“I Think Going Forward It’s The Right Move”

April 20th, 2016

DougMartin Philly

Doug Martin had an interesting take when asked about Lovie Smith getting fired yesterday.

Martin joined SiriusXM NFL Radio and was asked about Lovie’s surprise ouster.

Everyone’s favorite Muscle Hamster said it was “a shock” and called Lovie “a great coach.”

“It was a move that guys upstairs know that was beneficial to the team,” Martin said. “So, you know, whatever’s beneficial to the team you got to go with. I think going forward it’s the right move, and I can’t wait to start the season with the new staff.”

Asked by co-host Bruce Murray how Dirk Koetter will perform as a head coach, Martin dodged the question and said, “I’ll have to get back to you when I ask him that.” Martin added that the transition will be “smooth” and “will work for us.”

While listening, Joe felt like Martin was uncomfortable talking about Lovie but also unwilling to shower his new head coach with love, like most players do at the start of a regime.

Martin seemed much more confident talking about his game what sets him apart from other NFL running backs.

25 Responses to ““I Think Going Forward It’s The Right Move””

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    I am sure that the team is “relieved” not to be laughed off the field by other teams running an ineffective, passive, with no adjustment defense!!! it was a “Fiasco” (as described by coach my scheme’s own players)!!!

    I keep saying, wait until the preseason and see how excited the defensive players will be with a real NFL DC running a competent scheme!!!!

  2. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Well said Doug, it just shows that your LOVIE was teaching more than X’s and O’s, I don’t Hate never Discriminate, Let the Bashing begin!

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Interview with Doug Martin……”Doug, what did you think about Lovie Smith being fired…..”Well, as a coach, he sucked…..but he was a nice guy and my mama liked that he didn’t let me swear”
    Doug, what about Dirk Koetter….will he be good?……Dirk Koetter is by far the best coach in NFL history…..I don’t ever expect to lose another game as long as I play for him. He lets us swear, so my mama doesn’t like him”

  4. Pickgrin Says:

    “I Thing Going Forward It’s The Right Move”

    You might want to check your headline Joe.

    And you might also want to check your lack of respect for our pro bowl running back by continuing to refer to him as the rodent nickname that you know he strongly dislikes.

  5. Bucsfanman Says:

    Stay classy Doug! There’s no need to “expand” on Lovie’s ouster. It is what it is. Besides, we have enough people here to do that for you!!!

  6. 813bucboi Says:

    @realist…from the sounds of the interview one of our leaders, most productive and a well respected player is a little skeptical about your dirky…” Asked by co-host Bruce Murray how Dirk Koetter will perform as a head coach, Martin dodged the question and said, “I’ll have to get back to you when I ask him that.” …translation….yeah, we’ll see if he can coach or is he just lichts puppet…doug doesn’t sound too confident in dirk…is the locker room being split as we speak?….I wonder how many other players feel the same way as doug…I imagine more than half and doug is an offensive guy….comments like this only add fuel to the fire…or shall I say pressure to the pipes….time will tell…but it sounds like players aren’t happy….if you don’t make the playoffs, dirk and licht may walk the plank…GO BUCS!!!

  7. 813bucboi Says:

    nawl….keep it real doug….let the media know how you and your teammates really feel…GO BUCS!!!

  8. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I was a Lovie supporter the first year. The opening loss this year though really destroyed me. I’ve never been so embarrassed or humiliated by a team’s performance!

    The lack of flexibility, imagination, but most of all SUCCESS finally soured me on Lovie.

    I do understand you and Mike Johnson being ready to move on. No need to kick a man while he’s down.

    But he left such a bad taste in everybody’s mouths that we all seem to have trouble rinsing it out. Once the season starts we’ll replace that taste with a new one…hopefully not as bad and we’ll all let poor old Lovie go.

    As for race…I joined this blog about a year and a half ago just in time for the debate over who to take #1. The racism directed by “SOME” towards JW was indeed disgusting. But that doesn’t mean every decision is based on race and in the NFL it’s probably as far down the line as anywhere in our society.

    Lovie has another burden to bear which he can’t really help. He is the black hole of charisma. The press hated him by the end because he was a boring and predictable human being who could go on for minutes without really saying anything. He was emotionless…he can’t help who he is perhaps but Koetter starts with an immediate advantage over Lovie…and it’s not his white skin…it’s his ability to be engaging and HONEST with the media and fans. I think this is probably true with the players and coaches as well. They seem to respect his style.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ St, Pete

    “Black hole of charisma”……could be seen as a racist remark……..(being PC)

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF..of course it can. Just like saying Lovie likes to drive black cars could be seen as a racist remark.

    SMH..why wasn’t I born in the 1940’s? Today’s America sucks!

  11. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Lovie rode the coattails of Dungy, and is not nearly the coach he thinks he is. Dungy’s Tampa Teams always adjusted at halftime, something that never happened here under Lovie. My friends and I celebrated, and one even danced an Irish Jig, the day Tampa got rid of his ass.

  12. Mike Johnson Says:

    I like Martins demeanor as far as the new coach is concerned. Get back with me on that one. Praises should come after..you have actually done something. Pick the oranges first. Just don’t say how pretty they look on the trees! Martin just wants to ball and win. He’s not a ..wave your hands in the air..praise type guy. I’m fine with that. The Bucs have yet to win one regular season game under this new coaching staff. Show me something new regime. Get us to the playoffs. Finish at least 8-8 the first yr. Do..something!

  13. James Says:

    This is a football blog, why race was even brought in to this is confusing and pointless. Lovie was fired because he couldn’t get the team to perform, end of story!

  14. The Buc Realist Says:


    The only reason “race” is mentioned is because the baiting brothers and the 1 or 2 sheep left, have no other ammo to defend ole coach my scheme!!!

  15. Jeff Nickell Says:

    I’m not going to say where I was at last night (1010 N Westshore ) but the muscle hamster was having fun throwing dollars and dancing. Like he should be!

  16. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    “Doug Martin had an interesting take when asked about Lovie Smith getting fired yesterday.”

    Lovie got fired yesterday? I thought that was a done deal months ago!

  17. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @The Buc Realist: I don’t have to defend LOVIE with the race card, you do a good enough job of showing yourself with every post you make, Buc1987: 1940’s, I feel your pain, it ain’t never gonna be like that again, not in this country!

  18. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    DM22 should be highly thankful for Koetter,were it not for him DM22 would not be in a Buccs uniform. And chances are would’ve have had the season he had last year elsewhere.

  19. CrustyCrab Says:

    @Nole on Sat
    If not for Jameis and say Lovie Koetter probably wouldn’t be here. Lovie hired him and Jameis made him look good. So everybody knows about If’s.

  20. 813bucboi Says:

    @nole…doug could’ve led the league in rushing if dirk didn’t always abandon the run…

    @crustcrab…I agree…I’ve echoed the statement about jameis making dirk look good all year long…jameis could’ve made marcus arroyo look good…GO BUCS!!!

  21. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Okay if there are bigger JW fans on here than myself trust me you border line strange cause I catch myself thinking about my dude all the time. That being said Koetter fielded his fair share of quality offenses before ever knowing of the existence of JW. This JW made Koetter look good is none since. Back up off my new HC s@$ a lil bit will ya.

  22. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    “Doug could’ve lead the league if Dirk didn’t a abandon the run”. might not have had to if the last guy would have stuck to HCin instead of attempting to run the defense. Something Frazier did a hell alot better the previous season. His arrogance was his undoing.

  23. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    @TBBF Perhaps you were just snarking or perhaps just pointing out some ignorance in our society. Of course “black holes” are a scientific phenomenon where things disappear. Hence the play on words with “black hole of Charisma”

    87 I understand your longing for the good old days but I wrote an essay once that shows the longing is misplaced. And BigBoss you of all people should only want to go forward not past. Think about it.

    I remember when people were polite. Virtue was admired and even taught in school as well as in the home. Mom was always home to welcome the children after school, and supper was prepared at home instead of on the grill of a fast food restaurant. Feelings and emotions were predictable. Likes and dislikes seemed universal.

    Everybody spoke the same language. The bad people were bad and the good were good and we didn’t need lawyers to tell us which were which. Police officers protected us and were respected, and politicians ran for office to serve their country. Sportsmanship was still more important than who won the game and there was no “In your face!” on the athletic field. These were surely what are referred to as the “Good ole days.”

    I think not! I also remember that conformity was not just expected, but demanded. I remember women were decidedly second-class and largely wasted by a macho society. And most of all I remember when racism was not a topic of debate, but an institutionalized part of our society that came close to robbing me of my best friend in the third grade.

    Now it seems hard to conceive that Narvelle lived just across the street, but might as well have lived on another continent. It seems hard to remember that he would have to drink from a different water fountain, eat in a different restaurant. But I still remember my father’s friends chastising him because he allowed me to bring Narvelle into our home. I remember. I sometimes wonder what Narvelle remembers?

  24. satchseven Says:

    race trumps all in america stop fooling yourself ,think how many wooded areas we would still have in america if it was not for race.folks move because six figure income blacks move in a area,i saw it in atlanta. folks are willing to subject themselves to grueling commutes for racial reasons.who gets opportunities often comes down to race,who dates who and who gets hired.look at trump he told folks he is going to ” imma get the mexicans for y’all” and got blue collar folks voting for him ,but would not let any of them marry his girls

  25. Bucwylde Says:


    I know this probably wont get seen (as everyone has moved on to other articles) but that was so well written and so true I had to take a minute to let you know I enjoyed reading it very much.