Doug Martin No. 33 In NFL Network Top-100

June 16th, 2016
Doug Martin 0309

Major respect

Three years ago, Doug Martin’s NFL peers voted him the 57th-best player in the league.

Last night, it was revealed that Martin locked down the No. 33 ranking in this year’s version of heralded NFL Network polling of 700 players around the league.

Joe’s surprised Martin went so high. That’s major league respect in a league with 32 teams — for a guy who spent the last four years playing on bad Bucs teams.

Martin had more impressive stats in 2012, but last year he ran harder and more consistently. Yes, he had a fumbling issue in 2015, so says his position coach. But his effort and premium intensity literally was there every time he touched the football. It was damn impressive. Joe suggests any Bucs fans disagreeing should re-watch the film.

Joe’s pleased for Martin. If he can somehow have back-to-back great seasons, and improve his questionable pass blocking and receiving skills, Bucs fans will be talking about Martin for generations.

13 Responses to “Doug Martin No. 33 In NFL Network Top-100”

  1. briandorry55 Says:

    He was absolutely phenomenal last year. Yes, his stats were better in 2012, but I thought his tape was much more impressive in 2015. I still laugh out loud every time I see that ridiculous jump cut against Jacksonville…I don’t think I’ve seen a Bucs running back do something like that since Warrick Dunn.

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    He’s GREAT! Did I miss Jameis making the list?

  3. ChanEpic Says:

    I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!! Ooops, wrong board. Great work Dougie Fresh, I LOVE that nickname.

  4. Gilhealy Says:

    Nah, they said Martin was the last Buc on the list. Winston’s run starts next year.

  5. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Same here Brian! He is the best in the business! He makes a whole lot of something out of nothing at times. I still shake my head at all the complainers out there crying about it was a contract year or he gets ran down from behind and other mess. Dougie Fresh is the most exciting rb to ever put on a Bucs uniform and will own the Bucs rushing record by the end of his contract.

  6. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    All eyes on JW, Koetter and the defense… The Dougernaught will determine whether or not we make a real playoff push. I loved his tenacious running style last season and if he can bring that same effort he’ll have another shot at the rushing title.

  7. Bucsfaninchina Says:

    Behold the power of spreadsheeters and stats, Joes.

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Going into last season – I had some serious reservations about your productivity.
    Thanks for proving me wrong young man – Congradulations !

    Here’s to U having even a better season in 2016

    GO BUCS!

  9. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    A well deserved accolade for DM22. The guy ran with such determination last year and gave everything he had. He is (on the field) our version of “Ray Rice in his prime”, and I’m glad the Bucs locked him up for a few more years.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    A nice honor for DM – and well deserved.

    Dude was running his a$$ off last year.

    Martin and Sims are going to show the league whats up in 2016!!

  11. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Last few games of 2014 I saw something different in Martin, and I thought… He’s back.. My friends laughed at the thought. I wasnt even too sure myself. But damn did he prove it in 2015

  12. SCBucsFan Says:

    Gurley is going to be ranked higher than Doug, and that’s BS.

  13. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Yeah SCBucsFan and Girly did next to nothing against our pathetic defense. Doug had 1900 total. yards as a rookie playing a full season and Girly 1300 on 13 games. Martin has 2 seasons over 1400 yards each and Girly is considered better in his 2nd year. Give me a break. Doug is better.