VJax Sounds Ready To Roll

June 21st, 2016
Really excited for 2016.

Really excited for 2016.

You could hear the enthusiasm in his voice yesterday.

Bucs stud wide receiver Vincent Jackson took to the airwaves of “The Blitz,” co-hosted by Bruce Murray and former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik, heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio. Jackson is always a glass-half-full kind of guy. But on this day, not only did Jackson say the right things as he always does, but the tone in his voice was different.

It sounded like Jackson wanted to start playing yesterday afternoon.

“I couldn’t be more excited,” Jackson said. “I am really impressed, man. Our management did a great job bringing in some great players through the draft and free agency, but more importantly, I think we got things tightened up with our leadership.

“Our coaching? I am absolutely a fan of Dirk Koetter and all the guys he brought in around him. They are legit.”

Jackson made no secret he was geeked to learn the Bucs were able to keep Dirk Koetter running the pirate ship.

It’s an important year for Jackson. He is in the final year of his contract. A solid season and you can bet Koetter will lean on Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht to re-sign Jackson.

Jackson also discussed what’s different in Jameis, outside of his weight loss, as he enters his second year in the NFL.

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22 Responses to “VJax Sounds Ready To Roll”

  1. Patrick in VA Says:

    Has anyone read or heard any of the players that were on the team last year say anything other than that there has been a dramatic improvement in the quality of coaching? Obviously, we’ve all been through a number of coaching changes as Bucs fans, but I can’t recall a single time when we’ve had a change and the sentiment the following year to a man was that things are significantly better this year than last. I think that says a lot. Especially when you’ve got people like GMC, David, and Martin who have never known good coaching in the NFL. For it to stand out that much to them is interesting.

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    “I think we got things tightened up with our leadership”. VJax and Bucs fans are on the same page. Glory be!

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Time will tell…Koetter is currently 0-0 as a head coach. But ya gotta like his chances. Licht’s teams have two years of bad records but his drafting has been excellent and what a difference in FA’s since Lovie left the building.

    There is a genuine possibility that the reason players are so impressed has as much to do with Koetter and Smith and Hayes excellence as much as Lovie’s pathetic performance. We may be on the cusp of a real run of excellence!

    Yeah for many the key word there is MAY be great. I’m a fan so I say eff it…we WILL be great!

  4. 813bucboi Says:

    @Patrick..heard that before after schiano…when lovie came in players were saying how this staff knows how to coach professionals and how the staff treated them like men….came out of gmc’s mouth himself….nothing new…same ol offseason hype….

    @stpete said it best and i’ll continue to say it….”Time will tell…Koetter is currently 0-0 as a head coach”….singing dirk praise before he wins a game is like buying a lotto ticket and then quitting your job….we have to wait and see the results before you can say how much better it is…

    the biggest difference is what @buccfan37 quoted…everyone is following jameis the true leader of the team….time will tell….I hope we make the playoffs…regardless of what happens i’ll die a buc….GO BUCS!!!!

  5. Erik w/ Clean Athletics 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans' Says:

    VJAX (and everyone else on the team) can FEEL IT.




    Place your bets, gentlemen (and ladies).

  6. DallasBuc Says:

    Koetter and the guys he brought in around him are legit, or in other words, not incompetent which is all Jackson has seen since he has been here.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Love that VJax is so positive about this season. And you can sense that in how virtually all of the Bucs are responding in interviews. What’s different about this season I’m convinced is LEADERSHIP, on and off the field. Dirk Koetter is a proven commodity, as is Mike Smith and almost all of the assistant coaches. And we now have excellent and enthusiastic leadership on both sides of the ball on the field in Jameis and Kwon and a number of others. Now it’s just a matter of how fast it can all come together on game days.

  8. BigHogHaynes Says:

    They just saying what the masses want to hear!

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    I think the ALL WORLD STAFF made him do it.

  10. tmaxcon Says:


    They just saying what the masses want to hear!


    Not true… You are just and ignorant fool with an agenda. As soon as you accept what a horrible coach Lovie is / was you might be able to find peace. Until then I suggest you go back to where you belong….


  11. I know why Says:

    VJax is less than 900 yards from having the most receiving yards in Buccaneer history. Curse that Rock Star

  12. Maze Says:

    Love it. Can’t wait for this Koetter led season to begin

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    I know why Says:

    “VJax is less than 900 yards from having the most receiving yards in Buccaneer history. Curse that Rock Star”

    That’s a tall order considering all the dynamic WR’s the Bucs have had over it’s history. Oh whatever…

  14. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Ignorant fool? Tmaxcon, whenever I disagree with you, you go HAM, what is your agenda? I still use the term BACK-STABBER, did my research on the coaching staff, I can no longer use Lilly White to describe them and maybe I’ll give up ALL WORLD STAFF, but not at this time. Never been to prideful to right a wrong of my own doing, but I never will back down from jackasses, I learned a long time ago they are harmless!

  15. Bob in Valrico Says:

    vjax is optimistic because we have a coaching staff that will let the players play to win the game.Conservative playcalling,rarely wins in the nfl..

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    Deleting comments Joe?

    C’mon man we’re just bored.

  17. BigHogHaynes Says:

    ^^^^dont you get it your verberage is boring!

  18. Pickgrin Says:

    Aside from Simeon Rice (who stands alone in Bucs history with the highest levels possible of productivity and who was also totally unique for a FA situation in that he – a legit star DE – played his 1st year with the Bucs for peanuts because he WANTED to be here that bad), Vincent Jackson is the best Free agent the Bucs have ever wooed and won.

    Vjax’ on field production, experience, leadership and “good example” of how a real pro and a good person handles his business have all been exemplary.

    When you pay big bucks for a FA – THIS is what you are hoping for – and although Dom deserves every snide comment he gets for failing to find enough talent for this franchise – acknowledgement of success is due in the case of signing Vincent Jackson.

    I would not be at all surprised to see VJax be successful and productive in the NFL for another 3-5 years. I believe he will prove his worth in spades yet again for the Bucs on the field in 2016 – and hopefully Licht can work out a deal to keep VJax here after this season is over.

    Honoring his full contract even though VJax is obviously overpaid at this point in his career will hopefully give the Bucs a leg up on re-signing him to a fair 2-3 year extension and/or new contract.

  19. DB55 Says:

    did my research on the coaching staff, I can no longer use Lilly White to describe them
    Dude I’d say you’ve lost all credibility but you never had any to begin with and people are laughing at you. You should go to SB nation and chat with Sander you two are two peas in a pod. Completely clueless!!!!


  20. BigHogHaynes Says:

    DB55: I’m not the one who needs you to believe in me but I did my research and now here come, I sure as hell ain’t looking for you to give me credibility unless you can spend that like money. This is the only site I’ve ever been on, tell me why would I let you even try to force me out! Oh yea, haven’t had a drink in 3yrs!!

  21. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Old and broken… The WR’s will be our downfall this year!

  22. Danati74 Says:

    I don’t think our WR’s will be the death of us. However it is time for them to put up or shut up. Evans did have a decent year last year and has been working with Jameis to build chemistry. VJax has lost a step, but will still make grabs for 1st downs every time he touches the ball. It’s time for Bell to prove why he should still be in this league and make deep, down field grabs. We have others that need to prove them selves, but we don’t need to rely heavily on them due to our TEs. Brate, ASJ, and hopefully Vitale. We have a WR in the backfield too in Sims. I think our downfall may be somewhere on D, like DL, CB, or Safety.