Father Dungy Not Worthy (Yet)

January 21st, 2016
Putting Father Dungy in Ring of Honor before Chucky is an affront to thinking Bucs fans and a slap in the face to Chucky.

Putting Father Dungy in the Ring of Honor before Chucky would be an affront to thinking Bucs fans and a slap in the face to Chucky.

So yesterday, Joe had a virtual shock wave run up his spine at the thought of Father Dungy being named tomorrow to the Buccaneers Ring of Honor.

The Custodian of Canton, eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune, had word yesterday that John Lynch will be this year’s Ring of Honor inductee. Joe stands and applauds.

But just before Kaufman broke the news, a local TV sportscaster pumped out on Twitter that he believed if not Lynch, the honored party in question could be Father Dungy.

Joe almost fell on the floor.

Jiminy Christmas!

That would have been the ultimate slap in the face to Chucky, the lone coach to ever guide the Bucs to a Super Bowl championship! Why, the thought of Chucky getting snubbed in favor of Father Dungy makes Joe want to throw an empty bottle of Crown Royal through a window after first hurling on the floor.

Look, Father Dungy was fired not only for an inability to get the Bucs to a Super Bowl, but for his rotten playoff record. When two of the greatest players to ever buckle a chin strap – both Tampa Bay players – Warren Sapp and Lynch, said openly on the Bucs version of “America’s Game” that change from Father Dungy was necessary to realize the team’s championship potential, that was damning and telling.

Those statements alone should result in cooler heads prevailing at the Super Bowl next month and not voting Father Dungy into the Hall of Fame, certainly not before many more worthy candidates are enshrined (Jimmy Johnson and Tom Flores quickly spring to mind).

Let’s see: Vince Lombardi, George Halas, Paul Brown, Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells, Chuck Noll, Tom Landry, Father Dungy.

Guess which name doesn’t fit?

Hell, at least Bud Grant and Marv Levy made multiple Super Bowls.

Yes, Father Dungy eventually won a Super Bowl (with the Colts).  So too did Barry Switzer and the immortal Don McCafferty.

Lest anyone forget, studs for the Bucs during Father Dungy’s days, Hardy Nickerson, Derrick Brooks, Sapp and Lynch? They were on the roster when Father Dungy showed up!

And, no, Chucky didn’t win with Father Dungy’s players. Please study the starting rosters of the 2001 Bucs and the 2002 Bucs before you embarrass yourself any further, if you are inclined to parrot such nonsense. Besides, how the hell come Father Dungy couldn’t win with Father Dungy’s players? Ever think of that?

Can people please quit canonizing this Father Dungy?

Just his role in trying to sabotage the Bucs franchise for a generation, by doing his absolute best to convince the powers that be at One Buc Palace not to draft America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, is damning testimony. Joe will forever thank Lovie Smith for not listening to him.

Oh, sure, now Father Dungy is all for Jameis… after the Bucs ignored his pleas and drafted Jameis! For that stunt alone, if Joe’s last name were “Glazer,” Joe would suspend Father Dungy’s name from consideration for the Ring of Honor until Jameis’ playing days are finished, say, circa 2030.

Everyone believing or even suggesting Father Dungy should be in the Ring of Honor before Chucky needs serious re-education, or they should turn in their Bucs gear and go become a Titans or Jags fan.

76 Responses to “Father Dungy Not Worthy (Yet)”

  1. destro44 Says:

    I think the case for Dungy comes only from where he took the team. We were so bad for so long and he made us a consistent winner. Is it enough for ROH maybe not, but Bucs history doesn’t have many winners to put there. Chucky doesn’t belong there either though in my opinion. Yes he one a superbowl, and was completely mediocre after that. I think as fans we need to raise our expectations, and stop accepting the best in Bucs history as being good and ask are teams to be great by league standards to be in the ROH.

  2. James Walker Says:

    Being the first AA NFL HC to win a SB should be a consideration.

  3. Waterboy Says:

    Chucky won 0 playoff games in about 5 years following that 1 super bowl and slowly tore the franchise a part with bad personnel decisions. At least with Dungy the team was always competitive and in the playoffs. Gruden just came in and gave them the slight boost needed on offense to get them over the hump.

  4. gary Says:

    one of your most accurate articles. Long been stated that Sapp was the most dominant Buc and they would not have reached Super Bowl w/o him.. Dungy is quoted in Tampa papers that he did not want Sapp drafted by Viking when he was dc and if he was coach at that time of Bucs. He would have passed. Dungy quality family man. Was not HOF coach.. Had great offense given him with one team and great defense with other. One super bowl and look at payoff record.

  5. tdtb2015 Says:

    Sam Wyche was the one getting us HOF players. Dungy had a good enough system to take away the laughable team label away. Chucky brought the real wood to build the bridge to the promise land and acquire the hardware of respect to create envy from teams that lack the unique experience of the Lombardi, Baby!!!

    Only Chucky deserves to be on the ROH. Wyche planted the seeds. Dungy watered the tree. Chucky gave us fruits to eat and enjoy!

  6. M.Stevbobucfan Says:

    Also remember how Chucky won the super bowl….with father Dungys defense..we had Brad Johnson at qb and Michael Pittman at rb…remember Philadelphia was about to score to win the game when Barbara pick McNabb off and took it to the house….our offense was rated in the twentys that year

  7. tdtb2015 Says:

    I rather experience the ultimate experience as a football fan than experience a constant “almost” feeling and not reach the pinnacle.

    I will always separate Chucky 2002 season with the rest of the Chucky years.

    For those who look back and suffer they should go be an Eagles or Lions fan.

    Go Bucs!!!!

  8. Bucco Brice Says:

    worthy players like Wilder, Nickerson and maybe Ricky Bell should be there before ANY coaches…

  9. tdtb2015 Says:

    @M.Stevbobucfan -Our offense rated in the 20’s that year but was rolling in the playoffs. They took care of business when it counted. They real Super Bowl was in Philly where the temperature was so chilly! lol The Oakland game was icing in the cake!!!

  10. Joe Says:


    Was discussing James Wilder yesterday with some folks. Good call. He’s overlooked.

  11. BucPugilist Says:

    Why is it that you make such a concerted effort to dismiss all of the great things that Tony Dungy has done for our beloved pewter pirates Joe?

  12. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Stevbobucfan, Philly wasn’t driving to win the game. We were up 20-10 at the time. The INT just sealed the deal.

  13. MTM Says:

    Dungy set the table for Gruden to succeed. Gruden added the desert fork. Once Gruden was in total control of player personal after the Superbowl they went down hill fast by trading away talent for retreads. There is a reason Gruden has not coached since the Buc’s. Gruden would get exposed if he coaches anywhere else. Dungy should get in before Gruden in my opinion. And can we stop with the Father Dungy crap. Just because Dungy’s not a d-bag it doesn’t means he’s a saint and I’m not a religious fanatic by any means. Joe you sound like a Chucky jock sniffer.

  14. BucsBlud Says:

    I’m a huge Gruden fan, and not much a fan of Dungy, but to suggest Gruden belongs in the ROH over Dungy is ridiculous. Joe, you have lost your mind on this one. Dungy oversaw the most successful era of the Bucs history, and set the table for the Super Bowl season. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t he receive a ring for that season. Also, to suggest Dungy, the first black coach in NFL history, with one of the better records in NFL history, doesn’t deserve enshrinement in the HOF is just idiotic. I am a huge fan of your site, even if I don’t comment much, but statements, or shall I say negative rants, like this one makes me question you motives. I’m not even sure Gruden deserve to be in the ROH. His time in Tampa wasn’t that successful.

  15. DallasBuc Says:

    Nice rant Joe!

  16. StAugBuc Says:

    “Also, to suggest Dungy, the first black coach in NFL history”

    Ever heard of Art Shell?

  17. Bob in Valrico Says:

    the only new players I could find in 2002 were greg spires, Michael pittman and keenan Macardle a girt from Jacksonville because they could not afford him. with Keyshawn and joe jurevicios already here,they were the missing pieces our offence needed. Our defense pounded Oakland’s quarterback and got 2 pic sixes aided by gruden’s familiarity with offense.
    now lets compare the two coaches:
    chucky .509 winning percentage. worst seasons 4-12 5-11.the only time he had two winning seasons in a row were his last two at 9-7. Gruden did not break .500 after the superbowl.Two of his winnimg seasons were partly the result of weak schedule following terrible seasons. Left the team in bad shape
    due to ageing players and poor free agency acquisitions.
    tony Dungy .563 winning percentage.Worst seasons 6-10 his first year 8-8 In spite of his
    conservative approach that drove many people,including me crazy he built a
    consistant winning team with just a few pieces missing to win the super bowl.
    I give dungy the nod because of more consistant record and the shape of team when he left.
    Also Rich mackay was general manager and we don’t know what part he played in getting the new additions in 2002

  18. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


  19. mike Says:

    Joe, You have never posted anything more spot on. Our Window was from1999 to 2003. Thank God for Gruden

  20. Jay Says:

    I am a Tampa Bay Lifer and I can appreciate both coaches tenures, as that was the peak of our prime. We don’t get there without the foundation that Dungy set up. At the same time, I also know we don’t get there without Gruden’s influence and players either. Dungy does deserve to be in the Hall of Fame and in the Ring of Honor. Look at his overall winning percentage, his coaching tree, and contributions to the league and community as a whole. His overall impact on the NFL and the Bucs can not be argued against. The argument that who should get in first, is a stupid one that I rather not waste time harping on. Both Coaches deserve to be in the Ring of Honor. If Gruden has a John Madden like career on air, then he might be in line down the road for the Hall too. Relax!!

  21. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Also, the Raiders were taken to the Super Bowl with Gruden’s players so essentially that Super Bowl should officially be called the Gruden Bowl. Also both the Raider’s and Bucs fell off a cliff when Jon left them both. The man made lousy personnel moves, that much is certain but he did pretty well with the talent he had for both teams he coached. I think he is a slightly better coach than Dungy.

  22. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    For anybody still parroting that “won with Dungy’s team” nonsense:

    On offense and defense combined, there were ELEVEN new starters between 2001 and 2002.

    Oben replaced Kenyatta Walker
    Jenkins replaced McDaniel
    Green replaced Wunsch
    McCardell replaced Green/Anthony
    Dilger replaced Moore
    Pittman replaced Dunn
    Spires replaced Jones/Steve White
    Wyms replaced Cannida (as McFarland’s backup – important because McFarland went on IR)
    Singleton replaced Quarles (at Sam)
    Quarles replaced Duncan (at Mike)
    Kelly replaced Abraham

    Also of note: Tupa replaced Royals at Punter, while Stecker replaced The Truth on kick returns, and Doug Johnson replaced King as backup QB.

    So tell me again how Chucky won that Super Bowl with “Dungy’s team”?

  23. Elle Says:

    Jon Gruden should get in before Dungy. That isn’t even an argument in my mind. Both should be in, but Gruden first. Together would be a serious, serious mistake.

  24. Jeff Says:

    Spot fricking on! Finally, someone that tells it like it is about Dungy. Back in the day, I wanted him fired almost as much as Lovie the loser today. Two dinosaurs who the game has past bye. Hail King Gruden for delivering a Super Bowl! Would have never won without Gruden. He’s should be the next Bucs coach in the ring of honor.

  25. tdtb2015 Says:

    I think all who think Dungy should go in where playing video games during the 2002 Super Bowl season….

  26. Greg Says:

    We are in a world of reverse racism. He was an average coach with one ring. Is everyone with one ring getting in? No! The media is so afraid of a racial back lash that they are pushing Dungy to the head of the line. (See the golden globes) Actors boycotting because there isn’t enough racial diversity in the nominations. There are only like 5 successful black actors in Hollywood God forbid they are not nominated for something every year.

  27. Mort Says:

    Excellent post, Joes. Thank you.

  28. Greg Says:

    Speaking of Racism in the NFL! The Roony rule is a racist rule. If you interview a minority and like him you can hire him on the spot. However if you interview a white candidate you cant hire him until you interview a minority? How is this NOT racist? You should have to interview both a Caucasian and minority candidate before any hire then it would be fair. Where is Jesse Jackson on this? How come Jesse Jackson and (Father Dungy) only speak up for African Americans rights for second chances? Where were they for Johnney Manzel or Ben Rothlesburger?

  29. Turk182 Says:

    Ironic that Lynch was not resigned by Gruden and now Lynch will be in our Ring of Honor.

  30. Greg Says:

    Turk182 Lynch is going in for what he did as a Buc not a Bronco. I loved the guy but he was losing a step and if you remember it was the Glaziers that stopped spending money immediately after the Superbowl. Gruden loved Dunn the year he came hear but Glaziers wouldn’t fork over the cash.

  31. pick6 Says:

    as a bucs fan i will always be grateful to dungy for reversing a losing culture that had been lingering since shortly before i was born. but there’s no doubt in my mind that he is the #2 or possibly #3 coach in buccaneer history.

  32. BUC55 Says:

    Joe, I could not disagree more with your anti Dungy BS!!!!!! Did you live here when Dungy was coach? Were you a Bucs fan back then? Apparently not or you would realize the monumental transformation led by Dungy and the massive respect he earned from the team and Bucs community. Just ask Derrick Brooks.

    Of course you are entitled to your opinion on Dungy. You dislike him because he recommended Marriotta over Winston? Seriously?

    If you don’t like Dungy or agree with his current commentator analysis, fine, I recommend that you at least treat him and his contribution to Bucs history with more respect. I believe he’s earned it!!

  33. Greg Says:

    I like Dungy and do give him credit for the professional attitude he brought here. I just dont think he belongs in the NFL hall of fame for having a bad record in the playoffs. Until he rode the coat tail of Peyton Manning and got a ring. Jimmy Johnson has 3 rings in 4 years and isnt in yet. Dungy will eventually get into the ring of honor but is only a finalist in the Hall of fame because of his race.

  34. pick6 Says:

    M.Stevbobucfan “Also remember how Chucky won the super bowl….with father Dungys defense..we had Brad Johnson at qb and Michael Pittman at rb…remember Philadelphia was about to score to win the game when Barbara pick McNabb off and took it to the house….our offense was rated in the twentys that year”

    1) even “dungy’s defense” improved and had one of the best seasons of all time under the new coach and old coordinator
    2) eagles were down 2 scores (10 points). i was nervous, and points there start the “here we go again” thoughts, but barber’s INT put the game out of reach, it didn’t extend a small lead
    3) our offense generally improved through the season (we had some clunkers with robosack and shaun king standing in for brad laye in the year) and then exploded in the playoffs. we blew out the niners, scored more TDs in 60 minutes than dungy scored in 3 years in philly, and then had our best rushing game of the year in the superbowl…with big plays all along the way

    did you watch the bucs in 2002 or are you just piecing it together from highlighta and articles?

  35. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … ‘Can people please quit canonizing this Father Dungy?’

    I get that you’re not a big Tony Dungy fan Joe, mostly because he preferred Marcus Mariota over Jameis. Seems similar to me to if folks started kicking you for pushing so hard for the Bucs to draft Johnny Manziel 2 years ago. You all had your preferences at the time; so did Tony. No big deal.

    But to diminish what Tony did for Bucs football is ridiculous. Before Tony Dungy became HC, our defense was decent, but certainly not elite (had actually ranked in the top 10 in points-allowed only 3 times since 1976, and those were under Coach McKay).

    Starting with his first year, Bucs defense under Dungy ranked in the Top-10 in points-allowed ALL 6 years Tony was HC. That same Tampa-2-based defense continued to rank in the Top-10 for 5 of the 7 years that Jon Gruden was HC. Tony took us to the playoffs 4 of the 6 years he was here (we hadn’t even sniffed the playoffs since 1982 under John McKay).

    One commonality through all those 13 years: Monte Kiffin … running the defense that Tony and he built together. Folks forget too soon that our 2002 Super Bowl team had the #1 ranked defense (points-allowed AND yards-allowed), that they only gave up 196 points ALL SEASON, and that they’re considered to be one of the Top-5 best defenses of all time. Without that defense, doubtful the Bucs would’ve won the SB (Gruden’s offense put up a total of 346 pts … basically the same as Lovie Smith’s offense did this year that resulted in a 6-10 record and him getting canned).

  36. Bucsfanman Says:

    Finally! Somebody said it!
    It is not to dismiss what Dungy accomplished, that’s not the point. There are far more deserving coaches who aren’t in the Hall of Fame (note: not to be mistaken for the Ring of Honor). It really is as simple as that. For that matter, the ROH as well, Dungy didn’t get the Bucs a Superbowl. And please, like Joe says, STOP with the “he won with Dungy’s team” already! That’s like saying Gruden went to two Superbowls by playing his former team! It’s ignorant! Dungy will always be revered for his place in Tampa Bay. Gruden should be revered for taking the Bucs to a title.
    This piece does not diminish Dungy. Get your heads out of the sand!

  37. Another J Says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem with him in the ROH. He deserves the recognition for the work he did to make the Buccaneers contenders. We were far from contenders before coach Dungy arrived in Tampa Bay.

  38. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with this article. Also it took him A long time to win his Super Bowl,with one of the greatest offenses in NFL history and a pretty solid defense.

  39. Espo Says:

    “And, no, Chucky didn’t win with Father Dungy’s players. Please study the starting rosters of the 2001 Bucs and the 2002 Bucs before you embarrass yourself any further, if you are inclined to parrot such nonsense. Besides, how the hell come Father Dungy couldn’t win with Father Dungy’s players? Ever think of that?”

    I’ve been saying this for years. Just glad someone who gets paid attention to finally copied my opinion 🙂

  40. Espo Says:

    To any Bucs fans in AR in the reading audience, the Bucs have never employed Doug Johnson. Rob Johnson and then later Josh Johnson.

  41. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    First of all Gruden won not with Dungy’s players but Sam Wyche’s.

    The two HOFer’s were the product of Wyche. As has been posted Dungy would have never signed off on Sapp because of the weed. Lynch broke through in Wyche’s final year. Dungy came in and immediately benched him to bring in one of “his” guys from KC. Does that sound familiar..and we wonder where Lovie learned his tricks. Luckily for Dungy and the Bucs..that guy got hurt early and Lynch went back into the lineup and now onto the Bucs ROH.

    @tdtb You created a great metaphor that says it all!!!

    Wyche planted the seeds. Dungy watered the tree. Chucky gave us fruits to eat and enjoy!

  42. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I think Dungy should get in a year before Chucky.

    He built the defense. We had 22 losing seasons until he fixed things. He effected change more than a Doug Williams ever did, certainly.

  43. Defense Rules Says:

    @BucsFanMan … ‘This piece does not diminish Dungy. Get your heads out of the sand!’

    @Joe … ‘Look, Father Dungy was fired not only for an inability to get the Bucs to a Super Bowl, but for his rotten playoff record.’

    This piece doesn’t diminish Dungy? Really. Tony Dungy took us to the playoffs for FOUR out of 5 years (1997-2001). Lost 2 Wildcard games, 1 Division game, and 1 Conference game. Since then the Bucs have made the playoffs exactly THREE times in 14 years … all 3 under Jon Gruden. Lost 2 Wildcard games but yes, won the 2002 Super Bowl.

    So Tony Dungy’s teams go to 4 playoffs in 5 years and since then we’ve gone to 3 playoffs in 14 years, and Dungy was fired for having a ‘rotten playoff record’? Sorry BucsFan, but without that top-ranked 2002 DEFENSE, Bucs wouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl. Of course, what do I know? I’m obviously one of those with my head in the sand.

  44. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    StPeteBucsFan Says
    “First of all Gruden won not with Dungy’s players but Sam Wyche’s.”

    Who developed them…and who knew how to use them? And who changed the culture of this team?

  45. BoltIsle Says:

    Joe speaks 100 on this.
    Standing O

  46. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’m of the opinion that we could not have won a superbowl without either one of them.

  47. Parie McParington Says:

    this fanboydom for Jameis Winston you have is now at the level of pathological. smh

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    @BuccaneerBonzai … ‘I’m of the opinion that we could not have won a superbowl without either one of them.’

    Me too Bonzai. Jon Gruden added the offense that Tony Dungy missed on for all 6 years here. But without the defenses that Monte Kiffin ran for all 7 years of Gruden’s tenure here, our won-loss records would’ve been much different I’d surmise.

    More interesting to me, I see some exciting parallels developing with our 2016 Bucs team: Dirk Koetter’s offensive talents complemented by Mike Smith’s defensive talents. What’s even better though is that now we finally have our franchise QB in Jameis, something we were missing I think during both the Dungy and Gruden years.

  49. Bucsfanman Says:

    Calm down Defense!
    I am a dyed in the wool Bucs fan and love me some Tony Dungy. You are taking this far too seriously. It’s amazing how quickly people are ready to dismiss Jon Gruden but worship Tony Dungy.
    I’m not even sure what was said to get you all worked up!
    Spout the stats if you want to, Dungy has a ring with the Colts and Gruden has a ring with the Bucs.
    Sure Dungy should be in the ring of honor. So too should Gruden.
    Read the article again, maybe you’ll gain a little more perspective.

  50. BucsBlud Says:

    “Also, to suggest Dungy, the first black coach in NFL history”

    Ever heard of Art Shell?

    That was supposed to say to win a Super Bowl

  51. Buccfan37 Says:

    This Bucs lifer can’t stand watching or hearing Dungy speak. Overrated to the nth degree.

  52. Buc_The_World Says:

    I’m so sick of you guys acting like Dungy is some bum who coached this team. He was just as instrumental in us getting that Superbowl as Gruden was. Last I checked Gruden inherited the #1 defense in league. Last I checked the defense was responsible for us winning a vast majority of those games. Last I checked it was Ronde Barber that saved Gruden’s a$$ from being beat by Philly because they were on their way to scoring for the win. Last I checked Gruden didn’t do jack sh&t after winning the superbowl. Yes Gruden won the lone superbowl but quit acting like he didn’t benefit from Dungy’s influence on this team. Chucky wouldn’t have a Superbowl the next year if he had taken over after Raheem, Schiano, and Lovie. Just like Mike Tomlin would not have the early success he had after Cowher left, but unlike Chucky he maintained success. I don’t give a damn if Chucky got us a Superbowl, Tony made us a respectable organization and a playoff contender for years. And he still has ties to the organization. Does Chucky? If he goes into the ROH before Chucky it’s not a slap in the Face. When Dungy left we were still in good enough shape to win a Superbowl. We are still recovering from Gruden leaving.

  53. ColoradoBuc Says:

    Thank you Joe for saying what I’ve always felt about Dungy.

  54. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    And so this gets down to the value of a single Super Bowl.

    Some people prefer having one SB every twenty years to consistent success but no SB.

    If you go by their records…clearly Chucky was not Tony Dungy.

    Their Buc records…

    TD 54-42 for a .563 winning % and that includes TD’s 6-10 first year to turn things around

    Chucky 57-55 for a .509 winning % including the 12-4 that first year with a great team already in place.

    Chucky won the SB. We’ll always love him for that.

    TD turned around the franchise and we’ll always love him for that. And TD certainly had the better overall record compared to Chucky…and in fact if you subtract their first year on the job with the Bucs…Chucky had a losing record of 41-55..that’s actually pretty abysmal!

    TD OTOH had a record of 48-32 a winning % of .600…pretty dang good!!!

  55. Bucsfanman Says:

    Everybody acts as though people are attacking Dungy by giving Gruden credit for the Superbowl! Stop already. It has been said time and again Dungy changed the culture of Buc football. He won us a butt-load of games, including a few playoff appearances. Given!
    Is it so horrible to say that Jon Gruden won a Superbowl?! This is by far the lamest argument of all time. Give credit where credit is due.
    Dungy won more games as a Buc HC. So what?! That does not take away what Gruden accomplished.
    How does this sound?
    Pretty stupid, huh?!
    Stop it!

  56. Espo Says:

    “I’m not even sure Gruden deserve to be in the ROH. His time in Tampa wasn’t that successful.” – BucsBlud

    You can argue Dungy was the better coach and we’d have a debate. They each have one ring and Dungy was definitely better at building a team. Gruden would’ve had another Super Bowl appearance in Oakland if not for the Tuck Rule, but if so likely wouldn’t have been traded here. Dungy would’ve had an opportunity here in 99 if not for the Bert Emmanuel Rule, but then again, likely wouldn’t have coached in Indy. A couple of the biggest screw jobs in NFL history, in my opinion.

    You can argue that Dungy was the better coach here in Tampa, and we’d have a debate. You’d lose said debate. I could match you point for point but would only need one counter point for anything you could possibly construe. LOMBARDI TROPHY.

    You could argue that quote above that I’ve copied and pasted, and we’d have a debate. The debate would be whether that was the absolute most idiotic remark on JBF in 2016 or the most unintelligent JBF remark since it’s inception. I know it’s only January,but I’m confident you won’t be dethroned.

    Let us not forget, the key players to our defense was drafted by Sam Wyche. Our 02 roster was crafted by 3 different coaches and countless office personnel. The stars aligned. Gruden was just who we needed to put us on top. He managed to get championship offensive production from a collection of free agents in just one year. I’m not sure if that’s been done before or since.

    I think as far as coaches go, since there will likely be more players inducted in between, Gruden gets in first, then Kiffin since he was the mainstay between both regimes, and then Dungy.

  57. Espo Says:

    Sapp and Brooks deserve more credit for changing the culture more than Dungy or any other coach. Locker room presence and leading by example on the field speak volumes more than conservative play calling and high character draft picks. 3rd round for a kicker? I’m a Gramatica fan but come on that was a reach. Gruden gets a pass for Janikowski in the 1st because his boss was a moron.

  58. Phil Says:

    Jon Gruden walks on water and should be in the Bucs Ring of Honor as the only coach to win the Super Bowl for the Bucs. Dungy told the Glazers to hire Lovie. In my mind that pushes Dungy back to the end on the line.

  59. salish_seamonster Says:

    Dungy and Rich McKay turned the franchise around. Without them, Gruden would’ve probably not been here, as he is not into team building. So, no Superbowl without the efforts of Dungy and McKay to save the franchise. Dungy should go in before Gruden.

  60. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    Espo – Right you are!! Not sure how I messed up the backup’s first name, but I surely did. Thanks for the catch. My point, however, still stands. 50% turnover of starters is hardly “Dungy’s team”.

  61. Espo Says:

    This is true. That’s a huge turnover when you consider it was only one season. I think many fans didn’t watch until the super bowl and then only paid attention to our defensive stars.

  62. Buccaneers Says:

    I propose a two-headed stature to honor both coaches simultaneously. Gruden head would be fatter, of course.

  63. Buccaneers Says:

    MTM called Joe a Chucky jock sniffer. High-larious!!! Bore repeating.

  64. NewDayInTampa Says:

    Joe you need to stop all this race baiting you know what you are doing. Just like the national media you race to get hits on your site in the slow season. Two racial topics in one day I thought this site was better than that. All these in the closet racist but you still cheer for the Buc players you guys are lost souls and will be dealt with in the after life

  65. d-money Says:

    Maybe I’m old fashioned but I think the ring of honor should be for people who did something exceptional for a long period of time.

    Yes, Tony Dungy is a great guy who did a lot for the city and the team. He turned around a team that sucked for a long time.

    Guess what? That was his job, that’s why he was hired. To turn the team around and win games and make the playoffs.

    In the real world that would be the equivalent of an annual review from your boss of “meets expectations”. Yeah, it’s an ok review but your not getting that huge raise or promotion.

    It’s not the Ring of Meets Expectations, it’s the Ring of Honor.

    Jon Gruden won a Super Bowl, I’m not sure that even makes him a lock. He wasn’t brought here to build s team, he was brought in to win championships. He won one, that’s one “meets expectations”. Then he nevet won another playoff game and had a long streak of “below expectations”.

  66. Mike Johnson Says:

    Our History..Buc History proves We are not a classy organization. Actually we are..quite messy and tainted somewhat. We did not want to pay Doug Williams what good Qb;s were making. He left and won a superbowl elsewhere. We let Dungy get the players and prepare the team..then fired him. He went on and won a superbowl. You never know, Lovie might come back to haunt us as the ghost of premature let go’s. Notice a..pattern with our good ole boy Bucs? I do. But I won’t say it. Why it might just bring out a..confederate flag or something.

  67. d-money Says:

    So far the Bucs have had one coach that’s truly deserving. John McKay took the team from expansion to 10 points from a Super Bowl appearance in a relatively short time. Expansion teams didn’t have the avenues and resources to build rosters that teams have now. They had to be built from the draft and other teams scraps.

    I think that he far exceeded anyone’s expectations at the time.

  68. Capt. Tim Says:

    Watching Dungy coach this team in the playoffs- was some of the most frustrating, irrating moments I ever experienced as A Buc fan.
    And with this sorry teams history, thats saying a lot!!

    I actually did throw a bottle thru a TV over Dungy.
    Wss grateful I was far from Tampa at the team- otherwise I’d have been marching up and down in front of the stadium, demanding a coaching change!!!

    Tony Dungy did some great things for this team. But he couldnt win a playoff game- until Indy told him to keep his damn hands off the offense during the playoffs

  69. grafikdetail Says:

    joes this was the most ignorant rant you’ve made on this site LOL but to each his own

  70. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey Joe,
    How much coin you getting for stoking this fire? Can I have a percentage? I’m on physical disability. Snort….period! It’s not chucky BTW, it’s upchucky.

  71. orlbucfan Says:

    Rich McKay and Tony Dungy + Malcolm Glazer’s coin brought us a SuperBowl. If I get emotional here, it’s cos my beloved MIL (who turned me on to the Bucs) predicted that I would live long enuff to see TB win the SB. She passed in 1989. Tony Dungy (screw the religious adjectives) better be in the Bucs ROH. Done.

  72. Buc1987 Says:

    This article and opinion depends on how long Joe’s been a Bucs fan.

    Dungy means the world to me. Gruden as well.

  73. grafikdetail Says:

    gruden had 1 Superbowl… with an already build team… against his former team, with an all-time great defense that knew all the calls before the snap… after that season he didn’t do crap… team went 7-9 and 5-11 the 2 seasons after the superbowl but he deserve the ring honor before Tony? LOL

  74. Espo Says:

    Does a SUPER BOWL mean nothing to you ungrateful bastards!? Who cares about how or who. Gruden got us to the impossible! Absolute worst fan base in existence!

  75. FortMyersDave Says:

    Dungy and Gruden will both be in the ring eventually; probably in the next 3 or 4 years….

  76. Chromolly Says:

    screw Dungy ..His conservatism cost us NFC championships….