Bucs Cage The Muscle Hamster

March 9th, 2016
Doug Martin will play for the Bucs in 2016!

Doug Martin will play for the Bucs in 2016!

Justice has been served.

The Buccaneers re-signed pending free agent running back Doug Martin today. Whew! That’s the word from Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The numbers really don’t matter much. Martin is earning what he deserved, as the NFC’s second-leading rusher last year, and an elite young talent at the position.

Dirk Koetter emphatically said he wanted Martin back. So did Jason Licht and America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, as did fans across the Tampa Bay area, from Lakeland to Port Charlotte and Spring Hill and points in between.

With $60 million in salary cap room, it was a no-brainer to bring Martin back. Why screw around with the most effective running backs duo in the NFL, Martin and Charles Sims.

Now go get a true No. 3 or No. 2 receiver and a pass rusher with a pulse.

77 Responses to “Bucs Cage The Muscle Hamster”

  1. flmike Says:

    $35.75 mil for 5 years….

  2. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Knew he’d resign! Glad to have him back…and not at ridiculous franchise type money!

  3. feelthepewterpower Says:

    a win for both sides!

  4. You Go Joe Says:

    Don’t forget we need a CB!! And safety

    But thank the football gods he’s back!

  5. tbucs Says:


  6. Pillage and Plunder Says:

    See…the sky is NOT falling! Way to go JL…keep up the good work!

  7. flmike Says:

    $15mil guaranteed, $42 max value

  8. HIRE JIMBO Says:

    LET’S GO!!!!

  9. Couch Fan Says:

    There we go. Making the Dougernaut a Buc 4 Life!! Before Free Agency even starts. See no point to panic. And much better than the 11.8 million franchise tag I’d say.

  10. biff barker Says:

    Good news. Win, win for both sides.

    I’m going outside to check if the sky is still there.

  11. Traew Says:

    Guess I’m staying. That was a close one.

  12. K2 Says:

    2 years for $15 is better than 1 year for $11

  13. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Didn’t even hit free agency!

  14. biff barker Says:

    flmike Says:

    $15mil guaranteed, $42 max value
    That’s excellent!

  15. Another J Says:


  16. cbell96825 Says:

    I’ve got a feeling Schwarzt will be next think we were waiting to see the dougie situation play out before we got our fck on

  17. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    good job licht and dougie, now build the defense through the draft, and maybe go get some FA OL to protect jaboo and let the hampster run

  18. Guzzie Says:

    Maybe we can actually try to improve our team now, nice for Doug to “break the bank”, very excited to overpay a 6-10 RB, could’ve done this last week, and not scare other FAs off thinking the Bucs are cheap , well played

  19. Lord Says:

    Great deal for Bucs. Chris Ivory got way overpaid with similar annual salary despite being older / more banged up / only one season over 1000 yards and never close to Martins best years

  20. Rob in Land O' Lakes Says:

    Good deal for both sides. Well played by both the Bucs and Martin’s agent.

  21. cspann Says:

    Good! now lets go and get Tashun Gipson and Quinton Couples

  22. salish_seamonster Says:

    Joe. It’s mighty convenient that you say the numbers don’t matter much, as you were advocating paying him 60% more this year than they’ll actually pay him by letting him get into the market. Jason Licht played smart poker and won!

    That’s a big win for patience and rational thinking.

  23. wesley Says:

    Thank god!!

  24. BucsFanaticinAZ Says:

    Per @RapSheet:

    “More on #Bucs RB Doug Martin’s 5-year, $35.75M deal: $15M guaranteed and $7.25 average over three years. Max value of the deal is $42.5M”

  25. Pickgrin Says:

    That’s a bit much – but at least the guarantees are reasonable if flmike is correct.

    I’m glad it’s done though and Doug is coming back. Now he better show up for camp in great shape and ready to kick ass – just like last year.

  26. Bucfan951 Says:

    Wonder what the licht haters will complain about next???

  27. 1trubuc Says:

    Oh thank (God) the world is right now. I’m so thankful we have him back in the fold. GO BUCS!!!

  28. DB55 Says:

    Smoke’ if you got’em!

  29. JabooBuc Says:

    Hope to hear some people on this site eat some crow.

  30. feelthepewterpower Says:

    I’d be remissed if I didn’t thank Demarco Murray!

  31. BucsFanaticinAZ Says:

    He has 2 years to prove he’s worth $7M/year for the last 3 years. I like it.

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    See…..Patience…..we didn’t even have to wait until 4pm…..told ya!!!

  33. Guzzie Says:

    It’s basically a 2 year contract $15 million guaranteed not paying a 29 year old RB 7 million, I’m good with that

  34. The bucfan 88 Says:

    That’s one now vernnon

  35. rriddler Says:

    I’m glad he’s staying, but I don’t think he was the NFC’s leading rusher last year.

  36. flmike Says:

    Basically over-paid by $1.5mil a year for the first 2 years due to the Ivory deal, but the guaranteed money is very manageable, 2 years at $7.5 mil a season is a bargain in this NFL economy for the #2 RB in the league.

  37. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    JabooBuc Says:

    March 9th, 2016 at 2:38 pm

    Hope to hear some people on this site eat some crow.

    I heard it tastes like chicken..

  38. biff barker Says:

    Hell yes! That’s very little guaranteed and he has to play his ass off to get to the out years. Or restructure.

    Sweet deal.

  39. Joe Says:

    Basically over-paid by $1.5mil a year for the first 2 years due to the Ivory deal

    That’s not “overpaid” that’s the market. Salaries do not decrease.

  40. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Its great that we were able to hang onto him, but we still need to get better in free agency. Hanging onto YOUR OWN good players should be the minimum, now we’ve got to address the holes we currently have on this team….and the list of top flight free agents isn’t getting any longer.

  41. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    So he got 7m per year?

    I guess that isn’t too bad.

  42. Vinsane Says:

    Whew – I was worried I would have to get another Bucs jersey!


  43. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    From what I had heard, they were going to sign him for 6.4m per year last night…so it’s not that much of an increase.

  44. 1nebuc Says:

    I think everyone needs to realize where he was groomed from NE PATRIOTS. So lets relax and let him do his job. Vernon is still in play . DT Nick Fairly CB Sean Smith

  45. ShutTheBucUp Says:


  46. Rossta Says:

    All right it’s about time, way to go Bucs, now let’s go get some Defence help!

  47. jb Says:

    THANK GOD! Let’s move on…
    Oliver maybe?

  48. biff barker Says:

    Nice that Dougie will be in the same O for two years running! Whoa!

    Seriously, that should help in pass pro.

  49. dcbucsfan Says:

    so tired of doug OVARATED martin!!! first u hand him the starting job over blount bc they said he couldnt catch but he caught a superbowlring…now were going to fource feed and overpay martin whem Simms is better period and now we will go 10 yrs plus with no speed on offense (travis bejamin) and no
    pass rush (verner) cuz we focused all our attention on a back which come a dime a dozen and i guatentee he will b injured or bust next yr…smh

  50. BucFan20 Says:

    So the world has not ended yet?

  51. richardtyson Says:

    You can correct it again to the NFL’s second leading rusher. It sounds better.

  52. mac Says:

    I’m glad we got this done… We didn’t need any more holes in this roster than we already have… Congratulations to Martin he did earn this contract… If he stays healthy this is a good deal for both parties…

  53. DB55 Says:

    With $60 million in salary cap room, it was a no-brainer to bring Martin back.


    If they only had a brain. Some people still crying about what they think he should get paid.

  54. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    And then draft Hargreaves!!

  55. flmike Says:

    Without Jaxville payng Ivory over $6 mil a season, there would be no reason for Martin to ask for more than that, you know his agents went back to Licht with, “Look what Ivory just got and he didn’t have nearly the season Doug had…we want a contract commensurate with Doug’s standing in the league as the number 2 RB”, If Ivory only gets $5 mil a season, Doug can only ask for $6.

  56. Bo Says:


  57. The Buc Realist Says:

    Hopefully DM22 will start treating every year like a contract year and stay in shape. Very interested how the real contract will break down!!!

  58. IndyBucaFan Says:


    Why do you have to be such a Douche? Doug Martin has asked time and time again to not be called a hamster. Everyone else for the most part has respected his request…

    Joe likes the nickname. Joe likes Doug Martin. That kind of sums it up. Really nothing more than that. –Joe

  59. WalkdaPlank Says:


  60. Bucsfanman Says:

    Alright, who’s next?

  61. Guzzie Says:

    Obviously Doug won this fight, look at the bright side if 2016 Doug goes back to 2013-14 Doug, gonna have a really high pick next year, hello mr fournette

  62. biff barker Says:

    Look, this is a great contract. It really is. Doug gets a good payday and incentives to perform. No huge guaranteed money either.

    It’s fair to both parties with Martin having two bad seasons.

    Any mooks still splitting hairs over $1.5M need to go find soccer.

  63. Tnew Says:

    Great contract for the bucs! And for Doug if he performs. That’s just a win-win

  64. Tom S. Says:

    But we could have just franchised Doug for almost as much in one year as he is getting guaranteed in the life of his 5-year contract. Where is the justice here?!?!? We want GM JOE to run this team! JOE! JOE! JOE! GM JOE!

  65. Guzzie Says:

    So much for my dreams of 8 years of Ezekiel Elliott and jameis tearing up the league together as bucs, not sure why mr licht never called me for my opinion lol

  66. Pickgrin Says:

    So now that its done – Joe needs to admit that 2 years for $15M is a WAAAAY better situation for the team than franchising DM for 1 year at $11.8M and then being right back in this same situation next year.

    Go ahead Joe – you can admit it.

    And don’t try to pull the “they could have still negotiated for a long term deal” card either. If Doug knew he was guaranteed almost $12M for 1 year – there would have been no further talk of an extension from his side for many months. FACT

  67. Guzzie Says:

    When 2013-14 Doug shows up next year, we can still blame it on lovie

  68. martinii Says:

    Once I bet my neighbor $10 bucks he’d sign with Oakland, I knew the Buc ink would flow. You guys can all thank me for this great day in Tampa Bay.,,,,

  69. Tom Edrington Says:

    He’ll never see the last two years of the deal.

  70. Guzzie Says:

    Lovie took our RB coach, yeah we will go with that excuse, hell in blaming lovie smith for everything that ever happens like ever, it’s fun…global warming LOVIE SMITH..higher taxes LOVIE SMITH….my dating life yep you guessed it LOVIE SMITH….ok time to start drinking lol

  71. Guzzie Says:

    Correction, I meant Im blaming LOVIE not in LOVIE…even my grammar is LOVIES fault

  72. gotbbucs Says:

    Ridiculous contract. We paid for past performance. I hope we can get out of it after three years.
    Martin gets over $7 million and Ivory and Miller are taking $6 million. Texans and Jaguars will get the same return, if not better, on over $1 million dollars less per year.
    Cheer all you want, this was a stupid deal to make at this point. All the big money is spent at this point, Martin wasn’t going to find anywhere near this on the open market.
    He is a two down running back, nothing more.

    Damn well better get Schwartz in on a visit. That’s who I would have prefered to spend big on.

  73. San Francisco Joe Says:

    THANK YOU Jason Licht. Fantastic deal for both sides. Doug Martin will be a career Buccaneer! I hope fans realize how big this is.



    Long live the Muscle Hamster

  74. unbelievable Says:

    So exactly what all us rational, patient people thought was gonna happen. The amount sounds huge but only 15m is gauranteed. Won’t be paying those last years unless he stays healthy and productive longer than most running backs.

    Can all you negative Nancy’s stop crying about the sky falling and unbunch your panties?

  75. Buccfan37 Says:

    San Francisco Joe… thanks for the Martin highlights. I can’t wipe the smile off my face that he is back after watching that.

  76. Dave Says:


    I even said 6-7 mil would get it done. I figured 4 years.
    5 is absolutely fine with me. He will be 27-31 during that stretch – prime years then done.

  77. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Cool…I for one am very glad the Bucs will have Doug’s services for a few more years. I think 2012 and 2015 are what he really is.