Full Frontal Evans On Display

December 6th, 2015
Bucs WR Mike Evans celebrates his game-winning touchdown pass Sunday. (Photo courtesy of Buccaneers.com.)

Bucs WR Mike Evans celebrates his game-winning touchdown pass Sunday. (Photo courtesy of Buccaneers.com.)

Boy, oh boy, is Mike Evans a frustrating watch. The full frontal of Evans was on display today, the hair-pulling, beer-throwing bad, and the cheap hug of the well-endowed chick sitting next to you in exultation.

In the second half, Joe was so upset with Evans and his drops — one of which led to a Dixie Chicks pick — that Joe suggested on Twitter Evans should be benched to send a message that his constant drops and his baiting of officials (not today), and his pass interference flags were killing a team clawing and scratching for a wild card berth.

But then, when the Bucs needed him, Evans manned up. After the play of the season by America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, kept the eventual game-winning drive alive, Jameis found Evans on the right side of the end zone. Evans just dragged his legs in bounds for the winning score.

Look, Joe likes Evans. The dude very well may have the best footwork of any big receiver Joe has ever seen, with his ability to tip-toe his way inbounds for catches. But then there are the mindless drops of perfectly thrown balls, his apparent desire to draw pass interference calls rather than lay out for catches, and his constant chirping at officials.

To Evans’ credit, he knocked off the chirping as he promised and shook off the sloppy play to win the game for the Bucs.

If Evans can become a consistent catcher of the football, then he could be elite. Until then, he is dangerous, as in dangerous to the Bucs’ march to a wild card berth. One could argue Evans cost the Bucs one game and maybe two with his drops. He cannot continue that any longer.

24 Responses to “Full Frontal Evans On Display”

  1. CanadainBuc15 Says:

    Love they guy he seems to always be there when we need him but oh man does this kid have to learn how to focus on catching the damn ball all the time!! Whenever he drops it, it seems like his heads halfway down the field but man watch the ball till it’s in your hands!!!!

  2. mike10 Says:

    Couldn’t have worded this article better myself. I was just poo poo talking him at the table as he caught that TD pass.

  3. dmatt Says:

    This guy ME has cost us a few lost this year. I agree he should be benched the same way Doug was benched today. Credit Winston n not Evans for the comeback to win the game. Same with ASJ he’s soft, fragile, n not dependable. Hadn’t shown me nothing but injury bug n contributed to lost to Vikings last year. I’ll take patriots backup TE Scott chandler over ASJ. He hustles plays with tenacity n what I consider true grit. ME is also fragile as he plays passive as it relates to stretching for the ball, hustling, n sacrificing during crunch time. Watch the likes of Gronk, GOlsen,JWitten,OBJ, Antonio Brown,GTate, n that’s an example of consistency n big time players make big time plays.

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    I highly doubt the Bucs would be 6-6 without Evans contribution.

  5. Architek Says:

    We need better weapons!

  6. dreambig Says:

    Great catch by Evans for the last TD. And for all the morons earlier in the year talking so much smack about Winstons footwork and not setting to throw, that perfect strike TD was thrown while Winston was running.

  7. BucTrooper Says:

    be careful about labeling players who are on the “cusp of elite.” Couple years ago Jonathan Banks was wearing that t-shirt.

  8. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    What, who ever said Banks was elite? Evans is getting too much crap for his drops. He had one last week and 2 today I believe. The one was way too high of a pass though and really wasn’t on him. Without Evans this team
    Certainly doesn’t have 6 wins. All receivers occasionally drop passes.

  9. Paul Says:

    Sometimes I feel like the officials are zeroing in on the Bucs the whole game and not even paying attention to anything else. Tunnel vision. It’s like they look at the amount of penalties the Bucs have and are saying, “was that a penalty? oh well, throw the flag just to be safe, it’s the bucs after all” Don’t really see the bucs get breaks on penalties like other teams.

  10. Howard Cosell Says:

    Jackson and Evans, even with the drops, still look miles better than any receiver tandem the Bucs have had since Keyshawn and McCardell. If Evans got rid of the drops he would be absolutely elite.
    Personally Howard would rather not see Evans lay out for passes. That’s how receivers get hurt…lay out within reason, but don’t try any crazy dives into traffic or where you come down wrong and get hurt.

    Great game. Enjoyed watching it with my Dad.
    All hail Leonides Jameis the Great and the immortal Buccaneers!

  11. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Bench Evans, and play who?

  12. Pierce Says:

    He’s young and he’s learning. I loved how quiet he was today. I think that will help his focus.

  13. Howard Cosell Says:

    Yeah, exactly.
    Humphries had a few and looks like a decent #3 but he’s no Mike Evans.

  14. Red86 Says:

    Man, I wished Mike William had his life together. Jackson, Williams, and Evan would’ve been a deadly trio. sigh.

    I was thinking of benching him as well. He catches the hard stuff and drop easier passes.

  15. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Let’s hope that awesome TD catch to win the game does more than just notch another W. Let’s hope ending like that will help ME’s confidence.

    He defintely had some bad body language after the pass off his hands int.

    Hopefully ending on a good note will help him going forward. I think the vast majority of his problems are mental.

  16. Tom Edrington Says:


  17. mike10 Says:

    On that final play: great catch, BETTER THROW

  18. Flmike Says:

    The int was a high throw by Winston and no matter how many times I rewind the play, I still can’t see any OPI on that play.

  19. DallasBuc Says:

    The TD pass by Winston was way more impressive than the catch. Mike Clayton Evans is a liability right now with his drive ending drops and embarrassing antics after the play. I question whether this is the right sport for him.

  20. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The fix to this is easy… Feed Vincent Jackson. Instead of force feeding ME, just spread the ball around and give Jackson more opportunities. ME gets all the targets, while Jackson sits back and catches anything thrown his way. I dont mind giving ME opportunites to redeem himself after a bad play, but with the other weapons on offense we dont need to make ME the first read every play.

  21. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    He caught the ball when it mattered most. Great catch Mile:)!!! We won :)!

  22. loggedontosay Says:

    Mike Evans is a great player. Elite. He will only get better. The Bucs are in a situation that they should not be in. Jameis Winston can handle the pressure that it takes to win in the NFL. Mike Evans will come along. Buc fans love the offensive line, but Jameis Winston is what makes them good.

  23. Brett Says:

    can’t label Evans Michael Clayton, but wow is he frustrating. He is an obstacle towards getting Jameis to elite.

  24. Bobby Says:

    Yes, let’s bench Evans and then trade Gerald McCoy while we’re at it. Those two guys have been holding us back. That will solve our problems. SMH….. Some of the comments on here are mind numbing in their stupidity.