Call The Vikings

August 31st, 2016


There are two schools of thought on Mike Glennon.

One touts Glennon as being a super valuable Bucs backup quarterback. How lucky the Bucs are to have him. Look what just happened in Minnesota, where Teddy Bridgewater had a gruesome knee injury yesterday and the Vikings are stuck with 36-year-old Shaun Hill. He’s made eight starts in the last five years. Hill may be a nice backup, but he’s not a guy that can carry a 16-game season.

If an ugly injury like that claimed America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, then the Bucs could turn to 26-year-old Glennon and hope to play competitive football, many people believe. Oh, what a relief.

Joe subscribes to the other school of thought, that Glennon never will lead the Bucs to a Super Bowl, so he’s almost worthless considering his rookie contract expires after this season and the Bucs expect him to search for a new team in March.

There’s been much speculation that the Vikings will start sniffing a Glennon trade immediately.

Astute former NFL quarterback Jim Miller and ex-NFL personnel executive Pat Kirwan were all over a Glennon-to-the-Vikings trade yesterday on their SiriusXM NFL Radio show.

Miller and Kirwan both said it might take a second-round pick to pry Glennon from Bucs general manager Jason Licht. They think Licht loves Glennon that much — and both believe Glennon is that valuable.

Joe nearly drove off the Gandy Bridge.

Joe understands the value of insurance, but what are the Bucs insuring with one more season of Glennon? Tampa Bay is not a Super Bowl team this year, and if No. 3 quarterback Ryan Griffin isn’t capable of being a decent backup QB, then he should be cut after tonight’s final preseason game.

Glennon should be dealt if Licht can score a third-round pick from Minnesota. Simple as that.

106 Responses to “Call The Vikings”

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    isn’t Shaun Hull one 7 or 8 backup QB’s that have beaten us the last 2 years.

  2. Lord Corn Says:

    Not sure Glennon would be better than Hill. I’d do it for a 4th or better

  3. Mojiska Says:

    Shoot, a 4th and Patterson is plenty too.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Glennon hasn’t looked good at all this preseason – if somebody offered the Bucs a 2nd you take that and run.

  5. Rob Says:

    If they offered a 4th or 5th rounder the Bucs should celebrate.

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    A box of Cheeze-Its.

  7. tmaxcon Says:

    Vikings don’t want the bucs garbage… They are not going to do a straight up Patterson for a 5-13 backup with no heart and low ceiling. Bucs will have to include a player or pick for the Patterson deal to work.

    Vikes will take mark sanchez or tj yates before they even consider Glennon. Wake up mob your boy has done nothing in 2 years but regress and play poorly in the preseason against lesser talent. I just wish Tickdr, Couchfan fan or Bucfan20 were the vikings GM so we could fleece them..

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    I agree with Joe. A 3rd round pick would be worth the trade. Otherwise, hang on to him. There may still be a market for him prior to the trade deadline.
    A box of Cheez-its? While delicious, NO. You trade him for anything less than a 3rd, well, it might as well be a box of Cheez-its!
    I’m getting snacky just thinking about this. Anybody got some crackers?

  9. JMN Says:

    A 3rd rounder should solidify that trade.

  10. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    Tonight is Glennons final audition. I, for one, like having him on the team. But if he can put his best foot forward tonight and show the Vikes he’s worth a third rounder ot would make sense to pull the trigger and sign Sanchez to back up Winston.

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I would take a third or a high fourth for him. Remember, that pick could be used to move up to get a guy in the first or second round.

    If we lose Jameis, we are done. I’m not sure we can win 9 games with Winston. I know we can’t win 9 games with Glennon. Besides, Glennon is leaving after this year. That’s not even a question. We aren’t a contender this year, so what are we holding onto him for? If Jameis were to get hurt, there are other QB’s out there that can be equally as bad as Glennon will be.

  12. R.O Says:

    Ummm Panthers paid a 4th for a 32 yr old Punter. Market for MG8 just went up…

  13. celly Says:

    Trading Glennon needs to involve a package deal with Patterson.


    You should know that me, of all people, is not in the MGM. But I believe that the way the Vikings are set up, Glennon would work there… or at least work enough that they should be willing to consider a trade.

    Patterson was in the doghouse last year on the Vikes, but would represent a HUGE upgrade over our 4th (and arguably 3rd) WR position as well as returner.

    To me, a trade involving these 2 would be the best case scenario for both teams. Even if we have to send a pick along with Glennon to them as well as they send a pick back to us.

  14. BucsFanInChina Says:

    What a horrible situation for the Vikings fan base. A team with true super bowl aspirations seeing their 26 year old third year man go down with a gruesome season ender.

    3rd rounder or tell em go to make like a tree. Regardless of if Glennon will take us to the ship (he won’t) I frankly don’t want to see a lost season (how fun was 2014 everyone?) should Jameis go down, which is exactly what Vikings fans are facing right now.

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    “no heart and low ceiling”
    Do you just say this stuff to get a reaction? For now, he’s a Buc and our “garbage.” Is it at all possible for you to root for the guy?! He’s a Buc for criminy sake.

  16. tmaxcon Says:

    a 3rd rounder. that is pretty funny… much better and proven players have been traded for a lot less than a 3rd rounder. if the vikes are indeed that desperate to give the bucs a 3rd rounder wow… if licht gets’s a thrid rounder for a mediocre backup with a low ceiling he should win executive of the year hands down.

  17. BucTrooper Says:

    Quite frankly, looking at the NFC, I wouldn’t do diddly to help the Vikings considering they’re going to be jockeying for a Wild Card with the Bucs so let them rot in the sun. See you next year.

  18. Leighroy Says:

    The vikings have an extra 3rd and a conditional 4th round pick both from the Dolphins at their disposal.

  19. Ander Says:

    Joe your obsessed with trading glennon

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If nobody wants to trade for Glennon….then it seems that he should be interested in signing a backup contract with us…

    And, If he’s so rotten and has such a low ceiling and has no heart…..why should we even want him?

  21. Kobe Faker Says:

    So we are going to help our wild card rival by giving them our backup qb?

    Who is going to help us if Jameis goes down for 1 or 2 games with a bum ankle?

    We give up the season if Jameis missess 1 game? Isnt that what a backup qb is for?

    let me repeat this question

    We giveup the season because Jameis misses 1 game?

    Are we that stupid?

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You are 100% right, which is the reason Glennon is still on our team. Some people just don’t understand it.

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Kobe Faker,

    Who is to say Glennon would be able to win those 1 or 2 games Jameis would miss? Have you not been watching him the last couple years? I don’t know if he’s just not that good or the offense is a bad fit for him, but he has done nothing to show he can win a game. Between him and Griffin, I can’t see any difference. They are both pretty bad.

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    tmax- So, you were criticizing yesterday for losing a draft pick. What pick did you have in mind? If you thought we were ever going to get anything higher than a 3rd then you think more highly of Glennon than you let on.

  25. tmaxcon Says:


    No heart = ducking out of bounds before a first down marker and not getting the first down. He plays with very little energy. Hell Even Winston has to speak up during Glennon reps to correct WR / TE if glennon was real leader of men he would not only have corrected ASJ himself he would have never had to have a younger Winston have to do his job for him.

    Low Ceiling = very little athletic ability. captain check down, Mike Glennon has never and will never put fear in a single defensive coordinators mind.

    Glennon has no future in Tampa therefore he is irrelevant. I am not sold on Griffin yet but trust Koetter and Licht.

    The only time I try to get a reaction is when Hawaiian goes off defending his Client 93… I admit I sometimes enjoy pushing Hawaiian buttons but I truly respect the dude and his posts are some of my favorite over the years. But to answer your question no reaction attempt. I have been consistent in my disdain for Lovie, Murhpy, Glennon and I am a mccoy critic he needs to do more when it matters but by no means want him run out of town.

  26. celly Says:


    You don’t give up the season… You roll with the backup that you snagged off another teams practice squad and have “invested in” (as so stated by the head coach himself) and see what he can do. If he fails (miserably), then you know you need to look for another backup QB the following year.

  27. tmaxcon Says:

    you are correct any QB who gets to play with AP is in a good position . I am still amazed AP is going so strong. one of the few to fight off father time.

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Kobe- No see, we have the greatness that is Ryan Griffin!!! Surely Griffin with his ZERO career stats will save us!!!
    Oh wait, we’re “not a contender” so it doesn’t matter. Says Nostradamus!

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m glad the rest of you are addressing this Glennon thingy. I tried to leave it at Cheeze-It crackers.

    I agree with anyone that thinks Glennon isn’t going anywhere, because the Bucs can’t even get a snack size bag of Cheeze-Its for Glennon.

    So he stays. It’s done. He’s the back-up and I have no problem with that right now.

  30. Bucsfanman Says:

    @tmax- You are consistent, I have to respect that!
    We’ll continue to somewhat agree to disagree at times.

    But still, Ryan Griffin? Just his inexperience scares me enough to overlook Glennon’s “short-comings.”

  31. Espo Says:

    5th and Patterson. There’s our return man who can’t be a receiver.

  32. tmaxcon Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    August 31st, 2016 at 9:53 am

    If nobody wants to trade for Glennon….then it seems that he should be interested in signing a backup contract with us…

    Why would the Bucs want to sign him to a backup deal. They can do much better. Dude has done nothing in 2 years but get worse. That’s a great way to stay in the basement keep signing players that have regressed and were never more than a I think they can get better in the first place. You are acting like Glennon is a proven backup. He has NEVER entered a close game as a back up ever. It takes a special guy to come in relief duty 8 has never been put in that position ONCE yet you guys want to toss around lucky to have him and proven backup…. makes no sense what so ever.

  33. Chris Says:

    Telling ya, Glennon stole TMax’s lunch money when they were kids. Calling the guy garbage? He has at least played his worth of a third round pick. How many other third round qbs have been NFC rookie of the week? Had passer ratings of 137 or better? TJ Yates? Are you kidding me? You need to find a better outlet for your hate. Is he Winston? No. But I gurantee you the Vikings wish they had Glennon instead if a 72 yr old Shaun Hill. Does it really get to you that the Bucs brass, two different GMs and two out of three head coaches obviously think of him more highly than you , you wanna be Fantasy Football GM?

  34. tmaxcon Says:


    I am not sold on Griffin although I do believe he has a higher ceiling and is more athletic. I’d like to see Griffin with first team before I make my judgement. I have seen enough to know that glennon will never lead us to the promise land. As far as inexperience goes Glennon has entered 1 game as a backup and it was a blow out. Starting a game and coming in relief or short week planning is much different and glennon has the same amount of experience doing that has Griffin does.

  35. Chris Says:

    I wish the Vikings would trade for him. Just to shut TMax up.

  36. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Joe do you have a crystal ball or some other means of peering into the future??? What is the basis for a claim like “the Buccs are not contenders this year”. I would love to hear it. Its like y’all see a load of super powers across this league I’m sorry I don’t. I see a legitimate 6 or 7 teams that are good enough to win it all. The Buccs are one of them because of the running game and the ability to rush the passer.

  37. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I’m curious who are the big bad teams in this league that from a talent stand point alone we are not a match for??? Forget coaching and strategy for a moment, just talent. Who in this league has a talent level on they’re roster that greatly exceeds ours.

  38. tmaxcon Says:


    I don’t hate glennon but I am not going to sit here and read the delusional BS that the glennon fans want to spew…. he has done nothing. he made a few plays during his rookie year… so what. all the mob does is make excuses why 8 can’t beat out the likes of mcclown or if he had this or if he had that he would be great. it’s all opinions. as far as your 2 gm claim goes… I highly doubt Licht would have drafted glennon and second he had no choice but to accept and keep glennon. backup qb was the least of any gm’s concerns on a brutally bad basement dweller so that holds no water my friend. glennon has no future in tampa period. it makes no sense for either side. licht biggest mistake is not pulling the trigger sooner.

  39. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    Hell I’m a strong proponent of Glennon’s value to the Bucs in 2016, but if the Vikings offer a 2nd round pick I’d be all for rolling the dice on Jameis staying healthy (God help us if Griffin, at least at his current development, has to take regular season snaps). I’m not sure what the Vikings cap situation is like, but I would think a 6 figure contract for MG is far more appealing to trade for than a 7 figure Sanchez, McCown, or whoever vet. As for the tired and lame no heart, check down nonsense…I’ve come to accept some posters only parrot what someone else who is equally as oblivious at analyzing the QB position says. Actual stats have been provided here many times debunking the check down stuff, but believe what you want. Glennon has a strong arm, throws a nice over the shoulder fade pass, and has a good football IQ. Ask him to scramble or roll to his left and you’re looking at a lost down. I’m glad Licht and Koetter know how to evaluate the QB position (unlike some posters here) and are smart enough to realize they have a valuable asset for cheap $$$

  40. phreakybucfan Says:

    Like I always say, Mike Glennon should be our version of Jason Garrett. Career backups to hall of fame quarterbacks, who eventually become the head coach. Plus they’re both gingers!

  41. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    “No heart = ducking out of bounds before a first down marker and not getting the first down.”


    I’m so glad I’m not the only one that remembers that. I can’t remember the games, but I absolutely remember it happening a couple times. From that moment, I knew he wasn’t going to ever be the guy. He was fighting for a job and he can’t fight for a yard on third down? Completely unacceptable. If you’re Tom Brady, then step out of bounds, but if you’re Mike freaking Glennon, you do everything in your power to get that critical first down.

  42. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    …for the grammar police…throws a nice over the shoulder AND fade pass (as in both passes are in his wheelhouse).

  43. Old Time Buc Says:

    If we could get any decent draft pick for him the Bucs should do the deal. There are better Qb’s around. Glennon has showed naught since he has been here.

  44. sb_demon Says:

    I get the value of a solid back-up QB, but if they can move Glennon for a third rounder pull the trigger and move on. Keeping Glennon means the Bucs basically have to also keep Griffin on the active roster, using a valuable roster spot that could bolster depth somewhere else. Either they get something for him now or let him walk next offseason for nothing …

  45. tmaxcon Says:


    it’s the little things. No I don’t expect Glennon to have the same personality that Winston does. When you star factoring the little things. Winston having to correct receivers for poor effort or route running when it’s Glennon’s reps or the ducking out of bounds play, the poor preseason play, the lack of fire or urgency when he is on the field. Sure he throws a nice ball but that means nothing if the receivers don’t go all out or play with low energy because they don’t have the confidence in you. A lot of Glennon fans are basing their love for What if or If he did not have bad couches, bad lines yadda yaddda yadda versus his actual accomplishments. I have not heard one receiver or back come out and say how lucky they are to have 2 qbs it’s all winston all the time. Glennon does not inspire anyone to greatness.

  46. tmaxcon Says:


    bingo… Dead on

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    NOS….don’t you know it’s always down and out in Tampa Bay for the Joes?

  48. Buc1987 Says:

    tmax….BUT they can’t get a 3rd so he stays….

    The MGM lives on…!

  49. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “I’m curious who are the big bad teams in this league that from a talent stand point alone we are not a match for??? Forget coaching and strategy for a moment, just talent. Who in this league has a talent level on they’re roster that greatly exceeds ours.”


    It’s not about talent. It’s about production. We have a roster full of talented players, but the overwhelming majority of them haven’t produced at the NFL level. They need time. Judging a team off their raw talent is like judging a team based off their preseason performance.

    We aren’t as good as Carolina. They beat our brains out twice last year and they are a division team (so the game should be close). They were 15-1, have 10 Pro Bowlers, and the NFL MVP at QB. We have never beaten Cam Newton. Arizona is better than us. Not even close. Proven coach, proven QB, proven Pro Bowl players all over the roster. Maybe we might perform to the absolute best of our abilities and be able to compete with the second tier teams: Seattle, Green Bay, Minnesota), but we haven’t even been able to beat the third tier teams yet(Rams, Giants,Redskins). And that’s just the NFC teams.

    We’ve finished last in our division for 5 straight years. We haven’t won a playoff game in over 13 years. We change coaches like I change underwear. We have rebuilt our rebuild. It’s great you are enthusiastic (I am too), but there comes a point where you are just being delusional. The St. Louis Rams are the only team I can think of that has ever gone from a really bad team to a Super Bowl the following year, but they had a couple Hall of Famers with a Hall of Fame Coach. We have zero hall of famers and a coach that has never coached a down in the NFL. If you’re right I’ll get your face tattooed on my arm, but it’s just not going to happen this year. I believe next year is the year we start to become a legitimate contender, but not this year.

  50. tmaxcon Says:


    dude you are consistent with your beliefs the bucs can go all the way I am impressed…. you need to share some of the kool-aid my friend. I am very optimistic but dude you got it going on a entire different level… please share the recipe or strain.

  51. MarineBucsFan Says:

    How awesome would it be if we traded Glennon to the Vikings for a pick, Patterson, or combination of both then he resigns with the Bucs as a free agent.

  52. celly Says:


    Please believe, you’re not the only one that remembers that/those games.

    The first time i saw him do that, THAT’S when i realized that he’s not “the one”.

  53. Poor Glennon Says:

    Looks like a couple of respected nfl media guys think he’s worth a 2nd. We gave up a. 3rd and 4th rounder for a middle of the road kicker. We all have biases, players we like or don’t like. That clouds our judgement. Like how much Joe loved Freeman. Glennon came in and threatened to take the starter job. From Joe’s guy (Freeman). Bias established. I have bias too. But i don’t let the masses influence me. I think McCoy is a great player. Not passionate enough. You all say. I’ll wait till they have a game of importance to judge him on that. Mr clutch #3 could hit the broad side of a barn. When we had a chance to make the playoffs last year.

  54. Dreambig Says:

    If they can trade Glennon for anything, they should jump on it. Kind of doubt it though. Been a few years now since he has demonstrated he can play. I can see the scenario that we keep him this year, draft another 3rd round or later QB for a back up next year and let Glennon walk. If he has any hope of competing for a starting gig with another team, he better start playing better. Right now if you had to choose between him and Grif …. flip a coin.

  55. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bucs are in a position of power, so long as it doesn’t go to their heads.

    I say give them Glennon and a 6th rounder for a 3rd and a WR that can catch.

  56. martinii Says:

    According to PFT Buc’s coaches are glad they have 3 QBS. If you were getting a 2 maybe, but it is hard to predict the value of a 3 thru 6 vrs a seasoned back-up QB

  57. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Or even a 4th and a WR. Heck…if the Vikings can offer a GOOD WR, make it an even trade.

  58. Bobby M. Says:

    Nobody is going to trade a 2nd or 3rd round pick for a QB to fill in for one year and then walk in free agency. Glennon won’t agree to an extension because they have Teddy and he would be back in the same situation. So would they trade him for a 4th or 5th?…Doubtful because now they risk being one injury away from the same situation the Vikings are in and you’re essentially trading a starting QB for a low round pick that at best becomes a back up.

    Bucs should have traded him last yr and groomed another back up QB.

  59. tmaxcon Says:


    please explain to me what a seasoned backup is and why a 3rd, 4th or 5th round pick is not better or more valuable than a backup who has played poorly recently and who will walk in less than a year for NOTHING. Again, glennon has not earned any titles he made a couple of decent plays his rookie year and has done nothing but regress therefore the title of seasoned, proven or quality backup does not apply to him. titles are earned not given to players who have done nothing in 2 years.

  60. Cobraboy Says:

    Glennon > Griffin.

    If it can happen to Bridgewater, it can happen to Winston.

    Never sell your depth at QB cheap.

  61. Poor Glennon Says:

    Checkdowns haha if most of the offensive personnel from the team he lead. Are bagging groceries yet still in their 20’s. What does that say. Look at that lineup he had…….horrible. Plus if checking it down was a problem with the coaching staff. They would be benching him. Calling him out for running out of bounds on one play is laughable. How many great QB get chased out of the pocket then run out of bounds for a 3 yard loss. Instead of throwing the ball out of bounds. Or try to get a ball off to avoid a sack. Only to cause a fumble. Or hookslide short of the first down. A 2nd rounder if the Viks make the playoffs. 3rd if they don’t

  62. Buccfan37 Says:

    Licht is no dummy, he knows MG8’s true worth. You that pile on Glennon repeatedly based on a couple of plays are hilarious and clueless.

  63. Dr A Says:

    If they offer a 4th or 5th with Patterson take that all day. But I’m part of the we ain’t getting anything for glennon crowd he simply hasn’t looked good at all lately plus free agent next year so what’s the point means no one in their right mind would trade anything of value for him. I’m sure the vikings are asking themselves what’s the point of trading for a guy like Glennon there’s no way he can lead them to the playoffs and he’ll be gone next year anyways.

  64. Dreambig Says:

    Poor Glennon, The only bias I have against Glennon is that he is not playing like a starting QB in waiting. If he was that guy, he would look like he could push Winston for the starting gig, instead he looks about the same as Griffin who has a ton less experience. Also you can’t compare McCoy to Glennon. One is a #1 pick, one of the best at his position, been a starter since he entered the league and has been to multiple pro bowls. The other is a third round draft pick who could not beat out Josh McCown and is struggling against 2nd and 3rd stringers. That is apples to oranges.

  65. tmaxcon Says:


    I don’t share your opinion obviously. Glennon has not significantly out played griffin. Believe me i am not sold on Griffin but it’s not like there is a clear winner in the battle of bad backups. Griffin has done some good things and some very bad things but so has glennon. Bucs have a lot of holes on the roster and need all the picks they can get. keeping a guy you hope never sees the field coupled with it being highly unlikely you make a legit superbowl run is not the best business in my opinion. even a gamble on a 4th or 5th rounder who you have under contract for 3 or 4 years to evaluate is better busienss than keeping a backup that is not head and shoulders better than the option for 6 months.

  66. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Here’s a thought…

    Bucs could offer a pick and Glennon for Laquon Treadwell?

    Maybe a 2nd and Glennon? Or a 3rd if they bite?


  67. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oh! I know! Give them Glennon and Verner for Laquon Treadwell! We’ll probably get rid of Verner anyway!

  68. tmaxcon Says:


    Those of you who are in denial about how poorly 8 has played the last two years are equally as clueless. You can’t say he is going to be great based on a few years ago when he made a couple of plays but the last couple he has stunk it up against lesser talent. not very good logic. you are a smart man sir. you can’t give glennon credit for a few plays years ago and not hold him accountable for the bad plays recently. that is selective memory and I thought only girlfriends and wives were capable of selective memory…

  69. Dreambig Says:

    Actually it might be counter productive for us to criticize Glenonnon. Just in case anyone from any other teams might visit a blog of amatures just to see what the fans think. In fact I think all Glennon needs is the same opportunity that Brady got when Bleadsoe went out. In fact Winston better stay healhy else he might not get his job back. No way I would part with Glennon with anything less than a early second round to late 1st round. His potential is off the charts. Anyone looking to snag this raw diamond from us should also expect to give up a player or two. Yeah, Yeah, thats the ticket … Glennons really good. I bet there are teams lining up for a shot at him. yeah!

  70. Dave Says:

    I agree.
    3rd or higher TRADE HIM!!!

  71. Dave Says:

    Or maybe they have a WR and 4th to offer

  72. Poor Glennon Says:

    I don’t watch or put any stock into preseason……at all. Preseason stats are for idiots.AJ Mccarron’s stats this preseason are way better than Newtons hahahaha. Preseason phhhhhhhh please.

  73. sb_demon Says:

    The Vikings were a shanked kick from beating Seattle in the playoffs. This is a team built around a nasty Mike Zimmer defense and an elite but aging Adrian Peterson. They don’t need a superman at QB … They need an intelligent player who isn’t going to turn the ball over and can make enough completions to help control the tempo and clock. Look at Bridgewater’s numbers he wasn’t lighting things up. Glennon fits because he has shown the ability to come in as a back-up and at least game manage. He also is young and would be a low cap hit. The question is if they are willing to bring someone in who then has to learn the offense in less than two weeks. Plus the cost has to be reasonable. I cannot see anything more than a 3rd rounder even if they are desperate.

  74. pick6 Says:

    if the bucs think a playoff berth is a real possibility this year, it would be a bad idea to help out a team that looks like a virtual lock to either be a wildcard team or push green bay into a wild card spot

  75. Dreambig Says:

    Wait, Poor Glennon, lets get this straight. You have not watched any preseason games this year? So in other words, you haven’t watched him play this year?

  76. tmaxcon Says:

    Poor Glennon

    you can say preseason is meaningless and for the most part i agree but for players who never see the field preseason is the only chance other than practice to look good so preseason and practice is very important to them.

    preseason is Glennon’s Superbowl considering he has not taken a regular season snap in 2 years.If you stink against 2nd and 3rd stringers you are going to stink against nfl first stringers. glennon has stunk it up….

  77. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Checkdowns haha if most of the offensive personnel from the team he lead. Are bagging groceries yet still in their 20’s. What does that say. Look at that lineup he had…….horrible. Plus if checking it down was a problem with the coaching staff. They would be benching him. Calling him out for running out of bounds on one play is laughable. How many great QB get chased out of the pocket then run out of bounds for a 3 yard loss. Instead of throwing the ball out of bounds. Or try to get a ball off to avoid a sack. Only to cause a fumble. Or hookslide short of the first down. A 2nd rounder if the Viks make the playoffs. 3rd if they don’t”


    Let’s go through this one by one. Yes, he is playing with bad football players. However, doesn’t that also mean he is playing AGAINST horrible players? Funny how you don’t think about that.

    Uh, last I checked they did bench Glennon. If they did believe in him, they wouldn’t have drafted Winston and keep a 3rd QB. When was the last game he started? Not sure what the hell you are talking about???

    You already answered that question for me. How many great QB’s run out of bounds? That’s just it, they are great! They can afford to live another series. When Glennon does it, he was starting due to injury to McClown. That was his chance to keep his job and he runs out of bounds one yard short of a first down he could have easily got. Be great and you can be compared to them. A second stringer should put it all on the line for his team. But you love the guy, so keep making excuses for him.

    If they could have gotten a second, they would have. If they could have gotten a third, they would have. They probably would even take a fourth. There’s no market for him!!!! If there was, he would have been gone by now. There’s no other explanation, no matter how you try to spin things. They are a Super Bowl contending team and they won’t give up a third round pick to get Glennon, but instead are going to roll with Shawn Hill. ‘Nuff said.

  78. Poor Glennon Says:

    Get ready for this Winston fans…………………………..these are REGULAR season career stats.
    GS. TD. INT Pyards. % rating
    Winston. 16. 22. 15. 4042. 58.3. 84.2
    Glennon. 18. 29. 15. 4025. 58.8. 83.7
    That’s pretty close stats. One guy fans want a statue errected for. The other they just want to cut. One guy had a good oline and one of the best running games in the league. The other had a horrible o line and no running game.

  79. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Wait, Poor Glennon, lets get this straight. You have not watched any preseason games this year? So in other words, you haven’t watched him play this year?”


    Of course he hasn’t. He doesn’t need to watch him actually play in the games. He can do so much of a better job evaluating him sit on the bench all of last year. He can evaluate him from his terrible play the year before, or the year before that. Or maybe he is watching him play terribly in camp. Or maybe he went back and saw him play fantastic against Duke.

  80. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “GS. TD. INT Pyards. % rating
    Winston. 16. 22. 15. 4042. 58.3. 84.2
    Glennon. 18. 29. 15. 4025. 58.8. 83.7
    That’s pretty close stats. One guy fans want a statue errected for. The other they just want to cut. One guy had a good oline and one of the best running games in the league. The other had a horrible o line and no running game.”


    LMAO. This is great! I love guys with pocket squares that try to evaluate football players.

  81. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “One guy fans want a statue errected for. The other they just want to cut. One guy had a good oline and one of the best running games in the league. The other had a horrible o line and no running game.”


    And one guy runs for a first down late in the fourth on 3rd and 19 to win a division game, and the other runs out of bounds a yard short on third and 2. One guy made the Pro Bowl as a rookie, the other couldn’t beat Josh McClown. One guy has an entire team believing in him, the other not so much.

  82. BFFL Says:

    I am a MGM member but the argument of who’s better Glennon or Winston is ridiculous. Winston’s leadership and will to win is 2nd to none. This doesn’t mean Glennon sucks but speaks more to just how rare of a talent Winston is.

    Now..for all you Glennon haters..go to hell because you are way off base. Glennon is a very capable backup to lead a team with talent that has a winning culture in place. It’s not his fault he has to play in the preseason with bubble players like receivers that drop the ball, OL that hold and running backs that fumble. When they actually catch the damn ball he looked great (see preseason game 2). I’m growing tired of reading comments from you few Glennon haters now please just shut up..We all know that Winston is better than Glennon.

  83. Broy34 Says:

    Joe–who said the panthers were a SUPERBOWL team on the verge of undefeated..nobody

  84. Broy34 Says:

    And they half a quarter the weapons and defenses are much closer

  85. Defense Rules Says:

    Late to the party today, but it’s quite impressive that we have so many fans who know so much more than 2 guys making about $10 mil a year between them (by the names of Koetter and Licht) to evaluate talent among other things. Mike Glennon obviously has significant value to them and to this team, and I don’t think anyone should judge that value based on 3 preseason games playing behind 2nd & 3rd stringers. When you look at backup QBs around the league, I’d say Mike stacks up pretty well. Certain teams he’d be a poor fit for, but others like Minnesota (heavy run emphasis) he ‘might’ be ideal for. That’s up to Minnesota’s GM & HC to decide, not us. Let the scenario play out … maybe he spends 2016 as our backup QB or maybe a trade happens; who knows? In the end, the only way the Bucs lose on this is if Licht listens to those fans who want to give away a valuable player for next to nothing.

  86. Pickgrin Says:

    Wow – tmax and Hawaiian really proving they need to get a life with the release of the 117th edition of JBF’s “Trade Glennon Now!!” article.

  87. tmaxcon Says:


    maybe if little mikely played better us haters would be quiet. the world is so unfair to little mikey. while other backup quarterbacks with less experience excel ( Dax Prescott for example and there are others) our seasoned, quality, proven, experienced backup looks bad against scrubs. but it’s ok we would not want to hurt anyones little feelings by being honest about his performance….

  88. tickrdr Says:

    Joe and everyone should vote in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune poll.


  89. tmaxcon Says:


    thanks for the poll heads up. buc fans must be hitting it hard.

  90. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I don’t hate Glennon at all, but I just don’t understand the love he gets. Sometimes you have to be a little mean to drive home the point. It’s fantastic if we could sign him to a long term deal to be a backup, but that’s just not going to happen. No team is going to trade for him to be their starter, especially when they can get him next year for nothing.

  91. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Defense Rules,

    I’m totally happy with Glennon as a backup. If he had 3 more years on his contract, I wouldn’t get rid of him for anything less than a second. However, that’s not the case. It’s clear those two guys making the money know he’s going to be gone, or Griffin wouldn’t be here. But just because he is still on the team doesn’t mean they don’t want to trade him. Now they shouldn’t give him away because if he walks after this year the Bucs will still get a compensatory pick. However, if you can get a third or a high 4th, that could be the difference next year in being able to move up in the first to get the guy you want.
    Zero guarantee of a compensatory pick. Bucs haven’t had one in many years. Can’t be a factor. –Joe

  92. Poor Glennon Says:

    Tmax luves him some preseason. Wow curtus painter threw 4 Td…….trade for him. I bet you were aboard the “bradys done” wagon after his sketchy preseason. Lets see how bad this undrafted FA linebacker is in coverage. Slant over the middle goes for 80 yards. Ya he is that bad. But he has potential as a run stopper. Lets put him on the practice squad and if he plays it will only be on first downs. Experiments thats what preseason is about. Some teams try a little harder to win in preseason. They need to sell hope like the preseason dynasty in Philadelphia haha. I remember a team looking great in preseason 4-0. Then went 0-16. Your just as likely to be a good team if your

  93. sb_demon Says:

    There is no urgency to trade Glennon. If a team makes a good offer I’d get what I could as long as it was reasonable. Glennon is not the future of the team. No hate there, just don’t see the Bucs matching or beating another teams offer next offseason when he’s a free agent. It’s a long unpredictable season maybe Jameis gets injured, maybe Glennon does … Having him on the roster guarantees nothing more than he’s taking up a roster spot and could be back-up option if he’s healthy and needed … Doesn’t mean wins, losses or anything else.

  94. DrHoagy Says:

    No team in their right mind would give up a second round pick for a one year fix so PLEASE STOP with that train of thought. Has anybody considered what round the compensatory pick would be if Glennon walks? I have read 4th or 5th round on national sites so it makes no sense to trade him for less than a 3rd and I still wouldn’t do it.

  95. LakeLandBuc Says:

    lol delusional Buc fans thinking they can get a draft pick for Mike Glennon. The Bucs couldn’t get a 7th round pick for Glennon, he’s a bum.

  96. 813bucboi Says:

    when the news broke yesterday I said we have to trade him….but after reading some comments on here, I say screw the vikes and let their season go down the drain….as some have mentioned we will be battling with them for a wild card spot so why help them….the only way I agree to a trade is if its a second and Patterson….other wise screw em….GO BUCS!!!!

  97. tmaxcon Says:

    so what the vikes are in the same conference. The bucs would be lucky to play against Glennon as much as possible. Try to give him to a division opponent nothing in return needed. Facing Glennon twice a year would be a dream come true for any bucs defensive coordinator.

  98. Dave Pear Says:


    Glennon is leading the poll as of now with 28%
    G. Smith-6%

    9346 total votes

  99. Dreambig Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the poll. Now I can wear a “I Voted” sticker.

  100. Poor Glennon Says:

    Rothesberger goes down week one. Out for the season. His backup stinks the place out and is visibly overwelmed. Options…The known stop gaps Sanchez, McCown etc. These guys have had there shot and failed numerous times with different teams. Or the unknown Glennon and i say unknown because the team around him. In 2013 and 2014 was so bad. That compiling a 2-1 td- Ins nothing less than impressive. It is and allways will be a win now league. No team is throwing in the towel in week 3. If giving up a third rounder gives you a chance to save the season. Thats what you do. Picking him up in the offseason. Does nothing for you next Sunday. Sit on him. If 3 starters go down in the first 5 weeks. You’ll get your second rounder.

  101. Pete Mitchell Says:

    So many words… Interested to see if he plays tonight. If he does that means he there are zero talks of a trade. Right???

  102. DB55 Says:


    Lmao! Some of these posters are SOOOO COMPLETELY CLUELESS.

    #factsonfactsonfacts #youreanidiot #youmustbestupid #ineedanotherdrinkcuzimanalcholicwhothinksheknowsbutdontknowjack

  103. DB55 Says:


    Mike is crushing the competition only bc he really really sucks. Hahaha

    Now if we can get Patterson out the deal we got a WR and a returner. That works!!!

  104. celly Says:

    Poor Glennon Says:
    August 31st, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    Get ready for this Winston fans…………………………..these are REGULAR season career stats.

    You forgot the most important stat:

    Glennon 5 wins, 13 losses in 3 years.
    Winston 6 wins, 10 losses in 1 year.

    When Winston was drafted, the one thing i said was that “Winston will have more wins in his FIRST year than Glennon has his entire career.”

  105. HIRE JIMBO Says:

    You heard it hear first. Mark my words Landry Jones from The Steelers goes to the Vikings by trade. Pittsburgh just claimed Mettenburger on waivers, and he is a big Ben clone. No need for 3 qbs. Jones will be on the move.

  106. Poor Glennon Says:

    Anyway you look at it. Glennon is in the spotlight tonight. Who knows maybe Denver steps up. So if your blogin nationally. Remember your selling. If your selling a car you don’t say “oh, did you see the dent over here”. No you stand in front of the dent and talk about the car. Everybody is a mob member for a day. If you have to resort to “he’s better than Winston”….do it!!!! With glee.