Faster Ali

August 16th, 2016
Looks bigger; plays faster.

Bigger and faster?

Just eye-balling Ali Marpet, it sure looks like he’s put on some poundage.

But ask him about his second NFL training camp, and Marpet believes he’s faster. That’s because the game is slower.

Jumping from Division-III to the NFL is about as drastic of a jump in level one can imagine. Division-III is glorified high school football. The NFL is the world’s best.

With the shock of the NFL now gone and knowing what to expect from opponents, Marpet explained why he’s able to play faster, even if he looks bigger.

“Just the game has slowed down,” Marpet said. “When you have more anticipation you can play faster and because of that I’m able to play faster.”

Marpet also made an interesting comment when asked about the best trait of the offensive line.

“I think it’s an incredibly smart group of guys, that’s how I describe our offensive line,” Marpet said. “So I think that’s an incredibly important trait for an offensive line, so I think we’ll be successful because of that.”

Joe is going to hold Marpet at his word. If the line is so smart, then it should be cutting down on stupid penalties, correct? That only stands to reason. Smart guys don’t make dumb mistakes.

Or at least, they shouldn’t.

9 Responses to “Faster Ali”

  1. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    Excellent point Joe, the penalties have to stop if this team wants to take the next step. Love this kid btw, he’s also a part of the culture change I was referent to in the last collum. He’s got a nasty side to him wich I love and look fear to seeing Licht bring in more guys like that. Wich is another part of the reason they brought in Sweezy. He has a edge to him as well. Time to shed that soft label. No more Mr nice guys. We’re coming to punch u right in your mouth.

    Can’t wait to see the ceiling for Marpet, I think he has the most upside of all the lineman. And displayed that last year taking that huge step in competition and STILL holding his own. You would of never known he was from div. 3 by the way he played. Looking forward to seeing this line grow together and becoming one of the better lines in football.

  2. BucsFan97 Says:

    Ali does need a lil bit more thickness to become a dominant pro bowl Guard… He’s already got fast feet so extra weight shouldn’t hurt him… Faster Mentally + Stouter Physically = Dominance

  3. tdtb2015 Says:

    Joe, Do most penalties in the o-line point to one or two guys mostly? Just wondering.
    Go Bucs!!!

  4. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    The dead ball penalties MUST stop. Everybody is going to get a holding here and there…penalties of effort are easier to accept. I HATE the brain dead penalties and so I hope Ali is correct.

    Hey maybe this offensive line can count to 11.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    Bigger, faster, smarter, better and badder Marpet, that’s a lot to pumped up about this guy.

  6. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’d say penalties are more about mental discipline than intelligence

  7. 1sparkybuc Says:

    In the video interview with the scout who discovered him, it came out that Ali dominated his opponents repeatedly play after play. That’s rare. Even elite players get knocked on their ass every now and then.

  8. Owlykat Says:

    I liked Marpet from the start and he dominated at the Senior Bowl last year despite they had him playing Center. He is just going to get better and better!

  9. Cobraboy Says:

    I watch the NFL on Game Pass. This is excellent because I can go back and watch the game again in either “condensed” mode—where all time between plays is removed—and “coaches film” from multiple angles, and the “all 22” view, including end zone.

    Condensed is available in the PS but Coaches Film isn’t.

    So I went back and watched the Iggle game and focused on individual players over and over and over, like back in The Day in the film room.

    One was watching Marpet. I have to say I have an even higher regard for the guy. When he engages, he stays with his man, moving his feet, hips square until the whistle. What I saw was fairly dominant. No lineman wins every time, and no o-line is always excellent every play, but Marpet is as solid a top-tier NFL guard as anyone.

    All the #1 o-linemen played with juice, and besides Marpet I give props to Dotson & Hawley. It’s been quite a long time since the Bucs had a top O-line.