Bill Polian Talks “Clean” Hargreaves

April 26th, 2016

Bill Polian dishes on a CB widely linked to Bucs.

Yes, Florida cornerback Vernon Hargreaves is clean. And Joe isn’t referring to the ugly, false rumor that Hargreaves was dinged on a whiz quiz recently. Didn’t happen.

But what did happen was Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian took to the SiriusXM NFL Radio satellite waves to gloat over what he believes is the best cornerback in the draft, Hargreaves.

While co-hosting “Late Hits” with Alex Marvez last night, Polian, under no uncertain terms, believes Hargreaves is the best corner in the draft.

“If was you want to play zone, he can do that,” Polian said. “If you want to play man, he can do that. If you want to attack a receiver, he can do that.

“He is as clean of a cornerback as there is in the draft.”

Pretty heady words from a man who knows what he is talking about when it comes to selecting college talent.

Joe has no informed clue who the Bucs are taking at No. 9. Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht is in lockdown mode. Understandable.

Don’t think anyone can predict with certainty who the Bucs will draft until seeing how picks Nos. 3-8 shake out.

18 Responses to “Bill Polian Talks “Clean” Hargreaves”

  1. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Whiz quiz! Lol!

  2. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I just hope whoever we pick ends up being the real deal.

  3. DemBoyzFromDaBay727 Says:

    “Best cornerback in the draft.”

    “He is as clean of a cornerback as there is in the draft.” -Bill Pollan

    But I guess Bill Pollan doesn’t know what he’s talking about either, along with every other scout and analyst in America… right VH3 HATERZ???

  4. ndog Says:

    Demboyz he also said we should take MM over Jameis last year so no thank you I will trust my eyes. What he should have added was “if you want to get beat on jump balls in the end zone by Julio and Kelvin he can do that!”

  5. Dan Says:


    If all 3 are gone (highly unlikely) take VHIII.

  6. brandon bucs fan Says:

    I agree we’ll have to for 3-8. Dallas could end up taking Elliot and 49ers could take Lynch after agreeing to send Kap to Den. That “could” leave Ramsey or Buckner to slide to us. NO on Hargreaves. No way I’m spending #9 on a CB unless he’s the latest Revis. Trade with Jon Robinson down to 15. Take Rankins
    and Ogbah in Rd2. RUSH SOLVED! Trade Glennon and whatever we get for him
    (4th rd) and whatever we get from Tenn. in the #9 pick trade down (4th rd) and and move up into the 3rd rd. Now we have two 3rds. Take the best CB available and a safety. There’s your four starter to match last year. Rest of the draft clean up on offense a bit..WR that can return and an OL project.

  7. Supersam Says:

    At this point I’d be disappointed if we didn’t take Hargreaves, Dallas has all but said there taking Ramsey. Oh And those who say Licht likes “long” corners, the 2 corners we just signed Grimes and Josh Robinson are both exact same height as Hargreaves.

  8. SB with Jameis Says:

    Loooove me some VH3. Wherever the kid goes you will hear his name called often on Sundays. However as a Buc before a Gator I want DL. A dominant pass rush covers up for a so so secondary. Not sold on any pass rusher that will go before us tho being worth moving up for. Here is what I think is an Ideal Scenario that macabee posted on another site.
    Jason Cole B/R reports that many GMs think the Titans will trade back into the top ten for an OT preferably Jack Conklin! The Bucs could be that trade partner and ask for a 2nd round pick and get it. The Titans have 3 2nd round picks. Bucs pick at 15. QB Mike Glennon will be traded for a 3rd round pick (I hope)!

    RD1 DT Andrew Billings/Baylor 6-1, 311, 5.00
    RD2 DE/OLB Noah Spence/Eastern Kentucky 6-2, 251, 4.79
    RD2 CB Xavien Howard/Baylor 6-0, 201, 4.55
    RD3 FS DeAndre Houston-Carson/Wm&Mary 6-1, 201, 4.50
    RD3 SS Miles Killebrew/So. Utah 6-2, 217, 4.55
    RD4 OLB Nick Kwiatkoski/West Virginia 6-2, 243, 4.65
    RD5 DE Stephen Weatherly/Vanderbilt 6-4, 265, 4.61
    RD6 FB Dan Vitale/Northwestern 6-1, 239, 4.52
    RD6 WR/KR Jakeem Grant/Texas Tech 5-6, 180, 4.32

  9. SB with Jameis Says:

    I can’t figure out anything I typed that tripped your filter there Joe.

  10. Bird Says:

    Brother is a Florida gator fan and states Hargreaves is just like joe Haden. He is a stud. I think the DEs (unless bosa falls) to high to take here at 9. So take sure thing Hargreaves and move up to end of first and get DE. Or early second depending on who bucs like. Wouldn’t be surprised to see bucs with 2 1st rounders

  11. 813bucboi Says:

    @supersam…I agree…the height thing is a nonissue…if licht was so worried about his cbs getting out jumped by Julio and kb than he would’ve signed sean smith(6’2) and not 2 5’10 cbs….mike smith likes working with 5’10 cbs and so does brett maxie…both coaches helped grimes and verner to pro bowls…as the HOF stated vhg is the best pure cb in the draft….drafting him in the 1st will solve half of our pass rushing problems….GO BUCS!!!

  12. 813bucboi Says:

    @ndog…I don’t recall that….I recall bill stating that jameis has the ability to be better than luck coming out…I also recall bill saying tampa needs to draft jameis because he is an alpha dog and that’s something tampa has been lacking on the offensive side of the ball and especially at qb…he also stated MM was a system qb and which ever team he goes to better have the right system or they wont be there for long….be all accounts he was correct….GO BUCS!!!

  13. LordCornelius Says:

    I’m fine with VH as the pick. Guy can play.

    Im pretty much good with any non QB or RB lol. Prefer DE / CB / S / DT of course tho

    If we only land 2 impact starters it’s gotta be a d line and secondary hopefully

  14. USFBUC Says:

    Whatever they do I just hope they focus on one or the other with the first two picks. I’ll be happy if its DT/DE or CB/S. I think we are going D Line though.

  15. MadMax Says:

    Well VH3 is still mocked to us each time some of the big names changes their draft board. He’s consistently there. And Im just not feeling it for some reason. Maybe a top 20 pick but not top 10 to me. I dont know….but if we draft him he’ll def have support. Hopefully he proves me wrong if we do.

  16. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I’m fine with drafting VHG if Licht is….but I gotta say SB’s post is intriguing.

    If we swapped with Tennessee and somehow wrangled a 3rd round pick for MG…2 picks in the 2nd and 2 in the 3rd would be awesome. I’d love to see what Licht could do with FIVE picks in the first three rounds…three in the first two!

  17. Waterboy Says:

    I don’t know about Hargreaves. I don’t follow the gators closely but I normally watch the big games against the ranked opponents and Hargreaves got beat like a drum in the games that I watched. The Michigan WR’s were beating him so bad they pulled him out of the game for awhile.

  18. Couch Fan Says:

    Brother is a Florida gator fan and states Hargreaves is just like joe Haden.
    As a Gator fan, I agree with this. VG3 is every bit as good as Haden. I will add though that I think Tabor is and will be better than both of them.