Low Rankings For Bucs Corners

December 5th, 2015
Stat geeks rate CB Sterling Moore best of the Bucs, but not that high.

Stat geeks rate CB Sterling Moore best of the Bucs, but not that high.

Yes, regular readers understand Joe has serious reservations about the stat nerds over at Pro Football Focus.

Hey, if they want to do missed tackles and dropped passes, fine. When they start grading players is when the whole operation runs off the tracks.

The spreadsheeters decided to assign a rank to every NFL cornerback, which offers grim results for Bucs fans and perhaps reinforces that the Bucs secondary needs help. Here is the list from top-33 to 34-67, to 68-100 and 100-114.

If you believe in these rankings, the top Bucs’ corner is Sterling Moore at No. 50. If your best corner is not even one of the top 50 at his position, then you have a problem.

The geeks also believe there is no difference between Johnthan Banks and Hey Jude.

Joe hopes the Bucs are active this coming offseason in acquiring cornerback help.

6 Responses to “Low Rankings For Bucs Corners”

  1. Todd Says:

    As we all know stars can be spun any way. IMO what is lost in these rankings is the quality of the players D-line and front 7. Many of the top 33 play on teams with top tier D-lines and front 7. The decline of Banks is puzzling.

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs haven’t spent a whole bunch of money on their CBs or their safeties obviously. Assuming that you draft well, it takes time to ‘grow’ a quality CB or FS or SS. Not only haven’t we drafted well in those areas, but Bucs haven’t done a good job of ‘training them up’ for many years. And it shows.

  3. No_Bucs_Given Says:

    what is the deal on banks?! Is it discipline for play Or outside of that?!

  4. Pickgrin Says:

    Sounds about right if you look at the whole season. There have been a few games where Moore played well and Hey Jude played OK, but both seemed to regress vs Indy – Verner has made some plays here and there but not been consistent. Have no idea what happened to Banks – he played pretty well last year but didn’t look good early this year and hasn’t been seen on the field in quite a few games.

    I expect to see a CB drafted in the top 3 rounds in 2016 and perhaps some more $ spent on another free agent CB as well to try and improve moving forward. We need to at least improve at that spot to the point where Jenkins is not good enough to make the team next year.

    I also agree that if the DLine were better, our current CBs would be able to play better and would be rated higher.

    DE should be the top priority to try and improve – followed by CB and then Safety.

  5. Fsuking Says:

    Hey Jude got exposed for what he is last game. The experiment is over Lovie! Idk who lets him experiment with lineups anyways. He’s no mad scientist, he’s like a 3rd grader in a high school science class.

  6. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I thought Banks would have a breakout season. Guess that’s why I’m not a GM