Dead Trade Walking

April 21st, 2016


Lost in the Josh-Norman-To-Tampa hysteria is the death of a Mike Glennon trade.

That big ol’ blockbuster trade by the Eagles, in which they moved up to seize No. 2 overall pick in next week’s NFL Draft, means quarterback Sam Bradford is on his way out of Philadelphia this year or next.

That further dilutes the trade market for Mike Glennon. Bradford, the 2010 No. 1 overall pick, has more talent than Glennon, has an affordable contract after the Eagles swallowed his giant signing bonus, and he’s just 28 years old. He will get another chance.

Regardless, there are too many QBs flooding the market now for Glennon, a guy with only one year left on his contract, to command anything solid in a trade. There is no second- or third-round pick out there for Glennon. Take that to the bank.

Joe highly doubts there’s a 2016 fourth-rounder, either. It just makes no sense to cough up a good draft pick to rent a QB who at best is a bottom-tier starter.

Unless Jason Licht can work a miracle, or dump Glennon as part of trading up in the draft, Joe is resigned to Glennon serving as backup to America Quarterback, Jameis Winston, in 2016.

Poor Glennon. He might never get another shot at a starting NFL gig.

45 Responses to “Dead Trade Walking”

  1. Bigbucs1 Says:

    You are right on this joe- however here is still a chance a team takes him over Bradford and Hoyer considering they had plenty of opportunities to shine and didn’t – time will tell

  2. JonBuc Says:

    Was there ever a “real” trade market for Glennon? I don’t believe so. All rumor and innuendo….

  3. Espo Says:

    Could mean we sign him to remain our backup. At a backup salary of course. I’ve been all in for trading him but if there isn’t a good pick to be had, or a draft maneuver, inking a long term backup isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

  4. Costa Rica John Says:

    Maybe Glennon will sign a longer term deal other the Bucs to remain the backup. That would keep the Bucs in good shape at the QB position for a few years.

  5. Bucsfaninchina Says:

    Yup yup yup. Agree with everything besidrs the comment that Glennon may not have a chance to start ever again. There are 8 teams in the NFL with QBs aged 33 or older. There will be a flood of teams looking fortheir next guy and Glennon’s style of play and attributes make him very attractive. He will get his shot dagnabbit!

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    No harm, no foul. He’s good enough to be JW’s back-up.
    The “Mob” lives on.

  7. 813bucboi Says:

    @costarica…I hope your right…we should just keep him as our, “Backup of the Future”…GO BUCS!!!

  8. mark2001 Says:

    Don’t know what he did to deserve this….”He might never get another shot at a starting NFL gig.” Why not? There are 32 teams, many not settled at the QB positions.

    But all and all, we have to be thankful we had him on the roster because having Glennon in the wings might have been among the many reasons we drafted Evans rather than Johnny Self-Destruct…at least we can appreciate him for being a small part of the many factors that kept us from making one of the biggest mistakes in franchise and NFL draft history.

    His future isn’t here…but wish him well.

  9. Espo Says:

    Something we’re not even considering is if he’d want to stay here. Even if no team will trade for him, I’m sure he’d at least compete for a starting position once his contract is up.

  10. bee Says:

    Ehhh…much ado about nothing. Glennon is mediocre at best. That’s the reality. If was a starter he’d be starting for us and we never would’ve drafted Jameis. Simple as that. I still remember the game when he did start, it was 3rd and 10 and he ran for nine yards and ducked out of bounds cuz he’s scared to get hit. Film don’t lie. Dude isn’t that good which is why he riding pine. Why would a GM in their right mind give up premium draft picks for a guy that’s average on his best day? Maybe we can get what we invested in him, a 3rd round pick. Maybe not, doesn’t matter really. Without Jameis we aren’t going to far…especially with Glennon starting.

  11. Cobraboy Says:

    Oh, please.

    Bradford can’t stay healthy and the entire league knows it.

    The #1 trait any player can have is availability, so say the GM gurus…

  12. BFFL Says:

    With koetter’s coaching and martin running like that Glennon could have won 6 games too. Maybe even more. The simple fact is Glennon was never given a fair shake under lovie the way he would have been with schiano.

  13. mark2001 Says:

    Bee…that is hogwash…. If you have a chance to draft the best QB in a draft class, and possibly the best player in that entire draft class, and you aren’t sure about your current QB situation….I mean completely sure…you draft him. Glennon definitely doesn’t have the upside of Jameis…. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good starting QB. In the same system for a few years, with a team that hasn’t been a division bottom feeder for the last handful of years, who knows?

  14. tmaxcon Says:

    so much nonsense about an irrelevant backup that never plays… griffin is the future glennon is irrelevant. 8 will have a very difficult time when he leaves the bucs either draft day or after the season finding a starting gig… he simply is just not that good. Bee is very accurate… I lost all respect for 8 when he cowardly ran out of bounds before the first down marker. look at 3’s fearless run in ATL then look back at the coward stepping out of bounds before marker. it was sad and a defining moment in his career .

  15. tmaxcon Says:

    the life is not fair crowd is hilarious… winners seize the moment and make the best of the opportunities losers and failures cry life is not fair. glennon had a shot and did not seize the moment.

  16. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    He might never get a shot at a starting gig? What the hell do you call the 2017 offseason? Chopped liver? Of course he’ll get a damn chance…stop being so melodramatic.

  17. Getaclue Says:

    Eagles haven’t drafted a qb yet , I believe they moved ahead of Dallas to draft Elliot

  18. mark2001 Says:

    And Tax…I knew Lovie was a lousy HC and was destined for firing when he didn’t stand up and read the refs. the riot act for Jameis taking a couple head shots from DB’s last year…well, I was right on that score, anyway.

  19. d-roca Says:

    I usually agree with ya Joe. Not this time. I think he could still fetch a third this year. We will find out in a week. N not sure if that last line was sarcasm but he will get another chance to start again as long as he’s on a roster

  20. bee Says:


    You just made my point for me. Glennon doesn’t have the upside of Jameis. As a matter of fact he doesn’t have the upside of lots of QBs which is why he’s still on the Bucs, riding the bench. Don’t you get it sir? If he was good, he’d be gone by now. Geez, even the Browns didn’t want him. What’s that tell you? He isn’t good. He had his chance, and he might well get another chance. I wish him well, but I’m not a fan….and obviously neither is any GM that works in the NFL.

  21. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Man I duno. I seriously think the Broncos giving their 2nd for him is their best option as a franchise.

    Glennon has better #s than Brock Osweiler if you project out Osweiler’s attempts to Glennons. In 600 pass attempts Glennon paces for 8 more TDs and 3 more ints. That was on a WAY worse team than the Broncos.

    The fact that you’ve seen ludicrous contracts go out for QBs combined with the fact that the Broncos are likely not going to have any solid QBs available to them in this draft with them being over drafted; would make it seem like a solid deal to give up what is essentially almost a 3rd round pick anyway.

    They’re getting a pick for Brock. If they trade their late 2nd for Glennon then they basically traded Osweiler and his stupid contract demands for Glennon and his cheap as hell contract.

    This is a team that could compete for a SB next year and you think they’re just going to say F*ck it let’s go with Mark Sanchez and some mid tier draft crapshoot QB? Doesn’t seem right to me.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Glennon go to the Broncos for their 2nd or 3rd during the draft if QBs like Hackenburg/Lynch/Cook / etc ALL go before the Broncos are willing to take them – which is really possible with the insane QB market this year.

  22. DaRealistBucFan Says:

    At best is a bottom tier starter? Joe you’re starting to lose credibility as a sports writer cause that is by far the dumbest comment I’ve EVER heard. You should FIRE yourself as a Bucs Beat writer if you think Glennon at best is a bottom level starter. He was a middle of the pack starter as a rookie and he started that season as a backup to Josh Freeman whose career is starting to look alot similar to yours. Declining rapidly!!

  23. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Bills / Jets / Bears / Broncos / 49ers / Browns

    All 6 do not have QB position settled for upcoming years. Hell just a few weeks ago we thought the Eagles investing heavily in Bradford & Daniels meant they no longer had a need to invest in QB immediately. And you think Glennon will NEVER get a chance in this league? A 26 year old QB with 29 TDs to 15 Interceptions on terrible teams with terrible regime changes going on?

    This literally hasn’t changed anything. I agree with the melodramatic comment. That’s a consistent tone on JBF though. A lot of articles where you might as well insert “Oh No!” before the title. Oh no! Will the Bucs get a good pass rusher?! Oh no! Will we NOT sign this or that player?! Oh no! What if Mike Smith leaves us in a hole in 2-3 years because of hiring a new D Coordinator?! Oh no! Mike Glennon is wasting away and we haven’t gotten picks for him yet! Oh no! It’s been 1 hour into free agency and we haven’t signed 5 people let’s panic

  24. The Buc Realist Says:

    Its amazing all these QB Guru that can determine a whole career of a rookie that came in off the bench on one of the worst teams in the NFL!!!!

    I have asked multiple times for Joe to ask Head Coach Koetter or JW3 what MG8 means behind the scenes and meeting rooms. It always seems like JW3 in most interviews say ” Well MG8 told me this” and MG8 says to do it like that”!!!!!

    But you will not here those questions,,,Journalism 101, You don’t ask question for answers that you do not want to hear!!!!!

  25. mark2001 Says:

    Bee…didn’t make a “case for you”…maybe it is a reading comprehension issue on your part…..I said he didn’t have the talent Jameis did….in fact only a handful of QB’s currently starting do. My point is that Glennon may be be a good starting QB elsewhere…but he doesn’t have the potential or talent Jameis does….Heck…if you were one of 25 other teams in the league, Jameis would likely be an upgrade for you in the next couple years, or sooner,.

  26. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    If Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting material, you can’t convince me that Glennon isn’t.

  27. BoJim Says:

    bee Says:
    April 21st, 2016 at 11:58 am

    Ehhh…much ado about nothing. Glennon is mediocre at best. That’s the reality.

    He never got a fair shot and you know that ‘coach’.

  28. mark2001 Says:

    And Bee…if he was good he would be gone by now….LOL…you and I don’t know what Licht thinks he is worth and what kind of an offers we have fielded out there. You and I don’t know anything behind the scenes…but many of you talk like you do. Joe doesn’t know either.

    I said a couple of days ago on another thread like this…Favre entered Packer training camp in ’94, I believe… Brunell and Ditmer were the back ups. There was a forth QB…A guy they nicknamed “Opie” that didn’t even make the training camp cut…his name was Kurt Warner. And seems at least a couple of those 4 guys ended up being great QB, and one other a very good one.

    The point being? It takes many things for a young prospect to develop into a great QB. Until last year, Glennon didn’t even have a good O Coordinator…yet you think you know his potential? You are fooling yourself if you think so.

  29. BucTrooper Says:

    Can’t disagree.

    I’m a financial advisor and this is supply and demand. Supply is going up, so the price is dropping.

  30. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Geez, even the Browns didn’t want him. What’s that tell you”

    It tells me he is probably pretty good. Because the Browns are pretty much the worst team in NFL history at evaluating what a good QB is. If you’re going to argue how bad Glennon is; don’t use the Browns to support the notion.

    We see every year teams don’t know wtf they are doing evaluating QBs. To based Glennon’s potential on other teams decisions; especially teams that historically m ake bad ones; is just a terribly flawed approach.

  31. Bucsfanman Says:

    ” Oh no! Will the Bucs get a good pass rusher?! Oh no! Will we NOT sign this or that player?! Oh no! What if Mike Smith leaves us in a hole in 2-3 years because of hiring a new D Coordinator?! Oh no! Mike Glennon is wasting away and we haven’t gotten picks for him yet! Oh no! It’s been 1 hour into free agency and we haven’t signed 5 people let’s panic”


    I don’t get why so many people are down on one of our own players. If he’s on our team, I want him to succeed. That goes for any player. Whether he’s a starter or not for any other team is soooooo irrelevant. Glennon’s our “Check-down Giraffe, Ginger Cannon, Napoleon Dynamite, Opie,” so try and show some respect for the guy. Geez! Some of you act like he stole your lunch money or something!
    Besides, the way things look, he may be wearing the beloved pewter next year anyway. Maybe try and get behind the guy, hmm.

  32. DB55 Says:

    I’ll take Glennon over Sanchez any day of the week.

  33. Howard Cosell Says:

    You mean Mark “Butt-Fumble” Sanchize?
    The only QB’s that Lovies defense was able to beat up on last year?
    He’s better than Glennon?
    I disagree. He’s a proven bust.

  34. Vinsane Says:

    For fooks sake, if Matt Cassel and Blaine Gabbert keep signing their names to NFL contracts, Mike Glennon has a shot sometime in the next 5 year window.

    I had forgotten he was in the 2007 Elite 11 camps with Andrew Luck and they were considered equals at the time…

  35. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Glennon brouhaha keeps on going like the energizer bunny. If he plays well in preseason another team might make a deal for him or during the draft. That’s if whoever can get past his running out of bounds a yard shy of the first down. Not enough, what else you got?

  36. martinii Says:

    Inside Scoop: Prince just signed with the Bucs. You’re spot on Bucsfanman.

  37. bee Says:


    Oh lawd! You’re mentioning Kurt Warner in reference to Glennon? That’s funny. I never said I knew his potential, I only know what he’s done. And he hasn’t done much. I don’t know what other teams offered the Bucs for him or if any teams offered anything at all. It doesn’t matter. My point is that if a team really thought their team would be better with him they would give up anything for him. No team has. Their are teams giving up multiple draft picks to draft unknowns at the top spot instead of giving up a 2nd round pick for Glennon.

    Look, he could go to another team and set the world on fire. I’d be happy for him, but I don’t see a HOF lying dormant inside him. I may be wrong. I’m no talent scout. Maybe he had a 4 TD game I missed. Maybe he ran for a TD and I missed that game. I dunno. Schiano is the only one that wanted to start him and he got fired.

    Oh well…I dont even know why we’re talking about Glennon when a QB with actual HOF potential is starting for the Bucs. Lol…and some ppl say Glennon didn’t get a fair shot? I disagree. He was a starter on an NFL team. That’s more of a shot than a lot of ppl get…

  38. MikeJohnson Says:

    Please,,enough. We’d be ham lucky to get a 5th rounder for Glennon at this point. My guess is he stays with us as Insurance and takes his chances next free agency.

  39. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The only team that would trade for Glennon is in Canada. Glennon is not a starting QB in the NFL. Never will be. His talent is not very high, and his intangibles are even lower.

    The Bucs were never getting bites for even a 4th round pick. Glennon just isn’t worth it. if the Bucs ever got an offer for a 4th Glennon would have been gone. That is a steal and the Bucs would be the bandits.

  40. Buccfan37 Says:

    I thought it was reported earlier that Licht did get offers for Glennon which were not high enough in Licht’s estimation for MG8’s worth. I could be wrong.

  41. Deez nuts Says:

    Sam Bradford *when healthy

  42. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Bradford is coming off 3 knee injuries to the same knee. That is a gigantic red flag. Glennon is injury free and a solid player who doesn’t turn the ball over. Something Hoyer and even Bradford can’t say. The market is still there I believe. Still thinking a later 3rd gets the deal done. Maybe the Jets 3rd or Denver’s 3rd. Either trade would help both teams.

  43. jj Says:

    You guys keep forgetting how bad Saints coach Payton was trying trade for Glennon last couples years. And with Brees commanding so much cash and getting older, who is going to replace him?

  44. Trubucfan22 Says:

    For what the Eagles and Rams are giving up for those 2 mediocre QBs, you would think a team would give up just 1 3rd rounder for Glennon. I mean, shoot, the Rams gave up two 1s 2s and 3s. Just for an unproven nobody. And the Eagle trade wasn’t much better. The desperation just reeks.

    I’m not a Glennon fan, but if I were as desperate as the Rams or Eagles, then I would certainly give up a 2nd for Glennon, over giving up those ransoms for a nobody.

    I guess it goes to show, how much respect Glennon has earned during his limited time on the field. The tape doesn’t lie, Glennon sucks.

  45. America's Commenter Says:

    He will get another shot, but he’ll have to earn it. He can sign with a team that has a bunch of journeymen jockeying for jobs, kinda like the Rams and Texans were in 2015, and do his best to win a job. I seriously doubt anyone will anoint him their starter and give him Osweiler’s kind of contract.