“I’d Just Kick It Across The Room”

May 4th, 2016

Doug MarDoug Martin 0309tin runs angry, but does he have deeper anger issues?


Joe just found the NESN video below, an interview of Doug Martin at the Super Bowl.

Martin reveals how much the “Muscle Hamster” nickname upsets him. “I don’t think hamsters are intimidating. They’re soft,” he said.

Asked what he’d do if he actually encountered a muscular hamster, Martin said, “I’d just kick it across the room.”

Hopefully, PETA will bring its naked vegan women to the streets of Dale Mabry Highway to protest this potential atrocity.

25 Responses to ““I’d Just Kick It Across The Room””

  1. 813bucboi Says:

    lol…I just like doug…GO BUCS!!!

  2. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    I hope opposing fans pick up on this. Imagine an even more pissed off Doug Martin….”You won’t like me when I’m angry”

    The Incredible Doug?

  3. Magic Marpet Says:

    Great question, great question.

  4. Magic Marpet Says:

    Someone should raise a crop of muscular hamsters and release them on the field. Then watch Doug play whack a mole all the way to the goal line. That should help him with that “finish” speed he’s working on.

  5. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    So if we keep calling him muscle hamster he will run even angrier??

    That’s what’s known as a win-win my friends

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    LOL Jolly! I agree. Fans should act like petulant children and call him Muscle Hamster all the way to the endzone!!!

    Na-na-nana-na! Muscle hamster!

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    Hamsters are soft, so Doug’s right. Yet they can stuff their cheeks with a whole lot of bedding material, like Martin stuffed his with a whole lot of Bucs cash.

  8. Espo Says:

    Love the comedic side to this site. It’s sprinkled in so sparingly that whenever it’s there, it’s actually very funny. Joe only gets the hockey assist on this one though. Goal to Dougie and assist to the reporter for the setup.

  9. IndyBucsFan Says:

    Dougies drunk

  10. Howard Cosell Says:

    Doug mad bro.

  11. Mike Johnson Says:

    Doug is one of our Best players. Our, Bell cow (another name many discard).
    If he has asked us not to call him the Muscle Hampster then I don’t think he’s asking much of us fans or the media to comply. He does run his A.. off and plays hard. So he deserves another name. I thought he liked Douganaut name. So lets call him that or something else. Lets put this Muscle hamster crap to bed..for good. What do you say there Joe?

  12. OAR Says:

    Cigarettes are a lot like hamsters……Perfectly harmless, until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire!

  13. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    Try “America’s Dougernaut!”

  14. rayjay1122 Says:

    Here is a nickname for Doug.
    Darting Deuces.

  15. rayjay1122 Says:

    How about Muscle Badger. Badgers are short but fierce.

  16. Pickgrin Says:

    Let’s put this Muscle Hamster thing to bed now. Doug doesn’t like it and I believe he has now (on the field) earned the right to NOT be called a nickname he hates.

    How bout it Joe? I’ve seen you guys cut back on it since he was re-signed – but still do see the reference slipped into a few articles. “Everyone’s favorite Muscle Hampster” does not soften the blow nor exempt the usage BTW.

    Doug was THE MAN last year and he shouldn’t have to endure being called a name he doesn’t like by the press.

  17. Dave Says:

    First- Doug has earned the right to not be called that, even though I think it’s an awesome nickname

    Second- JOE – Those are not the woman you want around naked. They are usually unshaven, dreadlocked hair, feel the bern t-shirt wearing, crusty lipped, Rosie Odonnell loving, granola girls.

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    rayjay… I like muscle badger since hamster is the offending critter.

  19. Espo Says:


    Google a pic. They use hot models.

  20. Blake_BucsFan Says:


  21. Brion Says:

    OK that’s it. You have veered toward “clickbait” and now your there. This is the last time I visit this site. I will get more Bucs info from clicking on “which Friends character are you?”” then coming to this site. I’m out.

    Too funny. Yes, why have a sense of humor? It’s every day your franchise running back seriously talks about kicking a real life hamster. JoeBucsFan.com has produced 25,000 posts, yes 25,000, since August 2008. Sorry each and every one does not meet your satisfaction. Enjoy sanitized Bucs coverage elsewhere. The JoeBucsFan archives prove that your “clickbait” claims are nothing but sour weaksauce. –Joe

  22. Pierce Says:

    You still gonna disrespect him Joe?

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    I think Doug is thinking of gerbils, no one wants to be a gerbil, certainly not one owned by Richard Gere. However a muscle hamster? First, it’s a fantastic nickname, it’s original, it’s catchy and it tells you what he is, a small guy who is jacked up, agile but will drag you for 15 yards. I don’t understand his hatred of that name, he could make so much money just embracing it and selling merch. No one likes Dougernaut, that’s just an incredibly lame generic name, it doesn’t mean anything or say anything about Martin. But when you hear muscle hamster, it’s everything anyone could want in a name. As for kicking a muscle hamster, good luck trying to catch it to kick it, plus if its a muscle hamster you’d be scared to do so since it would kick your a$@. I love Martin but totally don’t get his hate for one of the best nicknames going today.

  24. Howard Cosell Says:

    Howard wouldn’t want to be referred to as any type of hamster.

    Howard also doubts anyone calls Dougernaut that to his face (unless they’re mistakenly thinking he will like it)

  25. LOUBUCSFAN1978 Says:

    I like Dougernaut!