Alex Marvez Talks To Joe

March 31st, 2016
NFL insider raves about Jameis.

NFL insider raves about Jameis and more

The cleaning out of Joe’s voice recorder continues. This time, Joe types up his chat with good guy Alex Marvez of FOX Sports and SiriusXM NFL Radio stardom.

Marvez discusses how America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, not only resurrected his football career, but also how he may have saved the Bucs and paved a clean path for future NFL quarterbacks. Additionally, Marvez scoffs at the Gerald McCoy haters.

JoeBucsFan: With the hiring of Dirk Koetter, do you think the Bucs have finally solved their riddle of being an annual NFC doormat?

Alex Marvez: Yeah, I think, unfortunately, Lovie Smith didn’t work out, I think, for a variety of reasons. But you didn’t want to let Dirk [Koetter] walk out that door. Quite honestly I don’t think Lovie was amenable to some of the changes he would have been expected to make on his coaching staff. That’s not how Lovie rolls. So you move forward. You can’t ask Dirk to get a much better of a staff [than he] assembled. Mike Smith, a great defensive coach who will be a head coach in this league again someday. The defensive assistants he brought to the table, like Jay Hayes and Mark Duffner, guys who will work as a group together. I think it is a real positive. On offense, you keep that staff and you bring in a new offensive coordinator in Todd Monken, and gosh, it is such a positive vibe for this Bucs team. You are keeping some of the good things from last year going while getting rid of the bad things that have really hindered this franchise, especially on defense.

Joe: What is your take on Jameis and his rookie season?

Marvez: Fantastic. You love the work ethic. And he laid the groundwork for success. He is the guy who cared enough to be the first guy to come into the weight room every day and be there setting the tempo for his teammates. Not going back to FSU on the bye to go celebrate with his old friends, but staying put to study. He cares about his craft. It means a lot to him. This all sounds cliché, but ask Cleveland Browns fans how they feel about Johnny Manziel, the guys who don’t put in that time and effort. [Setting an example] is definitely what he has done and you started to see him reap the rewards of that as the season went on.

Joe: Well, Manziel’s rap and baggage actually hurt Jameis. Even Mike Mayock said before last year’s draft he was spooked by Jameis because he got burned by Manziel.

Marvez: But you know, that scorched earth [by Manziel, Jameis] has gone ahead and healed that. And maybe he opened it up it up for other quarterbacks who, you know, may be under the same type of scrutiny to not have to deal with it. I will tell you this: [Jameis] did what he needed to do and that is outstanding. You can’t ask for anything more from that young man and what he gave this year and the respect he earned from teammates.

Joe: Like Vincent Jackson? A veteran who is 33 and seen it all, and Jameis has Jackson eating out of his hands.

Marvez: Right. They look up to him but he has earned their respect. He came in and they gave him a clean bill and let him start from scratch and leave some stuff from college behind. He has taken full advantage of it.

Joe: For whatever reason, a good number of Bucs fans have turned on Gerald McCoy. He has become a piñata for a lot of fans who believe the Bucs need to upgrade at defensive tackle over an edge rusher. Fans on sports radio just beat him up. He may not be Warren Sapp, who the hell is? Joe doesn’t understand the hatred built up for him.

Marvez: I didn’t know there was hatred.

Joe: Oh, there is a lot!

Marvez: How do you hate a player like Gerald McCoy who plays through injuries, who gives his best? Defensive tackle is such a hard spot. When you think about it, when Warren Sapp wasn’t protected [with an edge rush] with some of the great players he had like Simeon Rice – look, what about when he was with the Oakland Raiders? What did he do in Oakland when he didn’t have the same talent [around him]? He wasn’t as good of a player. Now he was older, but that is the reality of it. Put Gerald in a system where he has some help around him and he will flourish. He is, I think, one of the best interior defensive tackles in the game. There is no question. Plus, he’s a good guy. He’s a leader. I think any hate like that is just misguided.

11 Responses to “Alex Marvez Talks To Joe”

  1. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I’ve read over and over again how GMC is handicapped by the lack of talent around him. I do not disagree. But in fairness it’s not just GMC and it’s not just talent of teammates…attitudes and coaching have effected the Buc’s play during GMC’s tenure here. He is what? On his 4th coach in six years?

    That is true for the rest of the guys as well. I do not deny that we haven’t had SB talent on this team. But our talent is not as bad as our coaches and attitudes have made this team.

    #3 has changed the culture. Koetter is using the power of #3 to create a different culture and a different mindset. I believe he and Licht are also improving the talent.

    GMC is entering his peak years. I’m happy to believe that at last Koetter and #3 are going to give him the kind of team where he can truly find his maximum performance.

  2. MonsGM Says:

    I have followed the draft closely since we drafted Vinny. It took me far too long to stop lumping a player in with a past player or group of players because of: a shared coach, personal issues, they’re from the same university or system.

    You have to judge players individually. Shaq Lawson or Dodd are not Bowers or Adams. Jameis is not the same person as Jemarcus, Manziel, Ponder, Manuel. Tyron Mathieu isn’t Tanard Jackson.

    I can’t believe the experts who have do this far longer day in and out still don’t get this.

  3. DB55 Says:

    I think you should start these interviews with “how many buc games have you actually watched?”.

    Fun fact: Warren Sapp in 2006, the year before he retired register 10 sacks on the Oakland Raiders with DLs like:

    Tommy Kelly (3.5)
    Tyler Brayton (0)
    And of course the infamous Lance Johnstone (2)

    Ballers ball out no matter what. Don’t matter who’s next to them. Some players ball-out on pure talent. Others use their talent plus sheer will and determination to ball-out, it’s called having HEART!

  4. Leonard Scarnesi Says:

    Too bad JOE didn’t let Marvez know that the “hatred” is almost totally a figment of JOE’s undependable imaginings.

  5. Cobraboy Says:

    On the firing of Lovie Smith: I suspect the owners asked Lovie to revise his D staff—which included close personal friends and kids—and Lovie refused.

    Boom. Gone.

    I, for one, feel ~zero~ sympathy for his firing. None. He led an incredibly bad defense…that was getting worse.

  6. Pickgrin Says:

    Joe: For whatever reason, a good number of Bucs fans have turned on Gerald McCoy. He has become a piñata for a lot of fans who believe the Bucs need to upgrade at defensive tackle … Joe doesn’t understand the hatred built up for him.

    Marvez: I didn’t know there was hatred.

    Joe: Oh, there is a lot!


    Once again Joe – you are making Bucs fans look bad by saying over and over again to NFL types – “a good # of Bucs fans” “hate” him or want him gone/replaced.


    Its not true. There are very few Bucs fans who HATE McCoy. There are very few Bucs fans who want him gone. No One who supports the Bucs is trying to run McCoy out of town. Jebus dude. Just STOP IT! SMH

    Just because vocal haters like “Dallas” and “DB55” and “Ray Rice” and a handful of others are continually bad mouthing Gerald on JBF comments does not mean that any significant % of Buccaneer fans want him gone. These commentors are idiots when it comes to this subject and the few of them that do exist certainly do not represent “a good number of Bucs fans”.

    You are making yourself look bad as well by continually bringing this up when interviewing NFL people – or haven’t you noticed by the surprised reactions you get from everyone you say this to?

  7. Nick2 Says:

    I think hatred is a strong term when talking about Gerald McCoy. Respect may be a better term. Its pretty simple its hard to talk great about a defensive player who has been on one of the most losing teams since he joined the NFL. There are exceptions but name be an all time great NFL tackle that played on a perennial loser. That’s where we have issues. In three years Leroy had his team in the NFL Championship game. We haven’t even made the playoffs. Hatred? No. Disrespect? Go win some games for the team Gerald, show up in the 4th quarter in some huge way (strip sack whatever) and all will be good in Buc land. Its up to McCoy really. There is no hate but he needs to earn some respect to go along with his millions in salary.

  8. Pick6 Says:

    like most negative views that are trotted out ad nauseum, the GMC haters are a minority, but a vocal and repetitive minority that makes the issue seem more widespread than it is. You’ve also got high profile haters like Mr. Beckles who amplify the noise a little

  9. JoeD Says:

    Seems to me you Joe Bucs Fan are the instigator of the “hate Gerald Mcoy” story. People in Tampa just want a winner. There is no movement against Mcoy. It is fabricated along with the “Mike Glenon Mob” theme to help create a story.

  10. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    a vocal and repetitive minority that makes the issue seem more widespread than it is.

    Amen brother. And as you suggest it’s true plenty of times besides with GMC.

    And it’s infecting all of our lives especially politics.

    The squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

  11. Joe Says:

    Seems to me you Joe Bucs Fan are the instigator of the “hate Gerald Mcoy” story.


    There was a former Bucs offensive lineman on one of the highest rated radio shows in this market who almost daily beat up GMC and did his best to have him traded or cut, whipping fans into a frenzy. Rode GMC’s arse for years — plural.

    There are a couple of Bucs fan websites out there that are no fans of GMC in any way shape or form, one of which has done its best to have GMC run out of town. There was yet another Bucs website that totally fabricated a story of how GMC and Jameis were at odds, which didn’t exactly paint GMC as a sympathetic figure.

    If anyone thinks Joe is behind this mob action, you clearly have your head buried in the sand and are totally out of touch. If anything, Joe is a fan of GMC.