Nate Kaczor In For Long Night

August 11th, 2016
nate Kaczor

Bucs special teams coach Nate Kaczor had a long evening.

Bucs special teams coach Nate Kaczor likely got his arse chewed by Bucs coach Dirk Koetter at some point tonight, if not on the flight home from Philly in the wee hours.

Koetter is already known as a no-BS kind of guy. Says what he means. And Joe loves that.

So Joe can only imagine what Koetter said to Kaczor in Philly after Koetter wigged out with WTTA-TV, Channel 38 sideline reporter Dangerous Dan Lucas at halftime of tonight’s game at Philly.

“That could be the worst special teams play I’ve ever seen in my life,” Koetter barked at Lucas.

LOL! Go get ’em coach!

Joe is going to guess Kaczor will have a very long night at One Buc Palace this evening, and that a certain player or two better have their non-football resumés updated.

10 Responses to “Nate Kaczor In For Long Night”

  1. CLBucsFan Says:

    I heard this guy was no good. I guess I was right! What’s frustrating is we still have the same dumb penalties on offense

  2. SCBucsFan Says:

    Kaczor is the weakest link of our coaching staff.

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Joe, I did’t see many camp notes on Special Teams practice. Was it because it didn’t interest you, or because they didn’t practice much (besides kicking)?

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Kaczor really looked bad fumbling that initial kickoff…..he wears the same number as Kenny Bell #80……what a coincidence!!!

  5. Couch Fan Says:

    TBBF I was thinking the same thing. Kenny had an awful fumble. It’s not like the whole special teams played bad. This whole thing is getting overblown. Was an ugly start for the whole team. Hopefully they got it out of their system now.

  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @TBBF & Couch Fan,

    It wasn’t just the fumble. They also had a personal foul on punt coverage. They also had a block in the back on a punt return. They also missed an extra point. That’s 4 negative plays in just one half of football. In the second half, they gave up a huge return on a kickoff. It would be hard for it to be much worse.

  7. Joe Says:

    Joe, I did’t see many camp notes on Special Teams practice. Was it because it didn’t interest you, or because they didn’t practice much (besides kicking)?

    Combination of a lot of things. It’s boring and few people care (remember, Joe can monitor traffic on what people do and don’t read). Besides, special teams are often done on the backfields. Joe’s not about to ignore first-team offense or defense to try to cover special teams practice at a faraway field Joe doesn’t have access to and needs binoculars to monitor.

  8. JMicSoundsNice Says:

    After last night l, and as several of the special teams player prepare for the eminent life after football talk theyre gonna have with their agents, Coach Koetter should seriously reevaluate his “special teams isn’t really 1/3 of the game” statement/perspective. Yeah…he said that in an interview one day after practice last week. I’m just too lazy to look for the video.

    Mathematically, I couldn’t agree with him more. It’s the crassness with which he views this part of the game that troubles me. In reality, the importance/value/significance of special teams is weighted on a per game basis. If Kenny Bell doesn’t fumble or Aguayo doesn’t miss the extra point, poor special teams coaching (if you really want to couch those mistakes that way) isn’t a topic of discussion at all.

  9. Rob in Land O' Lakes Says:

    First, Aguyao should be fine.

    Secondly, from a coverage and return perspective, special teams likely won’t start coming together until the final 53 is set, and even then, there might be 2 or 3 roster shifts as teams let go players, try to set a practice squad, etc. It’s this way for most teams in the sense that the majority of players thrown out on kickoff and punt coverage this first weekend, won’t be here in a month. Other than Russell Shepard, who does this team have as a special teams stand out? Maybe Keith Tandy? The competition is wide open as the WR, S, and LB depth positions… players 48-53 are the ones in camp that show they can cover kicks and punts.

    Finally, Adam Humphries is a nice story and behind a TOTALLY healthy VJ83 and ME13, may be a serviceable option as a slot receiver, but please tell me he’s not the answer as a punt returner.

    ANYONE that shows ANY ability to return a kickoff or punt is going to make this team. And just to stir the Kenny Bell pot….. what happens in the next two games if they put him back on kickoffs and punts… doesn’t fumble and maybe breaks one or two? Is last night’s fumble forgiven? How many of you heard the ghost of Hank Stram on that return (“he’s got the ball in the wrong hand!)?

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    Welcome fellow Buc fans to the SOB’s..(same Ole Bucs!)