with Lucas, click the video below, courtesy of WFLA-TV Channel 8.

25 Responses to “49ers Shouldn’t Fool Bucs”

  1. EA Says:

    I feel good about our chances in this game, better than I felt the previous 5. We handled Chip Kelly in Philly last year, with a healthier squad I think we should be able to take care of business regardless of who stars at QB for the Niners.

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    The last time the Bucs defense knocked out a 49ers QB put the team on the map!!!! Maybe this Sunday we can see it again!!!! I really want to see them knock some sense into college kaepernick!!!!! Just cover his first read and he is running around like a wild chicken!!!!

    Can the Bucs have a pass rush????

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  3. Guzzie Says:

    We will find a way to lose and start the yearly excuses early this year, face it we are not good enough talent wise on defense, WR, or QB maybe next decade folks, how long until our accuracy deficient QB starts to look like Ryan Tannehill or Joey Harrington, just good enough to have a few good games to get our hopes up, if we keep losing cause this QB continues to force throws into double and triple covered, even when other options were open, and we keep hiring our old buddies to run our defense named Smith, and stop relying on old and undrafted WRs, or bonedheaded draft decisions like taking a 50% 2nd round kicker instead of a young, fast WR and DL/Safety both of which would make our team better than a 30 yard or mor challenged kicker, already miss the days we can blame ASJ or Lovie Smith for our incompetence

  4. Rrsrq Says:

    Joe it’s your site, but really Fidel Castro loving, that’s where you’re going for a man exercising his rights to protest in something he believes and and has never said he is anti-American, just anti-injustice. But back to football, I would rather see Blaine Gabbert than give Colin a chance to find his groove against our unpredictable defense. It’s a toss up with our defense weekly. I do believe Jamie’s will be back on point and go on a streak of no turnovers and accuracy will be better.

  5. Tampa Tony Says:

    Bucs offense will go turtle to protect Freeman 2.0 and make the 49ers d look like the 85 bears

  6. Dreambig Says:

    Rrsrq, when that song plays its a moment to show respect to our country, our history and the men and women who have died to keep us free. When you chose that moment to sit you are opting out of showing that respect. Kapernicks own words in the beginning said he is not going to stand to honor a country where injustice exists. So Joe’s comments are clearly on point as Kapernick demonstrates every week he is not proud to be an American.

  7. Rrsrq Says:

    Research the song and all the discriminatory tones of the original poem. I have stood at games because I chose to, because there is hope even in despair, but I do not discourage those who choose this platform to bring awareness to what they believe. For you that song means one thing, for others it is a harsh reminder of a period in time where this was not the home of the free…

  8. LargoBuc Says:

    This team can not lose against the 9ers. They just might be the worst team in the NFC. If this team truly is trying to be that playoff “tier B” team, go out and win the easiest game on the schedule.

  9. Tampa Tony Says:

    Largo- the Bucs are the easiest team on all their opponents schedule

  10. Razor Ramone Says:

    The debate will continue to rage about the guys protest, but I saw him do an interview wearing a Fidel tee shirt. Really? Most people lose that stuff after graduating college. Talk about injustice, Fidel is your guy.

  11. Dreambig Says:

    Rrsrq, I won’t debate if somewhere in the history of that song there maybe discriminatory tones, we had slavery back in the origins of our country and its a ugly part of history. But that song is our National Anthem and has nothing to do with race, it has to do with pride with living in America. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. As a veteran, I still remember the distinct feeling of pride every morning when I laced up my boots to serve my country and defend the rights of people just like you and Kapernick so you can sit there and disrespect our national symbols. Kapernick has the right to do so, but that doesn’t mean we are not going to talk bad about him.

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    Only in America! This will be a hot topic this week so lets get it started.
    I too am an American veteran (USMC, Semper Fi!) and fought for our country in Desert Storm. I take no offense to Colin kneeling during the anthem. Freedom is at the very core of everything we stand for and fight for in this country. There are injustices of every kind in this country and every man, woman, and child has the right to stand up and protest.
    I applaud Colin for being steadfast in his belief amidst the heavy criticism. I hope his stance goes beyond mere symbolism and that he actually takes the time to become part of the solution.
    Unfortunately, we are forced to focus on his protest because cameras are being pointed toward anyone taking this position. This is unfortunate because it takes away from the real issues that are being protested. We are viewing it from a “disrespecting the flag” and “He’s un-American” point of view, a distraction of sorts. He’s not desecrating the flag or inciting riots. It’s not disrespectful to voice one’s opinion, it’s our right.
    I personally would not do as Colin has. I respect our flag and national anthem but also understand that many injustices have occurred along the way to get to this point.
    There’s a saying that goes, “History is written by those who have hung heroes.” You need not delve any further than our treatment of Native Americans.

    With that out of the way, I hope we saw Kap in half!
    Go Bucs!

  13. celly Says:

    Take from The Root.com:

    And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
    A home and a Country should leave us no more?
    Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
    No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    In other words, Key was saying that the blood of all the former slaves and “hirelings” on the battlefield will wash away the pollution of the British invaders. With Key still bitter that some black soldiers got the best of him a few weeks earlier, “The Star-Spangled Banner” is as much a patriotic song as it is a diss track to black people who had the audacity to fight for their freedom. Perhaps that’s why it took almost 100 years for the song to become the national anthem.

  14. celly Says:

    So, since we don’t sing that part, should we just pretend it doesn’t exist?

  15. Espo Says:

    The man wore a Castro shirt and took a metaphoric dump on our flag. If that’s your role model and civil rights leader, maybe you should go back to the drawing board.

  16. celly Says:


    So not standing for the national anthem is taking a dump on the flag?

    Honest question here… Do you stand every time you hear the anthem? And not just when other people can see you. I mean every Superbowl that you watch at home. Every baseball game you watch at home. Every Olympic event where the USA wins a gold medal.

    And please answer honestly. This is the internet, there’s no need to lie.

  17. Espo Says:

    Honestly, not at home or anywhere it’s played on TV. When performed live or before an event I’m attending, I stand. I think that’s appropriate and respectful.

    Do you not?

  18. Espo Says:

    As far as the omitted anthem verses, they were omitted for a reason. Maybe when this was decided they should have just written a new song altogether. I can’t imagine they would have foreseen this being Issue. Maybe they kept the same song as their own form of protest, I don’t know.

  19. pick6 Says:

    unfortunately i don’t see us matching up as well vs kaepernick as the blitz-happy bills. Even under Mike Smith we have stuck to pretty traditional looks and don’t seem to keen on rattling less savvy QBs by forcing them to think more. On top of that, i haven’t seen alot of evidence that we are more disciplined in handling run-pass option, misdirection, and play action. Sadly, this could be the best game of Colin Kaepernick’s season, the west coast travel will not do this not-so-mentally-tough group of players any favors either

  20. Espo Says:

    Yes, back to football. I think Kap has a ton of talent still. Far more than Goldilocks (Gabbert). We need to get to him because if he starts moving around our corners can’t cover for long.

  21. D-Rome Says:

    Koetter said Gabbert may be more dangerous and suggested he is a better runner than Sideshow Bob.

    Gabbert is not very good but his receivers seem to drop a lot of passes. I don’t remember who Gabbert was throwing to in Jacksonville. In my view he’s a better QB than Sideshow Mel.

  22. wesley Says:

    little confidence in the bucs beating anyone.

  23. Brett Says:

    Dude I am laughing so hard Sideshow Bob!!!!!!

  24. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    People proclaiming to be more patriotic than Kap are just insecure. I recall these same insecure people taking this same attitude to those that did not support the war in Iraq. I was falsely labeled a troop-hater in peaceful protest. Dumba$$ Americans. Remember the freedom fry bull$hit.
    I find the Kap mongering to be equivalent.

  25. Buccfan37 Says:

    The US national anthem glorifies war. Stop the insanity. If you are not putting your enrrgy there nothing will get better. End US wars!