“It’s A Lot More Relaxing”

March 8th, 2016
Bucs RG Ali Marpet talks offseason and Logan Mankins.

Bucs RG Ali Marpet talks offseason relaxation and Logan Mankins.

Interesting get from Casey Phillips of Buccaneers.com, as she caught guard Ali Marpet outside the locker room at One Buc Palace for an interview.

Marpet clearly was working out (unless he likes to take a shower wearing his Bucs T-shirt) and Phillips got Marpet to talk about his first NFL offseason.

This is the first offseason of sorts for Marpet. He previously was always working at school, taking classes and exams. No more! Marpet finally had down time after football and admitted he enjoys it.

“It’s a lot more relaxing,” Marpet said. “I got a whole three months to do what I want, obviously work out. So it’s a lot more relaxing, that’s the biggest difference.”

Marpet also discussed what it meant to him to play with Logan Mankins and how much he learned about being a pro during his rookie year.

3 Responses to ““It’s A Lot More Relaxing””

  1. CrustyCrab Says:

    If he stays healthy he will be one of the best.

  2. Ben the Ga Buc Says:

    Love that kid.

  3. DB55 Says:


    2 things I think you should add to JBF:

    1. Casey Phillips
    2. Parascope

    Oh wait … Casey Phillips w JBF on Parascope. 💀💨