Next Option For Broncos? Glennon

April 14th, 2016
Next-best option for Denver writes BSPN.

Next-best option for Denver, writes BSPN.

Usually, when former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik reads the NFL tea leaves, he is right.

Among other NFL news Dominik predicted early was that the Bucs were clearly going to draft America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, barring something unforeseen happening. Now comes word from Dominik that a trade between the quarterback-starved Broncos and the 49ers to ship quarterback Colin Kaepernick to Denver seems one step away from a done deal.

But if the Broncos can’t close the deal, what then? “The Professor,” John Clayton of BSPN, has that answer. He believes it is Bucs backup Mike Glennon.

In offering a list of the best options for Denver if they can’t land Kaepernick, Clayton says Glennon is their best bet.

Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This is a great option in a trade, but the Buccaneers would be foolish to give up Glennon for anything less than a second-round pick. (If Glennon, who is behind former No. 1 overall pick Jameis Winston, lands $7 million or more per year as a free agent next offseason, the Bucs could get a third- or fourth-round compensatory pick.) Elway might not be willing to give up a second-round pick, but it’s an option if things don’t break right for him by the second day of the draft.

Well, Elway giving up a second-round pick (this year) for Glennon is like giving up a third-round pick — because the Broncos are Super Bowl champs. The Broncos hold pick No. 63, which is the last pick of the second round.

Let’s say Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht is able to land that No. 63 pick. If, say, Jalen Ramsey slips a few spots, Licht could trade the No. 9 and No. 63 pick along with a future draft pick and perhaps a player (if need be) to move up and grab Ramsey.

Then you crack open a cold beer and toast yourself for a fine day’s work.

21 Responses to “Next Option For Broncos? Glennon”

  1. finishers Says:

    he’s not slipping!

  2. Jeagan1999 Says:

    With Denver, I’d take pick #31, swap 2nd round picks, and throw in a conditional 6th rounder next year if Glennon gets hurt or doesn’t play for some reason. It’s a sellers market in QB’s and we shouldn’t discount Glennon too much. Just need to be patient….the closer we get to the Draft the more desperate some team will be to land a solid guy like MG8!

  3. pete Says:

    I’d offer Glennon and Pick 9 to Cleveland for Pick 2!

  4. macabee Says:


    Pretty sure you’re a good guy and loyal Buc fan, but Cleveland is known as the factory of sadness, not the shopfloor of stupidity!

  5. DemBoysFromDaBay727 Says:

    I think eventually there will be a team that becomes desperate enough to call Licht and hand over that 2nd or 3rd rnd pick. We’re one injury away from that phone blowing up. And that’s why the bucs aren’t rushing to get rid of glennon. They know that everything can change in a heartbeat. You never know if a starting QB is gonna sustain a injury or the jets and broncos don’t find a starter. He’s the next best option out there and Licht knows it.

    I’m not panicking if it doesn’t happen before the season starts because that’s when the injurys start as well. And that when teams become really desprate. You’ll more than likely get that 2nd or 3rd rnd pick then.

  6. Lunchbox Says:

    Ok I gotta say this. I don’t get the hype with Ramsey. Maybe I watched the wrong highlight videos but from what I saw he looked just ok. And taking a safety that high? Not me, man. I know we need help at safety, but let’s take Karl Joseph in rd 3. Watch HIS tape. Every time he hits someone, they go backwards. But he’s not just a hitter, he get interceptions too. Just a much better value IMHO.

  7. rhenry Says:

    They say never judge a book by its cover, but that wild look in Ramsey’s eyes combined with a less than humble attitude keeps me in the passing lane. Don’t get me wrong, if he is there at 9 I would grab him, but would not reach in a trade.

  8. Pete Says:

    You have to Offer!
    (Hate to sentence Glennon to Cleveland)

  9. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Lunch I guarantee you Ramsey not playing safety in the NFL way more money as potential cover corner. Rhenry you gotta be sort of an a$$hole to play out there on that island by yourself bro. Trust me.

  10. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “rhenry Says:
    April 14th, 2016 at 7:45 am

    They say never judge a book by its cover, but that wild look in Ramsey’s eyes combined with a less than humble attitude keeps me in the passing lane. ”

    Wild look?

    Yes, Deion was such a humble guy too. You clearly are judging without knowing him. It well known in Tallahassee that Jalen is a born leader in the same mold as Jameis. With the same drive to win as Jameis.

    Because that’s what I want in a guy who will be going against studs like Julio Jones twice a year, a guy who doesn’t believe in himself, who doesn’t believe he’s great?

    This isn’t the office. I want to see true Alphas among alphas.

  11. Dylan Says:

    @joe stole my comment and made a post hhahaha

  12. Dylan Says:

    #Ramsey will be wearing a Bucs uniform

  13. martinii Says:

    Lot of “If’s” for my money. If Kapnernick is traded, if Ramsey slides, if Clayton knows what he is talking about, and if Jason Licht decides CB/S has priority over pass rusher. Of course what if The Rams Trade with The Titans for #1. BREAKING NEWS, they did!!! Who know’s? Over the next two weeks we can all play “What If.”

  14. Howard Cosell Says:

    Take that MGM haters.
    The ESPN Professor himself says (and I quote):
    “The Bucs would be foolish to take less than a 2nd round pick for The Cannon.”

    This just in: Licht is not a fool.


  15. mac Says:

    Too bad Dominik couldnt read tea leaves while he was running the Bucs into the dirt…

  16. Guzzie Says:

    Face it, Glennon won’t get traded, Fitzpatrick will get resigned by the Jets and the Broncos will trade for Kap, the best option was the Rams, the Browns won’t trade for him, he’s the worst fit ever for the 49ers, no team with an aging QB will trade draft capital for a backup QB they don’t control contract wise, it might be a boring draft for Bucs fans

  17. Dave Says:

    There is no way they should trade away picks in this draft to move up.
    It is loaded with DE and DB talent the first four rounds. If they trade anything it should be to get more draft picks

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    damn joe….ramsey will be a special player but he aint that special to give up 3 picks and a player for an unproven prospect….

    @lunch..i agree…no way I trade up for a db that will be playing safety in a few years…I think he will be a great safety but an above average cb…stay put at #9 and draft either bosa, Stanley or vhg….GO BUCS!!!

  19. Buccfan37 Says:

    Glennon’s worth has been down played for so long here and there that obviously nobody wants him or is willing to offer much for him. It’s a Bucs life.

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’ve never understood the love affair by the fans for Glennon. I guess it’s true that the backup QB is the most liked guy in town. I don’t dislike him, but I just don’t see what he’s ever done to warrant all this love. I can remember 2 good games from Glennon – and one of those two was a great second half after a miserable first half (Pittsburgh). The other was a really good home game against a really really bad Atlanta team. I know he had a terrible team around him. I know he should have started over McClown. I also saw him play last preseason. I’ve also seen him in the regular season throw check down after check down. I’ve seen him under throw deep ball after deep ball. I’ve seen him run out of bounds a yard shy of the first down marker on a critical third down. I just don’t see very much that leads me to believe he is a legit starter in the NFL. Perhaps with a great team he could not lose them games, but he’s never going to be a long term answer for any team. If he were, another team would have gotten him by now. You don’t think they have scouts? You don’t think those scouts know more than you or haven’t done their research on the most important position in all of sports?

  21. Randy Says:

    I’m leaning heavy for a up front type guy, you can still get quality for the back end. Your 1 play away from needing a reliable # 2 QB, who do the buc’s have, if Glennon would get dealt?