Nothing Beats Watching Games

May 26th, 2016
"Bizarre" logic in defending Lovie.

“Bizarre” logic in defending Lovie.

Usually, it is the four-letter Bristol Bunch who is angry and bitter because the Bucs jettisoned Lovie Smith.

But there seems to be angst in greater Los Angeles, as well.

Conor Orr took fingers to the keyboard At NFL Network and headquarters and slapped around Team Glazer a little for running off Coach My Scheme.

See for yourself in Orr’s piece that he didn’t watch many games.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can have a great season and not make the playoffs, no matter how difficult that will be for fans to understand. Their future is about Jameis Winston going from promising to exceptional, and there were moments during his rookie season that led us to believe it’s possible. The team sacrificed a lot to keep Winston on track, including the puzzling and aggressive move to fire coach Lovie Smith and replace him with offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter. Winston, though saddened by the firing of Smith, is on record expressing how happy he is to keep the same playbook. That will help, but can Koetter rally a team like Smith could? People easily forget that Smith oversaw the vast improvement of a bad Buccaneers team last year. There are two schools of thought among NFL decision-makers on the move, but the encouraging one suggests Koetter has been a hidden gem for more than half a decade. Had the Falcons powerhouse not crumbled so swiftly when he was OC in Atlanta, Koetter would be a head coach somewhere else.

So much to work with here, but to sum it up, Orr needs to brush up on his vocabulary.

First, no, the Bucs will not miss the playoffs with a “great” season. The word “great” is terribly misused by way too many people, as it is here by Orr. Joe assumes Orr actually means “good.” And yes, the Bucs could have a good season and miss the playoffs (see: 2010). A great season implies a Super Bowl run.

Then Orr types how the Bucs had a “vast” improvement in 2015. Easy, man. Yes, the Bucs tripled their number of wins. That’s pretty good.

“Vast” would have been a total turnaround from 2014, say, 14-2 or a winning season. Six wins is not “vast.”

Besides, how can Orr, or anyone with a straight face, argue the team was that much better when the defense was so sorry? The defense regressed from 2014. How exactly does that qualify as “vast improvement?”

It doesn’t. That simply a fabrication by Orr.

Orr claims Lovie “oversaw” the improvement. Lovie was up to his elbows with the defense, having stripped Leslie Frazier of his duties and took over the defense himself. This was written about on the record many, many times, likely for as well. Was Orr too busy reading Deflategate stories to notice?

It sure smells like Orr just looked at win-loss totals, remembered seeing America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, played in a Pro Bowl, saw that Doug Martin ran for 2,000 yards, put two and two together and camp up with seven.

There was nothing “bizarre” about Lovie’s firing other than it came late at night in the middle of the week. Only people who thought this move was “bizarre” have only scant knowledge of the Bucs.

It always helps to watch games. No, the Red Zone Channel does not count.

31 Responses to “Nothing Beats Watching Games”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    Orr must have drank a gallon of saccharin sweetened Kool Ade before writing this fantasy lovefest of Lovie.

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    Its getting closer Buc Fans!!!! It is almost time for us to circle the wagons and build the bunkers from the “national” media!!!! This year will be a bit of a rollercoaster witht the players. But We know what we are starting here!!!! Young “promising” players are coming in the door!!! We Now have the Coaching!!!!! It is time that we start tuning out the talking heads!!!!! Even some of the Local TAMPA2 Mafia will now not be heard and taken seriously!!! Its Us against the world!!!! And That Is How We like it In Tampa Bay!!!!!!

    The Buc Realist is pledging to ramp up the social media and start calling these chumps out!!!!! Just point the attack dogs were to run to JOE!!!!!

    WHO’S WITH ME!!!!!!!!

  3. jb Says:

    “It always helps to watch games. No, the Red Zone Channel does not count”.
    Which is the main reason so many rabid fans look for sites like jbf and pewter report to get our news about our team. So many of these national writers are so completely clueless about what they’re attempting to write about. Most local fans of any particular team know more about the topic these people are trying to write about. Thing is, its starting to get worse. I can’t believe some of the trash I read anymore, or that some of these people are actually being allowed to post some of the nonsense they do.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    To even suggest that Lovie oversaw the vast improvement of the Bucs is absurd. He practically destroyed the Bucs single-handedly going 2-14……then gets credit for Winston beause of the abysmal record……then improves slightly because of Koetter’s offense.

    This Lovie postmortem needs to wind down. Time to move on.

  5. ChanEpic Says:

    There was nothing “bizarre” about Lovie’s firing other than it came late at night in the middle of the week. Only people who thought this move was “bizarre” have only scant knowledge of the Bucs.

    The only thing I found bizarre was how often people were running free in the secondary under Lovie.

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    Wow this guy is clueless… lovie is and was a failure both in chicago and Tampa. Simple as that…

  7. Jbeachbuc Says:

    It’s such commonplace nowadays, I wish I could be horrible at my job and still make a paycheck … Must be nice.

  8. Tom Edrington Says:

    I didn’t realize that Lovie “rallied” this team?

    Anyone out there with me on this??

  9. stvcl Says:

    Yeah Tom…when I saw that comment I was like “Dude put down the crackpipe!”

  10. mike n Says:

    no one ever talks about Lovie’s 1st year…. how did that team go 2-14. That was a 6-10 team at worst and it was stock piled with guys lovies wanted.

  11. Tampa Tony Says:

    Lovie oversaw his sons getting a nice check.

    Don’t let the Joes fool you, no one in the local media saw Lovie being fired

  12. Joe Says:

    Don’t let the Joes fool you, no one in the local media saw Lovie being fired

    Interesting. Never saw you in the Bucs media workroom in the final days last year polling reporters. Next time you are at One Buc Palace, please do introduce yourself to Joe. This afternoon would be a nice day to do so.

  13. WyldKat Says:

    The 2-14 team that Lovie insisted was still in the playoff hunt until the very end?

    Yeah, I don’t want to talk about that, or remember it. I hope I’m remembering things wrong, but I’m afraid I’m not.

  14. CL Bucs Says:

    Orr is one of those NFL Network geeks who still favors Mariota over Winston

  15. Harry Says:

    @TBBF, says
    “…This Lovie postmortem needs to wind down. Time to move on.”

    Well said and I second it. Yesterday, I was re-reading the (Yahoo? NFL?) article from a while ago where the guy gave Lovie a pass on it “not” being his fault that Anthony Collins and Ghost Johnson were such a bust. Really? Who the hell picked them as FA? Rock Star (Realist would probably say so, lol)? And who was responsible for dismantling the Oline 2 years ago? All of these articles are so ridiculous! When those of us in the peanut gallery can see the stupidity of personnel moves Lovie made, then it is seriously wrong

  16. Stanglassman Says:

    “Winston, though saddened by the firing of Smith”

    This was the line that made me laugh. What a joke.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Joke #20
    Q: What does coach Lovie Smith and laxatives have in common?
    A: Both irritate the absolute crap out of you!
    Joke #19
    Q: Did you hear about the blonde burglar?
    A: She broke into the coach Lovie Smith trophy room.
    Joke #18
    Q: Q: What is the difference between Coach Lovie Smith and a baby?
    A: The baby will stop whining after a while.
    Joke #17
    Q: What has eight arms and an I.Q. of 60?
    A: Coach Lovie Smith and 3 of his lineman.

    Q: What does Coach Lovie Smith and Monica Lewinsky have in common?
    A: They both may blow a few at first, but, Monica will not choke on the big ones.

    Joke #15
    Q: Why do Lovie Smith fans want him to remain as head coach?
    A: Because misery loves company!
    Joke #14
    Q: Why is Coach Lovie Smith and his team like a possum?
    A: Because they play dead at home and get killed on the road.

    Q: What is the difference between coach Lovie Smith and mosquitoes?
    A: Mosquitoes are only annoying in the summer.
    Joke #12
    Q: What is the best way to teach your dog to roll over and play dead?
    A: Have him watch a couple coach Lovie Smith football games.
    Joke #11
    Q: What does coach Lovie Smith and a Chick-Fil-A manager have in common?
    A: Neither one shows up for work on Sunday.

    Joke #10
    Q: What did Lovie Smith say after his team won the Super Bowl?
    A: Dammit mom, why did you wake me up? I was having an amazing dream!
    Joke #9
    Q: What is the difference between coach Lovie Smith and a dollar bill?
    A: You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill.
    Joke #8
    Q: What did the coach Lovie Smith say to the broken vending machine?
    A: Give me my quarterback!
    Q: What is the difference between a porcupine and coach Lovie Smith?
    A: A porcupine is made up of a bunch of little pricks.

    Joke #5
    Q: Did you hear about the joke that coach Lovie Smith told his receivers?
    A: It went over their heads.
    Joke #4
    Q: Did you hear that coach Lovie Smith and his team does not have a website?
    A: They cannot string three Ws together.
    Joke #3
    Q: What do you get when you breed Lovie Smith and a groundhog?
    A: Six more weeks of bad football.
    Joke #2
    Q: How do you find Lovie Smith at the Super Bowl?
    A: Look in the stands.

    Q: Why was Lovie Smith upset when his playbook was stolen?
    A: Because he had not finished coloring it.

  18. LoyalBuc96 Says:

    So I guess rallying a team means losing the opener in blowout fashion and coming out flat the final four games in the midst of a wildcard birth?

  19. SOEbuc Says:

    Sorry to hurt your feelings Realist, but we are in Tampa, Fla and I dont think national media knows this city exists. After that beautiful come back/OT win by the Bolts on Sunday to take a 3-2 series lead, there was no mention at all on PTI the next day. F-ing discusting that they would rather talk about guys getting arrested and cheating then actually playing good sports, but thats how it is

  20. DB55 Says:

    Nice ones 87. Lmao

  21. D-Rome Says:

    You can always count on Joe for a regular dose of Lovie bashing. Time to move on.

  22. carload Says:

    The vast improvement must have been when we went from 6-6 to 6-10 to close out the year. Go Bolts!

  23. Rrsrq Says:

    87 has way too much time on his hands, the only way TPA is gonna get any respect nationally is to be a consistent contender, and then we will still be an after thought my the big media guys. It’s all good, play with a chip and then when you get to the Super Bowl the whole team says “I’m only here so I don’t get fined”

  24. Buc1987 Says:

    Rrsrq Says:
    May 26th, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    “87 has way too much time on his hands”

    That sir is a big understatement!

  25. MarineBucsFan Says:


    Good Laugh, Thanks!!

  26. Joe Says:

    Lovie bashing.

    “Bashing” implies unwarranted critique. Feel free to point out where Joe is wrong. So the coach with the third-worst winning percentage in Bucs history should be lauded? Indeed.

    And no, Joe won’t move on from Lovie. Gotta give Joe a damned good reason why Lovie shouldn’t be written about when Joe writes about other ex-Bucs coaches.

    Lovie puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like everybody else.

    Joe may quit writing about Lovie when, BSPN and others stop. Did you register complaints with those organizations to stop writing/talking about Lovie? If not, why not?

  27. Joe Says:

    Q: Did you hear about the blonde burglar?

    A: She broke into the coach Lovie Smith trophy room.


  28. Tampa Tony Says:


    Only person in the media I read asking for Lovies job was Pewter Report…

    Please direct me to any link where anyone else was calling for this Loser to be fired

  29. Clodhopper Says:

    Absolutely brilliant, Joe. Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

  30. Joe Says:

    Only person in the media I read asking for Lovies job was Pewter Report…

    Nice try. “Asking for” and predicting are two different things. Only one reporter Joe knew of who didn’t think Lovie was on thin ice. Joe’s not going to out the guy either.

    And yes, Joe thought Lovie would return only because of Jameis. Been pretty clear about that. Doesn’t mean Joe didn’t think Lovie was in jeopardy.

  31. FortMyersDave Says:

    Good ones ’87! Have to agree with Joe on this writer! Vast improvement???? Ughh! If, and if is a conditional when used in the past tense that says that something COULD have happened. So; if Lovie managed to beat the Deadskins instead of squandering a 24 point lead, if Brindza did not shank 5 kicks in Houston and the Bucs won there, if the Bucs showed up for home games vs the Saints and Bears as well as one of the 2 road games in Indy or St Louis and pulled out a few more Ws, well then you could say the Bucs had vast improvement because 10 wins would have got the Bucs into a playoff tiebreaker and 11 would have made them the top wildcard BUT Lovie ineptly coached his team into the ground in ALL those losses. There is a much better case for gross ineptitude by Lovie and a lot of his coaching staff than to say he was unjustly fired and I applaud Joe for pointing this out every time some nimrod decides to defend Lovie in the National press…..