Video: Jameis Winston Weighs In On “America’s Quarterback” Nickname

February 1st, 2016

Jameis weighs in

Yes, Joe interviewed America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, after a Pro Bowl practice last week in Hawaii.

Part III of the interview is below. It’s a segment that makes Joe want to recite the Declaration of Independence.

Does Jameis like his nickname, “America’s Quarterback?” Absolutely! (For Parts I and II of Jameis in Hawaii, visit

58 Responses to “Video: Jameis Winston Weighs In On “America’s Quarterback” Nickname”

  1. NashvilleBuc Says:

    Joe, you are a master-click-baiter.

  2. Trubucfan22 Says:

    All that hype for this?

  3. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Is this you “so called” announcement?

    If it is…….it’s very disappointing

  4. Trubucfan22 Says:

    ::Leaves disappointed::

  5. Pick6 Says:

    his body language says “this is awkward”…

  6. NashvilleBuc Says:

    Well, it is cool that he likes the nickname. And it’s definitely got traction outside of this blog. I’ve heard it a couple times said by family in Tampa who don’t read JBF.

  7. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    BAIT N SWITCH!!!!!!

    …..not cool Joe

    ……not cool at all!

  8. Joe Says:



  9. Wombat Says:

    nothing to see here, move along…..

  10. Warren Says:

    Yeah you’re gonna get hammered for this one Joe…please don’t do the usual going after commenters for it.

    LOL. “Hammered” for what? Joe asked Jameis about 10 questions and this was the last one. Take a deep breath. –Joe

  11. NashvilleBuc Says:

    In fact, I believe that if he ends up turning this franchise around, it’ll be Superman vs Americas QB story lines for years to come.

  12. BUCSJUNKIE Says:

    Really Joe?! Please tell me this isn’t really the part 3 you have repeatedly mentioned!

    Absolutely! Joe is pleased to hear Jameis’ positive feelings on the nickname he earned.–Joe

  13. BUCSJUNKIE Says:

    Well I come to your great site several times a day to check out whats new and you do a great job of staying on top of Bucs news, so i won’t give you too hard of a time for a 15 second clip!

  14. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    …America’s Troll…

  15. Birdman Says:

    I took my break early at work because I was excited about the 3 pm Jameis update. Now I’m just dissapointedly eating dinner at 3:30…

  16. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    rule 1: Under promise & over deliver

  17. Dreambig Says:

    Why is Jameis so reserved in these clips? I have a feeling he is still surpressing a lot when he talks to the media. He is expecting to get the knife in the back at any moment. Hopefully next year he can begin to loosen up.

  18. Tampa Tony Says:


    It’s gonna be a long off season with filler like this from Steve and Joe. Maybe this is why the Joes don’t say who writes which post as they don’t wanna get blasted personally and can hide behind the Joe persona.

    First, Joe has no need for filler. You obviously aren’t paying attention. Second, Joe always writes about what Joe finds interesting and/or entertaining. That won’t change. This met the standard on both. –Joe

  19. Sapp, STFU Says:

    Everyone, what Joe did today is a lot better than getting Rick Rolled

  20. unbelievable Says:

    Still waiting for that big announcement Joe…

    ::rolls eyes:: ::closes webpage::

  21. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol How did you not expect this? What were you expecting? Comical.

  22. ManzielMadness Says:

    LOL. Next you should ask Peter King if he likes his nickname!!

  23. Skyline Crew Says:

    Is it really a nickname if only one person is using it?

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Some of you guys are a bunch of spoiled little girls. Any of you guys paying to read any of this content? Would you rather him post nothing? Do you think there are a bunch of inside stories floating around? What the hell do you expect? Funny that it upsets you so much, yet you take the time to comment. Apparently you aren’t smart enough to realize that you are literally supporting what (for some reason) bothers you so much.

  25. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    As expected.

  26. Supersam Says:

    He had that look on his face when an ex gf asks you if you still love her hahahaha

  27. Supersam Says:

    I like you, I like you. Your pretty cool.

  28. OAR Says:

    Sorry I’m on this late on this announcement, I had a BM at 3pm.

  29. Buccaneers Says:

    Actually, what you’re referring to is Joe announcing he would be in Hawaii covering the Pro Bowl. I guess that doesn’t qualify as a legit announcement for you. Whatever. Joe was the only local media outlet there and produced numerous quotes and stories you won’t find anywhere else. Multiple quotes from Joe went national, and Joe’s video was all over local newscasts in Tampa this weekend. Some posts are still on the home page, and there’s more good stuff to come. Really no need to come here and knock Joe like that. Take a breather. –Joe

  30. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Thanks Joe for letting Jameis Winston know he is the best quarterback in the NFL

  31. DoNUTS Says:

    Only one step left…(but a HUGE one)….earning the nickname ON the FIELD..

    I think #3 will be great someday but I suspect the team will give him another nickname eventually that will make the currently media applied nick version obsolete.

    Looking forward to that day…but to each their own. 🙂 Thanks for the coverage JBF

  32. Lord Cornelius Says:

    lol this site really does have like the worst internet troll types come through (along with some solid posters).

    Wtf do you want him to write about? It’s freaking February of the Bucs offseason lol. It’s pretty sad I’m even reading this much about the team in the offseason in general but thought the coaching changes & front office moves were worth reading up on.

  33. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Well, I for one appreciate all you did at the PB…I hope you told Jameis off camera, how much he is just adored!! So many are pulling for him!!

    So many thanks Joe! Loved every word of the interviews..

    GO BUCS!!!

  34. Howard Cosell Says:

    Newton is scared of Winston.
    Why else would he rip a jersey out of a fans hands and throw it on the ground?

  35. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Hey Joe, been gone a while, just got out of jail. Still love your site and the Buc news for out of state fans. Go Bucs!

  36. Buc1987 Says:

    Nothing wrong with “Famous Jameis” to begin with.

  37. jb Says:

    Joe seems to believe he’s the reason Jameis is Famous. LMFAO
    Sad, Sad, Sad

  38. GuinGirl Says:

    Wow, Jameis speechless, there’s a first 👍

  39. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Joe seems to believe he’s the reason Jameis is Famous. LMFAO
    Sad, Sad, Sad”



  40. McClorasMaddenDaddy210 Says:

    Wow, sad really…wish i had the power to block you naysayers. All you do is complain, cry and b!T~h. JOE please keep it coming homie. Love all the articles, love the real posters. And I LOVE MY BUCS
    YO JOE!
    GO BUCS!!!

  41. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Lol joe. This was alot of hype for such a short clip. However you dont see any hate from me. Go bucs.

    Americas QB is a nickname we will be hearing for years and from national media too.

  42. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Lets clear some stuff up. “The naysayers” are disappointed with this article because Joe has provided awesome exclusive content throughout the years. But the 4 day build up to this clip was not worth the actual content. We hold Joe to a high standard because he produces great articles. Joe should get criticized for this con job he pulled on us. (It’s all in good fun though, because we love Joe)

  43. JAB83 Says:

    Well considering The Musel Hamster can’t stand his name this is excellent news… While not as strong or long lasting… It is good to know Aaericas QB is on board…

    And while this might not be the blog for it… Somewhere Lovie is smiling saying, “yeah Joe I did that.” Ha

    Oh and BTW I tried like heck to support Lovie and would have continued to had he stayed… I honestly think just as I thought with every coach that has been fired. He deserved to ride out his contract… Thank God for coach and #3, these two are responsible for us being able to llnd decent talent for coaches…. I’m just not expecting any of them to be loyal because they know loyalty don’t mean a hill of beans around here….

    That said I am as proud as ever to be a Nice fan… Can’t wait…. And I hope “you like that Tampa.”

  44. JAB83 Says:

    To be a BUCS Fan*** WTF

    Sorry still can’t spell for poop with this stupid smart phone

  45. Ray Rice Says:

    Meanwhile, THE MESSIAH is still making Aunt Geraldine jump offsides. LMFAO. That was FUKN hilarious. Then he had the same dumb look on his face as if he was telling himself, “dam again?.”

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    Jab…you’re such a Nice fan. lol

  47. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo is happy that Hamus loves his nickname…..Pablo would like a nickname like “America’s Roofer” or “America’s Lap Dancer”……Pablo has had many nicknames that Pablo can’t post…..mostly because of the one thing Pablo has in common with Hamus……Pablo’s elongated arc”

  48. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I got no problem with “America’s QB” or “Fameis Jameis” but #3 is a lot quicker to type and I suspect we’ll be typing a lot about him in the future.

  49. Elle Says:

    Some of you guys need to loosen up and enjoy life a bit more. Gawd…

    Anyway, hurray for America’s Quarterback!

  50. Rob Says:

    Silly nickname never made sense to me. Great player though so Joe can call Jameis whatever. I just ignore the dozen daily references Joe makes to this silly nickname. JBF worth sifting through for great info. Still hate the nickname ! Go Bucs!

  51. cmurda Says:

    What’s with all the hate? That could have gone south if JW didn’t like it. Of course we would have never seen it on here if that was the case.

  52. lurker Says:

    “Anyway, hurray for America’s Quarterback!”

    are we rooting for tom brady, now?

    the true america’s quarterback

  53. Adambomb418 Says:

    This was not that interesting, Joe. I find stories like this make me click on this website less and less.

  54. Kelvin Says:


  55. Harry Says:

    I thought it was pretty funny Joe. You are entitled with all the good stuff you give us. People, you need to lighten up, really!

  56. Mark Biggens Bachman Says:

    He already has a nickname that he likes…a llot. It is “Jaboo” .

    “America’s QB” is no “Muscle Hamster” when it comes to nicknames.

  57. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    If jersey sales are any indication, perhaps Tim Tebow is truly America’s Quarterback. I still see people walking around with Gators and Broncos Tebow jerseys all over the country, long after his 15 minutes has been up.

  58. MegaDaveUK Says:

    This is entertaining, both because he didn’t know about it and liked it – epeen +9000 lol