Getting To Know Each Other

April 13th, 2016
Dirk Koetter is busy this morning, explains NFL Network.

Dirk Koetter is busy this morning, explains NFL Network.

Dirk Koetter has a balancing act to perform.

Koetter knows the names of his defensive players. He pored over their film in January and February. But he really doesn’t know the guys on a level desired by most head coaches. Of course, Koetter knows everyone intimately on the other side of the football.

NFL Network reporter Jeff Darlington was on scene at One Buc Palace this morning and told his viewers that Koetter is focusing a lot of time now on getting to know his defensive players on a more personal level. Darlington noted on the air that this is going over very well in the building.

Joe can reveal that a rather prominent 2015 Buccaneer defensive player told Joe that Lovie Smith barely said more than a couple of sentences to him — ever. So Joe is not surprised that some are very high on Koetter’s approach.

Back at the NFC Coaches Breakfast in March, Koetter told Joe and other assembled media that he called his cornerbacks when cornerbacks Brent Grimes and Josh Robinson were signed in free agency. Koetter said he believes in lots of communication with players and telling that what’s happening directly.

Joe’s not sure any of this translates into Ws, but it is part of the culture change in progress.

5 Responses to “Getting To Know Each Other”

  1. SB with Jameis Says:

    In other Bucs’ related news the Belicheats just re-signed the team’s leading rusher last yr in LeGarrette Blount. Why does that joker take so many ex Bucs and make them starters?

  2. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    You always achieve more if your boss is speaking to you, showing interest in what your are doing and treating you as a valuable member of his team, whatever your job is.
    Now, it doesn’t mean He will be your friend, excusing any mistake you can make.
    I believe in HC Koetter attitude.

  3. phreakybucfan Says:

    “How to win friends and influence people” glad we have a coach who seems to have read it, and is willing to use it.

  4. DefenseWanted Says:

    Jonathan Banks… Lovie treated him like crap! I was really high on him having a nice season last year. Looking forward to seeing how he does when he’s able to play to his strengths versus playing to Lovies(supposed) strengths.

  5. CL Bucs Says:

    And the prominent defender from 2015 is…..Jonathan Banks!!