April 4th, 2016
Can RB Doug Martin help take down the Stinking Panthers?

Can RB Doug Martin help take down the Stinking Panthers?

The Stinking Panthers are kings of the NFC South. And they will be until someone knocks them off. Joe understands this.

So, with that line of thinking, Maurice Jones-Drew and Elliot Harrison on NFL Now discussed what team has the best chance of dethroning the Stinking Panthers as rulers of the division.

MJD believes it is the Dixie Chicks. He thinks Dan Quinn will have Atlanta’s defense bulked up.

However, to MJD’s astonishment, Harrison picked the Bucs. MJD freaked out and barked, “Are you a Jameis Winston fan?”

Harrison wouldn’t go there. “Let’s wait a couple of years before we anoint Jameis Winston.” Harrison did say he loves that the Bucs re-signed everyone’s favorite Muscle Hamster, Doug Martin. “I think he will help Jameis Winston.”

Harrison went on to explain why the Bucs should be close to contending.

“Tampa Bay was 6-6 and they want on a skid,” Harrison said.

While MJD may not be a Jameis fan, he sure is a fan of Bucs coach Dirk Koetter, his former offensive coordinator in Jacksonville.

“I love him,” MJD said. “He is one of my guys. You know I love him.”

17 Responses to “Dethrone”

  1. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    “I love him,” MJD said. “He is one of my guys. You know I love him

    Give it a few years, he’ll be lovin some Jameis too! Wait for it…

  2. Architek Says:

    National media coverage for all sports have severely degraded. I feel for fans that actually pay premium for “Insider” information.

    Gone are the days of reputable analysis and feedback. Now it’s all about who’s on TV and their brand. I get that MJD like the birds but we match up well with Saints and Birds.

    Jameis has shown he’s not afraid of big moments and the division competition. If the Bucs can muster up a middle of the pack defense I think they can be the Panthers worse nightmare.

  3. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Man trust when I tell y’all folks around this league already know what it is and can already see us coming. Those with the heart to buck traditional wisdom are saying as much. I remember Terrel Davis on nfl network saying one mourning those Buccs those Buccs those Buccs. Chris Carter words weren’t hype when he stated on air in his opinion Jamies WINSton will lead the Buccs to the superbowl in the near future. As for those stankin panthres they know you only hold your little brother down but so long.

  4. Bucsfanman Says:

    It can be fun being the under-dog sometimes, so let them underestimate us. Maybe it’s not this year but I have to believe it’ll be the near future.
    I am a staunch proponent of a healthy run-game. There is no question in my mind that a successful Martin=wins (provided the D has improved, of course!).
    Go Bucs!

  5. Howard Cosell Says:

    You hear that sound?
    Put your ear to the ground and listen.
    It sounds like a rumbling way off in the distance, like a freight-train.
    That’s the Buccaneers rumbling towards Dominance.
    Can you hear it? I hear it.

  6. 813bucboi Says:

    don’t see how mjd picked atl and we beat them twice last year…I think we have the best shot at taking them down…the saints are basically rebuilding, atl is still building…Carolina will be tough again this year with kb returning and another stout defense…with that said, if our defense can be at least slightly above average(stop the run, decent in the pass) then we can beat anyone…our offense has great balance as long as dirk doesn’t take the ball out of dougs and chucks hands and the wrs catch the ball…our offense can be a mismatch/expose defenses with our running ability and wr’s…the defense has to come thru this year in order to make a serious pull at the playoffs…if gmc is as passionate about winning as he is having fun then I think we can become a force but until then kwon has to be the leader of the defense…GO BUCS!!!

  7. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    I am so glad joe you bought up that segment..I had tweeted it to you in hopes you had seen it..

    It was so nice to hear the Bucs as being the biggest thorn in Panthers side this upcoming year..And an UK Scotland radio show also said the same look out for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year!

    Go BUCS!

  8. Buccfan37 Says:

    I think the Bucs get a win against the stinking puddy cats this coming season. I know I said that last year too. If I keep saying it eventually it will happen.

  9. Rrsrq Says:

    I’m an optimist for the Bucs this year, but this Buc’s Life is needless to say has been disappointing. This year has so many unknowns, was it Lovie’s coaching or are our DB’s that bad, can we get pass the defensive injuries we have had, will the receivers catch the dam ball, will Jameis take less hits, can Coach K coach? Undoubtedly, I think we have the talent to dethrone, but I also know Panthers only lacked their main WR last year and he will be back. Also this draft is deep enough that they can take the BPA adding to what is already a good, well-coached team that loves to have fun (winning).

  10. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Well said Cosell. I don’t know about others but I d@$! Shol feel it.

  11. 813bucboi Says:

    @rrsrq…well said…lots of unknowns…but lots of answers to our ?’s will be answered in due time…GO BUCS!!!

  12. Buc since '74 Says:

    Hey Cam – the Bucs are coming for you…

  13. OSUbucIdr Says:

    MJD is a terrible analyst. You should see his first mock he had a player like Cody Whitehair going top 15

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    Joe you were doing so good – not mentioning the rodent nickname that you know Doug Martin hates in your last few articles about him.

    Look I know that Joe is all about the cutesy nicknames and that its part of your schtick. But PLEASE respect Martin’s repeated requests that he not be called that anymore. Doug has earned that respect – and my and others respect level would increase for you and JBF if you will just please quit calling DM22 the name that he hates.

  15. mike johnson Says:

    Agree 100% there Pickgrin. martin has earned the right not to be called the Muscle Hampster. He’s said repeatedly he does not care for the name. I thought Buc fans had settled on Dougernaut? He likes that one. Call’em what he wants to be called. Hell, he might even run another 3 or 4 hundred yards next season!

  16. Pat Says:

    There was this old school arcade game where this character would be paving his way through the cavernous tunnels…his name is DIG DoUG. Lol.

  17. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Kings have rings…Panthers have won three straight in a down division. The Buccs have the talent to compete with Carolina as Jameis matures and the young talent grows. Carolina hit a grandslam of their own a couple years ago in the draft, I believe…and have drafted really well since Newton was picked. We have to continue to make the best draft choices as well to close the gap. A lot of their roster is older so the window might be closing. Weve gotten older ourselves but not to the extent Carolina has…