Another Groin Kick To A Glennon Trade

April 18th, 2016


It was bad enough when the Rams dealt for the No. 1 overall draft pick last week, leaving successful young quarterback Nick Foles caught in the wash and effectively placed on the growing third-rate QB market.

Today, another name enters the mix, one that should cut further the street value of Mike Glennon.

Word broke this morning that the Houston Texans will cut Brian Hoyer, who led his team to a division title last season, after winning seven games in dysfunctional Cleveland in 2014.

At 30 years old with low mileage, Hoyer is young by quarterback standards, and he’s got a winning record (15-11) and has proven to have thick skin.

If you’re a general manager desperate to keep a job and win games immediately with a third-rate quarterback, would you prefer Hoyer or Mike Glennon? Joe would take Hoyer.

It’s widely known the Bucs have considered trade offers for Glennon going on three offseasons. General manager Jason Licht won’t offer specifics and, to date, he won’t pull the trigger.

Joe wants a deal done. Glennon has one year remaining on his rookie contract and is very likely to walk. The Bucs should get something for him because there is zero guarantee a compensatory draft pick would be forthcoming.

But what’s Glennon’s market value now? Peanuts. Maybe Licht can find a fourth-round pick.

With each passing day, it seems Licht might be more apt to keep Glennon and hope the 2017 market breaks poorly for Glennon, so the Bucs can bring him back as an expensive backup.

41 Responses to “Another Groin Kick To A Glennon Trade”

  1. James Walker Says:

    He is an great QB to have as a backup.

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    This should come as no surprise. If Glennon was as good as some of the few here would like to suggest teams would have been lining up outside 1 buc palace with draft picks in hand. The fact is that Glennon is just not that good. Other teams will not make all the excuses for him that the mob here in Tampa does. Glennon had an opportunity to hold on to the starting job and failed. It’s not about life being fair it’s about seizing your opportunities.

  3. Bee Says:

    Exactly! But not a great QB to have as a starter…otherwise he’d be starting!

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I wouldn’t take a 4th for him…..just sit it out….perhaps wait for an injury….and if it’s true that nobody wants him that bad….then he and his agent will know it and we may be able to resign him…..we have, and will have plenty of cap space.

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m starting to think Glennon might not walk after this season. The fact that teams are obviously not placing a high value on him should give him a hint that there is no team he can go to where he is going to be the starter. Why not just stay in Tampa and hold the clipboard for a team on the rise? Now of course I realize he and his agent probably feel differently, but they might want to re-think it if they think he is going to be handed a starting gig somewhere else.

  6. Dave Says:

    It’s negligent if they do not trade him and he ends up walking for nothing.
    They have too many holes to keep a back up on the bench that allegedly could get them a 3rd rounder.

  7. mark2001 Says:

    Yeah Bee…reminds me of the Kurt Warner languishing behind Farve in Green Bay 1994 training camp…Got beat out by Favre, Detmer, and Brunell…all losers. That guy never had a chance to be a starter in the NFL…what was he doing before being successful in Pro football…bagging groceries as I remember.

  8. mark2001 Says:

    We have no idea what Glennons value current is…I’d safely say it isn’t a one or a two…but who really knows? Not even Joe…not even Scott Reynolds. Some of you guys really assume out the rear end, but please… to assume we know what 32 GM’s think from day to day is outright foolishness.

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    Dont care much anymore. The highest people are probably offering anymore is a 4th so I might like to keep Glennon now as a good backup now anyway

  10. USFBUC Says:

    @tmaxcon – Glennon never had the chance to hold the starting job with Lovie. They signed McCown and named him starter the same day if I remember correctly.

    This is hurting the value of Glennon clearly; so now it seems the Bucs will have to take what they are offered or keep him on the roster this year and hope to keep him as a backup next season.

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    the bottom line is if a quaterback needy team thought Glennon was a starter they would have made a move already or a move is already agreed upon for draft day. bucs did not keep griffin on the roster the entire year last year to be a 3rd stringer. it’s about what the gm’s on a quarterback needy teams think his value is. given the fact you never hear Glennon’s name come up or rarely hear his name and the likes of Hoyer, Sanchez, RG3 and Fitzpatrick are signed or have buzz surrounding their names tells you all that you need to know.

  12. tmaxcon Says:


    i agree the bucs will have to take what they can but I don’t agree that glennon is the best possible backup for the bucs long term. Let’s see what Griffin does in the preseason. If he out performs glennon which is likely then the team benefits. it’s what’s best for the buc team that matters not what is best for glennon or any individual player for that matter.

  13. Espo Says:

    As soon as I heard about this I was thinking it would be great if we could sign him as a backup and trade our checkdown throwing giraffe. Of course, it would be an unnecessary move if said giraffe were willing to extend his contract for backup dollars and a backup role.

  14. JollyBucsFan Says:

    I disagree.

    I would take Glennon over Foles and Hoyer.

    The other two are known 3rd rate QBs and that will stay unchanged.

    Glennon has more upside and way more potential in addition to being younger.

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    This scenario has almost always been win/win for the Bucs. If he never stepped on the field, we would’ve watched him walk anyway. The fact that he is at least/best a serviceable back-up only benefits the organization in terms of depth. If we can get someone to trade a pick for him, great! No harm, no foul, best of luck to you!
    Is he better than Hoyer? No, and that’s OK.

  16. mike says Says:

    remember the 72 Dolphins, Bob Griese was lost to injury on game 5. Their backup Earl Morral came in and played the rest of season. Griese came back for the supper bowel and won.

  17. The Buc Realist Says:

    Funny, Just last week on NFL radio, Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan both agree that they would trade for MG8 before Nick Foles!!!

    Brian Hoyer ( 7year vet, best year ratings wise)
    19 Tds 7 ints 2606 in 11 games

    MG8 ( rookie year )
    19 Tds 11 ints 2608 in 13 games

    And do not forget the horrible playoff game,,,, Josh Freeman thought Hoyer folded like a lawn chair!!!!!!!

  18. martinii Says:

    Iv’e been saying all along the only people interested in Glennon live in Tampa. Might have seen his name mentioned in passing by a few talking heads around the league, but never anything beyond a possible contingency or 4th round option. The only question left is what to do with Griffin.

  19. tmaxcon Says:

    The only question left is what to do with Griffin.

    simple… when griffin outplays 8 in the preseason the question will be answered for you. of course there will be a select few who will cry glennon did not get a fair shot. griffin is the future backup not glennon…

  20. buc4life1979 Says:

    Your growing pessimissim about what we could get in return for a Glennon trade is misplaced…”With each passing day,” So what with each passing day? The only “Days” to watch for a trade involving Glennon if it’s even going to happen, will be Day’s 1&2 of the draft. To Hell with Hoyer and the rest of the QB “market.”

  21. Phil Says:

    Glennon is way better than Hoyer. Hoyer has no upside, Glennon does. If Licht doesn’t get a suitable offer for Glennon before the draft he could sit on Glennon and hope another teams quarterback goes down with injury in training camp or preseason and wait for the phone to ring.

  22. salish_seamonster Says:

    Glennon trade speculation is tired. It will happen or it won’t. Maybe we could get some draft profiles of potential Bucs’ picks? That would be quality content, instead of this speculative nonsense.

  23. celly Says:

    Joe wants a deal done. Glennon has one year remaining on his rookie contract and is very likely to walk. The Bucs should get something for him because there is zero guarantee a compensatory draft pick would be forthcoming.

    What do you mean, Joe. Everyone on these boards said its pretty much a certainty that we get a 3rd round comp pick for him.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I don’t like Hoyer, but don’t forget he had the Browns (THE FREAKING BROWNS!!!) in the hunt for the playoffs (or at least a winning record) two years ago until he got hurt and Johnny Football came in. If you can win 6 games in Cleveland, they should build you a statue. Would I take him over Glennon? Is neither an option? I can see it both ways I guess, but don’t be so ignorant to discount what he did in Cleveland.

  25. Strider ....Sec 147 Says:

    Nope not a 4th has to be a 3rd which is what we spent to get him

  26. James Walker Says:

    Why not just negotiate and then resign Glennon now to a reasonable contract. Anyone ever considered he may actually want to be a buc?

  27. Brian Says:

    There isnt a soul in the Bucs FO that cares what Joe thinks and im thankful for that.

  28. tmaxcon Says:

    James Walker

    who cares if he wants to be a buc if griffin is viewed as a better option. it’s about fielding the best players period. Griffin very well maybe better than Glennon. Neither have played any meaningful snaps in nearly 2 years so who knows.

  29. Lou. Says:

    First, a backup qb is a valuable commodity. What would we have to spend or give up to get a comparable replacement? Even if #8 walks away after this year, he surely has given the team full value for a 3rd round qb pick.

    Second, his trade value is unknowable for now. We haven’t heard what was offered in the past and we won’t hear what offers are on the table now. But chances are that a game of chicken is going on. Bet he would be snached up in a second if he hit the market today. And some wiseass GM would boast about raking in the goods. (If the Joes are tired of all posturing and want to get a deal done, I’m sure glad they don’t make deals for me. They might be two of the few people who could benefit from reading The Art of the Deal).

    Third, I think the Joes underestimate MG8’s talents and overestimate the competition. After all, anything where Mark Sanchez is an answer must be a brutal question.

  30. tmaxcon Says:


    sanchez has lead his team to the playoffs twice. 8 could not beat out McClown… Sanchez above .500 for his career with 70 plus starts… 8 is 5-13… Sanchez is far more proven than 8 whether you choose to accpet that is your problem. Sanchez has a very good chance to lead the broncos deep into the playoffs just like he led the defense first jets to the afc championship game. No one knows what glennon is but he sure has not led anytime to the playoffs.

    Lou you say joe underestimates 8 well you are clearly overestimating 8… You are what your record says you are 5-13….

  31. James Walker Says:


    Griffin has snowball’s chance in hades to beat out Glennon.

  32. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    Butt tmaxcon dirty Sanchez has one thing Glennon does not………………the infamous BUTT FUMBLE! This in itself makes Glennon a better starter than him! Ha ha ha!

  33. Bucs fan in NC Says:

    Those of you that think we shouldn’t take a 4th for Glennon are delusional! You realize we got Kwon in the 4th last year right? Obviously you can grab a difference maker in the 4th……. And Glennon isn’t

  34. tmaxcon Says:


    I’ll trade you Sanchez’s butt fumble for Glennon’s cowardly dash out of bounds before the first down marker… The butt fumble was legendary though I’ll give you that.

  35. tmaxcon Says:

    James Walker Says:
    April 18th, 2016 at 3:48 pm


    Griffin has snowball’s chance in hades to beat out Glennon.


    what facts are you basing this claim on or is it just fan boy intuition…

  36. tnew Says:

    What I’m seeing on the QB front is one thing. Teams are willing to gamble on a guy that has possible upside to be the guy rather than trade the guy that will “manage” the team or be a “solid” option. Those are the adjectives associated with Glennon. Unfortunately, he earned those titles with a horrible team one season and a horrible line and a OC that had never called a play in year 2. Teams have made up their minds on his value otherwise Licht would’ve let the guy go. If he ends up leaving for anything higher than a 4th, I’ll raise my beer and toast Licht. The tea leaves seem to be saying something else.

    I hope the kid gets a fair shake as a starter if thats what he wants, on the other hand, 3 mil a year to take a few snaps in the preseason and hold a clip board sounds like a pretty good deal if you can get it.

  37. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’ve said all along I’d be shocked if we got anything other than a 5th rounder of Glennon. Last yr would have been our optimum time. We might as well keep him. As physical as Jameis plays, we just might need him before seasons end.

  38. Brandon Says:

    We get ZERO comp pick for him if we go out and sign somebody else’s free agent. He would have to break the bank, Osweiler style, and us sign next to nobody /for us to see a 3rd round pick. Comp picks aren’t about losing one player, it is about the net loss/gain in dollars spent for incoming and outgoing free agents.

  39. William Walls Says:

    The thing that seems to have damaged peoples’ perception of Glennon the most was Lovie bringing in McCown in 2014 and immediately naming him the starter over Glennon. People just sort of assumed that this was based on a reasonable assessment of Glennon’s ability to do a good job in a starting role, not realizing that the assessment was made by the same genius that couldn’t find two starters at CB on a roster with a high draft pick that was a proven ball hawk and a recent Pro Bowler (Banks and Verner).

    Thanks again, Lovie. You’re the gift that keeps on taking.

  40. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    It’s almost laughable the way the anti-Glennon group try to always predict some scrub will outplay Glennon in the preseason. First it was Brett “Noodle Arm” Smith that was going to make Glennon expendable, than Josh “Gift me the starting job” McCown supposedly was so much better than Glennon, which brings us now to Ryan Griffin. The pattern is still the same…these other guys end up on other teams (NFL or CFL) and MG8 sticks around. Why you ask, because he’s actually a pretty good QB capable of starting or backing up a more talented QB. Be thankful the Bucs have him on roster, they may need him in 2016?

  41. Justin Says:

    He’s a great back up much better than freeman .yes he did have his shot at #1 qb and lost it .however look how horrible the offensive line was .James has a way better front then mike did and dougie is helping so much which he didn’t do anything to help mike that year. In mike rookie reason as a 3rd round pick he lead all rookie qbs that year in best stats then we let go 3 of are starting front line .I would keep him if we can’t get at least a 2 round pick