“He Doesn’t Latch On To A Tackle”

August 25th, 2016


No, rookie Noah Spence didn’t wow the football world in his second preseason game like he did in his first. But he still is highly impressive says one former Bucccaneer.

Joe’s talking about film guru Anthony Becht, a 12-year veteran of the NFL and a former Bucs tight end who calls college games for ESPN and works for the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Becht hopped on WDAE-AM 620 yesterday and shared his happy scouting report on the Bucs’ second-round pick — the one who doesn’t kick the ball.

“Everything you’ve seen on film and everything he’s done has been promising,” Becht said of Spence. “He’s got a great motor. Obviously, from a pass rush standpoint, he’s got a tremendous skill set. The run game is a work in progress, but he still fights and tries to be good at it and wants to be good at. That’ll be something he’ll be tested in.

“As far as getting to a quarterback, you got to love his activity, hands, arm movement. I’ve said it before, he doesn’t latch on to a tackle. He’s always constantly keeping his body in a separation where, you know, he’s got the advantage and not the tackle.

“That’s hard to teach sometimes. He came in with that skill. Now, [defensive line] Coach Hayes is just kind of sharpening the tools in the shed here.”

Joe surely will keep a watchful eye on Spence against the Browns on Friday. However, Joe’s not sure there will be a ton to judge.

Pro Bowl Browns left tackle Joe Thomas is not expected to play. Cleveland has been keeping him in bubble wrap this summer.

14 Responses to ““He Doesn’t Latch On To A Tackle””

  1. ChanEpic Says:

    “As far as getting to a quarterback, you got to love his activity, hands, arm movement. ”
    Yep, everyone I’ve spoken to and who is paying attention says the exact same thing. We all see it.

  2. teacherman777 Says:

    Kung Fu Master!

    Spawn lives!!!! (Shout out to whoever coined this nickname.

    Jah protect all our Boyzz!

    Especially mi amigo Roberto!

    Vamos Buccaneros!

  3. gulfcoast Says:

    Spence will be special. Mark it down. Happy we landed this kid… Go Bucs.

  4. DB55 Says:

    constantly keeping his body in a separation where, you know, he’s got the advantage and not the tackle.
    I don’t understand what he means by this.

  5. 813bucboi Says:

    @db55…forcing the tackle to lunge at him which makes the tackle off balance…with his hands and quickness it keeps tackles lunging and guessing what move he’s going to use(inside, outside, bull rush)…advantage spence…GO BUCS!!!

  6. Cold Brews Says:

    One time, at UGA, I was with many girls and she also had nice activity, hands, arm movement like this Noah Spense. But cold brews was also like the tackle, she kept her body in separation and and he couldn’t take advantage.

    If this Noah spence guy “bends at the point of contact” or “plays stiff” Joes, cold brews is going to have far too many college flash backs

  7. Lunchbox Says:

    DB55…..I don’t get it either. Prior to the draft, I was shouting for us to get Shaq Lawson. In retrospect, with his injury I guess I am glad we didn’t get him. But one of the main reasons I loved his game was his textbook tackling technique. Wrap them up and drive them to the ground.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m VERY glad we got Spence. Looks like Licht hit this one out of the park, but this quote by Becht makes it sound like he doesn’t commit to the tackle, and that’s a good thing?? I must be misunderstanding something here.

  8. Lunchbox Says:

    Oh and Cold Brews, Lunchbox thinks it’s pretty tired and old to speak of yourself in the third person, even with the Joes. But this is their site, and kinda their writing style, so who is Lunchbox to bust on them for that?

    But for everyone else on here that does it, Lunchbox thinks it’s pretty lame.

  9. DB55 Says:

    I’m so stupid I thought he was referring to a tackle (verb) not the tackle (noun). I thought he was saying Noah can’t tackle.

  10. Sacbuc$ Says:

    Off topic: Joe is Josh Robinson getting over looked because of VH3 success. Didn’t we pick him up in FA and sign him to a contract. I’ve been watching tape I don’t think I seen a pass completed on him. He got Sterlings number so the organization and fans must be giving him the same kind of love. Lol

    Another thing: Tell me why Cassonova didn’t get but a few snaps if that in the preseason. Now we waived him when I read articles that said he made a few hard tackles on players in training camp. I seen him lay somebody out on Buc.com so what happened?

    We don’t need any depth at WR know why?.. because we got to 50 TE’s. This the first time in History I can say we might have quality back ups at some positions.

    Last and not least..Go get at Michael Bennett he not happy bring him home give him what he want. Will Golston Jack or Akeem can go with the deal. Dline fixed angry and beasting on these fools.

  11. Mojiska Says:

    @ lunchbox and coldbrews-

    Remember when everyone was talking in 3rd person a few years ago on here? If you complain about it, everyone will probably start doing it. I found it all amusing tho.

  12. Owlykat Says:

    Michael Bennet burned his bridges when he left the Bucs. He also is a malcontent who puts himself above the team. We don’t need selfish players.
    Spence on the other hand is all about self improvement and perfecting his craft
    and knows the Bucs will really reward him when he becomes our double digit sacker.

  13. Biggens Bachman Says:

    ROBOT HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

  14. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    I think Noah Spence will finally make Buc fans forget about the name Michael Bennet. Dude has IT. U can tell he’s gonna be something special. And it looks like it isn’t gonna take a whole lot of time to display those talents.