Koetter: “They’re Never Getting Bullshitted By Me. I Promise You That.”

August 4th, 2016


So what’s it like to work for Dirk Koetter?

The head coach provided a little insight today during a lively news conference at One Buc Palace following a thunderstorm-abbreviated practice.

Koetter got mildly agitated after being hit with three questions in a row about Austin Seferian-Jenkins and his depth-chart status and what deep meaning there might be to it. Koetter wouldn’t bite and stuck to the simple and honest answer: Seferian-Jenkins is in a competition and isn’t winning right now. Simple as that.

Then, Bucs beat reporter Jenna Laine asked a pretty simple question that led to Koetter firmly explaining an aspect of his leadership style.

ESPN Reporter Jenna Laine: Is there some benefit at any time in coming out, though, and saying guys like Adam Humphries won the No. 3 receiver, or saying that Cameron Brate [is on top of the tight end depth chart]? Sometimes, for some guys, it can light a fire under them.

Dirk Koetter: Trust me. I’m not playing any mind games with anybody. Alright, you guys (media) always think I’m playing these games to motivate guys. I’m telling them the truth. Ok. I’m telling them. And I’m never bullshitting these guys. That the fastest way to lose credibility with your team. So they’re never getting bullshitted by me. I promise you that.

Joe has applauded Koetter numerous times for his refreshing candor, which has not abated since he got promoted from offensive coordinator to head coach. The mainstream media at large may skewer him for it, but you’ll find nothing but applause from this corner.

56 Responses to “Koetter: “They’re Never Getting Bullshitted By Me. I Promise You That.””

  1. Bee Says:

    He’s so anti-Lovie….I love it!!!!

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    what a refreshing change from that no class embarrassment of a man and coach lovie smith. we are so lucky the glazers had the stones to send that loser packing. no way the players respected the so called players coach lovie with all the high school games and BS he brought to the table. players are not stupid they saw through the incompetent ones BS.

  3. LovieBall Says:

    Uhhh… I think the correct word is “Bullspitted”

  4. Clodhopper Says:

    This straight shooter stuff is great now and if we win. But if we lose its just Rex Ryan in another suit. I’m not saying he’s as dumb as Rex Ryan but free with words isn’t exactly a quality I’d look for in a coach. But it is definitely icing on the cake if they can pull some wins together

  5. D-Rome Says:

    no way the players respected the so called players coach lovie …

    Of all the blowhards and mouth breathers that comment on this site you are by far the worst of the bunch. It’s evident by your poor grammar skills that you are either a troll, 13 years old, or lack a high school education. Perhaps it’s all three. I’m stunned that no one has ever informed you that the first word in a sentence begins with a capital letter.

    It’s apparent your brain is still developing considering your lack of memory to what the players actually said when they heard the news Lovie Smith was fired. Feel free to click on the link below for a reminder.


    Somehow you’ve interpreted what Dirk Koetter said about not bullsh**ting the players to mean that Lovie Smith was bullsh**ting the players over the past two seasons. It’s funny that when Joe writes an article like it acts as a dog whistle to the imbecile’s that frequent this site.

    Lastly before you go on some kind of dim-witted tirade I’m fine with the Bucs firing Lovie Smith. If they feel that going in a different direction is going to equal more wins then good. The problem is the Bucs are 58-102 over the past ten seasons. The reason for the failures are ultimately because of the Glazers.

  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Somewhere in Illinois Lovie is disgusted by the big boy language used by Koetter.

  7. The Buc Realist Says:


    I reported way back in November 10,2015 that the players were told and coached one thing and then the incompetent one was blaming and benching them saying they weren’t doing something else!!!!

    They were questioning and figuring out the lies of the defensive staff!!!! That was when they were really not trusting the system!!!!!


  8. tmaxcon Says:


    the facts speak for themselves the players had zero respect that loser lovie. If they did respect him they would not only played harder they would have played smarter. Just another failed one dimensional dungy clone….

    you have a wonderful day

  9. K2 Says:

    The sweet smell of TRUTH!

  10. NCMike Says:

    Omg!!!!! I forgot about One Luv and his wang comments! Where’s that dude now? Lol

  11. CL Bucs Says:

    Koetter for president?

  12. tmaxcon Says:


    i’ll give you the last ten years are on the glazers but the previous 2 are all on the failed lovie smith experiment. It was nothing more than a PR stunt to try and recreate a failed past that was not that good in the first place. Listening to that fool dungy and bringing in a has been that never was like Lovie had PR stunt all over it. Anyone that followed the Bears realized lovie did more harm than good after that 1 lucky season. Lovie has destroyed more coordinators careers than any single coach in history and that fact is easily looked up. No way they respected that loser.

    daily hall of fame update

    It’s a real shame the hall of fame is lowering it’s standards for a 1 dimensional head coach who left more superbowls on the table than he won. Dungy’s offenses were as brutally bad as Lovie defenses. It’s a sad day for the hall of fame. Tom Flores deserves to be in before the media darling Dungy

    98 Detroit 17 Dungy’s Offense 6…. flashback to a failed coach.

  13. JAB83 Says:

    OneLuv and I are gammers… We only show up to playball… We dont need no stinking practice ..

    Let the games begin!!!

    Time to make Ones Wang Great Again!!!

  14. NCMike Says:

    Actually meant OneLuv was a clown on almost everything that he said…. You want that role, then good for for you lol

  15. LargoBuc Says:

    Sure, the players may have claimed they looked up to Lovie. They said they were upset when Lovie was fired. LVD’s tweet was pulled no punches. Yet, their play on Sundays did not reflect what they were saying.

  16. TheShaz Says:

    I just read Kotter’s comments.

    I stood up and applauded. Then I remembered I am in my office and people are looking at me strange.

    Now I hope people do not get bent when I describe the analogy. I do not want to mix football with politics. But in my very humble opinion Kotter & Trump are allot alike. No BS and call it as he sees it even if its not pretty. I love the interviews he does. Sports reporters better figure out for the most part they are not well regarded like their news counterparts.

    Sports Media has evolved to TMZ Sports like baloney, less about the product on the field of play and more about a players social life. More about real or imagined clandestine goings on.

    The sad thing, I think the vast majority of Bucs fans find Dirk very refreshing, but as time goes on and he has to deal with the media day in & day out, he too will soon cut back and answer in single syllable words.

  17. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Gawd if you hope people don’t get bent with your analogy then don’t make such and incredibly stupid assertion.

    I am a Buc’s fan. I am a Koetter fan. For you to equate Koetter with a total out of control liar is beyond the pale. Trump lies over crap small and large…like the NFL wrote him a letter about the debates…LIE…like Clinton scheduled the debates to conflict with the NFL..LIE…the bi partisan commission scheduled those debates long before either Clinton or Trump was even nominated.

    I’m all for leaving politics out of this. But you Trumpsters are just insulting our intelligence!!! Let’s keep it on football.

    BTW…If you must hate on Hillary that’s fine…Gary Johnson and William Weld were both excellent Republican Governors and they would appreciate your vote.
    I’m not voting for them but they don’t scare me because they are rational Republicans. It’s not about R & D…it’s about which R’s the sane one or the nut.

  18. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    For the love of humanity, please keep politics off these boards. It’s bad enough that it’s pretty much everywhere else.

    Can’t I have ONE place to go without hearing about politics? Just one.

  19. tmaxcon Says:


    i hope you are not calling out someone for insulting your intelligence then insulting everyone’s intelligent by calling Trump a liar and the next paragraph not using the same analogy with a proven liar like Clinton. I don’t like either one of the fools. they both are down right scary. Hillary has had more scandals than most porn stars. Don’t worry Trump can’t win way too many folks are happy with all the hand outs and expect everything to be free. It will never work but I am old enough it wont matter to me. ill be laying on the beach in Costa Rica….

  20. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    You guys suck.

  21. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    Reading comprehension skills? I said Hate on HRC all you want…then vote for Johnson who was a very competent REPUBLICAN Governor.

    I’m not here to debate politics but Trump has become an affront. I am a freaking Vietnam Vet…no hero for sure…I served in the rear lines but I have friends who were out there humping.

    NO making an investment is not a sacrifice..putting your time and effort into something is not a sacrifice it’s an investment.

    Giving your life for your country is a sacrifice. Every year I get the chance to visit DC and never miss the “Black Wall”. Comparing turning Daddy’s six million and then and addition 40 million into a billion dollars is not a sacrifice!!!

    Giving your life for your country is a sacrifice. BucMarine who posts here is making sacrifices..and shame on those of us who do not get that.

    By all means vote Republican..for the REAL Republican Gary Johnson.

  22. BigHogHaynes Says:

    My man Dungy is in and no stats can change that, but here’s a stat for your ass, the NFL was formed in the early 1920’s and for a few years it was all good, then “segergation” and we (blacks) and any other color was kicked out of the league and 68 years went by before we were allowed to play again, if Dungy got in because he was the first Black head coach to lead a team to and win the SB, I’m good with it and so should you cause you can’t do squat about it, that one 68 yrs of segregation stat trumps all them stupid stats you crow about daily! And yes Trump is a major jack-ass! You know my name and I stand by this post!

  23. tmaxcon Says:

    Love and Warrick Dunn Says:
    August 4th, 2016 at 1:27 pm
    You guys suck.

    you are absolutely correct sir…

  24. tmaxcon Says:


    the color of his skin has NO bearing on the hall of fame. it’s about accomplishments not color of skin…. I would be embarrassed if I received an award just because of the color of my skin. Any man of character would be embarrassed for being rewarded solely on the color of there skin. It a shame people like you exist.

  25. Clodhopper Says:

    I agree. If Dungy is in the hall for the sole reason that he was the first black HC to win a Super Bowl, that’s fine with me. The first black person to do big things like that should and will be celebrated. Even as much as I hate Obama, we all know he will be on money some day. And being the first black prez is reason enough even if….. Well I’ll just leave the rest to myself.

  26. The Buc Realist Says:

    Forget about whether dungy is hall of fame worthy!!! lets get to the “REAL” issue!!!!

    Is tony dungy black?????? That weird mexican mustache says otherwise!!!!! We should demand DNA test!!!!!!

  27. DallasBuc Says:

    I miss the good ol days of Uncle Lovie policing all the harsh language around this football team. He really knows how to coach the things that count when it comes to winning football.

  28. TheShaz Says:

    “Now I hope people do not get bent…..”

    Oh well. I still like Coach Kotter.

    It looks like the local sports media are going to try to put hi in his place. I hope he stands firm. Sport Media is just like the regular news media – its all about sensationalism TMZ junk. They are making a mountain out of nothing.

    Brate is playing better than ASJ, and because of that he is at the top of the depth chart. Will that last all preseason? Depends on Brate and ASJ. The news jerks need to remember this is the purpose of training camp.

    Keep it up coach!

    As for those who got bent, there is an SAFE SPACE opening, grab it while you can.

  29. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Hey people don’t get lost in the lost I the day to day BS, football is almost here!

  30. The Buc Realist Says:


    Even you have to admit that the mustache is very suspicious!!!!!!! Maybe he is jamaican???

  31. D-Rome Says:

    Is tony dungy black?????? That weird mexican mustache says otherwise!!!!! We should demand DNA test!!!!!!

    What an absurd comment! It’s not funny at all. You should go on Twitter and ask him whether or not he’s really black. That way you can be featured on that inevitable Huffington Post article that highlights all the racist things people said to Dungy on Twitter prior to his HoF induction.

  32. The Buc Realist Says:


    Rumor has it that he Loves, I mean Loves “taco tuesday”!!!!! How do you explain that!!!!!!!

  33. tmaxcon Says:


    the mustache question was not only funny but real food for thought. d-rome just needs a hug and a trophy… we are too insensitive for his tastes.

  34. tmaxcon Says:

    d rome

    since you are so concerned about racists how do you think Tom Flores and his relatives feel about Dungy fans giving the overrated one credit for being first minority to win a superbowl when in fact the first minority was tom flores. one of the race baiting losers on this site actually posted mexicans don’t count…. racism is a two way street pal…

    it’s not about race it’s about the Legend of Dungy surpassing his actual accomplishments and the fact he is completely undeserving of the hall of fame.

  35. The Buc Realist Says:


    We have proof of the super bowl win!!!
    We have written reports of the regular season records!!!
    Was he the first black coach to win the superbowl????

    So many unanswered question of the mustache??? He first coached at the Sombero (thought they tried to change the name!!!!!! Too many dots are being connected!!!!!

  36. Buccfan37 Says:

    I can’t resist, stir the pot I’ll join in. I don’t believe there has ever been uttered anything but lies from Obama and either Clinton.

  37. tmaxcon Says:


    neither clinton could spell the word truth if they had the first 4 letters. integrity is not a concept a Clinton or any politician for that matter can grasp… Lovie is a classic example he would stand up in front of bucs fans twice a week or more and say what they wanted to here and flat out lie… Clinton’s just perfected it. If they caught it just the other side blowing it out of proportion. all of Washington could use a complete house cleaning and a total reset button. fire them all… nuke the city and start over…

  38. BucsFan90 Says:

    ^^Take a deep breath and hold it

  39. Buccaneers Says:

    Lol Drome WTFreak is a mouth breather…..hahahahahaha.

    What a very poor stance by any Bucs fan when the franchise has had so few quality head coaches. One of them get honored and a Buc fan is upset rather then proud………really shameful. BTW Dungy designed a defense that made a major impact aroumd the league. The defense was duplicated redesigned and made a huge impact on the way the game is currently played………….Takes pure folishness to make a daily stand against Dungy like you do tmax. Edecuate yourself.

  40. tmaxcon Says:


    i have educated myself and he does not belong. So you are basically saying the third best coach in team history get’s a lifetime free pass and is above any criticism for his failed offenses or not being able to get the job done in tampa. 4 good years out of 40 buys you a lifetime free pass. once again the legend of dungy is far greater than his actual accomplishments. i am bad fan because I disagree with an overrated coach who coached the team i have followed for 38 years for only 6 years. funny logic there. no lifetime free passes. go back and watch some of the piss poor offenses he put on the field and bad game day management might make you rethink the lifetime free pass.

  41. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Go Bucs! It’s all good!!

  42. Buccaneers Says:

    No tmax. Dungy innovated the game. Any educated Bucs fan knows this……Or any educated football fan for that matter. Thats a big reason why he is getting in.

  43. tmaxcon Says:


    i completely disagree with you. He hardly invented that system. it was only copied briefly 5 to 8 years and produced how many superbowl winning teams 2 maybe 3 if you are generous…. How many superbowl wins did bill wash disciples have 3 not counting san frans 4 with system… Bill Wash was innovator. Tony Dungy was not.

  44. Buccaneers Says:

    If you wanna ingornantly ignore what Dungy did to change the game thats on you. Very unbecoming to bring it to a Bucs board though. My guess is that almost every Buc fan feels a bit of pride when they hear a national announcer(still to this day) use the term ‘Tampa2’. Why in the world would you try to take that away from us? Or try to diminish its relevance?

  45. tmaxcon Says:


    tampa2 did not have the league wide impact that you are trying to make it out to be. sure other teams used variations of the same concepts but dungy hardly invented the zone defense nor did he change the league that is a complete exaggeration of the impact he had. I have tons of pride when I here 02 superbowl champions and enjoy watching clips of our defense playing well that being said I don’t associate a coach who stunk in the playoff here in tampa with the same greatness or pride you suggest he deserves. calling me ignorant because I don’t believe that dungy changed the game as you suggest is below you man. He did not change the game of football as you suggest. Dungy did not create the zone defense simple as that.

  46. Buccaneers Says:

    Bro your being completely ingorant on this. Thats all there is to it. Dont tell me its below me Im just being honest.

    Dude the guy created a defensive sytem that was mimicked by many defensive coordinators and coachs in the league. I dont know the facts on this but guessing that most, if not all teams use some type of a version of tampa 2 scheme at least from time to time.

    How could you honestly say that Dungy hasnt changed the game? The guy inspired defensive philosophy for a ton of coachs in the NFL. Sorry bro you are just so flat out wrong it aint funny.

  47. Buccaneers Says:

    Well my comments are just vanishing now. This site can act like a woman sometimes

  48. COREYATX Says:

    All these Dungy and Tampa 2 comments are amusing to me. Tony Dungy himself has said multiple times that Chuck Noll and Bud Carson created the system with the Steelers that Dungy played with in the 70’s. He said he always laughs at the term Tampa 2. Mic drop… Go Bucs and leave the politics out of here PLEASE!

  49. COREYATX Says:

    Back to the subject at hand, if Koetter is a straight shooter and the players respect him and buy in, I’m all for it. It can’t any worse than what we’ve seen recently. Win baby, win.

  50. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Tmax you can’t even see the fact that Dungy is black is why you tear every little thing he has done down to the tiniest iota. Sure zone defense was already here but he is the one that innovated the Tampa 2 that WAS copied around the league. He designed the ins and outs of it and the coaching staff that he put together instituted it. You want to see how much he influenced the players on this team? Look how quickly it fell apart once he left. Then when Kiffin quit the team in the middle of the season see how that team quit on Gruden. That never would have happened with Dungy. It is Dungys merit as a man that built this team up and Grudens that tore it down but yet I bet you and many others will want Gruden in the hall one day. You beat down Dungy for not putting together an offense which is true but completely ignore and disassociate Dungy with the building of that team. That defense goes down as one the greatest ever.

    You say his color shouldn’t be part of the reason he was inducted? Why not? The color of his skin is the reason why his kind was not allowed to play in any major sport until the 60s and 70s. His color is why Hank Aaron received death threats when he broke Babe Ruths homerun record. His color is why many white retreads keep getting hired but others don’t get that chance. His color is why they weren’t allowed to be qbs because of stereotypes until the Steelers were forced to start one. Oh by the way he received death threats too. So if color can keep his kind from enjoying basic human rights and dignities that you and your kind have always enjoyed, plus play and coach in the NFL then it can be used as a factor when he became the first black coach to lead his team to a Superbowl win.

  51. The Real Drew Says:

    I was wondering why there was an edit fade in the video at Buccaneers.com

  52. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @ DavidBigBucsFan99: So very well stated!

  53. canadian bucsfan Says:

    @ realist
    That mustache comment was very funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  54. Buccfan37 Says:

    So is the sh!t word accepted now without the exclamation point? It must be if Koetter said it and it was spelled out here. It’s not like sh!t don’t happen, a common everyday word.

  55. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    BF37 I guess since he’s such a straight shooter and keeps it real he can use the real s word. See if you can do w/o being bounced.

  56. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Realist gotta say I don’t laugh at many things you say but the mustache comment was the funniest up here. That mustache a little thicker we could call him Poncho Villa Dungy. Who ever had a problem with it earlier lighten up Francis!