Ira’s Top 10 Takeaways Out Of Buccaneers-Browns

August 27th, 2016


The keen eyes of eye-RAH! Kaufman, Tampa Bay’s only voter for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, were wrapped around Friday night’s Bucs-Browns game. Here Ira shares his top-10 takeaways.


The cannons were still firing as Dirk Koetter walked off the field Friday evening after winning his first home game as Tampa Bay’s head coach. Nobody will remember this final score when the matchups begin to count, but there was a lot to savor after the 30-13 triumph:

* It’s never too early to establish winning as a habit, especially for a forlorn franchise. On Thursday evening against Washington, the Bucs will have an opportunity to post their first winning preseason since Jon Gruden stalked the sidelines in 2008.

* There were smiles all around after the game. Koetter was proud of his team’s energy and execution, chief operating officer Brian Ford was happy to show off the new stadium enhancements, and GM Jason Licht was ecstatic that Roberto Aguayo was a mere footnote.

* While it’s true that the Bucs beat up on a club that will soon extend its playoff drought to nine years, let’s not minimize the precision of Tampa Bay’s effort. With three minutes remaining in the opening half, the Bucs owned a 284-93 edge in total yardage.

* Not everyone joined the party, as veteran Brent Grimes was beaten for a touchdown for the second consecutive week. The free agent corner got turned around by Josh Gordon in the south end zone late in the first half to cap Cleveland’s only TD drive. Grimes needs to play better.

* Jameis Winston continues to show confidence in slot receiver Adam Humphries, who continues to make catches in traffic. If there were any remaining doubters, Humphries wrapped up the No. 3 wideout spot and the punt returner job on the same sultry evening.

* With every game that goes by, Charles Sims looks more and more like a third-round steal in the 2014 draft. We knew this guy could catch the ball out of the backfield, but he’s a more effective runner than advertised.

* Coming off a lackluster performance at Jacksonville, Winston showed total mastery of Koetter’s no-huddle attack. His chemistry with Mike Evans — five targets, five completions for 115 yards — should leave both in a positive frame of mind heading into the Georgia Dome Sept. 11.

* Classy move by the Bucs early in the game to honor the memory of Monsignor Laurence E. Higgins on the stadium video boards. The crystal-clear image of the Monsignor looking down on Buc fans seemed appropriate.

* Koetter has been disappointed at times with his team’s passion since training camp started, but the Bucs looked like a team that was having fun Friday, flying around, making plays and providing those new boards with plenty of highlights.

* A pass rush that didn’t show up in Jacksonville returned with a vengeance, especially against the beleaguered Robert Griffin III. The more I see of Howard Jones, the more I like him as a situational edge rusher who can give pocket passers like Matt Ryan, Carson Palmer and Drew Brees fits this fall.


23 Responses to “Ira’s Top 10 Takeaways Out Of Buccaneers-Browns”

  1. ForgotAboutDre Says:

    I don’t think the importance of McCoy can be stated enough. Week 1 our pass rush looked dominant. Last week, with McCoy out, it looked invisible. And now, with him back, suddenly it looks dominant again.

    I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

  2. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    When Koetter said he didn’t want sluggish starts..well he didn’t get one this game..high energy and they kept the penalties down to 3 only!

    What a game…congrats to my beloved Bucs..

    And let’s wait for the haters to start on Grimes..just a bit off today..that’s all!

  3. This Guy Right Here Says:

    “Winston showed total mastery of Koetter’s no-huddle attack.”

    ^^^This… Its all about that High Energy. You only get 60 minutes a week… Can’t Lovie your way through it! Get sh!t done so we can focus on next week!

  4. cometowin2 Says:

    I think we have a lot of depth in the trenches. Best game they have played in quite some time. With the exception of the fumble of Storm Johnson and the 2 long passes to Gordon, it was almost the perfect game.

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    In fairness to Grimes he had good position on Gordon until Gordon used his left arm to shove him in the back just before making the catch. Watch it back again, it was a clear as day pushoff. On the long pass that Grimes got “burned” on that too me looked like it was blown coverage as Grimes let up in a way that made me thought he had a different assignment. I could be wrong on the second one, but to me the TD catch was clear as day when you see it back from sideline view behind the play.

  6. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Against traditional thought, this team has to start no huddle and passing first. We saw all runs being stuffed early and I noticed this last year as well in certain occasions. This isn’t the NFL of old where you set up the pass by running early.

    No. Winston. Evans. Fast starts. These are underrated aspects of our team.

    If we run on the first few plays of the game they will be snuffed out we have to keep the defense honest by PASSING and with NO HUDDLE. We witnessed today what this approach can do.

    Maybe its the change of the NFL to a passing league. Maybe its Winston and his history of somewhat lackluster starts to a game. Nonetheless. We know now what works. Lets stick to it

  7. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Not everyone joined the party, as veteran Brent Grimes was beaten for a touchdown for the second consecutive week. The free agent corner got turned around by Josh Gordon in the south end zone late in the first half to cap Cleveland’s only TD drive. Grimes needs to play better.

    “Beat” should be used loosely here, Ira. The td in Jax was due to Conte getting frozen on the fake by Bortles. This last game, Grimes had position on Gordon…played him as well as you could play him and Gordon just made the play (even though I feel he pushed off on Grimes a little). That happens in football. Can’t fault Grimes there…there’s a reason Gordon was an all-pro….and you mentioned on your podcast that Jville has one of the best receiving tandems in the NFL in Hurns/Robinson.

    I am not wearing blinders, I do realize Grimes can get “beat” and will likely get “beat” at times due to the type of coverage he plays, but he will also make his share of plays to help us win games.

  8. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    One point that I haven’t heard mentioned yet is the decrease in penalties. I don’t know the number, but there definitely wasn’t many. I would guess that the number has gone down with each game. We looked like a disciplined football team tonight. Let’s keep it going!

  9. feelthepewterpower Says:

    * With every game that goes by, Charles Sims looks more and more like a third-round steal in the 2014 draft. We knew this guy could catch the ball out of the backfield, but he’s a more effective runner than advertised.
    Yes, and I remember Buccs fans bellyaching that we took him when we didn’t have a need for him at the time.

    I also recall in 2014 Sims absolutely jocking Kuechly out of his jock strap.

    I can see Sims getting a lot of work in Atlanta…

    a) because the Falcons gave up one of the most catches to running backs last season.

    b) martin didn’t play tonight, and might not be in full gear by week one…..are we going to wait around for martin to get hot or let Sims try and do some damage having had the reps the past couple weeks. Not saying abandon Martin, just wonder how ready will he be week one. I hope Doug explodes…but just in case, we need to get Sims more involved anyhow.

  10. Douglas Sean O'Connor Says:

    Um I don’t think Doug Martin looks like what you think he looks like.

  11. Lokog Says:

    Did anybody else notice that the touchdown that b.grimes gave up to j.gordon grimes was pushed away or is it just me.

  12. EA Says:

    I wonder what Miko Grimes thinks of all this, is she happy with the QB play so far??

  13. Joe Says:

    I wonder what Miko Grimes thinks of all this, is she happy with the QB play so far??

    Miko LOVES Jameis. A big reason why Brent signed here.

  14. Superd950 Says:

    Gordon did push off of Grimes. My dad even said it happened when we were watching the game. It just wasn’t called.

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    Great takeaways Ira … thanks. Hawaiian Buc hit the nail on the head I think when he used the word DISCIPLINE. Browns looked like Bucs of last couple of years … far too many penalties at critical times especially; their penalties totally killed their momentum. Not so the Bucs; great discipline and it paid off in a big way. Jameis, ME13, VJax, Hump and Roberto were all really impressive last night.

  16. D-Rome Says:

    @Rod Munch

    I didn’t think the push off was egregious on Gordon’s part but I do agree there was a push off. I thought it was a superior play by an elite receiver. The best ones can get away with that kind of stuff because they don’t make it so obvious. Brent Grimes is a phenominal athlete and a very good CB so I expect him to lose those battles once in a while. Honestly I think Gordon would have made that play on Patrick Peterson in that situation.

  17. Gilhealy Says:

    Great game. Yea, I think Gordon makes that catch against anybody. He’s a big boy, and a great athlete. Couldn’t of played it much better that Grimes did. We’d expect Evans to come down with that one, so fair is fair. Props go to the receiver. We’re gonna have more good than bad with Grimes for sure.

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    Hurry up Bucs before the call goes out from opposing teams to break up the Bucs.

  19. R.O Says:

    C’mon.. Every corner gets beat… Sherman, Revis, Peterson!! On the out and up that Gordon beat Grimes. Grimes was expecting the pressure to get to RG3. That’s why he turned to look back. Grimes played the shorter route…

  20. R.O Says:

    Was probably supposed to have Conte deep but that’s far for a safety to run if they weren’t in qrtrs…

  21. Atlanta_Bucs_Fan Says:

    I think a HUGE reason for the fast start was the lack of drive killing penalties, as well as the D getting off the field on 3rd downs. All three phases played lights out.

  22. FortMyersDave Says:

    RIP Monsignor Higgens! Joe that was a first class gesture by the Bucs! Well Done! When the guy first came to Tampa, Jesuit High was on the “edge” of the next to what became the Dale Mabry Expressway and places like Carrolwood, Forest hills,and USF were years away from getting established. My home town of Temple Terrace had 200 people when Msr. Higgens first came to tampa. God Bless sir, RIP!

  23. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Count me a believer in Hump! I used to live in Missouri the “show me state” but he made me a believer last night. This year teams sleep on him he’s gonna make them pay. Action Jackson and Mike Evans will definitely benefit from a good 3rd receiver.