Sorry Lack Of Research

April 4th, 2016
BSPN displayed a frightening lack of research discussing former Bucs QB Josh McCown and current backup QB Mike Glennon,

BSPN displayed a frightening lack of research discussing former Bucs QB Josh McCown and current backup QB Mike Glennon,

It just blows Joe’s mind how folks can be paid six- (seven?) figures to talk football, and do next to no research. But that is what Joe should expect from BSPN.

Joe rarely watches BSPN. Oh, for college football, that place is dynamite (seriously). And of course, if Monday Night Football is compelling, Joe will watch (often muted). But Jiminy Christmas, some of the stuff, the abject ignorance that comes out of the mouths of so-called analysts, Joe could go to just about any bar and talk to a drunk and get better, more informed information.

Over the weekend, Joe watched BSPN video (see below) as it was related to Mike Glennon possibly being an option for John Elway and the Broncos. The video discussed the best options for the Broncos, of which Glennon was one.

Former NFL offensive lineman Jeff Saturday was asked who he would take for quarterback if he were John Elway. Saturday said his second-best option was Josh McCown. Yes, really. Why in God’s name would Saturday want McCown playing on Sundays if he was running the Broncos?

“That 14-year presence, he understands what it takes to win,” Saturday confidently said.

Joe nearly fell off his chair.

It took Joe about 45 seconds of research to type in the URL of and pull up McCown’s numbers to see he is 18-39 as a starter, including 5-19 his last three seasons.

If McCown understands anything about winning, then not only could you have fooled Joe, but McCown is pulling the wool over the eyes of NFL fans across the nation, not to mention coaches, general managers and owners. Yet a guy hired to break down the NFL for us has no clue about this.

Game Manager

To Joe’s astonishment, it got worse. Saturday noted a virtue of McCown’s is taking care of the football. This just in: In the last three years, McCown has 19 picks and 22 fumbles. Yes, 22 fumbles!

It didn’t get much better. Jerome Bettis, another BSPN analyst, cited McCown’s temperament as a reason he would select him as Broncos quarterback. Yes, really — temperament! Bettis also noted how McCown is a game manager. Too bad he didn’t mention McCown manages the game rather well for opposing defenses.

“It’s exactly what you want,” Bettis boasted. Now we know why Bettis is not working in any team’s front office.

Still, it grew worse. While Bettis believed Glennon is the best fit for the Broncos, and cited his low turnover rate (which Bettis was accurate in referencing), Bettis then added, “You wouldn’t have to think [Glennon] would turn the ball over, although, Tampa has some issues there, but who doesn’t in Tampa?”

Lovie Smith benched Glennon twice for McCown. That wasn’t Glennon’s fault. And Joe’s not sure what Bettis is referencing about “issues?” Was he suggesting Glennon didn’t start this year for some unknown reason? Well, Joe knows the reason: America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Does Bettis not watch games? Does Saturday?

What makes this even worse is BSPN just doesn’t have these guys show up on a set and tape the segment on one take. They actually have production meetings to discuss topics thoroughly. So this tells Joe Saturday, and to a lesser degree Bettis, are woefully ignorant of both the Bucs and the Browns, but so too are the team of producers and researchers at the four letter.

Either that, or they are pushing an agenda, not that BSPN ever pushed any agenda or ever sank to such a level (please note the deep, dark sarcasm of what Joe just typed).


This is just an absolute slap in the face to thinking football fans. Along with the crying and bawling from that outfit over Lovie Smith being a victim of a palace coup (which sure smells to Joe of a [false] narrative pushed by Lovie’s agent), Joe swears most of these characters at the four letter do little research (unless you believe they instead are fronts for agendas), and don’t even watch games.

Now before anyone accuses Joe of painting with a broad brush, Joe respects some folks at BSPN. Joe has seen John Clayton and Josina Anderson many times at One Buc Palace (shoot, Joe even saw Anderson stand in the rain taking notes watching practice once. She’s a pro!). Joe even noticed Keyshawn Johnson there two or three times, as well. And Herm Edwards and Bill Polian are as sharp as they come. Joe’s readers knows what he thinks of former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik. You can also tell Trent Dilfer puts in the work when you hear him speak.

But the vast majority of ex-players working at BSPN? It seems outside of speaking in tired clichés, fans are better off asking bartenders at their favorite watering hole to break down the NFL. At least those guys watch games.

And suits for Disney, the parent company of BSPN, actually wonder why so many folks are cord-cutting. If Joe knew how to get NFL Network streamed online or on his iPad, Joe would cord-cut, too. At least eight months a year.

23 Responses to “Sorry Lack Of Research”

  1. d-roca Says:

    I wish i could run into dilfer so i could tell him, good job. The last time i ran into him at the old one buc shack i just couldnt help but tell him he sucked. He sucked the life right out of the season ticket holders. Now, indeed, he is a great analyst. Most of those guys only know anything about whoevers playing on bspn. Research smeesearch

  2. MadMax Says:

    I’ll try to reword it. I was agreeing with you Joe and saying I watch many sports on mute because I get tired of the talking heads. Especially re watching highlight plays. There, lets see if this one posts.

  3. Architek Says:

    I just think people aren’t that smart – seriously.

  4. Phil Says:

    Maybe Denver wants the first pick in the draft 2017. McCown can help them get that.

  5. USFBUC Says:

    @Joe check out a program called Kodi

  6. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I don’t know why this surprises anyone. For the most part, many of the analysts on all the sports networks don’t do much research. Draft coverage is limited to two games of research per player.

    I’ve seen entire stories completely wrong about the Bucs on many occasions. They get their facts wrong because they don’t bother with research or watching games.

    Paid so much money, you would think watching all the games each week would not be a big deal…heck…at least watch the trimmed down versions!

  7. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    During the off season, Josh McCown was actually a great leader for the team.

    Once they saw him play…that was over with.

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    You may be on to something there Architek! I mean seriously! A trained monkey could’ve done better research.

  9. LJ'sDaddy Says:

    You got it Architeck…bullseye.

  10. The Buc Realist Says:


    Its funny, during the same offseason, according to some, lovie was a great coach,,,,then the season came!!!!!

  11. I Got What I Wanted Says:

    I would like to see a format created in NFL coverage that would allow 1 or 2 analysts to cover and completely inform themselves on 1 particular division. Like Trent Dilfer and somebody else would only cover the NFC South. So, say if the Bucs are playin the Bengals, this gives a good opportunity for our guy to do a little sparring with whomever is covering the AFC North for the pregame predictions.

  12. Wes Says:

    If you didn’t catch it. He said “But who doesn’t, in Tampa?” and then the other guy said “on and off the field.” Was that a slap in the face to America’s Quarterback? The guy who has done nothing but good since joining Tampa??

    Looks to me like they are poking some fun there and that is nothing but ignorance. These guys are pathetic.

  13. Wes Says:

    Man that comment really didn’t sit well with me at all…

    Just an fyi to the ESPN ‘gurus’ out there. In 2015 Winston threw 15 picks and had 6 fumbles and lost 2. Mariota threw 10 picks and had 10 fumbles and lost 6. Oh and he played 4 less games. Can we just put this turnover non-sense to rest please?

  14. Joseph Mamma Says:

    To be fair, Saturday did say that McCown knew what it takes to win, not that he was a winner. But this is the offseason and this is the pointless crap they sling at viewers to fill up the time between real nfl news. Even if he used sound research and gave better answers these guys are just spewing this crap for sport fan junkies and does it really matter anyways?

  15. Pickgrin Says:

    Wow – that was quite a rant Joe.

    Josh McCown is apparently still benefiting from his 5 game starting stint in Chicago in 2013. He has made over $10M since then.

    To be fair though – McCown would probably play a lot better in Denver than he did here because of the surrounding talent. I’m sure the same could be said of MG8.

    Denver would obviously be the best landing spot for Glennon. If he has a chance to win and improve as a starting NFL QB – its as a Bronco where he could rely on that defense to help win games. Glennon’s strength IS as a game manager IMO.

  16. unbelievable Says:

    LOL Joe. I happened to see that same clip on TV myself, and was thinking these guys have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about.

    At least Bettis said Glennon was his 1st choice. His comments about Tampa just show what people who don’t watch us closely think about us as a franchise. And frankly, until we start winning, there’s not really any reason why that will change. It’s incredibly annoying as a fan, but BSPN had an agenda and specific topics they want to push every day.

    It’s sucks for us as a viewers. I used to love some of their ‘happy hour’ programming- around the horn, PTI, and Highky questionable. But all 3 shows discuss the exact same stories, which then get repeated 60 more times throughout the day. Every single day.

  17. Buccfan37 Says:

    BSPN should replace most of their analysts with women, clueless and scatterbrained for the most part, but break up the know it all know nothing word wars of the multiple repeaters.

  18. Joe Says:

    To be fair, Saturday did say that McCown knew what it takes to win,

    Joe quoted him accurately. How can Saturday say this? Where is the proof?

    So why does McClown continously lose? Results strongly suggest McCown doesn’t know anything more about knowing how to win than a truck driver.

  19. Joseph Mamma Says:

    The proof that McCown know’s more than truck driver’s about winning football games at the QB position is that he is still in the NFL making millions. These dudes don’t need any data backing up there moronic comments on the air, this isn’t science or research based. They don’t even need to throw logic all around that much on the air even but it would be nice.

  20. salish_seamonster Says:

    This kinda crap is why I don’t watch football analysis shows at all.

  21. d-roca Says:

    Hey truck drivers take offense to that!!! 😉

  22. mike johnson Says:

    We get very little coverage by the sports networks anyways. We’ve gotten just a..smigen more since Jameis arrived. its why I stopped watching the NFl Network. The networks don’t take us seriously. Now if we start kicking some A..? Then maybe the coverage increases.

  23. William Walls Says:

    Speaking as a truck driver, I agree.