Will Martin Call Affect Logan Mankins?

February 19th, 2016
Pro Bowl left guard Logan Mankins

Pro Bowl left guard Logan Mankins

As of early yesterday, Bucs Pro Bowl left guard and top team leader Logan Mankins hasn’t told team officials whether he’s playing football this year.

Perhaps, like Jared Allen, Mankins wants to rent a pony and gallop off into the clouds before a live Twitter audience.

This has Joe wondering whether Mankins could be affected by the Bucs’ looming decision on free-agent-to-be Doug Martin. If Mankins wants to play for a winner, then he might get completely discouraged by the Bucs parting ways with Martin because they don’t feel like paying him.

Will that happen? The franchise tag deadline on Martin is in 11 days. The free agency dinner bell rings in 20 short days.

Let’s be real. If Mankins only cared about money, then he’d be certain of returning this season for the $7 million the Bucs owe him. Weighing on Mankins’ mind likely is his long-term health and a shot at a Super Bowl, and knowing that one more strong season could put him in the Hall of Fame one day.

Regardless, Mankins’ decision is a critical call. The $7 million due represents a healthy percentage of Team Glazer’s salary budget for 2016. The Bucs will open the free agency season roughly $50 million under the salary cap, but might only be budgeting to spend $40 million and then rolling over unused money for future use. Freeing up Mankins’ pay could change the game for the Bucs’ front office.

At the Pro Bowl, Mankins told Joe that he would give the Bucs ample notice when it comes to his decision. The clock is ticking.

If Mankins retires, then Joe suspects the Bucs won’t shop in free agency for a premier guard. They likely would just let Kevin Pamphile, who made one strong start for Mankins last year, battle for left guard with Evan Smith and a late-round draft pick or inexpensive free agent.

17 Responses to “Will Martin Call Affect Logan Mankins?”

  1. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Im not too worried about our o line. Like you said, Pamphile and Smith are decent. I would look into a new center if one becomes available though.

  2. tmaxcon Says:


    I slightly disagree. I think the oline should be a priority. Even if Mankins returns his age and that knee makes it a gamble he can play a full season. Pamphile I like but has not started a full season so that is an unkown and I am not sold on RT.. Gos is no spring chicken and Dotson is average at best. Anyhow, protecting Winston is priority #1 in my book. Improved defense means nothing if Winston gets knocked out.

  3. Tom S. Says:

    GM Joe to press: “I signed Doug Martin to a one year deal, 11 million dollar contract today because it was clear that Logan Mankins was very worried about Martin’s contract status and didn’t appreciate the breeze he received when Charles Sims ran behind his buttocks in quite the same way.”

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    I think some Bucs fans have a false sense of security when it comes to the O-line!! Yes they played way better than anyone thought. But that schedule was very soft with bad team after bad team!!

    While they were better than what we thought they were last year, they might be worse than what some think they are now!!!

    We all know what happens when we all think a position is “set” for years!!!!

    Licht, Keep fixing the lines!!!!

  5. Lord Says:

    Id be pretty happy to sign a top RT that’s younger and draft a Center or Guard in like the 3rd.

    Sign whatever DE / DT we can get.
    Sign Travis Benjamin.
    Re-sign Martin.
    Sign S/CB for added competition

    Come out of draft with DE/CB/OG/WR/S/DT

  6. pelbuc Says:

    Online needs upgrade asap. Just look at the game against the Rams last season to get an accurate assessment. Mankind needs to decide now!

  7. unbelievable Says:

    O-line def needs more work. Let’s not forget we had to play 6 down lineman on quite a few plays to be successful running the ball. That is not ideal.

    Also, you guys that think Sims is just as talented as Martin are crazy. We saw what happened when Martin was taken out of the game and Sims was the every down back. He couldn’t handle it.

    He’s much better as a change of pace back / split out receiver. We had the most effective 1-2 punch, no need to mess with that!

  8. BigHogHaynes Says:

    If Mankins retires that means more cap space! More for the BACK-STABBER to work with!!$$

  9. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    @Tom S.

    You need more practice. That was a really horrible joke.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    What’s up with the constant “BACK-STABBER” comments Big Hog? Let it go. Who cares? Lovie doomed himself with an 8-24 record and stubbornness at hanging onto crappy and unqualified coaches (like DB coaches including his son).

    I thought Lovie deserved 1 more year to try and turn things around prior to his firing – but am now GLAD he is gone. If Licht or Koetter or whoever you are referring to as a back stabber helped push Lovie out the door – then the franchise is better off anyway.

    Get over it dude. Are you a Bucs fan or not?

  11. Bucsfanman Says:

    Whether or not we lose Logan, you always need o-line depth. It’s the one position that you can’t have enough competent players.
    I like Logan and hope he stays.

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Money will clearly not be an issue for Mankins. He’s made enough already to make all of his children millionaires…how much bling does one family need.

    Mankins will base his decision on just a few factors.

    1.) His health!!! Don’t know if he has had many concussions or how much he looks forward to artificial knees implanted before he reaches my age. I believe his health is his #1 consideration and who can blame him?

    2.)His family. I don’t know the ages of his children but he may simply wish to spend more time with them. Again who can blame him.

    3.) His ability to perform at a level that he is not embarrassed to put on video.
    If he thinks he can play at a high level that would be a good thing.

    4.) Does he believe the Bucs will be competitive next year. I do not believe he cares whether Martin signs or not however. I think he either has faith in Licht, Koetter and #3 to get er done…or he doesn’t. Individual players aside from #3 will not effect his decision.

  13. Dave Says:

    To answer done concerns and points above–

    Licht will constantly add to OLine

    Martin will sign to a 4 year deal

    Simms is a compliment, not an every down back

    Just my opinion and what is do

  14. biff barker Says:

    Cue the drumbeats for Biff’s head…

    “Bucsfanman Says:

    Whether or not we lose Logan, you always need o-line depth. It’s the one position that you can’t have enough competent players.
    I like Logan and hope he stays.”

    If a stud OL falls into the second, you take him. No question that Licht will. There is simply too much value there.

    Get the best we can. Period! We can bring in FA’s as needed till we draft the players we want!

    Put it this way, 3 strong drafts and you can replace 10-11 starters and build depth too. FA is best used in moderation.


  15. Chromolly Says:

    Go home boston old man!

  16. Kevin Schmidt Says:

    Its not just the OL that did better all on they’re own. Its the offense. They had direction last season. They actually KNEW where they were supposed to block and what to look for. The season before it was…” Ok guys, get out there and block someone!!!”

    I like Mankins but I give a lot of credit to Koetter for putting together an offense that is kind to the O-line. I would like to see Mankins back in that locker room for one more season though. He plays a huge leadership role.

  17. godzilla13 Says:

    Why wait for Mankins decision? Why and what for? By releasing Mankins it will free up $7,000,000 in cap space. It gives us options.

    1) Move Donovan Smith to guard and sign LT Cordy Glenn Buffalo Bills – He has been the one positive constant over his four years in Buffalo. He has improved in pass protection each year, and has been an above-average run blocker.

    2) G Kelechi Osemele Baltimore Ravens – Considering he’ll be 27 when the season starts, Osemele is the top guard set to hit free agency. Great run-blocker. His pass protection hasn’t been as good, but is still above average.

    3) Move Kevin Pamphile to replace Mankins at LG. Use the 7M to bring in an additional DE,CB, LB or Safety in FA.