Victory Splash

November 2nd, 2015
Time to call the cleaners, again.

Time to call the cleaners, again.

The tradition continues.

What started earlier this year when the Bucs went to New Orleans to beat the Saints, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht was so giddy, he jumped in his pool at home to celebrate. In his pricey suit.

He did the same thing when the Bucs snapped a 22-month long drought of home losses by beating the Jags.

Well, the tradition continued last night. Though most of his youngsters were already in bed by the time Licht got home from Atlanta, his oldest son joined in the fun, as you can see below.

Joe just hopes Licht’s pool is heated for December wins.

8 Responses to “Victory Splash”

  1. Bucco brice Says:

    All I could say was: let the kid win the game…lovie tried to lose it but, yes, Americas QB won it. The bucs have a QB!!! the bucs have a QB!!!! Let the world know joe! You were right 🙂

  2. P'cola Buc Says:

    Jameis Winston looked “fine” in only his 7th NFL game. The kid will be only 26 years of age in the year 2020. (Mike Glennon will be age 26 by this season’s end)! Big guy “willing” the ball down the field as linemen try to tackle him. Can anyone say Ben Roethlisberger??

  3. JAB83 Says:

    All I can say is that Bucco Brice

    Tried to be nice but he failed Twice. His comment above shows he has jock lice for.insisting on picking on his coach, well its just not nice…

    So Bucco Brice if you enjoy being a Fan of Depression that’s cool… Hope you like what Lovie has done with your teams offense…. As a long time BUCS fan???? Surely you can remember all those time we had such a promising offence but our D would always let us down???? To bad coaching had nothing to do with that????

    Perhaps you along with all your other Fan of Depression pitty party friends and Trolls are missing the boat….If your gonna blame the coach for everything that has happened in less then two year be sure to blame him for this woeful hopeless no good sorry…… Wait a second…. I got something backwards here…. Or I’m still dreaming….. The BUCS actually have the makings of an amazing offense!!!!! WOW

    Basements turn people into different people or something

  4. THETRUTH Says:

    Glad lovie went for it!!! If he didn’t mad we lost you would be the same guy saying he doesn’t want to win , he should have gone for one yrd. Reality is we should have make it. I have to say I’m not happy with lovie and the defensive scheme but glad he showed his team he wants to win and trust them to get a yard.

  5. Lovie Is Dog Poo Says:

    On PFT the overwhelming majority of positively viewed comments are about the Bucs winning in spite of Lovie. So nice to see more and more realize the current Tampa Bay Buccaneers structure in place

    Jameis Christ = Hope

    Judas Lovie = Dope

  6. BUCutalkinbout Says:

    I don’t get it with the haters Joe…
    Yes the defense is lacking right now, but c’mon yall! 4 turnovers, 4! You guys are pathetic…the defense won the game yesterday. So what they didn’t punt…4 times they didn’t get a chance to, i.e.turnovers. wake up Bucs fan! Enjoy the ride, i still say we go 10-6. @stpetebucsfan…where u@! Our prediction still has legs
    YO JOE!
    GO BUCS!!!

  7. Howard Cosell Says:

    @Bucco brice

    Most people with any knowledge knew Winston would be a good/great
    quarterback, including Howard. Howard was a little concerned w/
    off-field issues at FSU, but Winston has been a perfect gentleman
    since arriving in Tampa.
    Don’t forget that if Joe had hos way in April 2014 we would have
    Manziel as our QB instead of the almighty messiah.

  8. Howard Cosell Says:

    Lovie is OK.
    We’ve had two straight purely offensive drafts.
    We’ve picked ONE defensive player in the last two years.
    That players kname is the almighty wrath of Kwon.
    Imagine what Lovie could do with one defensive draft?
    L&L have been hitting big-time on a lot of their picks so far:
    Evans, Marpet, Simms is coming around, and of course the
    chosen one which was a no-brainer.