“Every Day He Flashes”

August 5th, 2016
Head coach likes his style.

Head coach likes his style.

Bucs fans want to be geeked about Noah Spence. Thus far in the rookie’s training camp, the Eastern Kentucky product offers every reason to be excited.

After practice today, Joe asked Bucs coach Dirk Koetter about Spence, and Koetter offered props to Spence and his practice habits and his drive to work. A Buccaneers.com camera was there to catch Koetter’s remarks.

12 Responses to ““Every Day He Flashes””

  1. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    They really are talking this kid up, and I hope he is the real deal. I would just caution everyone to temper their expectations for him. I (among others) have posted rookie sack numbers from the premiere pass rushers in the league and the numbers for that rookie year are usually in the 3-5 range.

    Spence could end up being a force on the pass rush — but don’t expect it this year

  2. Kevin Schmidt Says:

    I do expect it this year….I know rookie pass rushers don’t typically explode year one, but this kids gonna be a monster. So glad they got him and even more glad we got Jay Hayes as our D-line coach. He’s going to squeeze every ounce of production out of this line possible.

    Just PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Please, don’t get hurt!!!!!!!!!! Remember it’s training camp. Take it one week at a time and get ready for the real thing. GO BUCS!!!

  3. Brent bull/buc Says:

    This guy sounds legit. Props to Bucs. I generally stay away from guys with past issues in the draft. Pretty excited about vh3 and spence. Aguayo not so much. He’s gonna have to be great for like 3 years before I consider changing my mind.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    I’d expect Ayers and Gholston to get more snaps than the other DEs this year because of their flexibility and better run-defense than Noah Spence and Jack Smith (at this point expecting that Howard Jones and Kourtnei Brown will also make the team). Gut feel is that we’ll keep 6 DEs unless something changes. But if Noah can make an impact early in the season (sacks, QB hurries, disrupting plays, etc) it’s going to be awfully hard for Smitty not to keep him in on more plays. Bucs have desperately needed some speed on the outside for a long time.

  5. Kevin Schmidt Says:

    If Ayers ends up living up to expectations, I can see Jaq playing situational downs and spence out there most of the time. Hey is this the first time in a long time we might have a good consistent pass rush???!!!!!!!

  6. Waterboy Says:

    No knock against Hargreaves because I hear he’s doing well in camp but this is the 1st time in awhile (if ever) that I’ve been more excited about 2nd rd pick than the 1st rd selection.

  7. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    After Jameis Spawn will eventually ascend to becoming the next biggest star on the team.

  8. Pickgrin Says:

    Spence dropping to us in the 2nd round was quite remarkable.

    When the 2nd round started and the run on DEs appeared in swing with Lawson and Ogbah quickly coming off the board and another 4-5 picks until the Bucs selection – I was yelling at Jason Licht through the TV to move up and get Spence. Move up and get Spence! It didn’t happen and when our pick finally came and Spence was still on the board – I almost couldn’t believe our good fortune.

    But it wasn’t good fortune – it was Licht being the kicka$$ GM that he is and trusting his gut and his intel that Spence would still be there.

    I have respected Licht all along and his 2015 draft was the best draft this franchise has ever had. But that move right there – to stand pat when the odds against Spence still being there when our pick rolled around seemed very long – well, lets just say I came away from that with a ton of additional respect for the great job Licht is doing building this team.

    And its also why I don’t question Licht’s decision to move up and get Aguayo.
    I also wanted us to get Aguayo – but pre-draft was thinking 4th round or maybe late 3rd was when he would be chosen. I trust that Licht had info that other teams were also very interested and that Aguayo would have been chosen near the top of the 3rd round. Licht obviously wanted him bad enough that it was worth spending the freebee 4th rounder to get his man.
    I have no problem with that. As an FSU fan, I know that Aguayo is special – literally a once in a generation type kicker. He won’t be perfect of course – but dude is going to win us some games – That I GUARANTEE!

    3 picks – 3 starters. Last year – 4 picks – 4 starters.
    And every one of them the Bucs had graded as 1st round talents on their draft board.

    THIS is how you become a Super Bowl contender!!!

  9. Buccaneers Says:

    I hopeSpence can be legit in this league. Lets show it Thur night!!!!

  10. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    That’s real talk Pick.

  11. Tval Says:

    Hes 100% legit and was better than bosa at osu. Way more explosive/disruptive

  12. cometowin2 Says:

    Unecessary for me to post Pickgrin. You said exactly what I wanted to say.