Who Should Bucs Be Worried About?

September 7th, 2016
How GMC fares against two savvy NFL veterans will be key Sunday.

How GMC fares against two savvy NFL veterans will be key Sunday.

It’s gameweek!

Damn freaking straight, it’s gameweek! Joe’s all worked up this morning (helps to guzzle two cups of Community Coffee).

Today, offensive coordinator Todd Monken and America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, will speak, along with Dixie Chicks coach Dan Quinn and Matty Ice chatting via conference call.  Tomorrow, defensive coordinator Mike Smith takes the podium.

Yes, the NFL season is here!!! Praise be!

So let’s look at the Dixie Chicks for a moment, shall we? Vaughn McClure of BSPN, by way of Jenna Laine, offers a few key players and match-ups. One most intriguing seems to be Dixie Chicks veteran right guard Chris Chester, who will be assigned to stop Gerald McCoy.

Chester, named the starter following a preseason competition with rookie Wes Schweitzer, isn’t the most powerful guy out there, but he has quickness and veteran savvy, even at the age of 33. He needs to use all of that lining up against Bucs four-time, Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, who, a few years ago, showed he could take down the Falcons by his lonesome while getting after Ryan. Chester won’t be alone, however, with three-time Pro Bowl center Alex Mack added to the mix to help. McCoy moves around, so he’ll be a test for the entire interior of the Falcons’ offensive line.

Once again, if the Bucs get help from the outside edge, it will certainly help open things up for GMC, but Vaughn has an interesting point. Two savvy veterans will be tasked with slowing down McCoy.

In Joe’s eyes, the key to beating the Dixie Chicks and getting to Matty Ice — a critical key — is how well Robert Ayers and/or Noah Spence fare against steady if not underrated left tackle Jake Matthews.

10 Responses to “Who Should Bucs Be Worried About?”

  1. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    So excited real NFL football is HERE!!

    Bucs over birds – 31 – 24

  2. Kobe Faker Says:

    We don’t stop the run….we lose! Eom

  3. Tom Edrington Says:

    All NFL teams should be concerned about Mr. Murphy showing up on their sidelines, he has visited the Bucs quite often as can be seen from the team’s record in recent years.

    Hopefully he spends more time in Cleveland.

  4. Dreambig Says:

    Bucs have a tough slog for the first 5 weeks so beating ATL is important. Jameis needs to start fast and not get himself so hyped up before the game that he cant play for a few series until he calms down. My concerns are scoring TDs inside the red zone and the Bucs D stopping the run. They struggled with both during preseason.

  5. DB55 Says:

    Yes, the NFL season is here!!! Praise be!
    Hallelujah! & what Dreambig said

  6. Patrick in VA Says:

    I don’t think we should be overlooking the contributions of Jaq Smith. Yes, I’m as excited about Spence and Ayers as everyone else is, but I don’t think we should be leaving out the guy who has been at the head of our sack leader hopes for a while now. Freeing him up to operate more easily will be a big win for us as well.

  7. Strider ....Sec 147 Says:

    Lol even if the defense is fkd the first game Jameis Will just have to outplay the other qb meaning score more points in confident he will.

  8. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    If they beat us I won’t be happy but I’ll be OK. If we freaking LOSE the game I’m going to be peoed.

    I get the old adage that says hey they pay the other guys too…and if Atlanta plays lights out and we play well but lose c’est la vie.

    And they may both be L’s on the record but there is a huge difference to me. We LOST too many games last year. Getting beat by an NFL team that is playing well is no shame if we show up and play. I just want us to show up and get rid of the choking!

  9. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    I second that post Patrick… Smith is going to shine this season.

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    Our Bucs only have to worry about themselves. Play hard and leave it all on the field. If our 1st team can hold up, I do think we surprise a few teams. And with the additional adds on Defense, we start getting the much needed pressure on QB’s. The first 5 or games are critical for us. I’d like to see us win 3..maybe even 4 of our first 6. Yes, it can be done. But will it? We’ll find out here pretty shortly.