Celebrating America

December 22nd, 2015
Scribe believes Jameis deserves honors.

National scribe thinks Jameis deserves honors.

NFL Network last week hyped the battle between the rotten Rams and the Bucs as a clash of the top Rookie of the Year candidates, America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, and running back Todd Gurley.

Of course, Joe, like all of us, watched the Rams knee the Bucs in the balls and win. So, to follow the logic of NFL Network, Gurley should win the award.

Hold up, says Andy Benoit of theMMQB.com. The noted Xs and Os analyst believes that Jameis should be the offensive rookie of the year.

1. Jameis Winston, QB, Bucs
Mariota has been the more impressive of the two by a slight margin, but in terms of impacting his team’s win/loss record, Winston has the edge. Turnovers haven’t been the problem many expected even though he’s playing in an old-school vertical passing game and handling significant responsibilities at the line of scrimmage.

Is Benoit trying to say Jameis doesn’t dink and dunk and is able to answer the bell each week and had the Bucs in playoff contention in December?

You don’t say?

God bless America!

7 Responses to “Celebrating America”

  1. DefenseRules Says:

    The NFL will turn it into a popularity contest in the end, just like they do with Pro Bowl selections. If Jameis wins, it’d only be because he’s significantly better than either Mariota or Gurley.

  2. The Buc Realist Says:


    Maybe like most of america, He did not watch the game!!! Saw the ratings and turns out Bucs vs Rams was the worst ratings for a primetime game!!!

  3. Tampa Tony Says:

    Unless Gurley blows up these last two games I’d be surprised if Winston doesn’t win it. Mariota has missed 3.5 games and possibly more. His team has 3 wins and in line for the #1 pick.

    Stats are for fantasy football loving losers. Give me wins over dinkin and dunking stats

  4. godzilla13 Says:

    IMO you can not compare a QB and a RB when it comes down to the talent it takes to play the position. Talking about the impact the player has on their team, a Winstonless Buccaneer team would be a shoe in for the first pick in the draft two consecutive years running.

  5. flmike Says:

    In 3 years it will be “Winston takes Bucs to the SB, Todd Who?”

  6. SCBucsFan Says:


    It might also have to do with the fact that Star Wars opened that night. I know a lot of people who went to see that instead of watching the game. Good choice by them.

  7. grafikdetail Says:

    most media pundits have it down to Winston & Gurley giving the edge to winston but with gurley getting into the pro bowl has me thinking he’s the front runner