What Pass Rush?

August 20th, 2016
Joe cannot fully blame the lack of a pass rush on GMC's absense.

Joe cannot fully blame the lack of a pass rush on GMC’s absense.

All through preseason and very much so last week against the Eagles, the Bucs had a pass rush that folks were so shocked to see, it was as if it was an optical illusion.

The way the pass rush hid tonight in Jacksonville, last week may well have been an illusion.

There was no pass rush in the first half. None. Blake Bortles was playing pitch-and-catch. What the hell happened?

Yes, Joe understands stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy did not play. That was a factor. But for the entire line to go AWOL, sorry, Joe cannot place that all at the feet of GMC being held out.

If the entire defensive line goes into the witness protection program if GMC cannot play, that’s not good folks.

15 Responses to “What Pass Rush?”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    If the entire defensive line goes into the witness protection program if GMC cannot play, that’s not good folks.

    especially since it’s a given GMC, McDonald and A. Spence will miss their fair share of plays, series, qtrs and games this year.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    GMC may be more of a factor than most give him credit for…..It at least appears to be that way…..let’s just hope we had an off night.

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    And Buc fans have the nerve to..call GMC Out? See what happens when he’s not there anchoring our Defense? However..a win is a win and beggars cannot be chosey!

  4. Pat Says:

    All the reports during the week of the scrimmages with Jacksonville were that our defensive line was eating their line up. Was Jacksonville just hoodwinking us during the scrimmages. Or did Luke Joekel turn in to Tony Boselli.

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I don’t know how many times we have to see what happens when McCoy is out before everyone realizes how important he is. A lot of you wannabe scouts think he is only playing well when he is hitting the QB every play, but fail to understand how much he helps everyone around him by all the attention he draws. But it’s not like any of you are going to take another dose of facts, especially when you’ve done such a great job of ignoring them all this time.

    The one guy that does continue to impress is Howard Jones (although I don’t love him as much as Ronde Barber does). He made plays in very limited duty last year, and he just continues to do so in the preseason and camp. I don’t know how many ends we are going to keep, but he needs to be one of them.

  6. BennyBucs Says:

    Where was Spawn and Ayers during all of this?

  7. unbelievable Says:

    Well said Hawaiian!

  8. BigHogHaynes Says:

    GMC93 is the LEADER of this DEFENSIVE TEAM, Simple as that!!

  9. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Spence and Smith were in at defensive end during a lot of running downs.Like to see Gholston at DE during early downs,not DT.Mccoy was definitely missed.

  10. Bob in Valrico Says:

    agree on Howard jones.Also McCoy.

  11. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    Maybe this will help some of the puthetic GMC haterz to pull there head out of their arse and realize how much he means to this line. It all starts up front with big 93. Without him there’s no need for dbl teams and no one gets there 1 on 1’s. Big difference. And it showed last night.

  12. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    On the bright side HoJo continues to flash and impress. Like I’ve said I think he’s gonna have a breakout year and improve on his 5 sacks from last sesson. Love his speed off the edge. Not to mention he fits well as a blitzing 3-4 LB as well. I think he carves out his role on 3rd downs this year.

  13. Robert G Says:

    This is what happens to pass rush when the offense is in a heavy run formations.

  14. Ga. Buc fan 40 years Says:

    Maybe just maybe we got to see more vanilla then we did last week. It’s still preseason isn’t it?

  15. BDorry55 Says:

    There were a couple times where Spence ran around his guy and pushed the QB up in the pocket but there was nobody to finish.