Gerald McCoy Sports A Three-Inch Scar

December 6th, 2015

RevisMcCoyProBowlJoe got a good look at Gerald McCoy’s injured hand today in the locker room.

Running right up the center of his left hand, on the outside, is a three-inch scar.

The hand was noticeably swollen, as well. It’s not hard to assume it’s from the “procedure” McCoy had after the Colts-Bucs game a week ago.

Will McCoy return soon? No. 93 wasn’t talking after today’s game. That’s no surprise. McCoy rarely talks if he wasn’t participating in a game.

Joe wishes McCoy a speedy recovery.

5 Responses to “Gerald McCoy Sports A Three-Inch Scar”

  1. Pickgrin Says:

    Get well soon #93 – we need you for the stretch run.

  2. mike10 Says:

    Did not notice any difference today along the line today without him.

  3. 74 bucs fan Says:

    Lol! Mac – once again, the award for the best post of the day is in the mail to you!!

  4. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Again we had NO push up the middle in the first half and the Falcon tackles simply routed our DE’s wide and let Ryan step up into the pocket with no pressure…no GMC..up the push.

    Lovie changed at the half and started blitzing to compensate for that lack of push up the middle.

  5. mike10 Says:

    St Pete,
    we gave up 6 points (not going to count the FG off that wonderful Evans tip drill) in the first half, which included 2 red zone trips. How much better could you ask for against Ryan, Freeman, and Julio? lol