September 18th, 2016

jameis and vincent jacksonSo it was 9:15 a.m. Arizona time before the 1 o’clock Buccaneers game today and Joe was cruising uphill on a treadmill at the fitness center across the street from the team hotel.

And in walks a familiar face.

It’s Vincent Jackson.

Wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants, V-Jax cruises around the place and commences a light workout.

Joe is impressed. There’s a game in a few hours! And it felt extra impressive considering from the window of the gym Joe saw other Bucs returning from a nearby CVS store with snacks, presumably for the plane ride home.

Joe wondered if V-Jax saw them, too.

Of course, hitting the gym to loosen up doesn’t make a great football player — and purchasing postgame Cheez-Its doesn’t make one a bad football player — but Joe thought the whole scene was pretty cool and illustrated the dedication that’s let V-Jax stay in the NFL since 2005.

5 Responses to “Dedication”

  1. Mark Says:

    Hopefully they are post game snacks Joe..hopefully the bucs don’t just chalk up this road trip as a “win” already with the ATL win and are content to go home 1-1..

  2. Chris Armstrong Says:

    That’s pretty cool, Joe. And I think you’re right when you eluded to his development bs his career length. Definitely a great man to have in any organization….especially our Bucs!

  3. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Hopefully they got a couple of bottles of non-alcoholic champagne to celebrate the win coming up! BTW..since we are non-drinkers in my home, CVS is where we get the alcohol-free bubbly..

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    The term is waaaaaaay overused
    But Vincent Jackson is a role model
    On AND off the field

    So glad he’s on this team

  5. MadMax Says:

    Im going to miss him…..I wish he could keep playing into his 40’s….but we’ll still be blessed with another few years hopefully.