Does Lovie Want Alshon Jeffery In Tampa?

December 23rd, 2015


NFL head coaches, especially Lovie Smith, rarely offer personal feelings about players on opposing rosters.

But Lovie did that this week on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Particularly interesting is that the player discussed was Bears stud but injury-prone wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. If you follow Bears football, then you know Jeffery is the source of serious talk around Chicago.

Jeffery’s four-year rookie contract is ending and it’s unknown what Chicago, a team in transition, will do.

John Fox is a new head coach. Jay Cutler only has one more year left on his giant contract, and Jeffrey, a late second-round pick in 2012 under Lovie’s Chicago regime, has been banged up all year. Jeffery has only started eight games this season and might not play Sunday against the Bucs. During his rookie year, he had a hand injury and midseason knee surgery.

Jeffery, 25, is coming off back-to-back seasons of 1,100+ yards receiving and was a Pro Bowler in 2013.

Lovie spoke Monday about a handful of players that he still knows on the Bears, and one guy got more than just his named called, “Alshon Jeffery, one of my favorite players that I coached,” Lovie said.

Speculation in Chicago says the Bears might slap the franchise tag on Jeffery, but others speculate Fox will let him walk and invest elsewhere, and soak in the likely supplemental draft pick that would come as a result.

Joe has to think Jeffery would be awfully attractive to the Bucs, and news of Lovie’s love of Jeffery enhances that.

Joe would take Jeffery over Vincent Jackson in a heartbeat.

46 Responses to “Does Lovie Want Alshon Jeffery In Tampa?”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’d like to have them both….but acquiring Jeffery would give Bucs leverage to restructure Vjax…..what a great group of weapons for Jameis….

  2. Tee Says:

    Hey Sign Jeffrey restructure VJax and put him in the slot and use Kenny Bell as speed and on punt and kickoffs. Problem solved!

  3. James Says:

    Yeah, I’m all for collecting players from Lovies last failure as well!! Look for Matt Forte to make a visit this off season as well.

  4. BrianBucs Says:

    Vincient Jackson may be my favorite player on the Buc’s roster, pure class and professionalism both on and off the field.
    However, he’s not getting any younger and the Bucs need to find somebody to step into and fill that position sometime soon
    Jeffery is a load when he’s healthy

  5. Nick Says:

    Will be interesting to see if the “Jameis effect” works on recruiting FAs.

  6. bucrightoff Says:

    Definitely would prefer another type of receiver as opposed to the top 3 targets all being the same kind of receiver since we already have the tall, possession guys in Evans and Captain Dunce.

  7. Formerly GlennonGrad Says:

    Getting Jeffrey and keeping VJAX are not mutually exclusive. Having depth and a good rotation of big receivers will keep guys healthy and performing, and probably give defenses a lot more to scheme for. Though we still need to invest in a speedy slot threat that can squeeze a football.

  8. BucFan20 Says:

    Just what we need. More injury prone players.

  9. HorseForce Says:

    Jeffrey and Evans would be brilliant. Don’t forget kenny bell is coming back soon too!

  10. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Kenny Bell?????

    Something tells me he was a wasted pick

  11. JollyBucsFan Says:

    VJ would be a perfect fit now in a limited slot receiver role. He wont be on the field for every play, allowing him to stay healthier as he ages. We have seen VJ in the slot before and it usually works well.

    Alshon and ME would be a great duo going forward as well.

  12. cometowin2 Says:

    Let’s get Alshon and restructure VJAX. Use 1st -3rd round picks on BPA at DE, CB or safety. Use the 4th and 5th pick for BPA at either OL and a speedy slot receiver. Try to get a couple of high reward low risk free agents at safety and CB. Get super Mario for a 2 year deal. Resign Doug or franchise him. Reserve playoff tickets.

  13. BucFanForever Says:

    That would vault my expectations for 2016 from 9 wins to 10or11.

  14. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    Kenny Bell is exactly that! A wasted pick. He proved that during preseason with his consistent drops!

  15. cometowin2 Says:

    @DCBUCSFAN – The Bucs seem to think enough about Bell that they drag him to all of the away games and he always has a clipboard during the game. Let him duke it out with a 4th or 5th round 2016 pick. Even if Bell does not pan out, I will settle for another 4 good to great starters out of this next draft. Do it again Licht. Go Bucs.

  16. Scott Says:

    Heck no . Hes too much like Evans. Keep Vjax one more year

  17. SCBucsFan Says:


    I guess Evans was a wasted pick too then. And Amari Cooper for the Raiders.

  18. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Jeffrey alongside Evans, with Vjax in the slot.

    Yes, please!!

  19. Waterboy Says:

    Injury prone is the keyword. Off the top of my head I only remember 1 big name free agent WR coming into Tampa and living up to expectations and that’s VJax. That’s not too say I wouldn’t like them to pursue Jeffery but don’t overspend or start cutting good players to bring him to Tampa. Build through the draft.

  20. Ed Says:

    He was one of my son’s starting wr in a fantasy league. He told me that Jeffrey was inconsistent and hurt too often. One catch for 10 yards and a TD last week.

    Agree with all those that say Bucs need a speedy wideout. Evans and especially Jackson have had nice gains and broke into open field with no one but the goal line and have been caught from behind then they don’t punch it in from red zone.

    We need a guy that when he breaks a tackle can take it to the house.

  21. 813bucboi Says:

    @cometowin2…I agree with both your post and hope the bucs do exactly or close to what you mentioned…GO BUCS!!!

  22. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    “Joe would take Jeffery over Vincent Jackson in a heartbeat”

    Cost Benefit Analysis gives you a simple, quantitative approach for deciding whether to go ahead with a decision.

    Alshon Jeffrey (25 yrs old)
    (Past 3yrs)
    • Games Played: 38
    Receptions: 228
    Yards: 3361
    • Y/R: 14.7
    TD’s: 21

    Vincent Jackson (32 yrs Old)
    (Past 3yrs)
    Games Played: 41
    • Receptions: 220
    • Yards:2769
    Y/R: 15.5
    • TD’s: 11

    So as you see Jeffrey’s trumps Jackson in Receptions, Yards, and TD’s.
    But given the Bucs musical chair at quarterback, one could consider that as a wash.

    Plus Winston has built a solid working relationship Vincent Jackson. More so than Mike Evans one could say.

    Given Jackson’s relationship with Winston.
    Vincent’s veteran leadership in the locker room, and his standing in the community. I’ll give the edge to Jackson, If he’s willing to take a pay cut,
    And willing to be put on a pitch count sort speak. Similar to how Gruden utilized Joey Galloway. This way Vincent can have fresh legs late in the season. An the ball club could sign & develop addition help at the position.


    Speedy Slot Receiver (Ideal for Coryell offense)
    • Travis Benjamin

    Another Big Physical (X, Y Receiver)
    • Mohamed Sanu (26 yrs old)

    One More Productive Vet (Bring Quan Back 2 FLA)
    • Anquan Boldin (35 yrs old)

  23. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Glad to see a VET still roaming these boards

    ShoutOuts to DCBUCFANfor still holding it down.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours, and to the rest of ya’ll as well.

  24. HIRE JIMBO Says:

    I want to apologize for saying we should trade gmc. Playing since week 2 with a torn rotator cuff is boss

  25. Tiny Tim Says:

    Jameis will need all the help he can get being #31 of #32 in completion percentage in the league.

  26. LovieBall Says:

    Tampa Bay Bears

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Mike Evans, Alshon Jeffery, and Vincent Jackson as our 3 receivers? Yes, please.

  28. Jason McLaurin Says:

    If we have the money to spare after resigning Martin then yes and we are definitely going to have $60 million to play with this off-season and resigning him is a big priority too after the pro bowl selection. We should go after Jeffrey is hes made available and Forte definitely forat least two years but JJeffrey could be a long term find especially with Vjax and Evans in all formations one back and two back sets. I feel we need another elite level running back to go with Martin in today’s NFL because the fullback no longer exists. Two backs would make our offense more aggressive as well. We are not going to find any defensive players in free agency this off-season so its a must that we draft on that side of the ball with every pick in the draft.

  29. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Also It wouldn’t hurt to see if, we can bring in James Lofton as the new receivers coach. I remember he did a phenomenal job, developing Vincent Jackson into a Pro Receiver.

  30. Mobalabucsfan Says:

    Hey I’ve been reading this blog awhile but never posted and was wondering why isn’t it a possibility to just put sims as the slot man

  31. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Tiny Tim Says:
    December 23rd, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    Jameis will need all the help he can get being #31 of #32 in completion percentage in the league.”

    He’s higher than Peyton or Luck’s % their rookie seasons. He’ll be fine, whereas you’ll still be bitter, and a fake.

  32. Pick6 Says:

    it feels like alshon is always out due to injury or playing through something. i think we’d regret going after him, if he even makes it to free agency. however, i predicted we would regret the VJax signing and it’s about the only marquee FA that has worked out for us

  33. Bucsfanman Says:

    @LUV- I enjoyed your quantitative analysis of the position! I agree with your cost/benefit assessment in keeping VJax. Jeffries will come with a steep price tag and while he is an upgrade to everyone on our team except Evans and VJax, we know that the best ability is AVAIL-ability. We would be better off cultivating young talent than over-paying for an injury prone player.
    I am not necessarily against it, per se. I just see bigger needs.
    Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

  34. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    I apologize for not adding the projected contractual obligations; amortized over 4yrs. An the comparable veteran receivers whom – put up some commendable numbers in their Mid to Late 30’s, to help state my claim.

    • Steve Smith, Sr.
    • Anquan Boldin
    • Muhsin Muhammad
    • Rod Smith
    • Joe Galloway
    • Cris Carter

    ..etc, etc

    But thank you for understanding my point.

    Happy Holidays!

  35. RustyRhinos Says:

    “Cost Benefit Analysis gives you a simple, quantitative approach for deciding whether to go ahead with a decision.”

    I always get to learn so many different things on this blog. Thank you.

    If Mr. Jeffries can be brought in at a cost we can afford yes, if that requires Mr. Jackson to accept a pay change that he is happy with and a few more seasons playing with this team. We would have several options if Mr. injury shows his arse.

    Go Bucs!

  36. grafikdetail Says:

    cam newton has the same completion rate as winston and he’s the MVP… stats nerds make me sick

  37. Bucsfanman Says:

    Well done LUV! Well done!

  38. Rojas Says:

    Bring him in, restructure V Jax so he can retire a Buc. Those 3 rotating should keep them healthy.

  39. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    IMHO Pick up a – FEW – serviceable free agents

    • Travis Benjamin
    • Mohamed Sanu
    • Anquan Boldin

    • Benjamin Watson
    • Dwayne Allen

    (2016 Receiver Projections)
    • Mike Evans | *Mohamed Sanu
    • Vincent Jackson | *Anquan Boldin
    *Travis Benjamin | Kenny Bell

    (2016 Tight End Projections)
    • Austin Jenkins | *Benjamin Watson | Cameron Brate | *Dwayne Allen

    From a cost vs value prospective. I challenge to find a more complete receiving.

  40. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *I challenge U to find a more complete receiving core.

  41. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ love

    Thanks for recognizing the fake tiny tim.

    @ joe

    I know some IT guys that can show you how to keep others from posting under others name. I can show you for that matter. It is obvious you have no clue.

  42. Trubucfan22 Says:

    It would be awesome to sign Jeffery. But I wouldn’t sacrifice Jackson. We need depth. And Winston needs weapons. I think we could restructure jackson’s contract if we needed to. Besides Jeffery is very injury prone. His hamstrings flare up constantly through out the season. We need reliable back up. Jackson can be the Marques Colston for the bucs. The ol’ Wiley vet that comes in on third down and pressure situations and gets that clutch grab. I would love to retain Jackson no matter who we bring in. You can never have enough quality WRs.

  43. Deminion Says:

    Alshon is a stud!!! It’s like he catches everything and is always open!! Jameis needs more weapons!!! Plus I’m
    Bias cuz Alshon is one of my fave WRs lol Him and ME = two 1 WRs plus Vjax being third and Ike

  44. PRBucFan Says:

    VJ needs a replacement, and Alshon has some of the best hands in the league, which TB sorely needs with our #1 being so drop prone.

  45. godzilla13 Says:

    The problem is that there are very few quality WR’s free agents available in 2016. Alshon Jeffery is the cream of the crop and if the Bears let him go there will be a ton of teams trying to get his services. Jason Licht needs to throw the checkbook at a DE, a shutdown CB and a Free Safety who can cover a TE and not miss any tackles. It would not take long for Vincent Jackson to find another team if he was let go. Keep Jackson and go after Jeffery.

  46. dave Says:

    no only over jackson, but i think he’s better now than evans. get jeffs to pair with evans. see if jackson will sign for less or let him go.