Humphries Breaks Out

August 26th, 2016
adam humphries

Adam Humphries (11) outraces Marlon Moore of the Browns on his punt return for a touchdown Friday. (Photo courtesy of

A lot of Bucs fans scoffed last year and this past offseason whenever Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht talked up wide receiver Adam Humphries.

One reader of Joe’s even gave the Clemson product the moniker of “Rudy Humphries,” which Joe purloined.

If the Bucs had better depth at wide receiver last year, then Humphries, Joe and others reasoned, would never have seen the field. He was an undrafted free agent, was cut early in the season, and he looked more like Doug Flutie’s bigger nephew than an NFL receiver.

When Bucs coach Dirk Koetter named Humphries the No. 3 wide receiver three weeks ago, many fans groaned and begged for Licht to go sign Roddy White.

Yes, Joe was on the same train.

Well, tonight against the Browns, Humphries had answers for all the doubters. He had two catches for 39 yards, targeted three times with one drop. But his big play was a 73-yard punt return in the first quarter to put the Bucs up 17-3.

“That’s what he does, he just makes plays,” America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston said at halftime. “He’s amazing.”

Humphries, like his humble self, downplayed his play. “It is important to contribute to this team in any way I can.”

16 Responses to “Humphries Breaks Out”

  1. This Guy Right Here Says:

    If Jameis is ‘America’s QB’, then Hump is the ‘American Dream’.

    He wasnt blessed with the size, talent, or high draft status as….. ASJ??? But gotdamn, he makes up for it in his GRIND! On top of that, its good to see the way Jameis got behind him last year… That born leader of ours… He recognized the same grind in his dude, that he has in himself… This whole thing is a thing of beauty… What we’re witnessing here… With the exception of ASJ who just may never get it… But these dudes are elevating their game, and its gonna be fun watching this sh!t unfold… Go Bucs

  2. Rod Munch Says:

    Why would anyone want Roddy White on this team? Did you actually watch him play last year, the guy is old and very very slow. Sure Roddy can catch but that doesn’t mean much if you can’t get open.

    Humphries plays an important role in the slot but I think most of the WR concern has to do with Evans or Jackson going down, there is no replacement for one of those guys and the depth falls off a cliff in that situation.

  3. JMicSoundsNice Says:

    I’m gonna purloin the American Dream…thanks This Guy Right Here

  4. Brion Says:

    This is the epitome of homer-ism and hyberbole. This guy makes no roster save ours. Remember that photo last year with him and his idol Welker? It was shocking how much Wes DWARFED him. It’s great that you work hard and never give up and blah blah blah….. But this isn’t the NBA- the league is not cannot pretend Steve Nash is a star for a few more fans.

  5. Lev Says:


  6. orlbucfan Says:

    HAR-HAR-HAR, Joe!! SNORT! I’ve been a Humphries’ fan since the first preseason game last year. Why? Cos of his hands. If a wide receiver CAN’T CATCH the ball, nothing else matters! Not only was AH catching the ball, he was doing it over the middle! He didn’t have fumble-itis. So what, if he’s short. There have been midgets in the NBA, who have gone on to become legit All-Stars. That said, Go Tampa Bay!!

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    So what if you have a big punt return against the Browns, they do stink, probably a strong contender for the first overall pick in next years draft. Humphries catches most of the passes thrown at him, what more can anyone ask him to be? Bigger faster stronger? Jameis throws and Hump catches, another connection that shows no signs of slowing down.

  8. Marlow1976 Says:

    The hump will get open, the hump will catch the damn ball, the hump will secure the ball. As long as Jackson and Evans stay healthy the hump will have a great season, because teams will be defending the 6’5″ guys first. The hump is in the perfect situation for his skill set and we need to enjoy it while it lasts.

  9. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Right on Marlow!

  10. Kevin Says:

    Where is Realist at???!!!!!!

    Yeah buddy you cant deny the humph….ITS HUMPH DAY BABY!!!

    “Humpries is no Wes Welker”


  11. SOEbuc Says:

    Joe, if Louis Murphy makes the roster, do you know when he is suppose to return?

  12. bucs_fan13 Says:

    I only saw him miss one catch. Incredible day of beasting out by Humphries!

  13. Danthebucfan Says:

    2 catches for 39 yards, I’m cool with that!

  14. "That guy" Says:

    I’ve said already that humphries does his job and deserves a roster spot. 27 receptions for 260 yards and 1 touchdown. Let’s see him play a full year in the slot with Jackson and Evans taking some heat off of him.

  15. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Shout out from Joe what you know about that! As the giver of the name Rudy because of the unwarranted love thrown his way even though he didn’t do much the name Rudy from the movie very much fits him. A short white guy who no one gave a breath of a chance but thru his hard work he made believers out of the whole team. Well last night Mr. Adam Humphries made a believer out of me! He would have had 1 more catch but Fameis was a little high but he had to on that one. I don’t normally use nicknames because others use it but Koetter calls him Hump I call him Hump. I called him Rudy being derogatory but not anymore. I see why Fameis and the coaches trust him. Wednesday isn’t humpday anymore. Sundays are HUMP DAAYYY!!!!!! He did all that in one half imagine a whole game!

  16. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    You know Brion foul way to throw shade on a bright spot of last night. Did you even watch the game? I live in Norfolk Va. and got that chance. Granted he is no Welker and he was undrafted but many players go undrafted and eventually turn into solid players. The NFL isn’t solely made up of superstars you know. With support from Fameis and the whole team Hump will be one of those guys.