“Something Outside That We Hadn’t Been Getting”

November 25th, 2015
Happy Leslie Frazier pulls no punches today

Happy Leslie Frazier pulls no punches today

It would be downright scary if Leslie Frazier and Lovie Smith didn’t know the reasons why their defense has become a solid unit this month.

Now whether they talk about those reasons is another matter.

Frazier, the acting defensive coordinator, was pressed on what’s changed again today. And Frazier pointed to the position he used to play: cornerback.

“You need to be able to mix in some man coverage and then have some guys that could knock some balls down. Both Jude [Adjei-Barimah] along with Sterling [Moore], they’ve given us something outside that we hadn’t been getting in those situations,” Frazier said.

That’s one big “ouch” if you’re Johnthan Banks, Alterraun Verner or Mike Jenkins. But for everyone else, Frazier’s words are a blessing. The Bucs aren’t getting lucky; they’re simply playing better players at corner.

9 Responses to ““Something Outside That We Hadn’t Been Getting””

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    Acting defensive coordinator Joe? Buccaneers website still lists Leslie as the Defensive Coordinator.

    Still don’t get the relationship that exists between Lovie and Leslie. If I remember, Lovie earlier in the season said that he’d be calling the defensive plays down on the field. Does Leslie advise him from upstairs? However the two of them are working together, it seems to be getting results and that’s all that matters.

  2. Pickgrin Says:

    I still find it very hard to believe that Hey Jude (an undrafted FA with very little NFL experience) is a better CB than Banks (a 2nd round pick with 3 seasons of NFL experience).

    There’s more here than is being told!

  3. Dave Says:

    Pickgrin. Did you see the first couple games? Vermeer and Banks were getting torched.
    They are probably safe as the 4 and 5 CB next year as a rookie will probably move into the top 3. Jenkins is gone

  4. John McKillop Says:

    I suspect that Verner stays in the nickel, he is doing well there. He make tackles against the run and can blitz and has a sack. I think he will grow into that position with more time.

  5. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Hey Jude quickly becoming a new favorite of mine.

    1/2 of all draft picks are total busts while tons of unknown guys become great players. Draft position shouldn’t mean anything just play the best players

  6. godzilla13 Says:

    Notice that Alterraun Verner has been getting so many snaps (62-87%) while Danny Lansanah is getting less (17-24%) snaps in their last game? Sterling Moore has been outstanding in both coverage and run stopping. With Kwon Alexander being out I wonder if Bruce Carter will replace his snap count or Lansanah?

  7. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Lets see what Banks can do at FS.

  8. steve Says:

    Never was a banks fan. He never wraps up on tackles always trying to just hit the opponents with his shoulder and allowing them more yards.

  9. Brandon Says:

    Almost all of the past Tampa FS’s in the T-2 under Gruden and Dungy were former CBs. Dexter Jackson, Dwight Smith, Damien Robinson, to name a few, were all collgiate CBs. Banks could be a great fit.