“We’re A Good Football Team!”

November 16th, 2015
Watch Lovie address his team after beating the Cowboys.

Watch Lovie address his team after beating the Cowboys.

Joe gets a kick out of fans who claim Bucs coach Lovie Smith is a bloodless ghoul on the sidelines, more cigar-store Indian than a human being.

Joe recalls Tom Landry catching the same flack. The stoic Hall of Fame coach responded by saying he is thinking during the game and when you are thinking you don’t have time to get excited.

That’s Lovie. A man in control; not a cartoon character.

Joe has seen Lovie behind the scenes get worked up. Once, when talking to Joe and a gaggle of other reporters, Lovie was literally hopping on his heels talking about scooping and scoring.

On Buccaneers.com, there is more evidence of an excited Lovie when he is addressing his team after the Bucs win over the Cowpokes yesterday. During the speech, Lovie exclaims, “We’re a good football team!”


15 Responses to ““We’re A Good Football Team!””

  1. MaHaBoNe Says:

    Glennon’s stoic expression says it all!

  2. dreambig Says:

    That was good to see lovie getting fired up! It’s also good to see the Bucs crawling out of the bottom of the league. You want to see your coaching staff adjusting when things aren’t going right and so far the secondary changes Lovie has made are paying off. If the current trend continues, Lovies hot seat is cooling rapidly.

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    Yesterday’s defense was a significant improvement over previous games. The DLine looked like it didn’t get much pressure on Matt Cassel, but their contain was much better as was their rush defense. Pass coverage was much improved in the secondary I thought, but the LBs still aren’t getting back far enough or fast enough (10 guys on the line of scrimmage doesn’t look like it’s confusing anyone except our LBs). Middle was still vulnerable to slants, etc.

    Once again there were about as many Cowboys fans at RayJay as there were Bucs fans. Same thing week prior at the Giants game. And what’s worse, Cowboys and Giants fans were louder at OUR games than Bucs fans were. In short … that stinks.

  4. Tampa Tony Says:

    No, they are not, sadly. Need to win back to back games and become consistent on both sides of the ball.

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    “We’re A Good Football Team!”

    Um – I wouldn’t be going there yet Lovie. But it was a big (albeit UGLY) Win so congrats for squeeking one out.

    This team has a ways to go on both sides of the ball before the words “good football team” are accurate. We are definitely starting to head in the right direction though. #3 and a vastly improved Oline are the biggest difference makers (along with an OC who knows how to plan for and call a good game). Defense still needs to improve quite a bit (pass rush was still pitiful) and Winston needs his weapons back.

    I would say “starting to head in the right direction” is a much more accurate description of where this team is at.

    It does feel good to get a meaningful win in November. No doubt about that.

    Go Bucs. I’m looking forward to see what they can do against Chip Kelly’s team next week.

  6. Dave Says:

    Never cared for the rah rah coach. Give me a steady leader

  7. dreambig Says:

    Unfortunatly Defenserules, that will continue to happen until the Bucs can start consistantly winning at home. That was only the second win at home during Lovie’s tenure. I believe Schiano’s last year was close to winless as well. As they begin to win again, attendace will return.

  8. NJBucsFan Says:

    Lovie…I have to disagree, but I am excited for the Philly game. Fight for .500!!!

  9. NewTampaChris Says:

    Any win is a great win! I refuse to nitpick at drops, INTs or non-fumbles. I would have gladly taken a 1-point win at Washington, I’ll gladly take at 1-point win at Philly and I’ll gladly take this one.

    You only have to nitpick about progress if you don’t win. Winning is progress!

  10. D-Rome Says:

    A couple of weeks ago some of you doofs were singing the praises of Jack Del Rio because for a moment in the season the Raiders were 4-3. Well, now they’re 4-5 just like the Bucs.

    Wish you had Chip Kelly? The Eagles are AWESOME (LOL) at 4-5.

    What is evident about yesterday’s win is that the players played hard for 48 minutes. In other words, they haven’t quit on Lovie like some of you doofs insist. Every NFL players and coach will tell you that wins typically come down to one team making a play or two that the other team didn’t.

    Oh, but let me guess….the Bucs would be 6-3 with a decent coach right? Yeah, every fan base out there thinks the record for their team should be something other than what it is. There are Tennessee Titans fans who think their team should be 6-3. Giants fans out there are screaming that the team should be 7-3 and they want Coughlin fired. Packers fans think their team should be undefeated.

  11. Waterboy Says:

    I can’t beat up the G-Mac or the D- line this week, they played arguably the best O-Line in football yesterday and held their own.

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    @defense rules

    Yesterday’s defense was a significant improvement over previous games.

    Agree. And watching on TV John Lynch kept mentioning one word about our defense over and over again and said it as if he was pleasantly surprised.

    Lynch kept repeating how aggressive our D had become and even gambling a bit with some blitzes. I agree with Lynch as well. Too frequently we appear to look like a prevent defense…yesterday we looked like we played with confidence and aggression and “fearless”. Sometimes you have to roll the dice with a blitz.

  13. No better way to say it Says:

    I think the Bucs are an ‘ ok ‘ football team. Should be at least 5-4 or possibly 6-3.

  14. Brent Says:

    I saw Bucs fans 2-1 over Cowboys

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    I do not believe this is a .500 team. Prove me wrong!!!