Backup Night For Alterraun Verner

August 27th, 2016
Inexpensive Johnthan Banks, or very expensive Alterraun Verner?

Decent chance Johnthan Banks and Alterraun Verner won’t be teammates next week.

On Thursday, Joe outraged many Bucs fans writing that Alterraun Verner’s career as a Buccaneer was fading fast and things might be setting up for Verner to get released — or be squeezed into a restructured contract.

Nothing really changed against the Browns last night. Verner barely had any snaps in the first half, as Vernon Hargreaves and Brent Grimes manned the outside corner positions, and Verner wasn’t called upon inside.

It would be surprising if the Bucs carried six cornerbacks on the final roster. Hey Jude Adjei-Barimah appears to the No. 3, while versatile free agent cornerback Josh Robinson (25 years old, four seasons with the Vikings, and known for special teams) has obvious value.

Johnthan Banks is only due about $850,000 this season, whereas Verner would be paid about $7 million if he sticks around.

Big decisions are forthcoming for general manager Jason Licht, as injuries appear to have the Bucs more poised to keep extra bodies on the offensive line and at linebacker and receiver, rather than at cornerback. Keep in mind rookie fourth-round pick, safety Ryan Smith, played corner in college and could be used there in an emergency.

Also, the Bucs have a lot of live bodies on the defensive line, and they might not be so quick to part with a bubble guy like defensive end Howard Jones.

The first wave of roster cuts is set for Tuesday.

33 Responses to “Backup Night For Alterraun Verner”

  1. BennyBucs Says:

    How did VHG3 do last night on the outside?? How was Donovan Smith holding up?

  2. BennyBucs Says:

    Nevermind, I’ve found an article answering the questions that I asked. The number crunchers over at PFF are singing their praises to the bucs. They absolutely adore VHG3

  3. SB with Jameis Says:

    I’m re-watching the game right now and VJ was held big time on that first drive that caused us to punt. Don’t know how the refs missed it.

  4. Chris Says:

    I really don’t see Verner being cut. The way it looked last night, Verner came in on Nickel packages and played the outside and VH3 moved to the slot. He’s a good player. No need to cut pro bowl talent (yes it’s been a while). Why would we do that? (Revis!)

  5. orlbucfan Says:

    Banks is MUCH better than Verner, and has always been. He hardly got on the field last night. Hopefully, Smith isn’t dumb. He’ll keep him as a backup. Smith lets Banks go and it will be another loss. Just like the D guy who’s a big talent now in Seattle.

  6. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I think bucs fans are just hesitant dropping quality depth. Sure he gets paid a lot but he can help us out if we hit the injury bug.

    But you brought some good points… I’d rather keep an extra d lineman or o lineman. I’d also rather have an extra WR. If we are overloading at other positions, then keeping AV at his price tag doesnt look as good. Thanks Joe for the indepth analysis.

    But the other point to make is whether the bucs like banks or verner more. If they think verner is even slightly better then we should keep Verner and drop banks. (Side note: 1 traded banks and George Johnson for WR Jeff Janis on my madden franchise) it just doesnt look like Banks wants to be on this team.

  7. Buc4Lyfe79 Says:

    Franchise Worst and near league record setting pass defense last year w/ a “defensive minded coach” at the helm, but with Licht already paying #83 HUGE this year, I’m sure Alteraun’s current deal and the quality depth he adds to help keep from repeating last years horrible pass D are forefront in Licht’s mind…Unless you think you’re reading far into your own tea leaves.

  8. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    SB, the VJax play was within 5 yards of the line and the defender gets his hands on his body, but I can’t tell if he grabs his jersey for a second. I think it was a good no-call.

  9. LakeLandBuc Says:

    The Bucs would be stupid to cut Banks, Banks is a man cover corner. I like him better than Grimes and VH3 in man coverage, and his salary is low. Get rid of Verner and create more cap space to bring in a veteran WR and Safety. Also we need Banks height in man coverage, we seen what Josh Gordon did to Grimes last night, keep Banks.

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    Obviously up to the coaches, but I’d still be very surprised (and dismayed) if the Bucs release or trade Verner. Not convinced that he’s lost his starting job for one thing (tend to think that Smitty wanted to see how Hargreaves would do against the Browns’ starters). For another, Verner’s looked pretty good I think in preseason. Makes no sense to get rid of a quality 27-year-old CB to save a measly $7 mil in the Bucs’ situation. There’s a reasonable chance Banks won’t be re-signed next year, and who knows how long Grimes will be able to perform as a starting CB. Plus injuries WILL happen, unfortunately, and the Bucs need to be prepared. Hopefully now that the media’s Roberto Aguayo witch hunt has died down, they don’t start turning on Alterraun Verner for their next hunt.

  11. orlbucfan Says:

    Keep Banks over Verner, Mike Smith. He’s another potential Michael Smith scenario. Verner is too erratic. Go Mighty Bucs!!

  12. orlbucfan Says:

    My bad: It’s Michael Bennett. 🙂

  13. SB with Jameis Says:

    Wow Benny wasn’t kidding about PFF loving VH3
    “Hargreaves is our highest-graded corner this preseason, and his 0.04 yards per coverage snap allowed is far and away the league’s best mark.”

  14. DB55 Says:


    VHG3 has so much respect or skills that they only the the ball in his direction once from what I saw. It was incomplete by the way, excellent coverage.

    Donovan Smith is dominating the left side. It’s always a good sign when you don’t hear your left tackles name all game.

  15. unbelievable Says:

    Defense Rules nailed it.

    Maybe he hasn’t had a ton of splash plays but Verner has been really solid, just not flashy. I think we need Banks bc of his height and his low expense. Unless there is a trade offer, I don’t think we cut Verner. This team doesn’t need the money that would be saved, and injuries always happen.

  16. DB55 Says:

    Cut Jude and Verner. Keep Banks and Robinson. Banks the best of the bunch BY FAR!!!

    Any combination of VHG3, Grimes and Banks works well for me.

    Now let’s get a safety that understands the concept of help over the top. And maybe one that doesn’t get run-over by every tom, dick and Harry that carries the ball.

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    Real simple folks..If you got better? You let’em both go. If not? You keep both of’em. I’ve never had a lot of confidence in either of them.

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    After re-watching the game to double check, Verner played quite a bit in the first half. Banks and Grimes were the outside corners, but when they went nickel, Verner took the outside and Hargreaves played the slot. I love this philosophy because it gets the 3 best corners on the field, but keeps Verner from having to play the slot, where he clearly struggles. I know it’s a lot of money to pay a part time player, but as I keep saying we aren’t in the position to get rid of guys that can play, not to mention the fact that we all know injuries will happen and he will be critical depth.

  19. mike10 Says:

    Idk Joe, hard to say at this point. Last thing we want is to be in the position we were last yr, pulling Burn Jennings off waivers. We’ve got quality depth that has taken years to build. And did u see Grimes last night? He plays like that the first 3 games this yr, he’s on the bench and maybe released… Tough call but I think you’re paying him

  20. BennyBucs Says:

    I really hope Donovan holds up this season. He’s been a rollercoaster

  21. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    I feel bad for players this time of the year with the cuts. I saw last night when Joe had tweeted about Banks and Banks just snapped right back saying he’ll find a job elsewhere..

    Ugh..hate to see anyone go but I know it’s the nature of the business..

  22. SB with Jameis Says:

    Yes after re watching it, Grimes was Definitely pushed in the back by Gordon

  23. bucs_fan13 Says:

    Verner had a sick roll flip up in the endzone on that breakup if that means anything lol.

  24. gotbbucs Says:

    VH3 will start, that’s for sure. He absolutely blanketed everybody he coversed last night.

    I would not cut Verner. Banks and Jude haven’t shown me enough yet.

  25. SOEbuc Says:

    When it comes down to cuts to the 53, whether it be Banks or verner, I’m not taking either one over Howard Jones. VH3 has been killin it.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Verner would be paid about $7 million if he sticks around”

    Didn’t he already get $2 million or so of that?

  27. BucsFanInChina Says:

    Trade Vernor or keep him. Doesn’t seem that the Bucs are strapped for cash, and unless they plan on making any big-money move before the season what would be the benefit of not keeping Verner on the roster over a guy like Josh Robinson? If he’s an expensive CB3 then so be it

  28. BucsFanInChina Says:

    This is what you call having a good problem. Slam dunk on VH3, the best corner of preseason, Mr. Licht

  29. Tbbucs3 Says:

    I wouldn’t cut Verner with the way Brent grims played last night. Our corner depth is not that strong to just be throwing away solid players. Cut Robinson, what has he done besides run a 4.3 in a combine.

  30. Dewey Selmon Says:

    If you cut Banks or Vener someone is going to get injured the next game. Too late, they were claimed on waivers. now what?

  31. cmurda Says:

    Howard Jones, D Bowers, Verner. I don’t know. If it wasn’t about the money, I wouldn’t let Verner go, but it is and I would.

  32. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    I’ve been telling very one that Verner has been on the bubble (wich Joe is confirming) and no one wants to believe me. I say they keep Banks who is alot cheaper and younger than the unreliable Verner. And HoJo being cut??? Don’t think so. He has been a content terror of the edge. Dont see him going anywhere Joe.

  33. DPewter Says:

    Banks is our slowest CB and lacks quick feet. That said he is actually better than is measurable talent would signify.

    I am not sure how Josh Robinson is a lock, but in my personal opinion from the camps I’ve been to and the preseason games I’ve watched and re watched this is my pecking order: VH3, Grimes, Verner, Banks, Jude, Robinson.

    Jude and Verner are both better in practice than in games while the contra is true for Banks.