John Lynch’s Favorite Memories

January 24th, 2016
Bucs great talks memories.

Bucs great talks memories.

Geez, where does one start? There are so many highlights of John Lynch’s Bucs days that it’s hard for Joe to trim them down to a favorite.

Imagine how Lynch must feel?

When Lynch spoke Friday after being announced as the next member of the Buccaneers Ring of Honor, he was asked about his favorite moments with Tampa Bay.

“I thought about that on the plane ride here,” Lynch said. “I think there are a few things that stand out. Obviously winning the championship. I’ve only won one world championship, and I would imagine that, from talking to people, however you do it, it’s sweet, but, again, knowing where we came from, I think made it even more sweet.

“I got to do it in front of my family out in San Diego, so that was great. But in addition to that, I think the first time I was named captain. I remember Tony calling me in his room and Monte and Herm were all in there and they told me the news. That just – you talk about humbling; that your teammates would choose you as the guy.

“And then I think, you know, Bryan [Glazer] talked a little bit about the great things our foundation was able to get done in the community, and we’ve carried that forward to Denver, but we still give scholarships here. That’s something that – there was such a special feeling that I don’t know if it exists anywhere else or has existed anywhere else, between the community and that team. Because it felt like we grew up together and there was a sense of pride. It was really, really something special, something to behold.

“But I think there were a bunch of guys on that team who did a lot of great things in the community, so there was just an unbelievable feeling amongst the players, the entire organization. Those are the things I’m most proud of.”

Two memories jump out at Joe, and they weren’t even football plays.

In the 1999 playoff game in Tampa against Washington, the Bucs’ offense was totally impotent — a postseason hallmark of Father Dungy — trailing 13-0 late in the third quarter. Lynch then picked off a Brad Johnson pass, ran in front of Bucs offensive coaches and spiked the ball hard as if to say, “Will you SOBs get off your arses and do something?”

Sure enough, the Bucs scored on their next drive and would later win 14-13.

Joe’s second Lynch memory? After Derrick Brooks scored his game-clinching pick-six in the Super Bowl, the Bucs’ flagbearers ran on the field to celebrate. Lynch grabbed one of the flags away from the flagbearer and started whipping the flag around in celebration.

Lynch knew; the Bucs were finally Super Bowl champs.

8 Responses to “John Lynch’s Favorite Memories”

  1. Larry Johnson Says:


  2. Bucs Believer Says:

    Lynch will always be one of my favorite Bucs. From his hard hitting to his class on and off the field he made us proud to be Buc fans. I want that again for my team.

  3. PanthersSuck! Says:

    Awesome! All great memories

  4. BIFF BARKER Says:

    Barry Sanders will always remember Lynch.

  5. Pjttbucfan Says:

    “Finally!!! Super Bowl Champs!!” Thats right!! To see John Lynch waving that flag, to see him with Dex “we’re Super Bowl champs!!”. Derrick after pick 6!! Jeez, I could go on and on!!! Take us back there Dirk!!! Congrats Mr. John Lynch!! Dammitt I want to be in the crowd in Canton this August. Oh and when you are enshrined, I will be!!!! Go Bucs!!!!

  6. DavidBigBucFan Says:

    Favorite Lynch hit was on against the Rams in 2000 Silence if the Rams rematch of the Championship game when Marshall came free thru a big hole but Lynch hit him so hard he flew up in the air and stopped him cold! Truly one of his greatest hits and most exciting games ever

  7. Pickgrin Says:

    I like on the 2002 Bucs DVD where John Lynch is miked up during the SB – and he’s so excited and so impressed with his coach when telling Jon Gruden that what they (the defense) were seeing on the field was exactly what Gruden had instructed them to look for and had just resulted in an interception.

    So many big hits and big plays by Lynch over his career – its hard to pick a favorite.

    It’s a shame John wasn’t able to retire as a Buccaneer though – so I’m glad he is being inducted into the ring of honor as a Buccaneer icon. Lynch played a key role among the nucleus of players that turned this franchise from perpetual losers into a Championshp caliber football team.

    I hope that GMC, LD54 and Kwon can find a way to turn the tide for this Bucs defense in similar fashion to what Brooks, Sapp and Lynch were able to do for this team.

  8. Howard Cosell Says:

    That was a simpler time when safeties could hit and it sure made for some epic Bucs football.