Vincent Jackson And The “Bang 8”

July 17th, 2016

VincentJacksonA little history lesson here of particular interest to Vincent Jackson fans.

The Star-Tribune in Minnesota took a deep look inside Norv Turner’s evolving offense and got into a discussion of Turner’s “Bang 8” route, a go-to play to Michael Irvin with the Cowboys years ago, and later to Vincent Jackson in San Diego. But now, routes sending wide receivers over the middle of the field have become unpopular with league playcallers. The full story is linked here,

Post routes have been utilized less and less throughout the league, though, over the past couple of decades. Last season, only one of every 20 throws in the NFL was to a receiver running a post, according to Pro Football Focus. The Arizona Cardinals — with big, Minnesota-bred wideouts in Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd — threw the most with 68, an average of one post in every eight throws.

“Arizona has success with it with their big receivers. They do a great job with formations to get the route run,” Turner said, adding, “It’s still a good play.”

Then why has the Bang 8 become such a seldom-used passing play?

Irvin theorized that today’s receivers simply aren’t courageous enough to regularly venture over the middle, a boast that made Turner chuckle when it was relayed to him a couple of days later. Turner instead pointed to modern defenses straying away from simple coverages that have a single deep safety.

Greg Cosell, the senior producer at NFL Films and noted game-tape junkie, respectfully disagreed, chalking it up to a shift in quarterback play. The Bang 8 route is predominantly thrown with the quarterback under center because of the precise timing required to complete the throw — step, step, step, step, step, then, bang, the ball is out. But most NFL offenses, morphing toward the spread attacks used at the high school and college levels, put the quarterback in the shotgun on more than half of their snaps.

First, it’s always fun to see three different NFL experts disagree on the same point. And you wonder why Joe distrusts the PFF Tribe, who employs film watchers with little or no football experience.

Second, this story further illustrates why Jackson is a massive key to this Bucs season. He can run a post route successfully and fully complement Mike Evans. Hell, V-Jax can operate efficiently in the slot, if he must. Without V-Jax, the Bucs are a deficient offense that’s much easier to defend, as evidenced last year when V-Jax missed half the season with knee injuries.

8 Responses to “Vincent Jackson And The “Bang 8””

  1. DB55 Says:

    No doubt vjax can do it all but sending him on post routes through the middle is the fastest way for him to get hurt. Isn’t that the route where he got hurt last year? Plus def are being coached to hit low now.

    Make no mistake these guys are going to throw deep and do it often. Koetter is trying to score 60 points a game.

  2. Buccaneers Says:

    V-jax staying fresh is big. But it doesnt have to define our offense. We have other players on the roster who can step up.

  3. Bob in Valrico Says:

    not sure if bang 8 takes 8 seconds or not,if so a lot of QB’s would getting the bang before the ball is released.There a lot of three step drops today to and Shotgun to prevent that.Bang 8 would require O line able to hold up their man
    long enough for play to develop.Don’t think our o-Lineman are there yet.

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    VJ does get lost by the defense in open spaces sometimes. That knack itself guarantees catches.

  5. SB with Jameis Says:

    I was just telling my best friend today on the phone that I believe this is how we beat Carolina. They lost Josh Norman and have Leonard Johnson competing for the Nickle role.
    5 step drop for JW and let the 50/50 ball fly!

  6. chromolly Says:

    I love Jackson…Outside of Joey Galloway he’s my favorite of all time..Tampa is going to knock some heads this year..Be excited people M’Clown and coach my scheme sucks is not here anymore..Addition by subtraction

  7. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Like others have said, jax is getting injury prone. His long legs are vulnerable to those low hits when he goes across the middle. Certaibly he is able to run thw route and be a minster in that role. But when that pip squeek safety goes at his knees, we lose jac for 4 weeks. It’s not worth it to use jax in that capacity anymore. At least not all the time.

    I do hope we find some new blood in training camp, this wr depth chart is scaring me (not in the good way)

  8. Duke Says:

    Bob in Valrico,

    I’m not sure how you connected 8 to 8 seconds. The #8 is the route. The timing for the throw is 2-2.5 seconds from the snap. You’re right about the Bucs line or any line being able to hold a pocket for 8 seconds.